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  • Fanstratics Troop: Snakish Brigand.
  • ConceptArt Snakish Brigand兵种介绍:蛇盗
  • Within the Boggish roster, the Snakish Brigand is a staple Troop known for its slithery tactics. As it is lightly armored, the Brigand prefers ranged assaults, featuring pronged arrowheads soaked in its own venom, to whittle down a target before finishing it off with equally venomous melee strike. Originally, for this month, Justin and I had another Troop in mind, but after thinking it over, we decided to pivot toward another. At first, I was a touch hesitant, as the Snakish Brigand is actually a relatively standard Troop type. When thinking of inspirational Troop types, ‘snake man’ isn’t the most exciting idea. However, we have Justin at the wheel. ;-) For those of you who want to see Justin actually create the drawing, you can always watch a VOD of his Twitch stream.
  • 在Boggish的部队中,蛇盗以其狡猾的战术而闻名。这些轻甲盗贼善于远程袭击,会将自己的毒液涂抹在散射箭头之上,从而削弱对手,最终用同样带毒的近战攻击终结目标。
  • Fanstratics Fan Question: How will the game teach its mechanics and general systems?
  • FST粉丝提问:游戏机制与系统的教程怎么运作?
  • When HoMM3 was being developed, tutorials were largely limited to game manuals. Games were starting to incorporate interactive tutorials, but weren’t given a lot of attention as they took time away from primary game development. Today, players expect games to be just as complex, just as difficult, but more friendly. While I have yet to design the tutorial, I have contemplated three potential options.
    • ‘Go Here Do This’ tutorial: Every gamer is familiar with this typical type of tutorial. If you are like myself, you don’t find them informative. Instead, you find them annoying and boring. Should my other efforts fail, or should I run out of time, this tutorial is my fallback position.
    • Self-directed tutorial: Most gamers learn various games by diving in, making their mistakes, and learning from them. Provided the game is relatively fun... gamers keep playing. A self-directed tutorial would be a ‘trial and error’ experience, but accelerated with a touch of developer guidance. This tutorial approach is arguably the most difficult to make, but with the most ‘fun’ potential.
    • Video tutorial: Twitch? Youtube? Sometimes, it’s simply better to watch someone else play a game for 5 to 10 minutes. With this approach, you can also subdivide into basic, advanced, expert, and subject specific tutorials. If I had to make the tutorial today, I would choose this option.
  • 英雄无敌3时代,游戏说明主要在纸质版手册中;但如今的游戏已经不用这一套了。我的计划目前有三种选择:“去哪里做这个”式的教学关;“自我引导”型的教学关;视频教学。第一种是传统的教学关,属于后备方案;第二种会把教学与游戏相结合;第三种的话会放在Twitch或Youtube上。
  • Fanstratics Fan Question: Are there plans to include a manual?
  • FST粉丝提问:会有手册么?
  • I expect Fanstratics to be generous with tooltips and exhibit an in-game encyclopedia. A physical manual would be limited to a collector’s edition (assuming we have one).
  • 应该会出游戏内百科,纸质版的手册可能会在典藏版里。
  • HoMM3 Recollection: The Day I Foresaw 3DO’s Doom.
  • H3拾遗:3DO末日的预见
  • 点击展开长文
  • What are the main differences in general, and what are the main similarities, with Heroes series (or with H3)?
  • 和英雄无敌系列(或者说英雄无敌3)的主要区别和共性有哪些?
  • This is a big question, on a very broad topic.To properly answer it would require three or four pages of brief descriptions and bullet points.In general, I would say this... On the fundamental details, Fanstratics (FST) and HoMM3 are very similar; Adventure Map, Cityscape, Battlefield, etc.On the surface details, FST and HoMM3 are very different; lore, art, sound, music, etc. A spiritual successor takes inspiration from... while taking the place of... a predecessor.Hopefully, if a careful balance of the major and minor elements is accomplished, a true ‘spiritual successor’ will be born.
  • 这个问题比较大,简单说,基础细节上FST和英雄无敌3非常类似:冒险地图、城市界面、战场地图等等。但在具体细节上区别很大:比如剧情、美术、音乐、音效等等。
  • Will there be many kind and type of creatures, heroes, skills, etc. in this new game?
  • FST中会有大量不同类型的生物、英雄、技能么?
  • As FST is a ‘spiritual successor’ to HoMM3, many of the Heroes, Troops, Skills, etc., are mirrored in one form or another.This being said, I have also made many evolutionary changes.In many respects, FST is as much a ‘spiritual sequel’ as it is a spiritual successor.
  • FST作为英雄无敌3的灵魂续作,自然会有大量的英雄、部队、技能等。自然也包括许多升级变化。
  • Will the Heroes would fight on battlefield or no or perhaps something new mechanic can use on the battlefields?
  • 英雄会上战场战斗,或是有其他可以在战场上使用的机制么?
  • Heroes will not fight on the battlefield.
  • 英雄不会上战场战斗。
  • How you will use the new 3D engine that can cause the map a 2D look alike? As similar it was looked in Heroes 6 or else way?
  • 你会怎么用新的3D引擎制作2D风格的地图?会类似英雄无敌6这样么?
  • To match HoMM3 proportions on the Adventure Map, Cityscape, and Battlefield, we are stretching the camera perspective.Consequently, this approach requires we ‘stretch, squish, and flatten’ the various game models for everything to look proper.In the end, we have a 3D game, with 2D interactions, which should be very familiar to anyone who has played HoMM3.
  • 为了匹配英雄无敌3风格的冒险地图、城镇界面、战斗地图,我们会拓展镜头限制,将许多模型进行拉伸、扁平化等等以达到预期效果。
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