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The Silver Cities, land of wizards and magic... And home to Nadia...

Anwen, Godric and Fiona have arrived in the Silver Cities separately and are overjoyed to finally be reunited.

Amwen comes in hopes that the Wizards can divine the location of the Blade of Binding. Godric, triumphant, comes to find his brother and sister... as does Fiona. Though they are overjoyed to find each other, they both still seek Aidan. They hope to find both him and Nadia in the Gemstone Spire, Nadia's home. As well as answers to a growing number of questions about the demon conspiracy that is sweeping Ashan.

Servant : Azh Rafir will be with you in a moment. He is a very busy man and I can't say he'll be pleased with this intrusion.
Godric : Please Elrath, let Aidan be here. If I don't see his smirking face soon I will fall into despair.
Fiona : Have faith, Godric. You thought me dead and yet here I am, by your side. Of course then, I actually was sort of dead... For a time.
Anwen : I too have asked Sylanna to watch over Nadia and Aidan and keep them from harm. But if one of them doesn't have the Blade of Binding then all of Ashan will have much bigger worries.
Azh Rafir : My servants tell me you three were with my wife and daughter in Irollan. Why would you journey so far to disturb a grieving husband and father?
Fiona : ... he looks... familiar... DEAR ELRATH!
Godric : What is it, Fiona?
Anwen : Fiona, maybe your spirit hasn't fully recovered from your ordeal...
Godric : But..Fiona. That's Nadia's father!
Azh Rafir : You should give more credit to your sister, boy. Her spirit may have been affected, but her eyes are fine. Guards! Deal with these three pests and make sure I'm not disturbed further.
Godric : Nadia's father has gone mad! We have to stop him! First we must topple his goons!
Jaxler : I'll launch fire across your batterfield and decimate whoever stands in its way!
Fiona : With the power of the undead at my command, I shall grant you the experience of un-life!

Bulgor : I shall link together three mighty Rakshasa's to destroy you in a single blow!
Anwen : Think elves are nothing but peaceful tree-huggers? You've never seen one angry!

Talsam : I will cast a spell to drain the strength from all your charging attacks!
Godric : By Elrath's will, I'll show you the error of your evil ways!

Azh Rafir : Once again I shall have to clean up the mess of my incompetent underlings! Now that you can no longer bother me, I shall begin the ritual of the Blood Moon Eclipse. Actually, it's convenient that you came along. I shall use your blood as an offering to Urgash during the ritual.
Anwen : Your plan will fail! You need the Blade of Binding to complete it and I know for a fact that you don't have it! Your whipped dog Azexes, came back to Irollan looking for it and I sent him away empty handed.
Azh Rafir : You must be very curious about the whereabouts of the Blade of Binding, young elf. It was your late father's duty to keep and protect it, was it not? And, he failed, didn't he. You will know what became of the Blade of Binding soon enough... once it is placed in my hands.
Nadia : W... where... am I? Oh, my head... it's pounding!
Cyrus : Nadia! Finally, you're awake.
Nadia : Cyrus... ? What are you doing here? I must see my father, Azh Rafir. and... tell him of my mother. She... is gone.
Cyrus : I'm sorry, but you can't see your father, Nadia. We are in the prison beneath the Gemstone Spire.
Nadia : Prison! In his tower? But I'm his daughter. And you're his assistant!
Cyrus : This won't be easy for you to hear. I found you a few weeks ago, unconscious. The portal your mother had made was collapsing;you were wounded. I brought you here to the tower. When I told your father, he exploded in rage and sent us both here.
Nadia : How... how can this be? Why would father do this?
Cyrus : We aren't the only ones. The criminals that once occupied this prison were turned loose. Now it holds respected citizens who spoke out against your father.
Nadia : I can't believe this, Cyrus! My father? Sometimes reserved, or too involved in his studies. But this... !
Cyrus : You echo my thoughts, Nadia. I was proud to serve under him. But he has changed. These Golems were locked down here for serving your mother.

(You have received : Iron Golems)

Nadia : But why do they join me? I cannot help them.
Cyrus : These Apprentices were studying under your mother's tutelage. They pleaded with Azh Rafir to be allowed to search for you, so he locked them away.

(You have received : Apprentices)

Cyrus : These Gremlins were your mother's chamber guards, here in the Gemstone Spire. They refused to abandon their post, so he tossed them down here like criminals.

(You have received : Gremlins)

Cyrus : And now we are all relieved that you have finally awoken from your torpor, Nadia.
Nadia : Not half so much as I am! But... what next? There is a horrible wrong to be righted. But how... ?
Cyrus : What do you remember about that night in Irollan, Nadia?
Nadia : Nothing I wish to recall. Demons, blood, fire... and my mother...
Cyrus : An immense tragedy! But it seems that in her passing, Delara gave you a final gift.
Nadia : Excuse me? I don't know what you're saying...
Cyrus : Yes you do! Think back! Remember that night, Nadia!
Delara : Nadia... I'm sorry...
Nadia : Aaaahhh!
Nadia : I... I remember the light... the pain of that light as it filled me up...
Delara : I'm sorry, Nadia. I was not able to prepare you for this burden you bear.
Nadia : Mother! ? !
Delara : There's little time, my child. I am only able to appear in this realm for a fleeting moment. The Kaamla Asiya spell, like a flame I carried within my soul, is now joined with you. With it, you have the power to defeat your father and stop the madness he is bent on unleashing.
Nadia : He must be confused, mother! Perhaps grief has warped his mind. If I could only speak with him.
Delara : No, Nadia. He is too far gone for either of us. Urgash rules his soul now...
Cyrus : His actions seem connected to what has been happening in Ashan.
Nadia : And what is that?
Cyrus : Word is coming in of acts of violence, sabotage and treachery. Here, in Irollan, the Griffin Empire, everywhere.

It is all building to the Blood Moon Eclipse. You must stop him, Nadia. You're the only one who can. Now if only we knew how to break the magical seal that binds the prison doors.

Delara : Nadia, use my... I mean, your powers and go take a look at the prison door. You may be able to help.

Geldar : I used to admire Azh Rafir and looked upon him as a master wizard. No more!

Mage : The drafts in this filthy place will be the death of me!

Nadia : I... I see two magical switches... each... must be hit with a burst of energy...
Cyrus : ... lemme see... a burst of energy... A MAGE! A mage would be able to do it! There was a Mage that got locked down here with the rest of us. Let's go talk to him.

Mage : I overheard, young lady! No risky business for me. I pledge my Mage brothers to your cause.

(You have received : Mage)

Guard : Get away from the gate, girl!

Cyrus : You've done it! Everyone, back into the city! Oppose Azh Rafir's forces wherever they are. It is time, Nadia. We must ascend the Gemstone Spire and face your father. I believe that many of the inhabitants in the Spire oppose your father. They may join us along the way.
Delara : Good luck my darling child! You must close this awful chapter in the great Book of Ages. Only you and your friends have the power to re-write what your father is attempting.
Nadia : My friends? Merely finding them is a heroic quest in itself. Mother don't go! Please stay with me! Just... a little longer...
Cyrus : Your mother believed in you and so do I. Come, Nadia. Time is short;you were unconscious for a long time.

Guard : The prisoners have broken free! Stand at the ready, men!
Nadia : We've lost the element of surprise. We'll have to go through them.

Guard : Too long have the Silver Cities known peace while I itched to battle. I'm going to enjoy this, girl.
Cyrus : If that's the case, you are going to die a disappointed wizard. I told you we had spies inside the Gemstone Spire, Nadia. We are not alone in this quest.

(You have received : Djinn)

Nadia : Spies are good, Cyrus, but friends are better. I keep thinking about my mother's words.
Nadia : She said that only my friends and I could thwart this evil disaster. But I do not even know if they are still alive, let alone where they may be!

Nadia : Oh no! They have a Titan!
Cyrus : Do not waver, Nadia! The strength you have within cannot be matched!

(You have Received : Titan)

Cyrus : You did it, Nadia! Only one more floor to go before we reach your father's chamber.
Guard : Not so fast, scum!
Cyrus : Watch your tongue, wizard! You're speaking to the daughter of Delara.
Guard : Delara's dead and you both will be joining her!

Guard : Good work men! This is one less spy we have to worry about!
Cyrus : No! They have caught one of our comrades! We must free him!

Lali : Thank you for freeing me! Take this Phoenix as a token of my gratitude.

(You have Received : Phoenix)

Lali : If you are in need of any other troops, my conjuring skills can provide them.

Lali : In need of units, young one? I can conjure what you need.

Cyrus : This is it, Nadia. Beyond this door is your father. Prepare yourself to face him. You go ahead, Nadia. There's no time to lose! I'll hold these wizards back!
Nadia : Thank you, Cyrus. Be careful.
Nadia : Anwen, Godric and Fiona are here! But where is Aidan... ?
Azh Rafir : I pray to you Urgash, you who gave seed to demons and who grants freedom in chaos... Impart to me your sacred knowledge, as your nemesis Asha once did for Sar-Elam... He became the Seventh Dragon and sealed your demon children in the prison realm Sheogh... Make me the Eighth Dragon when the world of Ashan eclipses Elrath's light, and the Moon is cast into darkness... I will release your demon children unto Ashan and remake the land in your image!
Nadia : Such awful words... coming out of my father's mouth...
Fiona : Nadia! Oh, thank Elrath!
Nadia : Don't worry, I will get you out of there.
Godric : Nadia! Nadia! Have you seen our brother? Is Aidan with you?
Nadia : I'm afraid not, Godric. I was hoping he was with you.
Anwen : Nadia, your father's gone crazy. He's the one-
Godric : I've had enough of this treachery!
Fiona : Godric! ? ! Wait!
Godric : What have you done with Aidan? Where is my brother, wizard? ! ?
Azh Rafir : How did you get loose? I am communing with Urgash and you are-Well, well, Nadia. How nice of you to join the party. I heard you'd broken free of the prison.
Nadia : Father... why... ? What gain can there be in this act? What could possibly justify it?
Azh Rafir : It is simple. I will obtain everything that can be had by a mortal or by an immortal. And in the age of Urgash to come, I will be hailed as a hero!
Nadia : Freedom for some, death for many more. What sort of freedom is that?
Azh Rafir : Chaos IS freedom! All the peoples of Ashan are slaves to their worship. None other than Asha, the God of Order, enslaves them.
Nadia : I... I... cannot fight you, father. I cannot make the bargain you did, and trade love for this 'freedom'.
Azh Rafir : Of course you can't. That is exactly the weakness I'm talking about! When Cyrus brought your body to me, I sensed the Kaamla Asiya spell within you and I hesitated. Its power could inhibit mine. I could even have killed you then, but the spell might have sought another, stronger, keeper. But now that the spell has found such a weak host, I know that I need not fear it! The ritual begins. Look in the sky! The Eclipse is imminent! And now at last, Azexes shall hand me the Blade of Binding.
Aidan : W... Where am I? G... Godric! ? ! Fiona! ? !
Azh Rafir : Who are you? You're not Azexes! But you have the Blade of Binding!
Aidan : What is going-
Godric : Aidan! Aidan, what's happening?
Azh Rafir : He can't hear you. My ritual has begun and the bearer of the Blade of Binding stands beneath the Blood Moon! He can only hear his master's word. Isn't that right, Aidan?
Aidan : ...
Azh Rafir : Now attack!
Godric : Stand back everyone! I will not let my beloved brother be used as a weapon against us!
Fiona : Be careful Godric, he is still your brother!

Aidan : W... what happened... ?
Fiona : Listen to me Aidan, hear my voice! It is your sister, Fiona! You must fight the artifact that corrupts your body! Fight this wizard that tries to steal your mind! You are not his puppet! You are Aidan of the Unicorn Duchy, son of Lord Edric! Remember Elrath, and your king!
Aidan : Fiona! Oh, what have I done? I... I... fought my own brother...
Azh Rafir : Attack them I say! You must obey me!
Aidan : NEVER! ! !

Azh Rafir : Aaaarrgh! I am sick and tired of you stupid kids interfering with my plans!
Lord Bloodcrown : That's better! Now you see me in my true form! The one that will rule this broken and scarred land!
Nadia : What have you become? What have you become? I pity you and the maniacal visions that have driven you to this, Father.
Lord Bloodcrown : I am not your father, I am Lord Bloodcrown! And I will become the Eighth Dragon!

Cyrus : Don't worry, Nadia. Just a scratch... coff... I'm afraid I cannot help you face your father though...

Fiona : You... you did it, Nadia!
Nadia : Yes... I have defeated Lord Bloodcrown's evil, but I have also harmed my own father...
Godric : Look in the sky! The Eclipse is coming. What do we do?
Aidan : I have the Blade of Binding... but I don't know how to use it. It has fused with my arm!
Nadia : I... I know what needs to be done...

Nadia's trials have caused the Kaamla Asiya to bloom within her, and her spirit exults in its power. With a wave of her hand Nadia shatters the link between Aidan and the Blade of Binding.

She then does what legend and lore said was impossible... She empties the Blade of its potent energies, using its power to thwart the eclipse entirely.

Defeated, Azh Rafir is punished for his failure to bring about an era of chaos.

The demon children of Urgash claw at him, dragging him down into Sheogh for all eternity.

Nadia : Father!
Aidan : I doubt that they will forgive him for his failure.
Godric : Nadia... there are not words enough to tell you how thankful we are to you. You have saved Ashan from a suffocating darkness.
Nadia : I am no more deserving of thanks than your family, Godric. We have all suffered, and each of us has risen from tragedy to do what had to be done.

(Cyrus unlocked in multiplayer)