Songs of Conquest


EvilP 更新于 2022-05-24 23:12


新内容 — Additions

  • Add map Valley Low, small 1v1 map
  • 添加新地图Valley Low,1v1小图;
  • Add new PVP only map “PVP Battle Only” where players can quickly level a wielder, build an army and battle it out.
  • 添加PVP地图“PVP Battle Only”,可以快速培养行使者和军队决战(大概类似于H3英雄风云会或者H5 10W地图);
  • Add key-bindings in Options/Controls (first version; will see further improvements)
  • 添加自定快捷键选项;
  • Add a “Surrender” button in the Pause Menu for Skirmish & Online
  • 添加投降功能,位于退出菜单,单人和多人都可用;
  • Add more loading screen tips
  • 载入画面添加更多游戏小贴士;

游戏性 — Gameplay

  • Lower the amount of earth blocks summoned at tier 3 from 3 to 2
  • 3级大地屏障的数量从3个减少到2个;(其实大地屏障和迷雾0.75.5就改了)
  • Adjust the health of earth blocks, tier now has 10 hp, tier 2 has 10 hp, and tier 3 has 30 hp
  • 大地屏障的生命值从从30改为10/10/30(其实0.75.5是10/20/60);
  • Lower cost of Mist from 8 to 7
  • 迷雾的消耗从8创造降到7创造;
  • Mist now lasts to the beginning of the next battle round instead of to the beginning of the troop's next round.
  • 迷雾的持续时间从1回合,改为1生物回合,也就是只在本回合内有效;
  • Change the refill timer of the blacksmith from 10 to 5
  • 铁匠铺(给随机武器)的重置时间从10天到降到5天;
  • Make damage over time spells such as Insect Swarm, Boiling Blood and Acid Cloud be affected by Spell Power and resisted by Magic Resistance
  • 现在持续伤害(DOT)魔法像虫群、沸腾之血、强酸云现在可以被法强类技能宝物增强,并受魔法减伤影响;
  • Change damage of acid cloud to 20/40/60, was 20/50/80
  • 强酸云的伤害从20/50/80降到20/40/60;
  • Change damage of Insect swarm to 6/12/18, was 6/12/20
  • 虫群的伤害从6/12/20降到6/12/18;
  • Change damage of boiling blood to 8/16/24, was 8/15/25
  • 沸腾之血的伤害从8/15/25降到8/16/24;
  • Change Repel, Justice and Explosive Fungi to no longer be affected by spell power
  • 现在击退、正义、爆炸蘑菇不受法强类技能宝物影响;
  • Change so that artifacts giving Command cannot be unequipped/dropped or destroyed if you have too many troops
  • 加领导才能的宝物(誓言履行者+1,龙鳞王冠+2)现在如果部队数量大于未装备宝物时的数量,则会禁止取下和摧毁;
  • Selling a building now gives back 50% instead of 75% and is rounded down instead of up.
  • 售出建筑现在回收50%而不是75%,并且是向下取整;
  • Prevent Wielders from getting invisible 11th skill as reward from visiting map entities when they already have 10 skills
  • 修复行使者在已有10技能的状态下访问加技能建筑获得隐藏第11个技能的错误;
  • Fix issue with chain lightning breaking battle and triggering incorrect hit/death animations
  • 修复连锁闪电造成游戏出错问题;
  • Fix issue with slow timescale after leaving battle during slowmotion sequence
  • 修复战后动画速度异常的问题;
  • Speculative fix for “There is already an income registered” error that sometimes happened when artifacts moved between Wielders
  • 修复一个行使者之间交换宝物时提示“已有收入登记的”错误;
  • Fix auto-equipped artifacts from being placed in wrong hand
  • 修复自动装备宝物会导致位置错误的问题;
  • Update Conquest so a pouch of gold can be picked up
  • 修复小钱堆无法拾取的问题;
  • Doctor Marjata in From the Ashes mission 3 was adjusted to fit better with her setup in Song of Stoutheart mission 4
  • 玛丽雅达医生在战役中初始设置调整;
  • Adjust normal ai resource advantage to intended levels for the campaign
  • 调整战役中普通AI的资源优势到预期水平;
  • Fix problem where AI didn’t move in mission 2 of From the Ashes campaign
  • 修复洛斯战役2中AI不移动的问题;


  • Add scrollbar to mission text area to make sure mission text and win conditions is readable in all languages
  • 任务信息文本区域增加滚动条,以保证所有文种都能看齐内容;
  • Update UX for drop artifacts
  • 升级丢弃宝物的用户体验(这个UX是用户体验吗?)
  • Remove notifications about players “no longer being controlled by AI” when they have used the auto battle feature
  • 移除当使用自动战斗时“不再被AI控制操作”的提示;


  • Fix for AI getting stuck when surrounded by map entities
  • 修复当AI被地图物件包围时卡死的问题;

多人游戏 — Multiplayer

  • Fix too few team slots being shown when starting a lobby using an online game save
  • 修复多人游戏读档时玩家位少于实际数量的问题;

杂项 — Miscellaneous

  • Fix issue where pets in supporter pack wasn’t visible
  • 修复玩家支援包给的宠物看不到的问题;
  • Misc translation fixes
  • 翻译修正;
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