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  • Fanstratics Troop: Ramfolk Headhunter
  • ConceptArt RamfolkHeadhunter.webp兵种介绍:公羊人猎首者
  • Within the Stoutblud faction, the Ramfolk Headhunters are treasured allies, routinely admired for their melee ferocity. Content to occupy the front lines, they can deliver a destructive short warhammer strike, often accompanied by a devastating ‘headbutt’. Enemies enduring such an Assault, may stunned for a few turns, or concussed for the remainder of Battlefield Combat. When Justin and I started work on the Headhunter, he initially delivered... a really angry goat. In response, I told him I wanted a ‘ram’ not a ‘goat’... Thor not Wolverine. Specifically, I was looking for a battlefield ‘bruiser’, and with his next rough, he delivered something more traditional and definitely in the right direction. When he got around to rendering the actual Headhunter on stream, it really came together. At this stage in the development of the Troop rosters, I’d dare say the Ramfolk Headhunter is my new favorite. For those of you who want to see Justin actually create the drawing, you can always watch a VOD of his Twitch stream.
  • 在Stoutblud阵营内,公羊人猎首者是极有价值的盟友,其凶猛的近战能力广受尊敬。在前线战斗中,它们携带着毁灭性的短战锤,并常常能造成可怕的“头槌”。受此攻击的敌人会眩晕数个回合,甚至在之后的战斗中也一直头晕目眩。当初开始设计这个角色的时候,Justin画了一个愤怒的山羊。作为回应,我告诉他我更想要一个“公羊”而非“山羊”。最终,Justin设计了现在的公羊人猎首者。
  • Fanstratics Question: In all HoMM games, cities do not respond to the type of terrain they are located on. That is, if a town whose native landscape is grass is located on a different landscape, for example, on snow or in a dungeon, then it will still be displayed as located on grass in the town menu and during a town attack. The exception is homm4, where the background pattern changed depending on the landscape. Can FST have multiple town variations for different landscapes in the town menu, or will there be a strict binding like in HoMM3?
  • FST问题:在英雄无敌系列中,城镇往往和某种地形相关联,即便在其他地形上的城镇,在城镇界面里却仍显示关联地形,除了4代。FST里,会为城镇适配每一种地形么?
  • More than likely, the binding will be strict, and the reasoning for this is budgetary. To make a city conform to each terrain type would require making at least eight iterations of the same Faction City. If FST is blessed with a big budget, we can examine the possibility of multiple city/terrain iterations, but then we must consider the memory hit, and I want to try and keep the system requirements reasonable.
  • 这种设计的原因其实更多是出于预算。为城镇适配每一种地形就意味着每个城镇要设计8种。如果FST预算有幸非常充裕,那么会考虑加入的,不过还要看内存需求,毕竟我不想把系统需求搞得太高。
  • Fanstratics Question: How extensive will FST's campaign be, if one is planned? And will it manage to avoid some of the weird balance issues HoMMV had where if you don’t build your hero a very specific way, you may not be able to progress (Looking at you Mission 4.3)?
  • FST问题:战役的扩展性如何?能否避免像英雄无敌5里如果英雄没正确升级就无法推进游戏的问题?
    • Campaigns: At the moment, the plan is to have two campaigns (Good and Evil), each with a story transpiring over 8 maps (16 total). Events of the ‘Resurgence War’, are covered in the Good Campaign. Events preceding the ‘Resurgence War’, are covered in the Evil Campaign (basically a prequel).
    • Campaign Hero Carry Over: Hero ‘carry over’ is undecided. If it is implemented, we’ll make sure not to stick the player in a corner.
  • 当前的战役计划分两个部分,善良和邪恶,每个战役包括8张地图。善良战役会是“复兴之战”的主线;邪恶战役则更像是前传,即复兴之战是怎么发生的。关于不同关卡里英雄的继承问题目前还没定,如果有的话也会避免过于严格从而导致卡关的问题。
  • HoMM3 Question: It's a widespread idea among fans that the 9 cities of HoMM 3 (counting Conflux) represent 9 alignments of Classical D&D. There's some discussion about which is which, but the general layout looks like...
  • 英雄无敌3问题:9大城镇是否对应DND的阵营九宫格?
  • LawfulNeutralChaotic
  • (译注:这个只是硬套而已,实际应该是以下一问的答案更贴近)
  • Are there any grounds for this structure, in your opinion, or is this pure speculation? If you were asked to define the alignment for each city, would you do it this way or somehow differently?
  • 这种对应是有意为之么?
  • I’m well aware of the D&D Alignment system and like it. At its core, it’s a collection of opposites (Good/Evil and Lawful/Chaotic) with a middle ground (Neutral). At its most basic, it’s an expansion of ‘too hot, too cold, and just right’. Did I use the D&D Alignment system as a structure when creating the HoMM3 factions? Not necessarily. Truthfully, I was thinking more about conceptual ‘opposites’. This would be more accurate...
    • Castle ←→ Inferno
    • Tower ←→ Dungeon
    • Rampart ←→ Necropolis
    • Fortress ←→ Stronghold
    • Conflux
    With the above in mind, you can fit the HoMM3 factions into to a D&D grid, but honestly... you can do this with most things. As for your layout, the Good/Neutral/Evil portion looks good to me, but who could be identified as Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic is really a matter of opinion.
  • 我对DND的阵营系统很了解也很喜欢。不过当初并没有按这个来设计,而是采用的几组对立关系,比如城堡族和地狱族、塔楼族和地下族、壁垒族和墓园族、据点族和要塞族,以及最后的元素族。依照这些关系,你确实可以对照到DND九宫格里。不过老实说,只要你想,任何东西都可以套进去。
  • Can you talk something about the town screen designs in general?
  • FST的城镇界面会怎么设计?
  • In FST, ‘Cityscapes’ will be very, very similar to the Town Screens from HoMM3.There will be a build tree, structures will be added to a full screen landscape, clicking on various structures will open various windows, etc.
  • 非常类似英雄无敌3,会有建筑树,新造建筑也会显示在城镇界面,点击建筑可以打开各种窗口等。
  • Can we see the differences in a town, on the map, when we build something?
  • 建造建筑会在大地图上有显示么?
  • On the Adventure Map, each city type will have three variations: barren, un-walled, and walled.
  • 冒险地图上只会有三种城镇类型:白板状态、无城墙、有城墙。
  • Will the town screens will be in 2D?
  • 城镇界面是2D的么?
  • Cityscapes will be fully rendered in 3D, but player interaction will be strictly 2D.Previously, for a conceptual example of what we have planned, I have pointed to Ori and the Blind Forest, which is a fully rendered 3D world, with a 3D environment, and 3D characters, but with player interaction strictly 2D.
  • 3D建模,2D表现。类似与奥日与迷失森林。
  • Will Paul Romero and Rob King do the music for this game?
  • 保罗·罗梅罗和罗博·金会制作游戏音乐么?
  • I have been in touch with Rob King about he and Paul Romero handling the music. Provided FST reaches critical mass, I see no reason why they woldn’t contribute.
  • 已经和他们取得联系。
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