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  • Might & Magic - Chess Royale
  • 发行日期:2020年1月30号
  • 平台:PC / iOS / Android
  • 试玩视频:
  • 整场游戏由100个玩家开始,1v1直到只剩最后一人获得胜利……
  • 看视频是一轮1分钟,准备30秒,打架30秒,想最后获胜大约可能要打15轮,加上中间的1v1匹配,10多分钟一盘。当然按某人的吐槽,问题在于怎么先集齐100个人。每个玩家初始5点血,第一轮失败不掉血,第二三四轮失败掉1点血,第五六七轮失败掉2点,第八轮开始掉3点,掉完出局。也就是最快5轮出局,6分多钟大概。
  • DISCOVER THE FIRST MASSIVE REAL-TIME 100 PLAYERS AUTOBATTLER: Fight 99 other players on a real-time chess battlefield and be the last hero standing! Re-discover classic units and heroes from the Might & Magic high-fantasy universe and create deep strategies in ten-minute competition!
  • STRATEGY IS KEY TO VICTORY: Create unique synergies and overcome your opponents each round! Combine specific units, factions and heroes to claim victory.
  • COLLECT & UPGRADE ICONIC UNITS & HEROES :Tons of Heroes & Units to collect from the Might and Magic Universe, each has unique abilities and belong to a specific faction.
  • OPTIMISED FOR 10 MINUTES GAMES: Lose quick, win quick! Enjoy a crafted experience of the autobattler for shorter & exciting games!
  • THRILLING & EXHILARATING FIGHTS: Watch massive battles unfold with amazing visuals, witness your armies unleash its fury on your opponent with thrilling ultimates & Spells. Outsmart your opponents in 1v1 battles.
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