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  • ​Fanstratics Troop: Basilisk.
  • 兵种介绍:巨蜥
  • With an origin shrouded in a mysterious evolution of serpent scales and hen feathers, the Basilisk is the only non-Chimeran Troop able to turn Enemies into stone. Lithe and lethal, it is faster than the snake-like Medusa, but less focused when attempting to turn Enemy Troops into stone. Able to engage multiple targets, in specific occasions, the Basilisk’s smoldering stare is a quantity over quality Assault. I put the Basilisk in front of Justin at least twice before, and each occasion, he nudged it aside as he just wasn’t ready to tackle it. This month, he was ready. We tried playing around with the eyes, but different iterations simply got in the way of his overall design. So, as is somewhat common, less was more, and I’m very happy with the final result. For those of you who want to see Justin actually create the drawing, you can always watch a VOD of his Twitch stream.
  • 巨蜥的起源笼罩在一次介于蛇鳞与鸟羽间的神秘进化之中,它们是Chimeran族以外唯一能将敌人石化的兵种。灵巧而致命的巨蜥要比蛇形的美杜莎更为迅捷,但当其试图石化敌人时的专注力则更低一些。巨蜥的郁积凝视攻击更偏重于数量而非质量,这使得其能够在一些特殊情况下面对多个目标。
  • Fanstratics Question: I really really love the way the Rampart town was made graphically (green forest, nice cottages, a well/spring, mountains with green dragons and white fog in the distance, all a happy place filled with fresh nature, such a joy to watch. Reminds me of my mountaineering trips. And that music for the town, beyond real. Such a great masterpiece overall. So, my wish about this is maybe in this new game you could do something similar with a town. Capture that feeling that I described as true to the original as possible if you can. As you said in the newsletter that as a game designer you have to understand other people`s ideas even they don`t express them in a clear way (as you did with the guy who did not like the game`s main screen with the angel but was not sure what he did not liked) so I believe you can capture the feeling of Rampart and understand more than anyone what I am trying to say here.
  • FST问题:我很喜欢H3壁垒族的风格,FST里会不会有类似的?
  • I think you will like the Thornwood faction, as they are the Fanstratics parallel to the Rampart. Generally speaking, I try to give the artists a broad direction and let them run, so the Thornwood won’t be exactly the same, but its theme is very similar: enchanted forest.
  • Thornwood族可以满足你的需求。
  • Fanstratics Question: You mentioned that the game will not have science fiction like in HoMM3, referring to the large number of players who do not like it. There are very few such players in Russia and no one takes them seriously. Now the main complaint about Fanstratics among HotA players is that the game will not be techno-fantasy (mixing of sci-fi and fantasy). While the game is at an early stage of development, it may be worth making a vote about it among subscribers?
  • FST问题:你提过FST将不会有H3的科幻要素在里面,但我们部分俄国玩家很喜欢。所以,还有机会调整么?​
  • Firstly, while I want Fanstratics to be thought of as spiritual successor to HoMM3, I don’t want it to be viewed as a Might and Magic ‘rip off’. Incorporating a heavy-to-moderate science fiction element, into a fantasy universe, would certain open it up to this criticism. Secondly, I have already laid the creative foundation upon which the Fanstratics world is based. I am happy with what I’ve done, and look forward to its gradual reveal. While it is not science fiction... it is not stereotypical fantasy. Hopefully, you will like it, and enjoy it. :-)
  • 第一,FST是H3的精神续作,但也不想被人看作是完全“抄袭”的魔法门,而如果引入了科幻要素,那就无法避免这种质疑;其次,FST世界观已经写好了,我也很满意,虽然没有科幻要素,但也不会是老套的奇幻设定,希望你能满意。
  • HoMM3 Recollection: Stumbling Out of the Gate (part 1 of 3).
  • H3拾遗:蹒跚出门
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