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  • ​Fanstratics Troop: Elven Centaur.
  • 兵种介绍:半人马
  • While the Elven Centaur is the Thornwood’s only true ‘heavy’ Troop, it is relatively fast and agile when compared to other ‘heavies’ from other factions. Wielding a two-handed axe, this Troop has a Killer Instinct and a Slayer’s Instinct, and frequently chains together multiple Assaults before an Enemy can Retaliate. With high Luck and high Morale, the Elven Centaur’s ‘instincts’ can be surprisingly powerful. I’ve said this before, but I really like seeing Justin tackle a common mythological stereotype. He could have delivered an Eleven Centaur looking like so many others... but he didn’t. This is why I’m so happy having him design these Troops. His interpretations are simply refreshing, and it’s getting harder-and-harder to pick a favorite. For those of you who want to see Justin actually create the drawing, you can always watch a VOD of his Twitch stream.
  • 尽管精灵半人马是Thornwood派系唯一的“重型”单位,但其与其他派系的重型单位相比更加快速、灵活。这支挥舞着双手战斧的部队有着杀手本能与屠杀者本能,能够在敌人反击前施展多段攻击。当幸运与士气较高时,精灵半人马的本能会更加出人意料的强大。
  • Fanstratics News: Art Mock-up and COVID update.
  • Fanstratics新闻:美术模型与新冠信息更新
  • Some of you may remember, in December of 2021, I wrote an item discussing the attempted creation of an Art Mock-up, and subsequently contracting COVID for the second time in two years. TLDR... the Art Mock-up is still on hold and my COVID has evolved into Long COVID (or Long Haul COVID). Starting with the subject of Long COVID, I’ve taken different anti-biotics, different steroids, and used different inhalers. Nothing has worked. I’ve had blood tests, EKG’s, chest x-rays, and CT scans. All tests have come back ‘clean’. My doctors have only managed to rule out other causes, thus confirming the Long COVID hypothesis. At this time, there’s no ‘cure’ for Long COVID, there’s nothing my doctors can do for me, and I’ve grown tired of the office visits, dead ends, and lost funds. So, I’ve resigned myself to living with it. April will mark the fifth month of symptoms, and I continue to have a persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pains, heart palpitations, headaches, low grade fevers, and worst of all... fatigue and brain fog. On good days, I have about two... three... maybe four hours... before I am overcome, and I’ve read accounts from people still dealing with symptoms after 6... 9... 14... and 18 months. When will it end? I honestly don’t know. Does this mean Fanstratics is on hold or canceled? Absolutely not. While development has slowed significantly, we continue to work. Will we crowd fund this year? Highly unlikely, but I’m crossing my fingers for next year. As for the Adventure Map Mock-up, I have had difficulty finding a qualified replacement for the artists who stepped aside last year. I was talking to a strong candidate, from Russia, but he disappeared when the war in Ukraine broke out. It wasn’t my intention to build a video game during a worldwide pandemic or potential world war... but this is the strange reality in which we find ourselves.
  • 没太多料,基本就是新冠影响拖慢了工作节奏之类的。
  • Fanstratics Question: What factions are planned in the event of the release of additions (or how they will look approximately)?
  • Fanstratics提问:游戏发售后会有哪些额外派系?
  • Assuming FST is successful, there are at two or three other factions I would like to add. As to the factions themselves, I have a concept for each, but I haven’t done any deep work on them (i.e. rosters, heroes, etc.).
  • 如果一切顺利,我打算新加入2到3个新派系。这些新派系我已经有了基本想法,但还没开展设计。
  • HoMM3 Recollection: Cheat Codes.
  • H3拾遗: 秘籍
  • 点击展开长文
  • First, we would like you to describe your upcoming game, Fanstratics, in a few sentences.
  • 用简短的话介绍Fanstratics
  • Fanstratics is a true spiritual successor to Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (HoMM3). While it will be different, anyone who played HoMM3 will find it familiar, and firmly rooted in the present video game market.
  • H3的精神续作。玩过H3的玩家都会觉得熟悉。
  • How will you try to reach younger audience?
  • 怎样拓展年轻玩家群体?
  • This is a tough question to answer. Most turn-based strategy games have a steep learning curve, and this tends to discourage inexperienced newcomers. To incentivize a player’s time investment, the best thing a developer can do it showcase art and music. When a game looks good and sounds good... players will give it a chance. In the days of coin-operated video games, this was called the ‘attract mode’. We’re doing our best to make Fanstratics... at a glance... beautiful, attractive, and engaging. Hopefully, should any player spend a little time with it, they will find it rewarding and continue to dig deeper.
  • 很困难的问题,回合策略游戏更适合老炮,对新人不太友好。如今要想吸引新玩家,还得靠美术、音乐这些,所以我们打算把Fanstratics做得更吸引人一些。
  • Heroes of Might and Magic has a really big fan base in Central and Eastern Europe, are you planning on putting out localized versions of the game?
  • 英雄无敌系列在中欧东欧有广泛粉丝,是否有针对的本地化计划。
  • My plan is to create as many localized versions of Fanstratics as we can afford, with priority given to Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Russia.
  • 计划加入更多语言版本,中欧、东欧和俄国都会是首要目标。
  • How many people are working currently with you on the game?
  • 当前有多少人在开发?
  • Please keep in mind, at this stage, we are technically an indie project. While people come-and-go, we have three dedicated individuals working on design, programming, and art. In the next year, to get us to the crowd funding campaign, I hope to add a couple more developers. Should the crowd funding campaign be successful, we will assemble a full team.
  • 当前本作还算是独立游戏,所以人数不定,有三人是全职投入设计、编程和美术。来年如果有更多资金会再招一些开发者。
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