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  • ​Fanstratics Troop: Zombie Gravedigger.
  • 兵种介绍:掘墓僵尸
  • While many consider all Necrotic Troops to be battle fodder, some are more suitable for the role than others. Such a Troop is the Zombie. Armed with a gravedigger’s shovel, this Troop can inflict typical Damage, but it is the Zombie’s potential to spread contagious Disease which makes this Troop surprisingly dangerous. In addition to this attribute, a Zombie can ‘self-detonate’, and disperse Disease via a potentially far-reaching Undead Outbreak. When Justin and I discussed this month’s Troop, I suggested the Zombie Gravedigger. Justin was hesitant. He thought zombies, as a concept, had become tired and stale. He’s not wrong. Over the past 20 years, it seems like everyone has tried to milk the zombie cash cow. I reassured him. I didn’t want something grim. I wanted something akin to the HoMM2 Zombie, which I found to be oddly amusing. I know it’s becoming a cliché, but I really like seeing Justin tackle these common mythological stereotypes. Another gem. For those of you who want to see Justin actually create the drawing, you can always watch a VOD of his Twitch stream.
  • 尽管很多人都认为,Necrotic派系的所有部队都是炮灰,但显然有一些部队更胜任这一定位,比如僵尸。装备有一柄掘墓人铲子的僵尸能够承受相当的伤害,然而其能够散播传染疾病的潜力足以让其变得令人惊讶地危险。为了进一步增加这一能力,僵尸还可以“自爆”,将疾病散播到更遥远的地方爆发。
  • Do you know (or could surmise) what is the deal with the Basilisk on the Dungeon's puzzle map? Or any of other such discrepancies. I sort of figured out it had to do with beta lineups, and the idea for Dungeon was more "anthro creatures" in the start, that is why it had that badly obscured Gnoll (or whatever it is, it is not a minotaur) on the puzzle, too...and Inferno's puzzle has either winged demon or what used to be Manticore, as Manticore/Scorpicore fit the HOMM3's Inferno troop design approach to a T AND would have served as a nice opposition to Castle's gryphons. But that is just me.
  • 为什么在地下族的宝藏地图里有一只石化蜥蜴?是不是beta版的兵种线里蜥蜴属于地下族?就像地下族的宝藏地图里有狼人而不是牛头人,地狱族里有的有翼恶魔与看起来像是蝎尾狮的兵种,或许蝎尾狮本来是地狱城用来与城堡族的狮鹫对位的兵种?
  • From the beginning, the Basilisk was seated with the Fortress, and it was never part of the Dungeon line-up. Puzzle Map graphics were rendered by our concept artist George Almond, and he simply screwed up the Basilisk’s affiliation. He had already finished the work before we caught the error. It would have taken time to correct, and we were running short on time, so we let it slide. Whatever it is, it is not a minotaur. Actually, it’s supposed to be a Minotaur, but I would agree... it’s not a well-drawn Minotaur. Inferno's puzzle has either winged demon or what used to be Manticore. I can’t decipher it either and I suspect George was simply ‘off the rails’ in this instance. Again, it would have taken time to correct, so we let it slide. It was good enough.
  • 并不是,巨蜥从一开始就是要塞族的。藏宝图是概念美术George Almond绘制的,有部分内容他提前画好了,所以后面也就没再改。
  • I really want to contribute what little I have into making the Fanstratics project a reality. Is there a way I could donate funds for the cause or should I wait for the Kickstarter to emerge?
  • 怎样帮助FST项目?
  • Like a good number of gamers, I have been burned by overly optimistic Kickstarter projects, where the game never surfaces, and my cash disappears. I don’t want Fanstratics to be one ‘those’ projects. Only when I am confident the game... if funded... will deliver a finished product, will I ignite a crowd funding campaign. Until then, I would suggest keeping your powder dry.
  • 等我能确信游戏可以最终推出时,我会开始集资。在此之前还请大家把钱留在手上。
  • HoMM3 Recollection: Jon Van Caneghem Racer Car Driver.
  • H3拾遗: 赛车手JVC
  • 点击展开长文
  • Will the towns in game have a town view? Many newer TBS games seem to lack it, but we all remember beautiful art displayed in HOMM 3and fly by camera in HOMM 5. The last HOMM game didn’t have it and they added them later.
  • 有没有城镇界面?
  • For me, the ‘Townscape’ was one of the most enjoyable parts of HoMM3, and I’m baffled when similar games purposely omit this feature. For Fanstratics, each Faction will have its own unique Townscape.
  • 会的,我认为城镇界面是H3一个令人喜欢的部分,FST里每个阵营都会有独特的城镇界面。
  • How many factions will there be in the game and to which those from HOMM series are they most alike?
  • FST的阵营与英雄无敌之间有怎样的对应关系?
  • There are nine Factions planned, and each has a loose parallel to a HoMM3 Faction, with one exception. Keep in mind, when it comes to Faction Rosters, some Troops have been shuffled about while others have been reinvented.
    • Fanstratics ←→ HoMM3
    • Stoutblud ←→ Tower
    • Allegiant ←→ Castle
    • Thornwood ←→ Rampart
    • Boggish ←→ Fortress
    • Chimeran ←→ N/A
    • Krasadox ←→ Stronghold
    • Necrotic ←→ Necropolis
    • Infernal ←→ Inferno
    • Zubhewen ←→ Dungeon
  • 目前计划9个阵营,除了一个外,其他都与H3有着宽松的对应关系。
  • Are you planning to put out expansions of the game, or add piece by piece in DLCs?
  • 是否有计划资料片或者DLC?
  • If Fanstratics is successful... yes... I want to grow and expand the game with DLC (new factions, new campaigns, new maps, cosmetics, etc.).
  • 如果本作成功的话一定会有DLC的。
  • If I’m not mistaken, you have decided not to put map editor and random map generator in your gold version of the game, and there is a possibility of them being added later. What made you decide to do such a move?
  • 地图编辑器与随机地图生成器不会在黄金版中出现,而是之后发布,为什么这样设计?
  • This was an error on my part. Originally, the plan was to mimic the release pattern established by HoMM3... but my recollection was incorrect. I thought the Map Editor was released with the Armageddon’s Blade expansion, but one particular fan politely pointed out my mistake. A change has been made, and at this stage, the goal is to release a Map Editor with the initial game. As for the Random Map Generator, it will be released after the initial game.
  • 这里是我搞错了。我原本是想按照H3当时的模式,但是后来有粉丝提醒我,H3当初就有地图编辑器。所以我更改了原计划,地图编辑器会在原版同时发布,而随机地图生成器会之后发布。
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