Songs of Conquest


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Welcome, my friends.


Today I will tell you more about one of Ivan’s advisors. While for reasons of my own I chose not to immediately disclose her identity during the first sessions of this Shadow Council, many among you have correctly guessed the name of the Angel sitting at Ivan’s table. She is indeed Murazel, the Guardian Angel of Hammer Fall.


Murazel has lived for millennia – she fought in the Elder Wars alongside the likes of Archangels Michael and Sandalphon, and has acted as witness and judge of many battles and events. Always serious, even dire, talking as is everything in life was of the utmost importance, she is obsessed by the truth and accuracy of the events she relates. Known among her kind for her impartiality and her friendliness to lesser races, she blames her people for the disappearance of the Shantiris, a “collateral damage” of the war against the Faceless. After the Twilight Covenant sealed a truce between the children of Light and Darkness in blood and magic, Murazel was one of the first Angels to leave the sky-born cities of her brethren to go live among the Humans. Still passionate about the Shantiris and their lost civilization, Murazel soon moved to the city of Hammer Fall, which had been erected over ancient Shantiri ruins, far in the East.


Many times, Murazel had to make sure the Shantiris’ powerful secrets did not fall into irresponsible and greedy hands. She always tried not to disturb the balance of power and intervened only as a judge and advisor. That is, until she broke her vow of neutrality and stood up to the armies of Kyla Falcon. Following this incident, Murazel became officially unwelcome not only in the Empire, but also among Angels.


When she was invited by Archangel Sandalphon to join the Conclave of the New Dawn, she knew her reputation of uncompromising honesty would serve to appease the suspicion of the Humans, still wary of Angels since Uriel’s Deception. For the same reasons, not all the members of the Conclave received her arrival warmly. And her sudden disappearance after Sandalphon’s assassination made her look even more suspicious to some.


Engulfed again in a world of lies, treachery and murder, Murazel quickly found herself deeply engaged in the protection of the weak and the restoration of the Holy Empire, as long as it didn`t repeat the mistakes of the past. To achieve that, she needs a worthy man to rule it, and she has selected Ivan as the best-suited candidate. Murazel still has many friends and allies among both Humans and Angels, and has been working to convince the reformist factions within the Church of Light to side with Ivan against Seamus of Stag.


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这人物介绍还能更无聊点不,一句话足以概括这个人物:她是个民主自由斗士! nnd,这是个人??(哦,她是个天使……)
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这是Cate Blanchett么...
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