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Aidan finds himself alone in the demon realm of Sheogh...

Aidan looks upon the terrifying landscape before him. Plumes of smoke fill the sky, rising from lava flows and fumaroles that stretch to the horizon. The unstable portal has stranded him in a nightmare realm - the demon lands of Sheogh.

Aidan : This can't be happening! I'm... in... Sheogh! Father! Godric! Anyone! Please help... Okay... get it together, Aidan. They're not here... they're gone. And you're alone. And all I have to protect myself with is this elf dagger I picked up at the camp. That... looks like a flash from a portal! Maybe if I can catch it I can get to the Silver Cities after all!

Warr : These wizard portals are fun, eh Balal?
Balal : You're telling me! Zip to Irollan, kill some Elves, and we're back in time for dinner!
Aidan : Demons! I'd better hide!
High Chief : When the eclipse of the Blood Moon opens the way, proceed in a disorderly fashion to Ashan. Get these Hellfire Launchers to Talonguard where they can do some serious damage! A human dares interrupt this meeting? Hellhound, Imp, Horned Demon - tear him apart!
Aidan : No! Get away! What? They... they... listened to me... C... come... come back! Aah! Um... run around in a circle! Ha! They ARE listening to me! Um... attack? Not me! Each other. Attack each other! This is extraordinary! I command demons. But... how am I doing this? Okay, stop fighting!

(You have received : Horned Demons)

(You have received : Imps)

(You have received : Hellhounds)

High Chief : How is he doing that? ?
Aidan : I better get out of here before my luck runs out!
High Chief : Where do you think you're going boy! Man the Hellfire Launchers, it's time for some target practice!

Aidan : I think those demon contraptions are going to blow! I better get out of here! Whoa! I mean... Yes! And who will be next? Azexes, the beast who drove me here?
Warr : What was that sound? What did you do, human?
Aidan : That's not the question. It's what am I going to do if you don't tell me where to find Azexes!
Balal : Whatever it is, it will pale in comparison to what Azexes would do to us for betraying him.
Battle Demons?
yes-Aidan : Don't be so sure about that!
no-Aidan : Then what use are you to me? Get lost!
Balal : Are we lost yet? Wait, why do we want to get lost again?
Warr : I don't know, but I've just found you so we can't be lost.

Aidan : Do you see who you're dealing with, you hairless dogs of Sheogh? It is I, Aidan, son of the Unicorn Duchy! And now I add Slayer of Demons to my title! Do you see me, father? Do you see the baby of the family now? You said I was too soft to wield a sword! Now I kill demons, father. Me! Even Godric never did that... Godric... father... These brutes shall pay for what they did to you! Azexes will pay!
Captive : Help! Help me! Don't let her hurt me!
Jezebeth : I warned you, my wayward servant! Displeasing me is NOT acceptable behavior.

Aidan : You witch... you burned him!
Jezebeth : Wipe the soot out of your wide eyes, human. I am no witch. I am Jezebeth, a succubus. You are cute for an animal. How did you get out of your cage?
Aidan : I'm not one of your servants. I am your reckoning! Come over here and receive your punishment.
Jezebeth : My... my legs disobey me! You have turned my limbs against me! Are you a wizard?
Aidan : I am Aidan... and I am very angry. FIGHT ME!
Jezebeth : I... I chipped a horn, and oh! My pelt is a mess... I submit... you win... you win...
Aidan : Won? I will have won when I am standing over the body of Azexes.
Jezebeth : Azexes? What do you want with someone as pathetic as Azexes?
Aidan : You know him? How do you know him, filth?
Jezebeth : We used to... be together. Back when I was too foolish to know better. Anyway, I dropped him like a hot stone. He was such a wimpy little imp.
Aidan : What! ? He killed my father! Wounded my sister! Chased us like animals through the forest.
Jezebeth : That can't be right. Aze? Him? ? All by himself?
Aidan : Enough! You will take me to him! Now!
Jezebeth : I-will-take-you-to-him. No! Wait! How are you doing that? Get out of my mind! Aaargh! I can't resist you... but I don't know where he is! Except... yes. Lorhish, another slimeball... he might... He hangs out at a demon watering hole called the Screaming Hag Inn, to the west.

(You have received : Succubus)

An elf in Sheogh! What are you doing here?
Talnir : Demons attacked us in Irollan! I was pulled through a portal during their escape. I wish to kill every dirty demon that crosses my path. But I'm not sure I'm up to the task. I need to see if I have what it takes. Will you challenge me?
yes-Talnir : Great! And don't go easy on me either. I need to toughen up if I'm to survive in Sheogh.
Aidan : You did well, elf. But your weakness is your mercy. You cannot show mercy to a demon!
no-I cannot be slowed on my quest for vengeance. You're on your own.

Talnir : I wonder if I shall ever make it back to the forests of my beloved Irollan.

Jezebeth : Um, you're gripping that little dagger awful tightly, don't you think? Your hand is turning red.
Aidan : Why are you eyeing it? Do not look at it! It's mine!

Flint : Look what we have here boys! Jeze's back! Ha Ha Ha!
Roach : Get lost Jezebeth! And take your lackey with you, unless you want to get kicked down the hill. Again.
Jezebeth : Hi, Flint. Hey, Roach. Ready to be really, really sorry?
Aidan : We are entering this... establishment. Step aside if you want to avoid trouble.
Flint : We don't avoid trouble, human. We start it!
Aidan : I was counting on that.

Dillon : Bless Elrath! It has been days since I laid eyes on another human face. I escaped my demon master's fiefdom under cover of night. I have been on the run three days now. I have but one defense against the demons that I have come across.
Aidan : What is that?
Dillon : I stump their meager brains with puzzles and then I flee, leaving them scratching their heads. Do a fellow human a favor, test my battle puzzles to see if they're tough enough to keep me alive?
yes-Dillon : Excellent. I shall start you off with my go-to battle puzzle.
Dillon : you figured it out easily. Maybe someone else will too! I'll have to come up with a new one...
no-Aidan : I cannot be slowed on my quest for vengeance. You're on your own.

Dillon : Ah, you are back my friend! I have another battle puzzle to test on you. I'm hoping this one is good enough to stall a demon's brain and give me time to escape. Will you challenge me?
yes-Dillon : Put your thinking helmet on, because this one is quite tricky.
Dillon : I guess I better come up with some harder puzzles, or I'm in trouble!
no-Aidan : I cannot be slowed on my quest for vengeance. You're on your own.

Dillon : By Elrath's will, one day I shall make it back to Griffin!

Brood : First thing I'm going to do when I get to Ashan? Go to Irollan and eat a Unicorn! Yeah!

Dirge : So you're the human that everyone's talking about? You don't look so tough! Except maybe that gross arm of yours could be contagious.
Aidan : I don't have to be tough when all I need to do is say the word and you'll rip your own horns out.
Dirge : Yeah, but where's the sport in that? Tell you what, if you beat me fair and square...
Aidan : I'm listening.
Dirge : Then I'll give you my trusty Nightmares. So you want to try?
yes-Dirge : Let's do this!
no-Aidan : I'm not interested in games.

Dirge : If I wore a shirt I'd lose that too! Gambling's a disease! A disease I tell you!

Jezebeth : Urlach, such a joy to see you! Gorgeth, you're looking even more fetid. It's been a long time!
Aidan : We have come for the demon Lorhish!
Chains : This is Sheogh! Humans don't make demands of demons! You dig our ditches and fill our bellies!
Jezebeth : Show them what you can do, Aidan! Show them your powers.
Aidan : Go jump in a flaming pit of lava, demon.
Chains : ... Uh... uh... I gotta go... I gotta go find a pit of lava... where's the closet lave pit? Anyone?
Aidan : Now, which one of you is Lorhish? ! ! SPEAK UP!
Lorhish : That'd be me.
Jezebeth : That's him. You smell that? That's Lorhish, alright.
Lorhish : It's been a long time, Jezebeth. You're looking all grown up... I knew you'd be back someday.
Jezebeth : In your dreams! The only mistake I made that was bigger than Azexes, was you!
Lorhish : Who's the flesh bag with the death wish, Jezebeth?
Jezebeth : This is Aidan. It gives me great pleasure to tell you that he's no ordinary human.
Lorhish : Then I shall have to kill him in a truly extraordinary manner! Get'em, Ol'Shredder!

Lorhish : Oh no! Ol'Shredder... 'S okay boy, daddy's here. How can you be so mean? He's just a Hellhound...
Aidan : Stop blubbering and tell me where to find Azexes.
Lorhish : He's moving up in Sheogh, aligned himself with a proper villain. STAY WITH ME, OL'SHREDDER!
Lorhish : He moves between realms, word has it he's got a portal on top of Mount Nebyrzias. Jeze... Jeze, I just want to say... I forgive you and... I love you...
Jezebeth : What a lovely sentiment... several decades too late!
Aidan : Come Jezebeth. Show me where to find this Mount Nebyrzias.
Jezebeth : Yes, I will show you... Aidan.

Lorhish : ... Ol'Shredder... You were a demon's best friend...

Zazel : I don't know what to pack for the Blood Moon Eclipse. So many targets, so little time... I've got hundreds of knives and daggers, but I also have a great collection of spiked clubs. Decisions, decisions!

Slave : When the Blood Moon Eclipse happens, I wonder if us slaves will be able to sneak back home? I would do anything to get out of this awful place.

Jezebeth : What fun that was! Showing up all those scum who used to insult me. I've never met anyone like you, Aidan! Let's stroll arm in arm through Sheogh, for all to see! Aidan! Your arm! It looks... strangely beautiful. That dagger...

The dagger Aidan picked up in Irollan has begun to fuse with his arm. It is as if the blade refused to be let go, melting to his hand and twisting his flesh around it. The blade appears to be spreading its disease, taking over his entire arm.

Aidan : Don't worry about that, Jezebeth. I feel fine. Better than fine, I feel... Powerful!

Aidan : Don't worry about that, Jezebeth. I feel fine. Better than fine, I feel... Powerful!

Bounty Agent : Hmmm... ugly human with a demon army... You may be useful! Interested in a bit of plunder?
Aidan : Does it involve fighting demons?
Bounty Agent : Of course! There's nothing else to plunder around here. Except rocks.

Accept Bounty Agent's offer?

yes-Your first job is a demon named Glut. He has been stealing and eating everything. Meat, fruit, pets, tables, chairs... Everything! Come back to me after the job is done and collect your reward.
no-Bounty Agent : Well, I'm always here if you change your mind.

Glut : Glut so hungry! Grrrrr! Glut's nose smell food! Glut hungry! Glut's belly angry at him. Stop yelling belly! No food around. Just this tasty human. TASTY HUMAN! ? ! BELLY, WE'RE SAVED!
Aidan : Sorry, Glut, but I'm a little tough on the digestive tract.

Bounty Agent : Interested in some more work? Choose a mission from this list :

Your next target is a wizard by the name of Ra Stavari. He's a very confused missionary from the Silver Cities, trying to convert demons with logic and magic.

Ra Stavari : Why don't these demons thirst for knowledge as wizards do? Why won't these horned heathens listen to me? I'm trying to set their minds free!
Aidan : Your efforts are wasted on demons. They can't be reasoned with. All you did was put a price on your head.

The next mission is a demon named Bly. His insufficient cruelty led to a mutiny among his overseers. They kicked him out of his own fiefdom! Sheogh cannot tolerate this weakness.

Bly : Maybe they will invite me back to my fiefdom. If I beg... Should I have whipped them harder? Starved them more? Why didn't my slaves respect me! I was just trying to use modern management skills. Hey, human, let me ask you a question. Do I scare you? Do you fear me?
Aidan : If you have to ask, that should tell you the answer, Bly.

Your next mission is a Necromancer named Drak. He accidentally stranded himself here while practicing some very unusual magic. Now he's killing demons and trying to raise them in his undead army.

Aidan : Killing demons? Why should I care about that?
Bounty Agent : What you think about a particular mission is not important. Just know that Drak's actions have made him enough enemies that he has been put on my list...

Drak : These demons aren't so tough. I've killed lots of them.
Aidan : You must be Drak.
Drak : What is it to you, human?

Oh... probably gold or rubies.

Your next bounty is for Phlecher, the human that led the mutiny against Bly.

Aidan : I will not harm another human! Forget it!
Bounty Agent : He has taken Bly's place, and kept his fellow humans enslaved instead of freeing them. He treats them far worse than Bly did.
Aidan : That is terrible! Very well, human or not, I will punish this Phlecher for his crimes.

Phlecher : I will never again serve another. I'd rather die! Hey you! Slave! Did I give you permission to leave my fiefdom? Get back home and sweep my floors!
Aidan : For a human to enslave another human is to split in Elrath's face!
Phlecher : Elrath? Where was Elrath when I was captured and brought to this awful place?

Bounty Agent : The last mission just came in. It's for a demon-slaying human by the name of, let me see here... Aidan? ! The bounty is for... you?
Aidan : Me? Killing demons isn't a crime. I'm doing Ashan a favor!
Bounty Agent : That's not the way they view it here, pal. I'm going to have to take you in.
Aidan : Never! You will not stand in the way of my vengeance!
Bounty Agent : Then we do this the hard way!
Aidan : Was that really necessary?
Jezebeth : You had no choice, Aidan. That fool stood between you and Azexes.

Aidan : This place is...
Jezebeth : Beautiful isn't it?
Aidan : I was going to say awful.
Painn : What's Azexes got planned for us now? Another raid? Or something more stealthy?
Treach : Azexes wouldn't know a plan from a horn on his head! I should be running this operation.
Painn : Shh! If he hears this talk he'll kill us both! Let's just get to the peak and see what he wants.
Aidan : Did you hear that? Azexes is at the peak! Finally I will have my revenge!
Jezebeth : Are you sure? There are other demons to chastise. We could turn back-
Aidan : Turn back? You're mad. This is why I came here! I seek vengeance, and you are only alive so that you may guide me through this hideous realm!
Jezebeth : Okay, okay... The worse your arm gets, the grumpier you are!

Moody : Human.
GUt : Check.
Moody : Murderous eyes and succubus on his arm.
GUt : Check and check.
Moody : This is Aidan the Demon Slayer! The one we've been hearing so much about, Gut!
GUt : No matter. We're the slipperiest demons in Sheogh, Moody. He'll never be able to hit us!
Moody : That's right. In fact, Gut and I are so slippery, we'll even wager that you can't hit us. Care to try?
Aidan : What's in it for me?
GUt : If you manage to hit both of us in battle, then we'll give you this artifact we just stole.
Aidan : And what's in it for you?
Moody : We get a chance to kill the great Demon Slayer, Aidan, and become famous!

Demon : Whoo hoo! When the Eclipse comes, I'm kissing this steamy dump goodbye forever!

Imp : I would let you into these caves but your appearance disgusts me. Go back to where you came from, you filthy human!

Azexes : Listen up, demons, wizards and assorted filth! Go through the portal and regroup in Heresh. Our master has a task for you there. Mess this up and the master will find a place worse than Sheogh for you!
Aidan : Argh! We just missed him! Come on, Jezebeth! We'll follow them through!
Jezebeth : But we don't know where it goes. And there were wizards with them... wizards are repulsive.
Aidan : It leads to Azexes, that's all I care about!

Aidan : W... where are we? Do you see Azexes?
Jezebeth : No. I don't smell him either. He must have teleported somewhere else.
Aidan : ARGHH! ! Somebody is going to get it! Maybe these wizards know where he is!

Jezebeth : Aidan, maybe we should go back to the Screaming Hag Inn and ruin a few more lives...
Aidan : With this portal gate... or one just like it, my family was torn apart. I cannot let it stand.
Jezebeth : But..don't you want to use it to go home? Not that I want you to, but...
Aidan : A home without a family is just empty rooms... As long as this gate stands, demons will travel freely through my people's lands. No, the gate must fall. Even if it means I am forever stranded in this cursed place.
Wizard : I knew it! I detected an enemy passing through this portal. This portal device is the property of Lord Bloodcrown! Who are you?
Aidan : Is Lord Bloodcrown Azexes' mentor? Destroying the portal should mess with his plans...
Wizard : I will make you sorry for this trespass, boy!
Aidan : I will make YOU sorry, wizard. Sorry that you chose such poor friends.

Aidan : The portal is ripping apart! Hurry...
Jezebeth : I think we might've been a bit too wild up here! Uh oh...
Aidan : Uh oh, what? What's happening?
Jezebeth : Mount Nebyrzias is more of a volcano than a mountain. A poor name for a volcano, really.
Jezebeth : Not for long, I think it's going to blow!

Mount Nebyrzias blows its top with the power and violence of a hundred dragon breaths. Aidan is spared a fiery death when Jezebeth grabs him, unfurls her flaming wings and takes to the sky before the explosive blast consumes them.

Aidan : W... What happened?
Jezebeth : We're... we're alive! Bless Urgash's shiny horns, we're alive! Thanks to me!
Pyro : Ha Ha! Look at it go! Boom! Blarg! Pssh! Ha Ha! Burn baby burn! Ain't it a sight to behold? I've been waiting my whole demon life for this volcano to pop its top! Ha! Ha! It was worth it!
Jezebeth : Urgash is smiling on us Aidan. We just lived through a fiery catastrophe!
Aidan : Urgash? Perhaps... Yet Elrath, the god I worship, is nowhere to be found when I need him. Azexes has slipped through my fingers. Where do I look for him now?
Pyro : You're looking for Azexes? Why, he took over old man Koroth's lair.
Jezebeth : Koroth? The Pit Fiend who got rich plundering during the wars of the last Blood Moon?
Pyro : One and the same... say, you're darn pretty for a Succubus.
Jezebeth : Ugh! Back up a bit. Tell me, how did he take over Koroth's lair?
Pyro : Lemme see now... Was it a flail? Or a morning star? Or just his claws? Or maybe a flail and his claws? ? I don't recall exactly.
Jezebeth : Hmmmm. Azexes has really grown since I knew him...
Aidan : This lair you speak of, where can I find it?
Pyro : It's out past the Jagged Tail, in Char-Hasa. Would you just look at that 'splodin' volcano! So fiery... so nasty... it's a beauty! ... It was... worth it... !
Jezebeth : Mm hm heh heh heh heh. That was gorgeous!
Aidan : Hush, Jezebeth! Lead me to this Char-Hasa.
Jezebeth : Yes, I will lead you to Char-Hasa. The Jagged Tail is just to the east of here.

Malius : When the Blood Moon opens the way, where are you gonna pillage first?
Schark : Hmm... good question, Malius. I'm leaning towards the Silver Cities.
Malius : I'm gonna go to Talonguard and chase all them holy knights around. I can almost hear them yelling now!
Schark : I can't wait to get out of this dump.
Malius : Tell me about it, Schark. We're gonna tear Ashan apart!
Aidan : A Blood Moon Eclipse! There's nothing but horror and ruin when the demon prison opens. During certain lunar eclipses this can happen. Or so my father told me...
Jezebeth : Yeah, all the demons of Sheogh are excited about the next Blood Moon Eclipse. They are saying that this fifth one is special, that the walls of Sheogh will be broken forever.
Aidan : If Azexes is somehow involved, then killing him is no longer just about personal vengeance. I slay demons! I control demons! Only I can save Ashan!

Demon : I always thought Azexes was small time, a real wimp, you know? But it looks like he's going to be the one that finally springs us from this prison realm.
Wizard : Please! Azexes is a brainless brute! He is merely the muscle of the plan. It is my master you shall have to thank for your freedom.

Pit Fiend : Hey, human! It's you, ain't it? The Demon-slaying human of Sheogh?
Aidan : Yes, would you like your head to be added to my tally?
Pit Fiend : I'm not as dumb as I look. You see, I wanna play for the winning team. And I hear you're it! But if you want the power of a Pit Fiend on your side, I wanna know that you're the real deal. You up for a challenge?
yes-Pit Fiend : Let's see what you've got, human!
Pit Fiend : Aye, you must be the one everyone's talking about. I'll fight on your side to save my own skin.
no-Aidan : I've got ways of getting Pit Fiends to join me. I don't need to waste my time with you.

Jezebeth : Char-Hasa is just ahead. That's where we'll find Aze's... I mean Azexes' lair.

Azexes : He's gonna be so mad! What do I tell him? Think Aze! Think!
Lord Bloodcrown : Alright, Azexes. I've given you plenty of time to find it. Hand over the Blade of Binding!
Azexes : Master... please, you have to understand...
Lord Bloodcrown : You don't have it! ? UNBELIEVABLE! I counted on you! Gave you resources and power beyond your wildest demon dreams!
Azexes : I went back to Irollan like you commanded, but it wasn't there!
Lord Bloodcrown : FIND IT! Go back to Irollan! To the Griffin Empire! Search you fool! The Blood Moon is nigh! I need it! With it I will smash the mystical gates of Ur-Hekal, unleashing the ancient nightmares within. And with the Blade of Binding I shall command the legions of Sheogh and drown Ashan in a demon tide. Be at the gates of Ur-Hekal, the Blade of Binding in hand by the time of the eclipse... Or I will make you suffer as no demon has ever suffered!
Aidan : That... That creature... He said with the Blade of Binding... he will control demons... I control demons! I have the Blade of Binding!
Jezebeth : You mean that dagger that has been devouring your arm, that's the Blade of Binding?
Aidan : I can't believe it! I possess one of the most powerful artifacts in Ashan! Only I am fit to wield it. I, Aidan! Ti smite my enemies, to fill their hearts with terror, that is my power! My RIGHT!

Aidan : Finally! Azexes, ugly as you are, I've been dying to see your face.
Azexes : You are the boy who ran away in Irollan! Edric's cowardly son. What are you doing in Sheogh?
Aidan : Fate has cast me here and given me the means to take the only thing left that desire.
Azexes : And what is that, boy?
Aidan : You wicked life, Azexes.
Jezebeth : Oh joy! You're going to get crushed, Aze!
Azexes : is... Is that... Jezebeth? It is you!
Jezebeth : Yes, it's me. Feel free to stop drooling. I have to admit that I'm curious, Aze. You've got an evil master, you're jumping through portals, wreaking havoc, leading armies... Why weren't you this fun when we were together?
Azexes : Forget the past, Jeze! I'm helping to bring about the ruin of Ashan! The deaths of thousands will be on my horns! It's nice that you finally noticed.
Jezebeth : Too little, too late, Aze. All you've done is anger the most savage human in Sheogh! What're you going to do to him, Aidan? Make him jump off a cliff? Or why don't you command him to cover his eyes and then run through a lava field?
Aidan : I will not use my powers of demon control on this vermin. He will fight me of his own free will and I will have the pleasure of killing him. I call this 'justice'.
Azexes : Come then, boy! Let me finish the job I botched in Irollan. Today I kill the last son of a shattered family.

Jezebeth : Aidan! You have become so merciless, so powerful. What more could a girl want? Aidan, my Aidan. Now that Azexes is dead, where should we go? What shall we do together?
Aidan : Lord Bloodcrown will be next, if only he will show his face again. In the meantime, we shall march to the gates of Ur-Hekal.

Aidan is exulted by what he has achieved...

... though in doing it he has become something unrecognizable. And yet it seems that he wants even more, and is willing to go even further.

(Jezebeth unlocked in multiplayer)