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In the land of the undead, Fiona awakes...

The portal shakes and shudders as Fiona drops through... her body falls to the earth far from the Silver Cities.

Stunned, she stares down at her limp body, sprawled on the ground before her. There is a creeping sense of awe - and terror - as she peers through her spectral hands. Impossible! And yet amazing...

Fiona : Fiona : Where am I? I fell... the portal... Demons and fire... but now all is cold as ice... am I a... a ghost? And this shadowy place is surely Heresh, land of the Necromancers!
Fiona : Where am I? I fell... the portal... Demons and fire... but now all is cold as ice... am I a... a ghost? And this shadowy place is surely Heresh, land of the Necromancers!

Sir Skelton : Zombies at my aft and a ghost to my fore! Besieged on all sides! The knights of the Empire are doomed!
Fiona : What! ? You were a knight of the Griffin Empire?
Sir Skelton : I was, and in death I remain so. Wait! Snif snif... The scent of your noble blood fills my nose holes... Could it be, are you too of the Empire? A follower of Elrath?
Fiona : Stanger than strange! I an not only dead, but also talking to ghost-sniffing skeletons!
Sir Skelton at your service, m'lady! Meeting a compatriot is surely a message of hope from Elrath. It is fate at work. Lady, take my skeleton knights and vanquish the zombies that plague our sacred burial grounds.

(You have received : Skeletons)

Fiona : Leading skeletons? Fighting zombies? I've never done this!
Sir Skelton : Do not fear m'lady, you can't become a ghost twice! Lead the way, the burial ground is east of here!

(You have received : Zombies)

Sir Skelton : Golry to Elrath! The graveyard is saved. Join us in a victory song, m'lady.
Fiona : Victory song? My father is gone, my brothers are missing and I'm a ghost... I have no victory to celebrate! I would cry, if ghosts could shed tears.

Meanwhile... Somewhere in Heresh...

? ? ? : Let's make this quick, Ludmilla. I have business to attend to in the Griffin Empire.
Ludmilla : Do not speak to me as a lackey! I am a powerful Necromancer...
? ? ? : If you give my wizards passage on the plains of dust, you will receive ever greater powers.
Ludmilla : My un-living support you have. But I must know the name of the person I'm dealing with.
? ? ? : I go by many names. You knowing any of them is immaterial to your task.
Ludmilla : The might of Heresh has been diluted, the ways of the Necromancers tainted and weakened. I will be the one to return us to the true path! But I need more power to do it...
Sir Skelton : ... AND A HEPPITY-HOO-RAY! THE KNIGHTS OF THE EMPIRE SLAY EVIL ALL DAY! HAHA! One more time boys, from the top! And try to stay in key this time, Sir Clavicle
Fiona : Enough! Stop singing! I can't stand this another minute. Think, Sir Skelton, think! There must be a way to leave this ghostly form and become human again.
Sir Skelton : I wish I knew, m'lady. I also wish I had meat on my bones and a shiny new sword! But if anyone can help you it is Markal, a Necromancer who roams these parts.
Fiona : Then this Markal I must find. Thank you, Sir Skelton.

Sir Skelton : I have not felt so alive since... well, since I was actually alive! It feels great! I must ask... could I interest you in a friendly bit of sparring? If you win, I'll give you a very useful reward!
yes-Fiona : I could use the practice, Sir Skelton... but I won't hold back!
Sir Skelton : Wonderful! Let's see how you fare against Sir Skelton's battle prowess!
Sir Skelton : Ooof! You're become quite skilled, Fiona. You have most certainly earned this reward.
no-Fiona : No thank you, Sir Skelton. I am much too busy right now.

Sir Skelton : Have you ever fancied yourself a Treasure Hunter, Fiona?
Fiona : No Sir Skelton, I can't say that I have... though I never fancied myself a ghost either, and yet...
Sir Skelton : Well if you're interested then how does that ancient saying go? 'X marks the spot'?

Ebon Guard : Shove off, ghost! Or you'll end up an enemy of Lordess Ludmilla! Like this caged fool!
? ? ? : You there! Ghost! Help me out of this blasted cage!
Ebon Guard : We told you once ghost, now we'll have to teach you to listen...
? ? ? : My sincerest thanks! You are no friend of Ludmilla... nor are you of Heresh at all. Just who are you?
Fiona : I don't know any Ludmilla. My name is Fiona, I am--was--a noble of the Griffin Empire. I seek Markal, a necromancer. I was told he would know how to grant me my life back.
Markal : I am Markal! But I'm not so foolish as to believe a ghost who claims to be a Griffin noble.
Fiona : What? I do NOT lie, sir! I am exactly who I say I am!
Markal : Hmm... Perhaps you are. It's hard to know who to trust in these dark times.
Fiona : If you know of some way that I may return to the realm of the living, I beg you to tell me, Markal!
Markal : you lament your life, do you? Nonsense! Life is chaos and foolish passion, death is beautiful order. Yet, I suppose... there is one way that I know of. There is a sacred event, the Death Cult Ritual. It takes place soon, during the Reaper Crescent, the moon phase that precedes the eclipse. The ritual is a call to Necromancy that echoes across Ashan, If a ghost were to answer...
Fiona : Oh thank Elrath! There is a chance.
Markal : If you wish to undertake the Death Cult Ritual, you must be attuned to the higher spheres of necromancy. For a mere novice could not hope to survive the ritual or glean its secrets.
Fiona : What do you suggest, Markal?
Markal : The Catacombs hold trials that will hone your skills and teach you the power of our arts. Let me guide you on this difficult path, Fiona. Take these loyal troops, you shall need them.
(You have received : Ebon Guard)
Markal : Come, I will take a detour on the way to Ludmilla's lair and lead you there.
Fiona : Who is this Lordess you keep mentioning?
Markal : She is a blasphemer, a power-hungry fool! She schemes to twist Necromancy to her will. But I shall deal with her in time. Come, the catacombs are south of here.

Markal : Here we are. These catacombs proffer true tests for a Necromancer's mind, skill and spirit. We seek the ancient ghost who keeps these sacred halls, Fiona.

Bounty Agent : Greetings, ghost. I represent the local affiliate of a group dedicated to... tidying up the garbage..And I don't mean wastebaskets. Interested in a bit of work? Your first bounty is for Bug Eye Magurk. His crimes include kidnapping and murder! He was last seen wearing a purple bandanna.

Swordsman : Keep walkin'kid, if ya know what's good for ya.
Fiona : Purple bandanna... large, buggy eyeballs... that must be Bug Eye Magurk alright!
Bug Eye Magurk : Bug Eye? ? I HATE being called BUG EYE! ! !

Bounty Agent : Interested in another... job? Choose your next bounty from this list :
"Stumpy" is an Elf Druid last seen fleeing the Tainted Sands, covered in Treant sap.
Fiona : What is his crime?
Bounty Agent : His delusions make him see people as trees and then he tries to prune their imaginary branches.

Stumpy : These lands are so... lifeless... soothing... quiet...
Fiona : You seem to be a long way from home, Elf. What brings you to Heresh?
Stumpy : Shhh... shhh talking tree... let Stumpy prune those dry, little twigs...

Balah is a powerful and handsome wizard who cares little for the sanctity of life. He can be found in dark places.

Balah : Tell me child, have you ever seen a wizard with robes more exquisite than mine?
Fiona : Excuse me, wizard. Would your name happen to be "Balah"?
Balah : Why of course! What of it, little girl?
Fiona : Do you know there's a bounty on your head?
Balah : Yes, yes, yes. Who do you think posted it, hmmm? It's SO boring being this powerful! Now... are you going to battle me, or just stand there admiring my luxurious hair?

Bloodhorn is a demon who has been defiling the ancient ruins of Nar-Harad.

Bloodhorn : Bloodhorn too angry to talk! Rwaaar! Bloodhorn no talk to little girls! Bloodhorn only EAT little girls! Rwaaarr! !

Urolox, is a Demon Sorcerer spreading chaos around the Eternal Shrine.

Urolox : You stand before Urolox, human. Be gone, or I shall destroy your soul!
Fiona : I care not for your name, only the price on your flaming head.

Bwa ha ha! Urolox shall consume you, body and spirit!

Farnir : Young apparition, I off you a challenge.
Fiona : Please go on, Ranger.
Farnir : Sylvan defenses, like most Elven things, are natural and grow in battle from a special breed of vines.
Fiona : I do remember reading about such wondrous things in my studies... back home...
Farnir : I dare say that my vine walls not only grow the fastest....but are also incredibly strong! However, I have never tested them against the forces of Heresh before. Would you be up for the challenge? I offer a reward, in the unlikely event that you win.
yes-Fiona : Let's put your green thumb to the test!
Farnir : Perhaps a good offense is actually the best defense... Hmmm... Please accept this reward.
no-Fiona : Perhaps next time, Farnir.

Farnir : Such a lifeless landscape... What I wouldn't give to see even a single green tree.

Fiona : Symbol of Asha or no, any painting of a spider makes my ghostly flesh crawl.

Sir Reginald : Hello lost soul! Care to pass a little of eternity solving a Battle Puzzle?
yes-Fiona : Why not! I might as well stimulate my mind since my body has left me.
Sir Reginald : Well done! It seems ghosts still possess their brains somehow! Fascinating!
no-Fiona : I don't plan on seeing eternity, sir! I must go.

Sir Reginald : I have another tricky Battle Puzzle up my sleeve. If you feel up to it, of course...
yes-Fiona : Yes, I need to keep my mind sharp during these trying times.
Sir Reginald : You're the most fascinating discovery in my travels! A ghost that solves puzzles!
no-Fiona : I cannot justify games while my brothers are missing and I remain trapped in a ghostly form.

Dusty : Spider legs, broken time and gleaming coins of brass... Matches the number you must speak, so this treasure is yours to have. Return to me with your reply. Do not feel rushed;I have all eternity to wait.
Dusty : Your answer is the true one. Here is your reward.

Dusty : Now what shall I do with time, now that the riddle of the three paintings has been solved?

Ghost Keeper : I am the Catacombs Specter. So you too seek to harness the strength of Asha, young spirit? These Trials will help you do just that.
Ghost Keeper : You have completed the Catacombs Trials, young ghost. I heard the whisperings of your heart echoing through these ancient chambers. You wish to have your life back, and you hope the Death Cult Ritual will grant this wish. The ritual will yield what you seek, but only if you possess the Twilight Urn. These trials have proven you worthy of holding such a potent artifact.
Markal : The Twilight Urn... If it can be found. Legends place it in the ruins of Nar-Harad.

(You have received : Ghost)

Markal : Come, let us leave The Catacombs, Fiona. We must find these ancient ruins.

Markal : There... it's Ludmilla! What is... shhh. Listen. She's not alone!
Ludmilla : Your master ordered you to do my bidding. Go and find the artifact for me!
Mercurio : My master will grant you even greater power once you have satisfied his requests.
Fizbam : SO why do you search for a powerful artifact?
Ludmilla : In other hands, it could be a threat to me. I will not have that.
Ludmilla : Use your wizard magic to locate the Twilight Urn. Hurry!
Markal : Did you hear that? Ludmilla consorts with wizards and bargains for power. Just as I thought!
Fiona : These wizards will lead us to Nar-Harad's ruins. When does the Ritual begin?
Markal : Soon. Very soon. Our quests are linked, Fiona. Both you and Ludmilla seek the Urn, and I seek to ruin any plan she makes.

Markal : The ancient ruins are through here. Let's go inside...

Fizbam : I found it! Ha! I told you my divining spell was better than yours, Mercurio.
Markal : We cannot let Ludmilla have the artifact. She has been stealing objects of power.

Kozmo : Pardon me, young lady... Would you care to face a little chanllenge? So far I am undefeated. But with victory... comes... ennui...
Fiona : And... ?
Kozmo : Well, just to spice up my life, I'll pay you handsomely if you manage to pierce my defences.
Markal : Even for a Necromancer that's weird...
Kozmo : Please, do me a favor. If you hit me three times at once, you may be the first - ever - to do so!
yes-Now remember, you'll only win if you manage to strike with a triple attack.
Kozmo : Exhilarating! We should do this again sometime!
no-Kozmo : Ah, it's so hard to find a worthy opponent...

Mercurio : We have been followed! What shall we do, Fizbam?
Fizbam : I will use that new portal spell! Let's see what they do against a host of demons.

Markal : Demons! ? This... this cannot be. Ludmilla's allies are in league with the filth of Sheogh!
Fiona : The evil that took my life and family has found its way to Heresh! That's more than coincidence. Something very big is going on in Ashan. More than what happened to me.
Mercurio : They swatted those demons like flies! Let's get to the portal, Fizbam. Quickly.
Fizbam : Shh! The portal is a secret. We should join forces to destroy them.
Fiona : Secret portal? This smells of plots and treachery.

Fiona : Tell us the location of this portal, wizard. Where is it?
Mercurio : ... ughn... Search to no avail... arg... Our magic hides a trail...
Fizbam : ... Un... Near warriors entombed... coff... A rock is merely presumed... hehehe... ahhhh...
Markal : Typical Wizards. Incomprehensible to the end. Ah, Fiona. You were amazing. Now you have the Twilight Urn and Ludmilla has nothing but trouble!
Fiona : But this portal the wizards riddled about... we must find it, Markal. For my family.
Markal : The Death Cult Ritual comes soon, Fiona. Will you risk missing that to chase riddles?
Fiona : It's worth it to me, Markal! There is also duty to think of. Let's decipher their riddle.

Fiona : By Elrath! That rock was but an apparition!
Markal : A Titan! Typical of Wizard thinking -- clumsy and obvious.

Markal : The secret portal must be in this crypt, away from prying eyes.

Markal : Blasphemy and villainy! This is how Ludmilla brings her infernal allies to Heresh.
Fiona : Not just Heresh, Markal. The demons that attacked my family, they came from somewhere.
Scarr : ... and they say he is wreaking havoc in Sheogh! He commands demons to kill other demons!
Rarr : How can this be? How can a human boy possess such power?
Fiona : Humans in Sheogh? They are mad, these demons. Enough! Now I have a chance at both justice and vengeance.

Markal : Oh, this does not look good at all!
Fiona : Who is... ? That face... I know it and yet....so twisted with rage...
Markal : We are outmatched! I may join Asha sooner than I had planned.
Fiona : Did you see that, Markal? Demons emerged from the portal and attacked their own kind!
Markal : Rather than discuss it, let's take advantage of it. Run!
Markal : That was close! At least demons won't be coming out of there anytime soon.
Fiona : See how the demons turn on themselves. They are even more treacherous than I thought!
Markal : We have learned terrible things this day. Ludmilla's madness exceeds my worst fears. We knew that she was in league with wizards, but her allies scheme with demons as well. What has she unknowingly unleashed in Heresh? Look! The sky will soon display the New Moon, the time of the Death Cult Ritual nears. Comne. The Ritual ground is at Asha's Eternal Shrine, east of here.

Markal : In the Mythic Age, this land was ruled by titans, giant beasts and dragons. I have heard that their ancient bones still retain some magic.
Fiona : Dragons and ancient ruins! Heresh is a mysterious place! ? ? ?
Talon : Who trespasses within my ribs? Who defiles the sanctity of Talon's carcass?
Fiona : We are sorry to disturb you Lord Talon! We are just passing through... you!
Talon : You mean you have no purpose here, other than to track dirt through my bones?
Ludmilla : Alright, where is the ghost girl you wizards warned me of? The one who stole the Twilight Urn and hunts my allies!
Markal : Every time I see her I like her less...
Ludmilla : Markal? I thought I locked you up. Wizards! Destroy this fool and his pet ghost!

Talon : I'm sorry if I was rude. Lying here for centuries makes one cranky. I couldn't help but witness your fray with that whelp Ludmilla. Take my talon in thanks. Use its power if it will help rid Heresh of such a corrupted creature.
Markal : Hurry, Fiona! The Reaper's Crescent will soon be appearing in the sky!
Fiona : But Ludmilla... what about the ruin she brings and the villains she aids.
Markal : I vowed to end her schemes and I do not vow lightly. But to have life again, you must go now.
Fiona : I... I do want my life back, Markal. More than anything.
Markal : Then come, I shall lead you to the Ritual, east of here at Asha's Eternal Shrine.

Chimo : Stop stepping on me!
Fiona : My apologies. I didn't see you there!
Chime : Of course not....why WOULD you see ME? I'm CHIMO, slayer of the mighty dragon Talon!
Markal : You killed Talon?
Chimo : Not quite, OBVIOUSLY, since he's STILL bothering me with his INSANE ramblings!
Talon : I can hear you quite clearly, my old friend.
Fiona : How did you lose your legs?
Talon : I believe he lost them when I swallowed him whole.
Chime : But then you CHOKED on me, you filthy Dragon! CHIMO got the last laugh, didn't he? Ha ha haaa!
Fiona : Well if Talon swallowed you whole and then choked, where are your legs?
Chimo : He didn't choke on ALL of me...
Fiona : Ewww.
Chimo : Why me, Asha? Why?

Golobulus : So you are on your way into Ludmilla's lair, little one. The question is... are you ready? Perhaps you should test your might against me first? If you cannot defeat a Necromancer of my standing, your chances against her are very slim.
yes-Fiona : Do not hold back, Necromancer. I must know if I am ready for what lies ahead...
no-Fiona : Do not waste my time, Necromancer! I have important maters to attend to.

Senobix : Look to the sky, ghost. The moon is New, and the time of the Death Rituall is upon us!

Markal : Here we are -- move carefully. It is one of the holiest places of Heresh! The Ritual will begin soon. Humans, elves and wizards come here, hoping to set themselves upon the path of Necromancy.
Fiona : How do they do this?
Markal : Those that are vanquished on these grounds have a chance at the purity of deathless life. Those that strike them down absorb the fleeting life forces that escape. If a ghost were to succeed in this ritual, I believe it would grant them life again.
Fiona : You mean they are waiting for me to defeat them?

Worshipper : The living spirit, the Twilight Urn... she has given the signs! The Death Cult Ritual begins. Come then, guide us to eternity or fall in defeat! Bring us peace! Let Heresh welcome us! All the spells in the Silver Cities cannot grant me what you can.
Markal : Fiona, to complete the ritual you must push each of them into the Pit of Eternity.

Markal : You did it! Now harvest their life forces!
Ludmilla : Thank you for doing the dirty work! You don't mind if I reap the benefits, foolish girl?
Markal : That one... Rrrrrr! !
Ludmilla : Aaaaaarrrrgghhh! The pooowerrrr! A HA HA!
Fiona : I... I...
Markal : That thieving, wretch! I will not rest until she pays!
Fiona : I... I...
Markal : Your one chance at life, ruined by that vile traitor.
Fiona : I... I WILL have her head! ! Come Markal, we will hunt her down wherever she is skulking!
Markal : Yes, her Necropolis is just to the East. My original destination before events took this... fascinating turn.
Fiona : She just made her biggest mistake yet!

Ludmilla : Are you stupid as well as dead? Float away and stay out of the affairs of Ashan's leaders!
Fiona : The only thing you will be leading is a parade of worms, all clamoring to feast on your corpse.

Fiona : Ludmilla! You collaborate with demons, allying yourself with the creatures that took everything from me! I will do whatever it takes to see that you share their grave.
Ludmilla : Demons? I do no such thing, ghost! I am fighting to return Heresh back to its proper destiny.
Fiona : Your wizard allies scheme with demons under your nose, and your ambition blinds you to it!
Markal : You are too foolish to realize that in your mad grasp for power you have become their servant!
Ludmilla : Argghh! I'm so angry I could live! I will finish you myself, ghost. And once I've had her head I will remove yours, Markal! Slowly...

Fiona : You are defeated and abandoned. Now tell me, who is your collaborator in this evil project? Who guides your hand, Ludmilla? Who have you joined with that floods Ashan with demons?
Ludmilla : Ha, ha... coff... coff... he... never gave... his... ha ha... name... uh!
? ? ? : We had an appointment, Lordess Ludmilla. I've waited long to hear from you... And now I find you near death! Pitiful and defeated at the feet of... Whoever you two are?
Fiona : Who are you?
Markal : What do you want with her, wizard?
? ? ? : Impetuous and sloppy, Ludmilla. So much for the vaunted calm restraint of the Necromancers. Silence! There's no telling how you could have compromised my plans, by Urgash!
Markal : This wizard worships Urgash, the dragon of chaos!
? ? ? : So I shall have to clean up your mess.
The mysterious wizard, casts a mighty spell that rocks the foundations of Ludmilla's lair. Great chunks of rock rain down from the crumbling ceiling, the ground begins to crack.
Fiona and Markal flee, their questions unanswered as Ludmilla limps behind.
Ludmilla : Betrayed... coff... Tricky wizard... coff... coff... Damnable ghost... Unh!
With Ludmilla's defeat, Fiona has rid Heresh of a cruel tyrant... and unexpectedly released the energies trapped by the Death Cult Ritual. These life forces infuse and infiltrate her...
... and, thanks to her own bravery, Fiona finds herself once more among the living!
Markal : F... Fiona! You are... alive!
Fiona : By Elrath! My ordeal is over... Or has it just begun? That wizard cast a mighty spell! He must be the one who offered Ludmilla her bid for power. All this madness... all this tragedy and death... And that wizard invokes the name of the dragon god who craves these awful things... I shall leave for the Silver Cities. I must find this wizard or someone who knows him.
Markal : I understand Fiona and I wish you luck. Perhaps we will meet again someday...

(Markal unlocked in multiplayer)