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  • Fanstratics Troop: Lich.
  • ConceptArt Lich兵种介绍:巫妖
  • Filled with all-consuming ego, the Lich is a self-proclaimed ruler of the undead. Powerful and ruthless, this wicked skeletal mage feeds on the lifeforce of the living to prolong its existence. It is truly something between and beyond. One of the wonderful things about working with Justin, is seeing how he will ultimately render a familiar fantasy archetype. As always, he didn’t disappoint. I'm looking forward to seeing this one on the Battlefield. For those of you who want to see Justin actually render the drawing, you can watch a VOD of his Twitch stream.
  • 自命不凡的巫妖认为自己是亡灵的主宰。这些强大而无情的邪恶骷髅法师以汲取生者的生命力来延长自己的寿命。它们半生半死却又非生非死。你可以在Twitch频道上看到Justin的作画过程。
  • Fanstratics Faction #9: Chimerans.
  • 阵营9:Chimerans
  • An ancient cosmopolitan faction, the Chimerans are associated with the exotic Runic terrain. Believed to be the unfortunate remnants of archaic arcane experiments, their origins are directly tied to the establishment of the present cultures. Up to this point, each of the preceding 8 Fanstratics Factions had a familiar association with an existing HoMM3 Faction. Some will try to tie the Chimerans to the Conflux, but in truth, the Chimerans are a unique culture with no HoMM3 parallel. Representing the Chimerans is the Medusa Vanguard, which can be viewed in the Fanstratics Gallery.
  • Chimerans是一个远古的世界性阵营,其背景扎根于奇异的镌符之地。据说它们是一场庞大的魔法实验的不幸后裔,这种出身也塑造了它们如今的文化。到目前为止,前8个阵营都与英雄无敌3的已有阵营近似,因此可能有人会把Chimerans类比为元素族,但实际上Chimerans是与英雄无敌3不同的独特阵营。Chimerans的代表是Medusa Vanguard
  • Fanstratics Feature: 9 Playable Factions.
  • Fanstratics特性:9个可选阵营
  • If you have been keeping track, you would know I had 9 Factions planned. In revealing the Chimerans, all 9 are now known. Here they are in alphabetical order...
    • Allegiant
    • Boggish
    • Chimerans
    • Infernals
    • Krasadox
    • Necrotics
    • Stoutbluds
    • Thornwood
    • Zubhewen
    Some of you may be wondering why 9... from the start? HoMM3 shipped with 8 Factions, with the 9th Faction, the Conflux, being added with the expansion. Truthfully, it all comes down to expanded cultural knowledge of the fantasy genre. Prior to 1999, the public’s ‘cultural knowledge of the fantasy genre’ was limited to classical architypes. Since 1999, due in large part to video games, the public’s ‘cultural knowledge of the fantasy genre’ has expanded. In 1999, if I had proposed a spell casting, anthropomorphic alligator (Gatorkin Caster), I’m relatively confident JVC would have given me a sour glare and shot it down. Today... most people wouldn’t blink. While Fanstratics will continue to adhere to classical fantasy architypes, there is more room to play around at the edges, and embracing this additional freedom goes an exceptionally long way to helping FST distinguish itself from HoMM3. So, from the start, I was able to construct a comfortable 9 Factions.
  • 目前9个可选阵营已经全部公布。
    • Allegiant - 忠义军 - 对应城堡
    • Stoutbluds - 劲醇宗 - 对应塔楼
    • Thornwood - 荆木集 - 对应壁垒
    • Necrotics - 奈落窠 - 对应墓园
    • Krasadox - 剋砂教 - 对应据点
    • Zubhewen - 斫鄙窟 - 对应地下城
    • Infernals - 炎焚狱 - 对应地狱
    • Boggish - 泊蜥泽 - 对应要塞
    • Chimerans - 奇魔廊 - 无,元素out
    • 别问为什么翻译这么奇怪,解释过的,原文就很奇怪,所以翻译搞起事来就停不下来了,反正汉化又不是我们来负责,但是所以如果谁有正经合用还能让强迫症患者接受的统一格式的翻译欢迎塞过来
  • Question: Hail from Poland! We love the series here! I was introduced to Heroes 3 as a kid, playing on a pirate version with my 3 brothers on a hot seat mode. It been a wild fun experience. We did eventually buy official copies of the game. I still have official cd-disk of the Shadow of Death and Armageddon Blade. Nowadays GoG version. Seriously, we all still play the game, we always have it installed. Heroes 3 for me is precious. A game that shaped my childhood. Something we always return to. There’s very few games like this I treasure and always come back to. Genuinely from my heart. Thank you for it.
  • 来自波兰玩家,介绍了自己对英雄无敌3的感情。
  • Thank you very much for your story. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy the tales people tell me, regarding HoMM3, and how they discovered it. I suspect I would do something similar, if I ever met Tomohiro Nishikado, and could tell him my Space Invaders story. Speaking of Game Design legends...
  • 非常感谢你的故事。不知道你们信不信,其实我很喜欢听别人讲述它们自己与英雄无敌3的故事。如果有一天我能遇到西角友宏,我也会向他讲述我当初玩到《太空入侵者》的故事。
  • HoMM3 Recollection: My HoMM3 Job Interview.
  • 应聘英雄无敌3工作的经历。
  • 点击展开长文
  • 略。

以下是Behemoth Cave的采访问答,共18问。

  • Heroes III is not the only game in the series. Can you share with us your opinion on the Heroes’ games that came after the 3rd installment? How do you rate Heroes 4 and Ubisoft trilogy set in the world of Ashan?
  • 你对英雄无敌3之后的系列有什么看法?
  • Regarding this question, I am going to respectfully decline to respond. Anything I say about the other HoMM game, positive or negative, will create controversy.
  • 无可奉告。因为无论我说正面还是负面的意见,都会产生曲解。
  • Do you think Ubisoft will continue with Heroes 8?
  • 你认为育碧还会出英雄无敌8么?
  • Unlikely. After three attempts, Ubisoft has been unable to replicate the success of HoMM3. From a business perspective, they have other franchises, in which they have more expertise, and better success (Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six, etc.). Why pour resources into an underachieving franchise you don’t understand? This is how older game franchises are put out to pasture.
    • Command & Conquer?
    • Dungeon Keeper?
    • Everquest?
    • Legacy of Kain?
    • Medal of Honor?
    • Prince of Persia?
    • Ultima?
    • Virtua Fighter?
    • Wizardry?
  • 不太可能。育碧出的三部英雄无敌都没能复制英雄无敌3的成功。从商业角度来看,育碧自己有很多品牌并且取得了不错的成绩(刺客信条,孤岛惊魂,看门狗,彩虹六号等等)。所以为什么还要花费资源去搞不懂的品牌上。很多老品牌都已经吃灰了,比如命令与征服,地下城守护者,无尽的任务,凯恩的遗产,荣誉勋章,波斯王子,创世纪,VR战士,巫术等等。
  • This is a good moment to talk about your newest project: Fanstratics. Name of the game is composed of words: Fantasy, Strategy & Tactics and as you said yourself - it is a spiritual successor to Heroes of Might & Magic 3. Fanstratics status is currently pre-alpha and to this moment we haven’t seen any graphics or screenshots, excluding three concept artworks. In September’s newsletter you wrote that visually it will resemble Heroes 3. 3D models converted to 2D graphics, squares on adventure map, hexagonal battlegrounds and town interiors on a separate screen. Can you say a little bit more on the topic?
  • 回到Fanstratics,关于图像部分还有什么消息?
  • Firstly, one correction. Fanstratics uses true 3D models with 2D interaction. 3D models are not converted into 2D sprites/graphics. For an example, I have pointed to Ori and the Blind Forest, which is a 2D platformer, rendered in 3D. I guess you could think of Fanstratics as a 2D TBS, rendered in 3D.
  • Fanstratics采用的是3d建模2d交互,而非3d转2d。举例而言,就像奥日和黑暗森林一样。你可以理解成Fanstratics是一个2d的TBS但是渲染成3d。
  • Will Fanstratics contain sci-fi/futuristic elements or will it be strictly set in fantasy canon?
  • Fanstratics会包含科幻/未来要素么?
  • While I want Fanstratics to be thought of as spiritual successor to HoMM3, I don’t want it to be viewed as a Might and Magic ‘rip off’. For this reason, I have chosen to avoid science fiction or futuristic elements. I have already laid the creative foundation upon which the Fanstratics world is based, I am happy with what I’ve done, and I look forward to its gradual reveal. While it is strictly fantasy... it is not stereotypical fantasy. Hopefully, you will like it, and enjoy it. :-)
  • 尽管我把Fanstratics定义为英雄无敌3的精神续作,但又要剥离一些魔法门要素。所以Fanstratics会避免科幻和未来主义要素。目前Fanstratics的基石已定,在之前的文章中也展示出来了。不过,虽然Fanstratics属于奇幻,但也不是老一套的那种奇幻。希望你们喜欢。
  • For example what factions and magic schools are planned? Please, share with us everything you can! We are Fanstratics news-hungry :).
  • 阵营和法术学派是怎么设计的?
  • Nine factions are planned, and starting with the December Newsletter, I plan to start a slow trickle of details. Currently, the landing page gallery showcases concept sketches for four Troop types, each from a different faction. A draft of Adventure and Battlefield Spells has been completed, but not finalized. So, at this time, I would say ‘no comment’ regarding Magic Schools. Please believe me when I say, I want to reveal everything I have designed and everything currently in development, but we have a very long way to go before launching a crowd funding effort. Were I to divulge everything I have planned... there would be nothing to discuss for months. I know it’s a lot to ask, but please be patient. We’ll get there. Hopefully, you will find it worth the wait.
  • 目前关于冒险和战斗法术的设计草图已基本完成,但还欠缺打磨。所以当前还属于“无可奉告”未来时机成熟会公布。