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  • ​Fanstratics Troop: Faith Archer.
  • 兵种介绍:信仰射手
  • Upon initial inspection, Faith Archers appear to be rather typical, until they tie on their blindfolds and raise their runic long bows. Given special regard amongst the Allegiant, the faith infused arcane arrows of these battlefield specialists, have a chance to execute Demonic or Undead Enemy Troops... from range. It is rare to see low-level Troops strike fear into top-level Troops, but if Faith Archers are present in your Army, every Necrotic or Infernal Enemy Troop is vulnerable. Visually and mechanically, it isn’t easy finding ways to distinguish the various ranged troops, so the Faith Archer was something of an experiment. At first, the Nun elements were too prominent, but after a quick adjustment, we had something. Another favorite. :-) Unfortunately, for this month, Justin has been fighting illness, so there is no VOD. However, there is always his Twitch stream if you want to watch him work on something else.
  • 在最初的审视中,信仰射手的形象非常传统,直到后来其系上了眼罩并举起了符文长弓。她们即便在Allegiant阵营中也相当特殊,作为能够将信仰之力融入奥术箭矢的战场专家,她们具备远程斩杀恶魔或亡灵部队的能力。很少能见到有低级部队可以让高级部队畏惧的,但当信仰射手出现在你的部队之中后,敌人的亡灵与地狱军队都将一触即溃。
  • COVID Anniversary.
  • 新冠周年
  • Some of you may remember, in early November of last year, I contracted Covid for the second time in two years. I suspect it was the Omicron variant, as it was going around at the time. After eight weeks, I thought I had shaken the illness, but two weeks later... it returned. Since then, I have remained ill, and have what is typically called Long Haul Covid or Long Covid. April 2022 marked my fifth month of persistent symptoms. November 2022 will be twelve months, and my symptoms continue with little to no improvement. In short, my current health is rather poor. While my symptoms are numerous, the biggest offender is ‘chronic myocarditis’. Myocarditis is caused by a viral infection (Covid), and leads to an inflammation of the heart muscle. My persistent symptoms include chest pain, fatigue, rapid heart rhythm, headaches, muscle aches, sore throat, and shortness of breath. Taking vitamins and pain killers (two or three times a day), while sticking to a low carb diet, helps blunt my symptoms, but there is no ‘cure’ (at least not yet). Considering all of the aforementioned, I can function ‘normally’ for about 1 to 3 hours at the start of each day, depending on a number of factors. I don’t know when this illness will end. On the Reddit Covid Long Haul forum, there are individuals who are marking 2+ years, with no end in sight. Truthfully, if it wasn’t for family support, I don’t know what I would do. Does this mean Fanstratics is on hold or canceled? As I have stated before... absolutely not... but development has suffered significantly. So, when it comes to screenshots, videos, demos, and crowd funding, there will be no hard deadlines. We will publish the respective materials, and announce the respective events, when they are ready. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.
  • 回顾了一下之前的新冠经历...
  • What I wanted to ask you - will you add gods to your game, mention them, or even gods in the form of bosses? I would really like to see gods in your game, in the form of bosses or at least text mentions from time to time, statues that give some kind of bonuses. I haven't fully figured out how your game will play out, but I would also like to see some kind of villain like Hexis from Heroes 4 who wants to destroy the world and has an army of unique units that cannot be hired just like that.
  • ​游戏中会出现神明么,会成为boss么?我很喜欢英雄无敌4资料片里的Hexis那样想要毁灭世界,能招募独特部队的反派。
  • This is a difficult question for me to answer for one very simple reason. I have hashed out loose storylines for two different campaigns. In each campaign, there is a fair amount of mystery involving the respective protagonists and the nature of the Fanstratics world. If I were to answer your question, I would effectively reveal each story’s ending. Think of it this way. Imagine a fan who hasn’t played Might and Magic asking Jon Van Caneghem, “Are there any ‘gods’ in your game?” Jon replies, “No. When you get to the end, you find out it’s all science fiction involving spaceships, super computers, and a malfunctioning android. There’s really no magic or mythology at all.” Such a public response would effectively kill the ‘twist’ ending. At this stage, I don’t want to publish any deep lore or story details, so I must respectfully decline to answer your question. I hope you understand.
  • 我没法回答你这个问题,因为一旦回答了,就会剧透。就像一个没玩过魔法门的玩家问JVC魔法门里有没有神,如果JVC照直说“游戏是科幻背景,里面都是超级电脑、人工智能”,那这一下就剧透到底了。
  • HoMM3 Recollection: Stumbling Out of the Gate (part 2 of 3).
  • H3拾遗:蹒跚出门2
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