失落的手稿文件 - Lost manuscript files

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"Ssh! Do you remember the fervent discussions about what could have been, when we left Enroth and escaped to Axeoth? When one world ended and a new one was born? Never ending quarrels and nitpicking about the lore?"


We have something for you. Thanks to our members, who formed secret detective brotherhood. And which we may name just at the end. They found a secret, hidden in dark places of the Internet that cannot be named (ever): "Jennifer Bullard`s Lost Manuscript Files".

我们为你准备了一些资料。多亏了神秘侦探兄弟会,他们发现了一个隐藏在互联网最黑暗角落从未见天日的文档:Jennifer Bullard的失落手稿文件。

Once there was a gap between Heroes III and IV—there is still, just we learned how to live with it—one world died in flames and a new one was born, but all of that happened really hastily. Let`s take a look under the lid, thanks to Heroes writer Jennifer Bullard, at what all could have been in the cutscenes, as new lore, or new heroes. Also let`s read some lines from General Kendal`s diary. Just don`t say "Ouch" too early.

在英雄无敌3和英雄无敌4之间曾经有一个断层,这始终是我们很多人需要想办法适应的地方,一个世界在烈焰中毁灭,另一个世界诞生,但是一切都发生的如此迅速。感谢英雄无敌系列的编剧Jennifer Bullard,能够让我们看到在盖子下面到底有什么:过场动画、新的传记、新的英雄。此外,也让我们阅读一下肯达尔将军的日记,记得千万不要惊讶的太早哦。

Wherever these documents were for all that time, credit for digging them up goes to Corlagon, iLiVeInAbOx05, Erwinner and Karmakeld. Guys, accept our humble thanks!