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  • 除了之前说的Global Cooling地图,还有一张用于介绍编辑器的Blood on the Bay地图可以额外下载,不可编辑版(28M),下载后放到我的文档\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\CustomMaps\AdventureMaps,可编辑版(86M),下载后放到我的文档\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\EditorWorkspace;
  • 添加了新手教程地图;
  • 编辑器添加了Steam Workshop对应的功能按钮;
  • 随机地图优化;
  • 平衡性修正和BUG修正见下;

一般 - General

  • [Fixed] Start growth of elite dwellings of all factions (did not correspond to the growth rate).
  • 修正了所有阵营精英巢穴的起始生物数量,增长率不变
  • [Fixed] An issue that would have a creature deal altered damage during its morale turn, if it had a critical hit or grazing hit during its regular turn.
  • 修正了当生物第一次行动时出现幸运一击或是不幸一击时,在高士气的附加回合中伤害错误的问题
  • [Fixed] Dialog at the end of a combat is not shown anymore if the combat is restarted via the pause menu.
  • 修正了当战斗暂停重开后,战斗记录不再继续的问题
  • [Fixed] An issue that would have creatures with certain abilities ignore and remove the Shadow Cloak buff.
  • 修正了某些具有特定技能的生物无法受到Shadow Cloak效果的问题
  • [Fixed] An issue that would make the first creature lose the initiative bonus from "Hotheaded" when you would prepare and then unprepare the hero atatck during its turn.
  • 修正了当玩家选择英雄攻击后又取消时,导致第一个行动的生物失去Hotheaded特长带来的主动加值的问题
  • [Fixed] An issue that would make the Sylvan Ballista attack twice even when attacking a target without a mark on it, if the hero has Natures Revenge on Expert rank.
  • 修正了当英雄具有专家级自然复仇技能时,森林弩车在攻击没有标记的生物时也会出现攻击两次的问题
  • [Fixed] "Nature`s Wrath" ability (when a stack with marks on it died, the magic increase from the ability would not be removed).
  • 修正了自然复仇特技的问题(有标记的生物死掉时,其提供的魔力增加效果没有及时移除)
  • [Fixed] Wrong power value of Moon Doe (was the same as Sun Deer)
  • 修正了月鹿的力量值(之前的和日鹿一样)
  • [Implemented] A Tutorial Map is now available in the Tutorial Menu.
  • 增加了教学关地图
  • [Implemented] Added new neutral elite creature "Efreet".
  • 增加了新中立精英生物“火怪”
  • [Implemented] Support for Steam Workshop.
  • 新增支持Steam工作室
  • [Improved] Content Scanning when enterring the menu.
  • 改进了进入主界面的内容扫描

游戏性 - Gameplay

  • [Fixed] Animation speeds for creatures affected by TimeControl spell
  • 修正了受时间控制法术影响生物的动画速度
  • [Fixed] Breath of Light of the Gold Dragon. It affects now the correct area.
  • 修正了金龙的光之龙息效果
  • [Fixed] Sound corruption when hovering creatures using spells that push them
  • 修正了对悬浮生物使用魔法时的音效错误
  • [Fixed] Hero stats not updating when trading/equipping/unequipping items in trade window.
  • 修正了英雄在交易、装备、卸下宝物时属性不变的问题
  • [Fixed] Animation getting stuck in recruitment window when switching aoc`s
  • 修正了转换招募界面时导致动画卡住的问题
  • [Improved] A limit to the combat Idle animations to make them scale with CombatSpeed only up to 200%
  • 改进了单位的闲置动画的速度

平衡性 - Balancing

  • Reduced gold cost of elite and champion creatures.
  • 降低招募精英与冠军生物所需的金币数
  • Decreased bonus of core dwelling growth upgrades.
  • 降低了核心生物巢穴升级的产量增加
  • Set damage type of Pixies and Sprites to "Might".
  • 将花精与花妖的攻击类型变为力量
  • Increased cooldown of Dragon Vein from daily to weekly.
  • 将龙脉的冷却时间变为每周一次
  • Nerfed the spells Retribution, Celestial Armour and Sylanna`s Bounty.
  • 削弱了报偿、天国护甲与土龙恩赐魔法
  • Reduced randomness in Fire Wall spell damage variation.
  • 降低了火墙魔法伤害区间的随机性
  • Reduced mana cost of Regeneration spell and regeneration resurrects dead creatures.
  • 降低了回春魔法所需的魔法值,并且回春魔法现在可以复活战死的单位
  • Nerfed Warlord`s Fury ability.
  • 削弱了军阀之怒技能
  • Changed Archery ability to buff the attack value of ranged creature instead of increasing their range.
  • 将百步穿杨技能的效果改为增加远程生物的伤害值
  • Increased damage of fire magic and water magic ultimate abilities (Fire Mantle, Frostbite).
  • 增加了火系与水系最终技能效果的伤害
  • Buffed Paragon skill rank effects.
  • 增强了典范技能各级的效果
  • Changed bonus of "Gladiator Helmet" to +2 Might
  • 角斗士头盔的效果改为+2力量

多人游戏 - Multiplayer

  • [Fixed] Crash in the lobby when the host started the game and one of the players unchecked being ready.
  • 修正了当主机选择开始游戏而玩家尚未准备完毕导致的游戏崩溃问题
  • [Fixed] Game going OOS (Out of Syncs) when the AI attacked the player during AI`s turn.
  • 修正了各种无法同步问题,以下同
  • [Fixed] Game going OOS when starting a second match in a row on maps with a Merchant building.
  • 同上
  • [Fixed] Game going OOS in rare cases right at the start of the match
  • 同上
  • [Fixed] Game going OOS in rare cases after a combat duo to Exp discrepancy.
  • 同上
  • [Fixed] Game going OOS in rare cases during the AI`s turn.
  • 同上
  • [Fixed] Game going OOS in rare cases duo to Resource discrepancy.
  • 同上
  • [Fixed] Game going OOS after loading a multiplayer savegame.
  • 同上
  • [Fixed] GUI being available to early for the Host while still being in AI`s turn.
  • 修正了还在ai回合时,主机就能行动的问题
  • [Fixed] A bug where some singleplayer Cheat effects could be carried over to a multiplayer match.
  • 修正了单机作弊效果带进多人联机的BUG
  • [Fixed] A possible crash when trying to load a Multiplayer Savegame while not connected to the internet.
  • 修正了在没有连接网络时选择载入多人游戏存档导致的游戏崩溃问题
  • [Fixed] Adventure map hero tooltip getting displayed during another players combat.
  • 修正了冒险地图英雄标志在其他玩家战斗时消失的问题
  • [Fixed] Engaging AI players in Sim turns leading to the game getting Stuck.
  • 修正了在同步回合模式时遭遇ai玩家导致游戏卡住的问题
  • [Fixed] Wrong heroes getting selected automatically in sim turns when coming back from another players combat.
  • 修正了在同步回合下,从其他玩家战斗界面退出后会选择到错误英雄的问题
  • [Fixed] Wrong heroes getting selected automatically in sim turns sometimes when another player does certain actions
  • 修正了在同步回合想,当其他玩家进行某些特定行动后,会导致错误的英雄被选择的问题
  • [Implemented] When another player starts a combat in sim turns, there is now a 3 seconds window in which you get notified about it and can still finish whatever you are currently doing.
  • 增加了在同步回合下,当一个玩家开始战斗时,会出现一个3秒的提示窗口,以便玩家结束目前手头上的行动
  • [Implemented] When a necromancy popup is forced to be closed (for example when another players starts a combat) the remaining stacks are getting automatically merged into the heroes army.
  • 增加了招魂界面被强制结束时,剩余未分配的生物会自动整合到英雄部队中的效果

关卡设计 - Level Design

  • [Implemented] Global Cooling skirmish map
  • 增加了全球冷化地图
  • [Implemented] Two autumn, Sylvan themed combat maps
  • 增加了两个秋季森林战斗地图主题
  • Scenario Mirym`s Journey: [Fixed] Obelisk Hunt Quest Markers would not disappear after visiting the Obelisk
  • 米尔林之旅地图:修正了方尖碑狩猎任务标记在访问方尖碑之后不会消失的问题
  • Scenario The Story of Solmyr and the Efreet: [Fixed] Player can choose Factions for AI 4
  • 索梅尔与火怪地图:修正了玩家可以给4号位的AI选择阵营的问题
  • Irresponsible Wars: [Fixed] Area of control of `player 5` to include Sawmill. [Fixed] An unreachable stack of creatures in the top right corner of the surface.
  • 不负责任的战争地图:修正了玩家5的控制区域包含伐木场的问题,修正了右上角有个生物够不到的问题
  • Ivan Map 2: [Fixed] A conversation between Seamus and Wilhelm where you could see Wilhelm in both sides of the dialogue.
  • 伊凡战役第2关:修正了谢玛斯与威廉对话时,对话框两端都是威廉的问题
  • Stronghold 3: [Fixed] Map will not end if an enemy remains on the Castelroc-island
  • 据点战役第3关:修正了如果Castelroc岛上还有敌人单位就无法结束战役的问题
  • Stronghold 4: [Fixed] House Materia would not end his turn after fighting in the Fort. [Improvement] Questmarker for Quest Teamwork added
  • 据点战役第4关:修正了构质学派在其回合中进攻要塞之后就卡住的问题,同时增加了任务标记
  • Necropolis 3: [Fixed] Sounds of previous Sequence are playing after loading a savegame
  • 墓园战役第3关:修正了载入存档后,前一个对话的声音再次播放的问题
  • Necropolis 5: [Fixed] Missleading Questmarker for Quest "Expand the Well of Souls" (note: not for existing savegames)
  • 墓园战役第5关:修正了Expand the Well of Souls任务的标记错误问题(注意:对现有存档无效,请重开新档)
  • Academy 2: [Fixed] Masfars Ultimate Paragon Skill has no description
  • 学院战役第2关:修正了玛斯法的典范终极技能没有描述的问题
  • Haven 3: [Fixed] Pressing ESC to skip Intro leads to a blocker
  • 圣堂战役第3关:修正了按下ESC跳过开场时导致卡住的问题
  • Haven 2: [Fixed] Skipping Dialogues with ESC leads to a blocker
  • 圣堂战役第2关:修正了按下ESC跳过对话导致卡住的问题

编辑器 - Editor

  • [Fixed] PlayerStarts spawn Heroes that are disabled from map properties
  • [Fixed] Some Heroes appear twice in the Heroes tool on creating a Scenario mapModified the [Fixed] Template maps to have to also include the 1.4 Patch saturation changes
  • [Fixed] The Editor doesn`t prompt the user to save the map on clicking the Publish Map button
  • [Improved] Learn Spell for Hero" action checks prerequisites and gives visual feedback if the spell is learnt
  • [Fixed] Dark lighting in the Editor`s minimap and 2D views
  • [Fixed] Forbidden spells could still appear in Arcane Shrines
  • [Fixed] that the Editor doesn`t prompt the user to save the map on clicking the Publish Map button[
  • Fixed] Dwellings set up to sell random elite creatures sold champion creatures instead
  • [Improved] Transfer Hero Artifacts" action gives visual feedback about the transfered artifacts
  • [Improved] Modified the Template maps to have to also include the 1.4 Patch saturation changes
  • [Improved] Added visual feedback if creatures are received
  • [Improved] Polished Editor GUI
  • [Implemented] Any change in Event state will now update quest status
  • [Implemented] Mermaid to Creature Tool
  • [Implemented] Custom Heroes/Artifacts are now listed first
  • [Implemented] Added Steam Workshop publishing tool (Steam SKU Only) which allows to publish custom made maps and campaigns

脚本编辑器 - Script Editor

  • 新触发器 - New triggers
  • Hero won at Battle Site
  • Hero lost at Battle Site
  • 新条件 - New conditions
  • Quest is pending/activated/completed/failed
  • Event is activated/deactivated
  • Player is from Faction
  • Building is from Faction
  • Army has Creatures
  • Army has Creatures from Faction
  • Army is commanded by Hero
  • Army is commanded by Hero from Faction
  • Army is controlled by Player
  • Army is controlled by Player from Faction
  • 新事件 - New actions
  • Activate Event
  • Deactivate Event
  • Fire Event
  • Fail Quest
  • Advance Quest Stage
  • Complete class="eo">Fail class="eo">Remove Minimap Tracking class="eo">Set Dwelling Creatures Pool
  • Set Town Dwelling Creature Pool

随机地图 - RMG

  • Fixed maps with underground having incorrect area sizes caused by inconsistencies in the underground size setting
  • Fixed some buildings sinking into the terrain
  • Speed optimization
  • Increased the size of the Normal template and tweaked it to allow 4 players
  • Building placement balancing and tweaks
  • Fixed a crash from selecting 200% neutral army strength
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