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神明 - Gods

There are six gods, each of them representing a different set of ideas and values. From these gods came the Avatars that introduced Antagarich to the new system of magic, getting away from the Elemental theories.


  • Mansur - God of Good
  • 曼苏尔——善良之神
  • Gurate - God of Evil
  • 嘉瑞特——邪恶之神
  • Protha - Goddess of Order
  • 波萨——秩序女神
  • Sramala - Goddess of Chaos
  • 萨玛拉——混沌女神
  • Brehhan - Barbarian God
  • 布瑞翰——野蛮人之神
  • Crearea - Goddess of Nature
  • 柯瑞阿瑞——自然女神


特殊英雄 - Special Heroes

艾尔文(原版自然战役英雄) - Elwin

过去 - Past:

Elwin is a well educated youth. His father was a printer and his mother a seamstress. Elwin took interest in his father`s craft because it gave him access to books about the world around him. Most of all, he enjoyed books about kings and queens and royal life. He would watch the men and women going to the lavish balls held by the Elven Court, and wished he could take part in them. His dreams turned to ambition as he grew older, so he worked hard to earn himself a position as a scribe for the Elven Court. This gave him access to the dances, the music, and interesting conversations. Soon, Elwin developed a hunger for debate, especially over politics.


Most Elves are more at home in the forest. No Elwin. He found his natural environment among the Elven Court. But he was still just a scribe - not really accepted among the others. It wasn`t until a member of the respected Elven Council, Menathat, took him on as an assistant and student of Druidic magic that Elwin began to be accepted among the nobles. Despite Elwin`s lack of interest in anything but dancing and debate, Menathat insisted that Elwin be named an advisor to the Elven Court (and finally a full member). Perhaps Menathat saw something in the man that others didn`t. Did Elwin see greater things in story for this young, opinionated Elf?


当下 - Present:

Elwin has recently fallen in love. Due to his obsession with court life and lavish balls, he never had much interest in the opposite sex. Usually, they were just dancing companions. But when he suddenly set eyes on Shaera, the most beautiful Elf in the world, he found himself thinking of nothing else. Whenever Shaera made an appearance at an Elven Court function, Elwin would make sure he attended too. In fact, they were the only ones he went to. The rest of his time was spent composing poems and love ballads that he never sent. Shaera`s father, however, dislikes him because Elwin has never shown his love for the Elven community, only his selfish love of parties. And worse, Elwin has never acted in defense of the community - always electing to remain at court.


个性 - Personality:

In a word Elwin is charming. He knows how to talk to anyone. It is his gift to easily read people, know what they want and manipulate them into doing what he wants. He is a master of the art of conversation and debate. His out-going personality is usually expressed in his outlandish clothing, but despite his attitude he has serious doubts about his abilities when it concerns anything but talking or dancing.


外表 - Appearance:

Elwin is very tall for an Elf, standing about 6`6" and weighing 165lbs. Despite his height, he doesn`t appear threatening, but gangly. He looks 26 years old (greater in Elven years). His has the typical fine features of an Elf, violet eyes and pale blond hair. His clothing is always outlandish, including lace sleeves, hats adorned with peacock feathers - always in shades of purple. Elwin is rarely seen without a smile.


Starting Skills: Basic Druid Magic Basic Summoning Basic Recruitment Basic Combat Basic Archery


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伊梅丽亚·夜港 - Emilia Nighthaven

过去 - Past:

Emilia is the only daughter of a glassblower who was in the employ of a demanding alchemist. Her entire family worked for the uptight wizard. Her mother and father blew the bottles for their employer`s many potions. Emilia cleaned and organized them according to size and purpose. They worked hard, but at least they had food on the table each night.


Then the Reckoning came.


Screams so loud your ears hurt. Smoke so thick it burned your eyes. Her father had let her sleep in that morning, so the teenage Emilia had no idea what was going on when he suddenly dragged her out of bed, out of her room. They ran, leaving everything behind - even her black and white rabbit, Flops.


"What`s happening?" Emilia asked her father. He didn`t hear.


The ground shook and cracked beneath them. That`s when she lost her father. He fell. As she lay there staring into the fiery hole, tears flowing down her face, the heat of the lava singed her skin and hair. Then a pair of strong hands grabbed her, lifted her not to her feet but into the air. She turned to face a man that was so beautiful Emilia and her friends would`ve broke into girlish giggles. No, not a man - an Angel!


"You`re safe, child," he said.


"My father," she said. And then she remembered someone else. "Oh, no! Mother!"


"I`m sorry," the Angel said with genuine sadness.


The Angel delivered her into the cold metal arms of a Crusader, who carried her through a magical doorway just as she passed out.


当下 - Present:

Emilia settles in a part of the new world inhabited mostly by refugees from the former nation of Bracada. At first, she tried to make a living as a glassblower since that was the only craft she knew, but she failed miserably. No one wanted to trust a teenage girl to such an important task. Luckily, she encountered an aging Enchantress who needed someone to care for her - clean, cook, etc. Emilia was glad for the opportunity, and the old woman even became a mother figure during those years that they were together. When they had time, the Enchantress taught her magic. Then the inevitable came. She died. Emilia was devastated, but she didn`t have much time to mourn because her land was soon overrun by Bandits.


个性 - Personality:

Emilia is a hardworking individual who knows the value of a day`s work and the money earned from it. She is diligent and steadfast, always willing to lend a hand, and does not complain about long hours of hard work. Until forced, she did not know of her deep reservoir of courage and determination. She just thought she was a normal person. When someone was needed to lead her people, Emilia rose to the occasion. Emilia is a great advocator of education for all people - something she gained from the Enchantress who taught her magic. But she`s also obsessed with neatness and order, but not quite compulsive. Yet.


外表 - Appearance:

At first glance someone might mistake Emilia for one of the servants in the castle, perhaps an advisor or maybe even a scribe. She doesn`t bother with jewelry or other ornamentation and usually wears plain, comfortable clothing in shades of brown or gray. She feels (and appears) uncomfortable in elaborate dresses. Her long, brown hair is usually pulled back in some sort of hurried bun or braid, and she never bothers with face paint (as she calls it). For the most part, she is an attractive woman, but not stunning. She`s too natural or plain looking to be called beautiful. Emilia is rather short, standing only 5`4" with wide hips (an endless concern of hers). Some men have commented that she is her best looking when she`s angry because her cheeks become flushed and her blue eyes seem to glow from the fury within.


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半死人高铎斯 - Gauldoth Half Dead

过去 - Past:

Gauldoth does not know how he came to live with the Necromantic Order, but the Vampire Loscan did. Soon after King Gryphonheart was poisoned the Necromancers attacked Castle Gryphonheart and Loscan found Gauldoth in one of the rooms, hiding underneath a chair. Taking a fancy to the boy`s blood, he kept the child for his own. Gauldoth was then raised in the cold crypts beneath the Library of the Necromantic Order, designated to supply blood to Loscan, and served the Necromancers until Loscan was later slain by a Knight. But one of the teachers (named Kalibarr) sensed a power within the twelve year-old that couldn`t be wasted and took Gauldoth under his wing, teaching him the ways of Necromancy. After living so many years in the horror of the tombs, Gauldoth became fiercely loyal to Kalibarr for rescuing him from certain death. When his teacher wanted someone dead, Gauldoth slipped the poison in the cup. When Kalibarr needed a certain book, or a certain spell component, Gauldoth found it through whatever means necessary.


He was robbing a grave for his teacher when the Reckoning swept through Erathia. By the time he returned to the Library of the Necromantic Order, it was burning to the ground. Gauldoth ran inside, and even when his clothes caught fire he continued searching, but never found Kalibarr. His own injuries would`ve been fatal, except Gauldoth dared use the scroll he had stolen from an ancient Necromancer`s grave. The spell was beyond his control, but it saved his life - leaving his limbs and the right half of his body Undead and rotten.


There is one small detail about Gauldoth`s past that no one knows, not even him. He is the second son of King Gryphonheart and Iduna, brother to Lysander and Waerjak.


当下 - Present:

Gauldoth is establishing his own lands, Nekross, and is gaining a foothold in the world`s political scene. He does not wish to gain a bad reputation, even though he knows what others think of Necromancers. It will be quite a feat for him to keep the reins of power firmly in his hands without gaining the attention of either Palaedra or Great Arcan. He runs things by making other nations believe he is not a threat, or at least that someone else is a greater threat. For instance, if Palaedra appears to be gearing up for a crusade against Nekross, Gauldoth might arrange for Great Arcan to have a disagreement with them that might just launch the two nations into a small war. Meanwhile, he can secretly supply aide to both sides so they`ll continue to believe he is not a threat.


个性 - Personality:

Gauldoth has suffered endlessly during his life. This has made him a courageous man. He`s seen and experienced more horrors than one person should, more than most people could handle. The only thing that makes him pause is fire (he fears it, but is able to face that fear with some effort). Necromancy has allowed him to focus on something, to forget the things that he`s gone through.


Gauldoth believes the world is an unfair place, so make certain you`re the one dealing out the injustice. He is also a sensible man, and unlike his fellow Necromancers he does not want to rule the world. He knows his history, and anyone that has attempted to take over the world has failed miserably. He`s not about to test fate, nor does he want to see another world destroyed. This new world is his home, and he plans to keep it that way through whatever means possible. Gauldoth is a master manipulator. He makes sure that he knows other people`s business, especially what they love, what they hate, and what their weaknesses are. That way, he can get them to do what he wants them to do. His main goal is survival, for himself first and his kingdom second. Hence, he will instigate a fight between two other nations if he thinks it will distract one from attacking his own.


外表 - Appearance:

Gauldoth is a lanky man standing 6` tall but weighing only 130 lbs. He has a fair complexion with stringy blonde hair hanging past his shoulders. One arm, one leg, and the right side of his face and torso are Undead (rotting corpse like a zombie). At one time, he might`ve been attractive but his right eye is an empty socket and half his mouth is lipless. He wears black leggings and a black shirt with baggy sleeves to contrast with his fair complexion. When in the company of the living (who might be repulsed by his Undead half), Gauldoth wears an ornate silver mask over half his face. The mask is a handsome recreation of his own face.


Starting Skills: Advanced Death Magic Basic Black Magic Advanced Necromancy


伽里巴 - Kalibarr

At one time very long ago, Kalibarr was a handsome elf lord, but a band of vampires ambushed him. He woke the next night buried in his family tomb with a thirst unlike any and a darkness tainting his heart. That night, Kalibarr slipped from his tomb and fed on his entire family. He was forced to flee his own guards, but his hunger had been satiated. Decades later, Kalibarr entered the Necromantic Order - he spent the time in between feeding and earning a reputation as a cold-blooded killer (especially of Elves).


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加文·玛格努斯 - Gavin Magnus

过去 - Past:

Gavin Magnus`s past is unknown even to himself. He was found half-dead in a snow bank by a forester. Once he recovered, he couldn`t remember where he came from or even how he got into the mountains. All he could recall was his name. He remained in a nearby village for years attempting to determine if he had any skills. It wasn`t until the Tyrant King`s army stormed through the village, killing everyone, that Gavin discovered he could use magic. He put up a good fight, but in the end the Barbarians overran him. But Gavin woke. That`s when he realized he was very different from everyone else - he was immortal. The Tyrant King was defeated only a few short years later, but by that time Gavin had entered a secret school of sorcery and due to his tremendous innate ability with magic became the school`s master. After the Tyrant King`s fall, magic users like Gavin were free to practice the arts in public again, so Gavin spent the next few years forging the Kingdom of Bracada, a place where magic was respected above all else, and sat on Bracada`s throne for centuries.


当下 - Present:

By the time Reckoning came, Gavin had seen and done everything. So, he refused to pass through the portals into the new world. He truly believed a force as destructive as the Reckoning would destroy him, but in the end he was wrong. Although he still has vivid, painful memories of his body being disintegrated, he woke up in this new world whole again. His mind snapped. He had to have a purpose. Someone as indestructible can`t be a fluke. Perhaps he hadn`t been thinking large enough. One world was destroyed because of Mankind`s chaotic idiocy. And surviving the Reckoning proves that he is not human. Perhaps he never had been human. So, who better to rule the world, and to control it. It was time someone establishes order to the universe.


个性 - Personality:

Gavin is a serious, meticulous and thoughtful man. He has lived longer than anyone should have and has seen many things in his long life. He has a weary and tired look about him, and is often described as sad. Over the years, he has had many wives but no children and still has no connection to the real world. Now, after the Reckoning, his behavior has become high-strung and even more obsessive/compulsive than ever.


外表 - Appearance:

Gavin is a large man, standing about 6`3" and weighing some 230 lbs. He appears to be in his mid-thirties even though he`s much older. He has always been muscular and thick - perhaps suggesting Barbarian blood. His hair is brown is cut neat, short, and perfect. He is always clean shaven (because he shaves three times a day). He wears the robes of a Wizard, usually red, and a gold diadem encrusted with a single ruby to signify his position. Gavin is so meticulously neat that everything around him is in perfect order at all times.


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吉纳维芙·希茉儿 - Genevieve Seymour

过去 - Past:

She was born to abject poverty, the daughter of whore. Her father was one of the nameless many who had passed through the large city of Steadwick. Genevieve was raised in this environment, and although her mother and the other prostitutes treated her with nothing but kindness, she hated her environment. She hated the shame. So, when she was only eleven years old, she ran away, fleeing the city and Erathia for something better. She was walking along the side of the road when she witnessed some bandits attacking a wealthy-looking carriage. The carriage guards fought bravely, but they were outnumbered and they couldn`t stand up to the spells of the mage leader of the bandit. Three women and a girl her own age were pulled from the carriage. Genevieve already knew what was in store for them all, and after that perhaps these bandits would sell the women into slavery. The teary-eyed girl would end up just like her mother in some brothel somewhere.


Genevieve flipped. She charged out of the tree line and jumped onto the mage`s back. She bit him on the neck, clawed at his eyes. The other bandits just laughed at the scene. Finally, the mage was able to peel her off and pin her to the ground. Strangely, he was smiling at her.


"You`re a tough one, little girl!" the mage said.


"Tougher than you, coward!" she screamed. Again, the bandits laughed.


"What did you attack me for?" he asked.


"I was tryin` to save them, you idiot!"


Now, the mage laughed. He let her go and stepped quickly back when Genevieve kicked at his groin.


"Okay, little girl. Do you want to save them?" the mage asked.


She nodded, suddenly realizing she was surrounded by a dozen rugged-looking men.


"I`ll give you their lives if you`ll work for me - be my apprentice. You got more spunk than all my men put together. Maybe you`ll teach them something."


Genevieve didn`t have a choice. She knew that if she didn`t take this chance, not only would the women and girl become slaves but the bandits would make her one too.


"Deal," she said.


Genevieve spent seven years as the mage`s apprentice, and as a bandit. Although she was the man`s student, he purposefully kept the secrets of powerful magic from her. The man obviously feared her fierceness. Her education about the scum of society continued, although she still dreamed for more. Finally, she felt she was strong enough to escape. She survived performing simple spells until a chance encounter at a fair brought her before the young girl she saved so many years ago. Her name was Sithmere. Sithmere did everything in her power to enrich Genevieve`s life. They even became friends, although perhaps Sithmere was a better friend than Genevieve. Through Sithmere`s contacts, Genevieve entered a real school of magic and even became a part of her family.


Then a strange woman came to her one day, telling her of a day in the near future when the world would be destroyed. For some reason, Genevieve believed the woman and started making plans to make sure Sithmere and all her family made it safely through. When Genevieve asked the woman why she was telling her, the woman just smiled and said, "I like you. Besides, you`ve got a lot to do in the future."


当下 - Present:

Now that she had access to spells, there weren`t any. Because few had heeded the warnings most of the knowledge was destroyed in the Reckoning. The wizards worked hard at recording what they could remember, but often failed miserably. Genevieve began to draw an image of pentagram whenever there was pen and paper nearby. She did not know what the symbol truly meant, only that the evil mages used it when summoning demons. One evening, shortly after arriving in the new world Genevieve received a dream from Protha, the goddess of Enchantment. It showed the pentagram, and at each point were five types of magic, each had two opposing schools and two allied schools. The balance was evident, it was logical and orderly. She understand what Protha was saying to her. Find the five schools of magic, teach them to the others and bring the true power of magic into this world. Excitedly she went to the new school and told them of her prophetic dream. A few others claimed to have had the same dream, but stated the pentagram was a tool of evil, and if she pursued this new evil magic then she would be hunted for her blasphemy. They did not understand that Sorcery and Druid magic were important as well as Enchantment, Life and Death magic. Besides, the old elemental ideas would have to be tossed out, and they could simply not accept the new theory. Genevieve realized she must learn all of the schools of magic, and would not rest until she did.


个性 - Personality:

Genevieve is known for her brutal honesty, about herself and the world around her. As far as she is concerned tact and white lies are a sign of weakness because only weak-minded idiots need to wrap the truth in flower petals. She is extremely masculine in her view of the world, and if she actually bothered to cut her hair many would mistake her for a man. She completely lacks any etiquette of any kind and has never been mistaken for someone who cared. Genevieve is a driven woman. Perhaps this is what keeps her emotionally distant from others. She`s so afraid of ending up like her mother that she overcompensates by being bossy, rugged, and cynical. She is especially distrustful of men, and there is a special place of hatred in her heart for weak women (especially women who sell their bodies).


外表 - Appearance:

Genevieve is a pretty woman with light brown hair and hazel eyes. She is about 5`7" tall and weighs about 140 lbs. She isn`t super thin, but is in good enough shape to hike for long distances. She wears breeches and a tunic for their practical benefits, but would never be caught in a dress.


Starting Skills: Basic Enchantment Advanced Mind Basic Order Basic Charm


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克坦恩爵士 - Sir Kentaine

过去 - Past:

This old warrior came from humble beginnings as a lesser squire usually charged with scooping out the stables. He dreamed of becoming a Knight one day, but was realistic enough to realize that it was unlikely. He had no family, no one to stand beside him and name him worthy. But fortune comes to true heroes, and true heroes have the courage to stand up to fate. One of King Gryphonheart`s enemies arranged an ambush during one of the King`s many hunts. An overwhelming force attacked Gryphonheart, the few Knights that accompanied him, and their squires as they ate lunch. Chance had brought Kentaine there that day - an older squire had taken ill. But when the King fell, his sword arm broken, young Kentaine courageously leapt to his lord`s side, a spear in hand, the last defender. And Kentaine single-handedly held off the attackers long enough for Gryphonheart to mount up. They fled together, the only survivors.


The King himself stood for Kentaine and named him a Knight, and from that day forth Kentaine was always at the King`s side, forever after known as the King`s Swordbearer. Kentaine followed his lord through every campaign, repeatedly proving himself as a leader and a friend. He was even named godfather to Catherine when she was born. Life had been good, and Kentaine had direction, until the fall of Erathia. He carried Gryphonheart`s Blade from the broken land of Erathia and still searches for someone worthy to serve, someone of the Gryphonheart line to wield the King`s sword. Kentaine is the image of a perfect Knight, loyal, brave, and courteous. He will avoid a fight unless it`s absolutely necessary. But in many years he is still that small squire who swept out the stables. He still insists on caring for his own steeds, brushing them, feeding them, cleaning up after them. He always has.


当下 - Present:

Kentaine has been imprisoned for some years, but still holds the Gryphonheart Blade. He will help prove that his son is not the rightful heir to the throne, and wishes only to retire with his wife.


个性 - Personality:

Kentaine is an honorable, courageous, noble, practical, Knight. He is everything that every other Knight aspires to. Most can find no flaws within his personality. He was always aware of his youngest son`s poor behavior and personality, but always found himself with no good way to resolve the situation. When you ask Kentaine what faults he has, Kentaine will say that he wasn`t around long enough to be a good father.


外表 - Appearance:

Although Kentaine is getting on in years, he`s still a fit, well-muscled man. Kentaine is in his mid-fifties, 6` tall and 190 lbs. His short brown hair is gray at the temples and he has a neat, gray moustache. Of course, his armor is well polished. Most of the nicks have been mended. His standard is a glowing white sword on a blue field.


Starting Skills: Advanced Tactics Basic Defense Basic Leadership Basic Combat


狄赛特 - Desette

过去 - Past:

Life was good for Desette when she was in the court of King Gryphonheart. She was the fifth daughter of a wealthy lord, so she was given more freedom than most of the girls. And Desette is the first to admit she abused that freedom. She explored the forbidden parts of the castle, dabbled in magic, and eavesdropped on the King`s war meetings. Whenever she had the opportunity, she slipped from the castle walls to explore the countryside as well. She was a free spirit, wild and adventurous. One of these adventures landed her in the hands of a tribe of orcs, and just when she thought her life was at an end, a single knight came out of nowhere and rescued her. Desette never thanked that knight properly - at the time she felt she could handle herself and didn`t need a man to rescue her. Then at the next court ball, Desette met the handsome young man who rescued her. She taught him to dance - for a knight he sure was clumsy. And they fell in love. That knight was Sir Kentaine, and the following year they married.


当下 - Present:

Desette has been living by herself, exiled by her son. Worton had convinced her that opponents to the throne would try and find Gryphonheart`s blade and come after her because she was the last living person to see her husband with it. She is not shocked or surprised by her son`s actions, but is very angry and has several years of community service lined up for him.


个性 - Personality:

Desette is still a bit of a free spirit, always experimenting with new things. Just about the only thing she likes as much as exploring new places is dancing. Even at this age, Desette can dance most of the night away. She`s still very much in love with her husband and looks forward to the day when he finally stops working for others and given them a chance to travel to new places. Desette and Kentaine had two sons. The eldest died during the destruction of Erathia. Their youngest, Worton, has always been a trouble-maker - like Desette but a bit more malicious.


外表 - Appearance:

Although everything is a bid wider and a little lower than it used to be, Desette is still an attractive woman in her early fifties with blue eyes that always seem to be laughing. Her red hair is long and usually elaborately styled - not a hint of gray despite her age. You have to give a woman at least one vanity. She`s 5`4" tall, 140 lbs.


Starting Skills: Basic Scouting Advanced Life Magic Basic Healing Basic Spirit


Modified: 09/12/00

历山德领主 - Lord Lysander

过去 - Past:

Lysander still remembers his mother, father and siblings. He was the oldest of five children when the Necromancers came and slaughtered everyone he loved. He remembers standing up to the frightening corpses in black, and the searing pain their magic caused. Memories of being rescued are vague, he only remembers a tall man with dark hair who swung a huge sword. The large man swept him and baby Christopher from the room. He remembers crying for his mother and father who were dead. The man who rescued them fled the Necromancers for days, but was never able to lose them. Unfortunately, Lysander was paralyzed by the evil magic and was slowing them down considerably. Finally, reluctantly, the man left Lysander in the capable hands of Erastus and Rowena, a couple who were still childless after years of trying. Meanwhile, with young Christopher in his arms, rode away hoping to draw the Necromancers with him.


Erastus and Rowena owned a modest farm and saw to all of Lysander`s needs. After two long years Lysander was finally able to walk again, but the long helplessness left him more deeply scarred than the wounds. To this day Lysander has always been an extremely athletic individual, never shirking from any physical duty or complaining after a long day`s work.


His deep loathing of Necromancers has fueled him through most of his life, and he joined the military at the tender age of 15. His large frame and serious manner fooled many of the people into believing he was much older. Following Queen Catherine into the heart of demon territory seemed a natural act, and earned himself a position as a Champion at the age of sixteen. He propelled himself quickly through the ranks of the Erathian military, using a quick mind and great physical endurance and strength to overcome all obstacles. Many people compare his rise in the military to that of Catherine Gryphonheart, one of the few young people to have the stability and strength to lead and encourage large armies. It was Lysander who took over when General Kendal was killed, and led the Erathian people through the portals, later founding the new kingdom of Palaedra.


Although he vaguely remembers his mother and father, he does not know their names. Soon, however, he finds that he is actually one of the sons of King Gryphonheart (he learns this when he draws Gryphonheart`s True Blade from its sheath). This revelation only strengthens his desire to find the siblings he has lost. Somewhere out there he has brothers and sisters. And he wants to find the man who saved him from the Necromancers as well.


当下 - Present:

Currently, Lysander is the Lord of Palaedra. He does not use the term "King" because he believes it to be pretentious. Lord Lysander created Palaedra from the ashes of the Erathian people. At this point in time Palaedra is mostly stable, but is still suffering from growing pains and has difficulty from time to time with loyalty to the throne.


个性 - Personality:

Lysander wants to provide a place where no one has to suffer the atrocities of war, and he can rule in a kingdom of good honest people. Despite his idealistic goals, he is a very realistic individual. Realizing people are flawed, himself included, he is careful to trust an individual to be themselves, nothing more or less. Lysander can be very meticulous, even to the point of over thinking an action or word. Sometimes he will read too much into a situation. Not wanting to be hurt as he was when his family was taken away, he has placed barriers between himself and others. The most noticeable is the suit of armor he is always seen in. Lysander is never without his armor, no matter the occasion. It is rumored that even in the safety of his own castle he sleeps in the armor. On the road he always rests in his armor, and seems to be the only individual who sleeps better in an uncomfortable tin can than in silk robes.


He is an intense young man, quiet and thoughtful. He has a strong desire to set things right. He cannot bear injustice and refuses to accept common problems such as poverty. Lysander is not sure where this drive came from, he just knows it has been an integral part of him since before he could remember. He`s not very introspective. He dreams of a place where justice is for everyone, and there is no poverty.


外表 - Appearance:

Lysander looks much like his father, a large man with an intense look on his face. He stands about 6` 2", and weighs about 225 lbs. He has black hair, brown eyes and strong facial features. His armor is ornate and has an angel imprinted upon it because they were the saviors of the land.


Starting Skills: Advanced Tactics Advanced Defense Basic Leadership


Modified: 08/31/00

呢呐 - Neener

Born Andrus of Valdor he began life quite normally. Small and plain looking, Andrus was picked on by other children, as they are wont to do in such situations. When his powers grew into a level powerful enough, he fended off their attacks and humiliated all who attempted to harm him. Knowing how painful it was to be hurt by others he swore to not use his powers in such a way, but still had to find ways to defend himself. His magic has reflected this ideal, and he has created several artifacts in the name of avoiding pain with causing any to others. When ever another mage or warrior was unable to harm him he would call out in a sing-song voice, "Neener, Neener, Neener,". Eventually that became a nickname he grew proud of, and now calls himself Neener.


These days no one picks on Neener because of his increasing magical powers, and he is well respected within the mage circles - despite his ridiculous name. Two of his most well known inventions are Neener`s Cloak of Invulnerability and Caldwell`s Cloak of Confusion. The latter was made to tease a warrior friend who often ignored rules and caused much confusion within his ranks.


Artifacts Created: Neener`s Cloak of Invulnerability; Caldwell`s Cloak of Confusion; Helm of Vision

创造的神器:无伤害斗篷 使英雄抗魔能力达到100%;卡德瓦尔的困惑斗篷;预见之盔

弗伦 - Pherlon

过去 - Past:

The sea called to him ever since he was a small boy. Even though he grew up in a small fishing village on the coast of Erathia, he rarely had time to step foot in a boat. His mother was a scholar who studied the weather. She had a theory that there was order to everything, even seemingly chaotic things such as storms. Many thought her mad, Pherlon included. But it wasn`t until the end of his mother`s life that he learned his father had died at sea, in a storm. She never got over it, and she begged her only son not to follow in his father`s footsteps. But Pherlon soon found himself traveling the world, earning a living using the skills his mother agreed to teach him (writing, basic magic, and how to navigate using the stars). Ultimately, he couldn`t resist any longer and took a job as a navigator on a merchant ship. He was hooked.


当下 - Present:

Pherlon is currently the captain of a trading vessel named the Stormwatcher, trading mainly with Great Arcan and Palaedra. He has no political loyalty with either side, which is the way he likes it. Pherlon owes Genevieve much since she used her magic to save his ship from a violent storm once. He believes in paying his debts, so he joins Genevieve on her quest to construct the five ways of magic. It is during this time that Pherlon grows fond of her, and for a short while even thinks he loves her. In the end, he realizes he wants her for a friend.


个性 - Personality:

He has had an uneventful life with the exception of a couple pirate raids, but even then he wasn`t directly involved in the action. He fell in love once, married, and fell out of love. He was rich, poor, rich, and poor again. Hence, Pherlon has developed an endless store of patience and practical outlook toward life. Nothing seems to get to him, unless he spends a long period of time away from the ocean. Despite how he felt about his mother, he still keeps the book she worked on all her life and sometimes, when he gets depressed, he reads it and makes notes of his own observations of the weather.


外表 - Appearance:

Pherlon is a stiff, orderly man of 40 and his appearance reveals that. He wears Arabic-style clothing (minus the turban) in shades of blue, and an iron headband with ornate symbols etched in its polished surface. His hair is brown and curly, his beard a neat line that follows his strong jaw. Years at sea has burned his dark skin brown. Pherlon is only 5`7" tall with an agile build.


Starting Skills: Basic Scouting Basic Seamanship Basic Enchantment Basic Nobility


Artifacts: Logbook of the Master Sailor; Seaman`s Hat; Compass

宝物:航海日志 海上移动力提高50%。海上战斗中所率领生物攻击防御力提高20;海员帽 上下船时只消耗少量行动力(相当于移动一格);罗盘

Modified: 12/15/00

瑞文伍德 - Ravenwood

Her origins are masked in mystery, and few even know if she really is a mere half-elven mage. Ravenwood`s knowledge is extensive and it is well known that she is much older than her appearance hints at. She is a rare individual who has mastered four schools of magic and possesses great combat skills.


It is believed she began her life as a simple combat oriented Sorceress. After pursuing the School of Chaos she began to learn Nature Magic, then Good Magic and finally Order magic. Her most powerful magic lies in Chaos and Nature, and is responsible for many of their artifacts. Rumors have it she found an excellent smith, Gunnar, and set out to be known as the mage who created the most artifacts. So far she has that reputation.


Ravenwood discovered the technologies of the Ancients and deciphered most of it. So far she has not encountered any other living being who knows of the people here before, and her knowledge of them is limited. Ravenwood is not actually from this world, but left her own home planet because she became bored after the first several centuries. Traveling the stars is her new hobby, and one she does rather well. After just becoming accustomed to the world of Erathia and Enroth she was appalled to discover it would be destroyed. Using the ancient technology she created the portals and herded as many citizens to another world where they could live. She had been moving thousands of creatures long before the Reckoning, but couldn`t move most of the intelligent races because there was little time to explain. Of course she was able to save all of the records and data from the previous world and doles it out in small amounts to the wonderful surprise of others. Lots of "lost" information has really just been buried someplace waiting for someone to dig it up.


Standing 5`10" with long auburn hair Ravenwood is a striking woman. She possess strong, but pleasing features and rarely smiles. Underneath the robes of a Sorceress lies a well muscled body accustomed to swordplay. Most people who meet her would say that she seems like a practical, intelligent and strong woman who could be pretty if she tried to be. Her hair is worn in a braid, keeping it out of her way. The robe she wears is forest green with maroon embroidery, made from sturdy material.



  • Adamantine Shield - (Aided by Gunnar)
  • Adamantine Armor - (Aided by Gunnar)
  • Sword of Swiftness - (Aided by Gunnar)
  • Sniper`s Crossbow - (Aided by Gunnar)
  • Hideous Mask
  • Mage`s Robe
  • Fizbin of Misfortune
  • Vial of Acid
  • Wand of Fireball
  • Giant Slayer
  • Halberd of Speed - (Aided by Gunnar)
  • Supreme Crown of the Magi
  • Amulet of Fear
  • Flaming Arrow
  • Mirror of Spell Turning
  • Boots of Levitation


  • 合金护盾(冈纳打造) 英雄带领的所有生物近战和远程防御力提高50%,英雄本人近战和远程防御力+3
  • 合金护甲(冈纳打造) 英雄近战和远程防御力+50
  • 敏捷之剑(冈纳打造) 英雄近战攻击力和近战防御力+6,主动近身攻击时能够多打一下
  • 狙击弩(冈纳打造) 英雄远程攻击力+3,本人及所带领的远程生物射击时伤害不受射击距离影响。英雄即使不会箭术技能,装备后仍然可以射击
  • 丑陋面具 赋予英雄以骨龙的“引起恐惧”能力
  • 法师长袍 英雄施法消耗-1
  • 厄运徽章
  • 强酸药水
  • 火球权杖 允许英雄使用火球魔法。战斗开始时,权杖有6点魔法值,另外每回合恢复2点
  • 巨人杀手之剑 英雄近战攻击力和近战防御力+3,并且在对四级生物进行近身攻击时,伤害力加倍
  • 敏捷战戟(冈纳打造) 英雄近战攻击力+25,速度+2,忽略敌人的抢先攻击能力,并获得长武器攻击能力
  • 法师王冠 英雄魔法值上限+50,并且每天多回复10点魔法值
  • 恐惧护身符 作用类似于恐惧结界魔法
  • 火炎之箭 装备后使英雄的射击带范围攻击属性。在3.0版本的游戏中,除射击中心之外,周围波及范围造成的伤害类似于火魔法,不能损伤具备火抵抗能力的部队。
  • 法术反射魔镜
  • 利维坦之靴

莎依菈 - Shaera

过去 - Past:

Shaera`s father, Gramin, was one of the leading Archers responsible for carving out the present land of Aranorn and because of it has achieved a place of status among the Elves. When he was asked to join the Elven Court - a sort of community of leaders, nobles, and master-craftsmen that has been making the decisions for Aranorn since the Elf King`s death (he had been the real leader of Gelu`s army). There are more than three hundred members of the Elven Court, so nothing ever gets done quickly.


Shaera has come of age in the recent years since the Reckoning and often joins her father at the functions (balls, festivals, etc.) of the Elven Court. She has achieved some status of her own at the Elven Court as the most beautiful Elven woman in Aranorn. She finds all this attention embarrassing. Her days are spent sitting for painters and sculptors who have begged her to be their subject. At night, she is always accompanied by some Elven bachelor attempting to court her. She never refuses because she doesn`t want to hurt anyone`s feelings, but she wishes that she had more time for herself.


当下 - Present:

Lately, there has been talk among the Elven Court that a ruler must be chosen, someone strong but wise who can speak for Aranorn when dealing with neighboring nations. Everyone agrees this decision should be left to the wisest of them, the Elder Council of Druids. Unfortunately, the Elder Council works even slower than the Elven Court. They watch, listen, and pretend to be unconcerned with this very important decision but many believe they are studying every member of the Elven Court, looking for their new king.


In everyone`s opinion, the obvious choice is Lord Harke, a veteran ranger and one of the most powerful members of the Court. Shaera`s father is a supporter of Harke, and he`s let it be known that Harke is fascinated with her. She has even gone on a few dates with Harke, and some of her friends have started calling her Queen Shaera.


But during a recent dance, a tall young elf named Elwin managed to keep her on the dance floor for two hours. Neither of them wanted to stop. Elwin was graceful, and funny, and he had asked her a question that no other man has ever asked. "What do you like to do?" he said. "You know, when you`re not capturing the hearts of every man in the room." At that moment, Shaera fell in love.


Unfortunately, Elwin is a Druid who has never acted in defense of their country. He seems more interested in court life than anything else, and he even has a reputation for being arrogant. He argues with just about everyone he meets, about any subject, and is known for manipulating a conversation to make others look like fools. Shaera finds herself in a troubling position. She likes Lord Harke. He`s a good man, but she can`t seem to stop thinking about Elwin no matter what others say.


个性 - Personality:

Shaera is still very young, so she`s unsure of herself and where she fits in the busy world of court life. However, she`s a smart girl with enough common sense to make her appear wise beyond her years sometimes. She still has her naive moments. Unfortunately, her desire to not hurt anyone`s feelings has resulted in a lifestyle that gives her no time to do what she really wants to do - raise and train birds. She loves all birds, but especially the sleek predators such as the falcon or the eagle. For her, there is no greater experience than watching one of these creatures soar through the sky. Shaera has some training as a Druid, but she uses it mostly when dealing with her birds.


外表 - Appearance:

Shaera appears to be eighteen years old. There is no denying that she is amazingly beautiful. She stands 5`9" with the lithe body of a dancer. Her waist-length hair is often compared to the rays of the sun. Her large blue eyes are like a clear sky in winter, and they`re capable of piercing your soul (or so some men describe). At court, she always wears dresses in shades of blue, but during the few moments she gets to herself she usually wears plain, brown leathers.


哈尔克领主 - Lord Harke

过去 - Past:

Harke came from a noble family, so he has been around the Elven Court all his life. But as was his family`s tradition, he joined the Forest Guard as soon as he was old enough and immediately became an officer (due to his family`s connections). Fortunately, he was a capable commander. Sometimes he pushed his men too far, or took on an enemy that was too strong, but despite his losses he would always come out the victor in the end.


Harke found that he enjoyed war and stayed in the Forest Guard far longer than anyone expected, including himself. This ended up working in his favor because his endless list of victories and accomplishments have earned him the respect of most Elves, even though who don`t like him. His last campaign as a Ranger was in defense of AvLee against the Dragon Queen, Mutare. He served under a human Ranger named Tarnum Dragonfriend, leading the Sharpshooters to excellent results. Harke retired afterward with highest honors and was immediately asked to join the Elven Court. Since, he has orchestrated alliances and friendships within the Court, making himself the most powerful person in the Court next to the Elder Council.


当下 - Present:

By the time of the Reckoning, most of the Forest Guard had followed the Elf King and Gelu into war against Kilgor. Unfortunately, that left few soldiers behind. Harke was one of the key people who organized his people`s flight through the portals to the new world. For him, it was a task that needed to be done, but when others panicked he had not. For that, many see him as a hero. He has helped re-organize their society and along with the Elder Council convinced creatures such as the Sprites, Wolves, and Griffins to join them. This new kingdom was named Aranorn, and everyone knows that Lord Harke took part in creating it.


So, when the Elven Court made the decision to name a new king (Harke was largely behind making this come about), the name that was on everyone`s lips was Lord Harke. Harke has accepted their votes humbly, but waits for the wise choice of the Elder Council. During all this political maneuvering, Shaera made her first appearance at Court. When Harke saw her, he immediately fell in love. Harke believes that the Elder Council will name him king, so he has concentrated all his efforts on making Shaera his wife.


个性 - Personality:

Harke owes much of his success to his stubbornness and ambition. He never gives up. Even when the results of a battle turned against him, Harke would gather some of the survivors and harass the enemy with guerilla tactics until he could raise a force capable of attacking again. Harke has committed much of his life to protecting his country, and later to solidifying his position within the Elven Court. He has many allies, but few friends because Harke never really gets close to people. He constantly does favors for others, but everyone knows he will expect one in return some day. Finally, he`s reached the point of his life where he`s looking to raise a family. From the first day he set eyes on Shaera, he swore that she would become his bride.


外表 - Appearance:

Harke appears to be 40 years old. He`s sturdy and muscular for an Elf, but still lean by human standards. He has broad shoulders and stands about 6`4". His reddish-blonde hair is kept short and neat, and his goatee has a distinguished looking gray streak down the middle. Harke is handsome in a distinguished way, and always smiling. He carries an ornate longsword at his hip, and usually wears green and white. By the standards of the Elven Court, his clothing style is often subdued, almost practical.


塔妮·巴尔芙 - Tawni Balfour

过去 - Past:

She`s the daughter of the pirate captain, Black Balfour, and a serving wench who died when she was an infant. Once or twice a year Black Balfour would show up at the inn, pay the innkeeper to care for Tawni, and play with his daughter - which was the only parenting she ever received. Growing up in one of the rough sailor towns, Tawni quickly learned how to take care of herself. She also learned the finer arts of thievery until she slipped aboard her father`s ship when she was a teen. Tawni was discovered when they were out at sea, but according to tradition her father forced her to walk the plank. Tawni floated there in the ocean for most of the day, certain she would die. But when night came her father`s ship returned. Because she didn`t cry or beg to be rescued, Black Balfour took her aboard and named her a member of his crew.


From that day forth, Tawni excelled both in battle as well as navigation. She was preparing to take the ship from her father, by force if she had to, but Black Balfour was killed in a duel with another pirate named Captain Swift before she got the chance. Although Tawni became captain of the ship, she always felt she hadn`t earned it. Now, this ambitious young woman is ready to make her mark on the world.


当下 - Present:

Tawni has found this new world full of possibilities, and with all of the chaos she is emerging as a forceful leader. She knows that there isn`t anyone else to lead the creatures of this land, and she intends to do so - even if it requires force.


个性 - Personality:

She`s strong-willed, not very lady-like at all, and crafty. It takes intelligence as well as strength for a woman to survive on a pirate ship. And there`s just about nothing Tawni won`t do to achieve her goals. With a cutthroat view on life Tawni has gone far and is known for her calculating ambitions. However, the one thing that rules her more than anything is her obsessive drive for independence. This is what fuels the creation of the Chaos town and their beliefs as everyone is given room to express themselves whenever they want. Even though she rules, she does not control. If someone gets in the way of one of her goals (even if they`re just expressing their independence), she takes them out. Usually, this means she kills them.


外表 - Appearance:

Tawni is a long-limbed woman, usually scantily dressed in black leather because she knows the look distracts men - which is just how she likes them, confused and stupid. Tawni, however, almost always appears angry - even when she`s not. She`s very tan, almost brown-skinned, with jet black hair tied in a single ponytail. Tattoos of dragons and sea serpents wrap around various parts of her lithe body. She is never without a weapon, and when battle is likely carries a scimitar on her hip and daggers on both arms and legs.


Starting Skills: Basic Scouting Basic Seamanship Basic Backstabbing Basic Combat Basic Toughness


Modified: 08/31/00

沃扎克 - Waerjak

当下 - Present:

Waerjak met an old Barbarian named Tarnum who claimed to be the ancient and well-known Barbarian King Tarnum the Tyrant who led the Barbarians out of slavery hundreds of years ago. Tarnum tells Waerjak where he went wrong, and that they must work together to restore the true history of his people. Waerjak did not believe Tarnum`s story until after a raid, when Tarnum was killed. The next day Tarnum walked back into the camp and Waerjak realized this Barbarian was telling the truth and he had a great task to perform.


个性 - Personality:

Of all the people in the Tribal Lands Waerjak is probably one of the most noble. He believes in a fair fight, honesty and justice. He is a very courageous man with aspirations of greatness. He can be a little impetuous at times, but does seem to have a basic instinct for right and wrong. Waerjak believes that endurance is a far more admirable trait than strength, because giving up is the greatest failure.


外表 - Appearance:

Waerjak is a large man, but not large among his own people. He stands 6`43" and weighs 230 lbs of taut muscle. His brown hair is cut short with white limed spikes on top. He usually wears leather armor, a bear cloak made from the bear that killed his father, and wristbands of various animal claws.


Starting Skills: Basic Tactics Basic Leadership Basic Combat Basic Toughness Basic Resistance


Modified: 08/31/00

沃顿 - Worton

过去 - Past:

As the second son of the famous knight Kentaine, Worton has had a lot to live up to. The only problem is, how can anyone possibly live up to that? So, Worton hasn`t even tried. He skipped out on much of his knight training in order to hang around the less scrupulous members of society. Any time he got caught stealing, or roughing up some unlucky drunk, the King`s Guard would let him go free as a favor to his father. Worton used whatever means necessary to get ahead, and he even became a knight by blackmailing and knight who had acquired a hefty gambling debt to stand by him and name him worthy. NOTE: After the good campaign, he will forever be known as Worton "The Bastard" because of his false claim to be the son of King Gryphonheart.



当下 - Present:

When Worton came to the land of Palaedra, he realized his opportunity to reach farther than he ever dreamed - to become King of this new land. Knowing that his father had disappeared along with King Gryphonheart`s blade, he arranged for a copy of the weapon to be forged so that he could claim that he was the bastard son of Gryphonheart and the only surviving heir. It was, of course, all lies and in the end the plan backfired thanks to the involvement of his very own parents.


个性 - Personality:

Worton is a bitter and selfish young man who always seeks the easy (and often unlawful) solution to his problems. He was a bully and a thief when he was young. Now, he`s a knight of questionable virtue with a quick tongue, and friendly smile that always makes him appear harmless.


外表 - Appearance:

Worton in 6` tall with a heavy build, though muscular beneath the flab. He has a friendly face, his mother`s smile and her shocking red hair. He`s usually neat and clean-shaven. He only wears his armor in battle.


Starting Skills: Basic Tactics Basic Leadership Basic Combat Basic Scouting Basic Backstabbing


Modified: 08/31/00