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  • Fanstratics Troop: Human Paladin
  • ConceptArt Human Paladin兵种介绍:圣武士
  • Amongst the Allegiant, the staunch and slow-moving Paladin is a metaphorical battlefield tank, encased from head-to-toe in beefy, plate armor. As his rigid faith shuns cutting weapons, the Paladin utilizes a short, heavy, mace, while wielding a large shoulder-to-knee, thick, heavy, tower shield adorned by the Allegiant Seraph insignia. In combat, the Paladin can draw faithful support from Allied Troop Divisions, while naturally guarding against any Enemy Retaliation. Shoutout to ‘ChaosIsGood’. He emailed and asked why I had changed the order by which I typically reveal Troops. Normally, the Allegiant come before the Stoutbluds, but I accidentally put the Ramfolk Headhunter ahead of this month’s Human Paladin. My mistake. I’ll get back on track with the Thornwood schedule for next month. For those of you who want to see Justin actually create the drawing, you can always watch a VOD of his Twitch stream.
  • 在Allegiant中,坚定而行动缓慢的圣武士就是战场坦克的化身,从头到脚都覆盖着厚重的板甲。由于其死板的信仰要求避开尖锐武器,所以圣武士使用一种小而沉重的权杖,搭配上及肩高的重型塔盾,其上还装饰着Allegiant炽天使的徽章。在战斗中,圣武士可以从己方部队处获得信仰支援,并天生防范敌人的反击。
  • Fanstratics Feature: Experience Potions.
  • Fanstratics特性:经验药水。
  • As a game progresses, Artifact Artisans will begin selling ‘Experience Potions’. Obviously, a player can purchase these items to boost the XP of ‘lesser’ Heroes and hasten their advancement. Hopefully, this will accelerate the later stages of a game. File this feature under ‘experimental’. We are going to implement it and test it. If this feature works out as expect, we’ll keep it. If this feature does not work out as expected, we’ll cut it.
  • 随着游戏进展,宝物商人会开始出售经验药水。该物品可以帮助玩家提升低等级英雄的升级速度。该特性目前还处在试验阶段,如果效果良好则会保留。
  • HoMM3 Fan Question: Hello, may I ask you are there actually magic in Might and Magic universe or is it all technology?
  • 英雄无敌3粉丝提问:魔法门宇宙真的有魔法么?还是说全都是科技?
  • This is really a question for Jon Van Caneghem or Paul Rattner. Jon created the M&M universe, and Paul basically took over lore duties when Jon took a back seat after Might and Magic 5. As for myself, to the best of my understanding, there is no ‘actual magic in the Might and Magic universe’. For example, if a Wizard casts a Fireball spell... what actually happens? In my mind, the Wizard’s mental, verbal, or physical ritual invokes the capabilities of technological machines, deep within a world, causing the machines to create the Fireball and its resulting behavior. This is a pure guess on my part, but I suspect JVC was inspired by Arthur C. Clarke and his famous quote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
  • 这个问题得问JVC或是Paul Rattner。我个人观点,魔法门世界并没有真的的魔法。当法师释放连珠火球时,其实是他的精神、言语或是物理仪式激发了某些深藏在世界中心的科技机械的能力,从而创造了火球。不过这完全是我个人猜测,但是我觉得JVC应该是受到阿瑟·克拉克和他的那句名言“任何足够先进的科技都与魔法无异”的启发。
  • HoMM3 Recollection: Malibu Grand Prix Embarrassment.
  • H3拾遗: Malibu Grand Prix Embarrassment
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  • Maybe Karin Mushegain and other musicians and opera singers can return with them too?
  • Karin Mushegain和其他音乐家与歌剧演员会回归么?
  • Personally, I like opera and choir music, and would like to see it return in one form or another. For those fans who have a contrary opinion, we may offer a choice similar to HoMM2, where you can have the music with or without the vocals.
  • 我个人很喜欢,不过也会在游戏里给玩家提供选项,自主选择音乐带不带人声。
  • Will there an underground level too?
  • 会有地下层么?
  • Absolutely. Lore for one of the faction’s requires it.
  • 当然,其中一个阵营和设定就和地下层有关。
  • Can you tell us something about localizations? Subtitles , voices etc.
  • 本地化有哪些部分?字幕,配音等等?
  • Because HoMM3 became an international game, for FST we plan to support a number of foreign languages: Russian, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc. I strongly doubt there will be any voice work, as story elements will be handled in comic book fashion with word balloons.
  • 多种语言肯定有,包括中文。不过不太会有多语种配音,剧情表述上就不会用太多语音,而是可能以漫画形式达成。
  • Can you tell us an approximate release date for the game? Which year perhaps?
  • 有大致的发售时间表么?
  • I essentially began solo design work on FST in 2018, and estimated it would take at least three to five years before some sort of release. At this point, it’s looking like five is about right. As we approach 2021, I expect there will be continued work on game infrastructure. Hopefully, we would Crowd Fund sometime in 2022. Assuming FST is successfully funded, I would aim for an Early Access release, sometime in 2023.
  • 最初预计三到五年,从2018年算起。不过到2021年时发现还有许多工作要做。希望2022年能获得足够资金,这些就可以计划在2023年左右出EA。
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