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Weary and grieving, Godric returns alone to his beloved Griffin...

Talonguard! Capital of the empire, jewel of the realm. Godric has visited the city before but never so alone, and never with so urgent a mission.

Godric : Talonguard Castle is in the North part of the city. I must hurry to the Emperor.
Swordsman : Master Godric, as I live and breathe! The Unicorn Duchy feared you dead! There's no time to talk, we loyal Swordsmen will join you!

(You have received : Swordsmen)

Godric : Why would I need troops, here in Talonguard? What a strange fellow!

Griffin Knight : Halt! Citizens are barred from the Emperor's castle in these times of war. Step back, son.
Godric : I am Godric, Son of Lord Edric! I must speak with the Emperor!
Griffin Knight : Son of Lord Edric! ? ! The traitor? Guards! Do not let him get away!
Godric : Traitor! ? ! How dare you---
Griffin Knight : Sound the alarm! Godric, the traitor is on the loose in the Empire!
Godric : They mean to capture me! I'll try to lose them in the alleys to the west.
Godric : I must try to slip past these guards and avoid being on the same path as them at all costs!

Griffin Knight : We've lost him! That little traitor... We'll get him sooner or later.
Griffin Knight : You aren't getting past me, traitor!
Godric : Not only will I get past you, but I shall make you pay for your loose tongue as well.
Archer : Psst! Over here! G... Godric, son of Lord Edric! I dared to tell my superiors that your father was no traitor! Count Carlyle ordered my execution for it! I fled and have been on the run since.
Godric : I and my family thank you, sir. I am not used to being hunted in my own lands.
Archer : May I join you? I was going north to The Sleeping Stag Imm. It's a refuge for loyal men who have fallen from favor.

(You have received : Archers)

More Guards! There must be some pattern to their patrol. If I study them I can avoid capture.

Griffin Knight : We've lost him! That little traitor... We'll get him sooner or later.
Godric : First demon plot in Irollan and now my beloved homeland is gripped by madness! And why, by the breath of Elrath, would my family be branded as traitors?

Griffin Knight : Oh no, I've forgotten the combination to the Sleeping Stag puzzle lock! Wait, I'll use that rhyme to help me remember : "Sky is BLUE, grass is GREEN and Knights bleed proudly RED... These three things you can count on, just as sure as I need a bath and a bed. "

Citizen : Sheesh! The streets are crawling with Count Carlyle's men these days, eh friends?

Citizen : I daren't speak too loudly, but I don't believe a word they're saying about Lord Edric. He was a decent, honest man. All this mud-slinging is disgraceful!

Griffin Knight : Standing in these heavy boots all day is killing my bunions.

Pembroke : I don't always agree with the Emperor's decisions, but I'm a loyal subject to the end! If he says we must go to war with the elves, then there must be a good reason!

Bouncer : Oi! Oi! Back up! The Sleeping Stag Inn is a members-only establishment.
Godric : Well how do I become a member?
Bouncer : If you can battle past me and figure out the puzzle lock, then a member you shall be.
Bouncer : Blab the combination to the lock and I'll break your arms. Go on in.
Rolly : Welcome to the Sleeping Stag Inn, lad. Rolly's the name, what can I do for you?
Godric : I seek refuge at your inn, sir. Just a few hours to collect myself.
Varkas : That voice! Godric? Is it really you?
Godric : Surrounded by enemies, even in a murky inn. If you wish to capture me, draw your sword!
Varkas : No, sire! You mistake my intent! It is me, Sir Varkas!
Godric : You are a Knight of the Empire? You know me?
Varkas : Yes, well... I was a Knight. Do you not recognize me, Godric? I was a year ahead of you at the Unicorn Duchy Academy. We were in the same advanced jousting class.
Godric : Hmmm... Varkas... Varkas...
Varkas : And now I'm here! All because an elf girl convinced me my marching orders from the emperor were unfounded.
Godric : That sounds like Anwen!
Varkas : Anwen, yes, that was her name! It was her heart-wrenching story that ruined my life! I argued with Count Carlyle, the newly appointed General. I begged him to stop his war on the elves. He called me a fool to believe her, and said Lord Edric was in league with them. He stripped me of my command and jailed my men for following my orders.
Godric : My father was no traitor and you are no fool, Sir Varkas! Come, lead me to this jail where your brave men rot. We shall break them out and set things right.
Sir Tolliver : I couldn't help but overhear ya... I'll join you! Just lemme get my spear!
Varkas : Sir Tolliver, you're overexcited! We'd be happy to have your spear on our side. Just down a cup of Rolly's Headpurge Tea first.

You feel up to taking us on?

Rolly : You know, before I was an innkeeper, I was a budding Knight! I still like to suit up from time to time and lead my men into sporting battle.
Godric : Men? What men?
Rolly : My regular customers. Rolly's Rowdy Roustabouts, we are! I get bored cooped up in this inn all day. Do you know what I do to pass the hours?
Godric : You... work out?
Rolly : Sometimes, yes... But I much prefer coming up with battle puzzles for my Roustabouts!

You feel up to taking us on?

yes-Rolly : Mugs down! Swords up! To arms my Roustabouts! Hyah!
Rolly : Nicely done! I guess I'll sketch my next one out on a napkin to make sure it'll really stump you.
no-Godric : I am sorry, Rolly, but I just don't feel up to it at the moment.

Rolly : Can I offer you a bowl of kidney stew? I made it my own self this very morn!
Godric : No, thank you, Rolly. I'm not hungry.

Well how'bout a fresh battle puzzle then?

yes-Rolly : Pull your faces out of your teas, lads! We got ourselves a match! Hyah!
Rolly : I thought we had you there for a moment, but you managed to pull it off, Godric. My helm's off to you!
no-Godric : I am sorry, Rolly, but I just don't feel up to it at the moment.

Jarvis : You! Hey, you there! Fancyboy! Look at me whenna talk to ya!
Godric : Are you speaking to me, sir?
Rolly : Now, now, Jarvis. Finish your drink and then be off with ya! Don't bother the lad.
Jarvis : Go stick yer head inna pot of stew, Rolly! I'm havin'a chat with fancyboy here! You think yer sumpin'else don't ya? With yer shiny armor and normal shaped head. Bah!
Godric : I am not looking for any trouble, friend.
Jarvis : Well you found trouble! Trouble with a capital Jarvis! Get the mop and bucket out, Rolly. Once I'm done with fancyboy there'll be a mess to clean up.
Jarvis : Yer alright, fancyboy! I haven't gotten a whuppin'like that in a dog's age! Thas right, thas right! Keep a walkin'fancyboy!

Lardner : This elf war is pure mischief! Has everyone forgotten the histories of the demon wars? A war suddenly igniting with our closest neighbors is surely a distraction! Wake up!

Lardner : I just figured it out! There are 12 letters in Count Carlyle's name... There are 6 letters in the demon god Urgash's name. 12 plus 6 is 18! 18 must be a number of serious prophetic importance! I think...

Bounty Agent : Greetings stranger, I represent your local branch of a certain... organization. Interested in helping us reduce the civilian-to-villain ratio of fair Talonguard? Georgie is a reckless thug who enjoys a stiff cup of milk before a night of pure carnage. He is usually found at... The Sleeping Stag Inn!

Georgie : Can I borrow a gold piece fer a cuppa milk, good Sire? Alright, I got my MILK ON! Who wants a piece of Georgie? ! ?
Godric : I guess that would be me!

Bounty Agent : Interested in another... job? Choose your next bounty from this list :

Your next target is Boydon, an ex-pikeman with a nasty case of psychopath. He's been terrorizing the streets near the Sleeping Stag Inn. Good Hunting!

Varkas : Whoa! What is it with big city crazies!
Boydon : Boydon gonna eatcha! Eatcha up, YUM! BOYDON!

Valdo is a Vampire feared by all the puppies and kitties of Talonguard. He hides in dark corners, and has a real thirst for blood. Take him out, for your dog's sake.

Valdo : Here puppy-puppy! Puppy? Good evening, gentlemen... Say, that's very plump looking dog you have there...
Varkas : Rufus, this one is for all of your puppy friends who have fallen to this MONSTER! !

Carnax... This horrendous Demon has been on our list for decades. Carnax is wanted for terrible atrocities committed during the last Blood Moon Eclipse. He is rumored to be somewhere in this city. Be careful and good hunting!

Carnax : The time of the Blood Moon approaches! Carnax will join his demon horde soon!
Godric : Even the sewers of Talonguard are too good for demon scum like you, Carnax! Prepare for death!

Your next contract is for Erstam, a Wizard exiled from the Silver Cities. He is wanted for selling Cure-All elixirs laced with deadly venom. Good Hunting!

Erstam : Brave Knight, you look like you could use a bottle of Erstam's Cure-All Elixir!
Varkas : Phew! This stuff stinks! I think I'm gonna heave...
Godric : We know all about your deadly "Cure-All", Erstam! Time for a dose of your own medicine!

Varkas : My men are held in the prison towers to the west.

Varkas : The prison door is controlled by two pulleys. We need to hit them both at the same time to open it.
Griffin Knight : Get away from the prison gate! Step closer and we'll attack!

Griffin Knight : Thank you for freeing us, Master Godric.
Godric : No, thank you for resisting war and following the lead of Sir Varkas, a most excellent knight.
Varkas : Hear hear!

(You have received : Knights)

Godric : A demon plot is at work, and Ashan is in turmoil. We, the few, must make our leaders see the danger. I must travel north, to my home in the Unicorn District and speak with my Aunt Evelyn. She is a Priestess of the Light, her guidance should see us through this darkness.

Fillion : Ask and Asha shall answer! A Ha Ha!
Godric : What do you mean? You..you are quite pale, sir.
Fillion : I was just thinking to myself that I would like to test my zombie recruits in battle. But where would I find such a test in a dingy sewer. And now here you are! Bring your best then, life-lover!
Fillion : Zombies! You are a severe disappointment to me!
Fillion : Some say zombies are only good for plowing fields. I agree, only I prefer them to plow bodies on the field of battle.

Griffin Knight : Keep moving, this area is under lockdown by order of Count Carlyle.
Godric : But we need to pass through here, sir.
Griffin Knight : Really? Then you must also need a busted skull!
Count Carlyle : Lady Evelyn will not cooperate. Make sure no one goes in or out.
Archer : Yes sir!
Count Carlyle : Step aside, lout! Make way for nobility!
Varkas : What a jerk!
Godric : We must crush that blockade and free my Aunt Evelyn!

Evelyn : Godric! I sensed that the tales of your death were mere stories. And yet, alas for your father...
Godric : He is gone and I can't change it. But there is one thing I can change. Why are they calling my father a traitor, Aunt Evelyn?
Evelyn : I do not know, but there is worse news. I fear for your sister, Fiona. Her star flickers and has dimmed in the night sky...
Godric : No, how can this be? Fiona... My little sister! At least tell me that my brother Aidan lives.
Evelyn : Aidan's star burns brighter than ever... strangely so...
Godric : There's some good, then. In time I will mourn my family, but first I must clear their names and stop this mad war. I desperately need to speak to the Emperor, Anut Evelyn. But I am hunted as a traitor.
Evelyn : Hmmm... I have heard new that the Emperor is presiding over a tournament. The winner will be granted a royal audience.
Godric : Then I shall enter this tournament and win it!
Evelyn : Take this cloak and your father's old helmet, they should conceal your identity.
Evelyn : These Priests should serve you in battle. Good luck... Strength, piety and honor!
(You have received : Priests)
Godric : Thank you, Aunt Evelyn. We shall soon right these wrongs. Griffin eternal!
Evelyn : Do be careful Godric, the climate of Griffin has turned treacherous of late!
Varkas : Quickly, Godric. The arena is in the east.

Sir Roderick : Hey, wait! Godric! Hold on a second!
Godric : You... you know who I am?
Sir Roderick : Evelyn showed me a painting of you. Told me to stop anyone who comes to her door except for you. Trouble is, nobody has come to her door except for you. I'm bored! I need something to stimulate my mind. How about a battle puzzle?
yes-Sir Roderick : Thank Elrath! I was starting to feel like a statue from all this standing around.
Sir Roderick : Nicely done! I'll get you next time though, I've got plenty of time to come up with a new battle puzzle.
no-Godric : No, Sir Roderick. I think you should stay fresh in case any trouble does come knocking on this door.

Sir Roderick : I was hoping you'd be back! I'm soooo bored! I've worked out a truly nasty battle puzzle. Care to try?
yes-Sir Roderick : Excellent! You better hope your mind is as sharp as your sword!
Sir Roderick : I really thought that was the one... the battle puzzle to end all battle puzzles!
Sir Roderick : Being a body guard can be soooo boring!
no-Godric : You'll have to keep fighting your boredom for now.

Count Carlyle : This is outrage! I don't need a ticket! Don't you know who I am? I'm Count Carlyle! Give me your name, fool! I will report your insolence to the Emperor immediately!
Organizer : Okay, okay. Go on in.

Jackford : Elves! They talk to grass and cry over broken tree limbs! How can you reason with that?

Griffin Knight : Halt! Citizens are barred from the castle in these times of war.

Fenton : Carlyle this! Carlyle that! I can't believe this second-rate bootlicker has become so important. He's a cheat! And a swindler! And a thief! Plus he parks his horse all over the place.

Sir Randy : I'm not sure why, but Carlyle was very adamant about me guarding this statue. So either step back, or feel my wrath!

Godric : Yousir! Is it too late to join the Emperor's Tournament?
Organizer : Ah, you have a Griffin, good. There is one space remaining. And what is your name?
Godric : Er... um... Sir Ignatius Thunderblade!
Organizer : As powerful a name as I've ever heard! I wish you luck, sir.
Varkas : ... Ignatius Thunderblade?
Godric : Lay off, Varkas...

Alexei : An excellent diversion, father. Who do you think will win the tournament? Do you wish to place a wager with me?
Emperor : Alexei! Wagering is immoral and unbecoming of a king!
Alexei : No fun!
Announcer : Ladies and Gentlemen! This tournament is a test of a warrior's cunning and strategy. For our first battle, we have our very own Sir Edwin Gerhardt vs. Ignatius Thunderblade!
Announcer : Spectacular! Thunderblade is victorious! But was he just lucky? We'll soon find out! Round 2 : Sir Ignatius Thunderblade vs. Archmage Fayed, our esteemed guest from the Silver Cities.
Announcer : He's done it, Sir Ignatius has made it to the final round! Can he go all the way? Can the mysterious Thunderblade defeat Sir Kenneth Drake, the empires most decorated warrior? Sir Drake has recently returned from a maneuver in Heresh and is looking unusually pale and gaunt.

He looks as if he wants to address the crowd, let's listen...

Sir Drake : I have felt the spider's bite and found my soul reborn. I looked into the abyss of death and I saw nothing but... beauty!
Announcer : Gasp!
Sir Drake : Life is endless torment! I will show you everlasting peace! I will show you all death!
Emperor : Sir Drake! What has come over you? You embarrass the Empire with this talk!
Sir Drake : The Empire no longer has my faith, nor my sword! Necromancy is my calling now! I will show you Emperor! I will show you its virtues once I've drained the life from your body!
Announcer : Oh dear Elrath!
Godric : Fear not, Emperor! I will fulfill this ghoul's death wish!

Alexei : Father! Father! Sir Thunderblade saved your life! He is a hero!
Emperor : Yes... what a dark turn to a perfectly good day of sporting. The Tournament is completed! I hereby announce Sir Ignatius Thunderblade the victor!

And so, posing as Sir Thunderblade, Godric has emerged victorious! If he were not so consumed with worry he would be overjoyed at receiving praise from the Emperor himself.

Emperor : Brave Sir Thunderblade, you have proven your strength and prowess on the battlefield! Join me at my Great Hall. We shall throw a feast to celebrate!
Godric : Thank you, my Emperor. It is the highest privilege a knight can ask for.

Godric : Finally I shall see the emperor and set him straight about my father and this absurd war with the elves.
Varkas : A suggestion, Master Godric? It may be wise to hold your tongue, play the role of this Thunderblade character a little while longer.
Godric : Deceive the emperor? But why?
Varkas : We don't yet know his motivations. Is he the mastermind of this foul business or is he being mislead?
Godric : Hmm, it is true, I don't know the emperor's mind in these matters. They say that it happened on his order, but... If I continue to pose as Sir Thunderblade, perhaps I will learn more than I might as Godric.
Varkas : Talonguard Castle is just north of here, Godric.

Sir Gerhardt : Sir Thunderblade? A moment of your time, sir?
Godric : Sir Gerhardt? Oh, I do hope there are no hard feelings about my beating you in the tournament?
Sir Gerhardt : Not at all, sir. You fought well and won the match honorably. It was such a thrilling battle in fact, that I find myself craving a rematch of sorts.
yes-Sir Gerhardt : En garde, Sir Thunderblade!
Sir Gerhardt : I hoped the first time was a fluke, but it seems you are the better knight, Thunderblade.
no-Godric : Another time, Sir Gerhardt. I have important business to attend to. Knight business, you know?
Sir Gerhardt : Oh! Knight business, of course, of course. Sorry to have held you up.

Griffin Knight : Halt! No one is allowed to enter Talonguard Castle!
Godric : My name is Ignatius Thunderblade, the Emperor is expecting me.
Griffin Knight : Oh! Of course, sir. Go right on through. Smashing job at the tournament today, if I may say so!
Varkas : I taught him everything he knows!

Emperor : Welcome, young knight.
Godric : Sire!
Emperor : Men like you shall become crucial to our victory over the elves in this war.
Godric : ...
Emperor : Count Carlyle, my trusted advisor, tells me of a great elf offensive being mounted along our borders.
Godric : Count Carlyle you say?
Emperor : The Count has filled the void left by the passing of Lord Edric. My dear friend... no, I curse his black name! At first I could not believe that he would betray me, but Count Carlyle convinced me otherwise. Speaking of the Count. I have a task that I wish to entrust to you, Sir Thunderblade. The Blessed Helm is a powerful artifact. I wish to give it to Count Carlyle as a gift for his tireless effort of late. Please deliver it to him for me.
Godric : I shall sire, but...
Emperor : Yes, Sir Thunderblade? You have something to say?
Godric : ... No, sire. With your leave I shall make for Count Carlyle's keep.
Emperor : Excellent! His keep is in the east. May Elrath smile on your journey.
Varkas : What happened, Master Godric? What did you learn? And what is that you hold under your arm?
Godric : Sadly, the Emperor has become a puppet and Count Carlyle is pulling his strings. He told me to bring this gift to Carlyle...
Varkas : And shall you?
Godric : I will hold onto the artifact until the Emperor finds a more worthy owner. I do, however, have every intention of making a delivery to Count Carlyle. A mailed fist to the nose, for instance?
Varkas : Godric, be sure you are ready to face down Carlyle before venturing into his keep.

Griffin Knight : Halt! Who are you and what is your business?
Godric : I am Sir Thunderblade and this is my fellow knight, Sir Varkas. We are delivering a gift from the Emperor to your master, Count Carlyle.
Griffin Knight : Very well, give it here and I shall see that the Count gets it.
Godric : I am afraid I cannot do that. My instructions are to give this to the Count and no one else.
Griffin Knight : Fing, fine, proceed inside the keep.
Griffin Knight : Nice helmet, did you find it in the garbage of an antique shop? Shove off! I can't believe the riff raff that pass for knights these days.

Count Carlyle : Where are you master? I have been waiting for over an hour!
Lord Bloodcrown : My ears can hear great distances, Carlyle. Remember that when you grow impatient.
Count Carlyle : Yes, sire! I am sorry, sire, but I have good news! I have carried your plan off without a hitch!
Lord Bloodcrown : The Griffin Empire will be mired in anelf war and my actions will go unnoticed. Soon demons will flood the world once again. The loyal will be exalted and my enemies... annihilated.
Count Carlyle : Till next we speak, Lord Bloodcrown.
Varkas : Lord Bloodcrown? Have you heard this name before, Godric?
Godric : No, but I have heard enough!

Godric : Carlyle! I am here to put an end to the madness you have stirred in my beloved empire.
Count Carlyle : Who? You... you are that knight... the one who took the tournament today... How dare you enter my keep. Do you realize who I am?
You are a slanderer, traitor and enemy of the Empire, and soon you will be no more.
Count Carlyle : I'll advice the emperor to hang you for the insult, Sir... whatever your ridiculous name is.
Godric : The name is Godric! Son of Lord Edric!
Count Carlyle : ! ? ! The fact that you remain alive is an oversight that I shall immediately remedy. Allow me to show you a very small portion of the power and riches my master has given me!
Godric : You dare summon demons in your own court? You are not only a traitor, but a foul blasphemer!
Count Carlyle : You're just as irritatingly self-righteous as your father, Lord Edric!
Godric : You dare speak his name from your forked tongue?
Count Carlyle : Get him my playthings, attack!

Count Carlyle : You have an annoying habit of refusing to die, boy! I shall simply have to speed up my plan to kill the Emperor and take his place. Then I will have you executed in the main square and no one will lift a finger to stop me.
Varkas : Let's get him! Carlyle means to assassinate the Emperor!
Godric : We must hurry to the Emperor's castle and thwart his vile plan.

Griffin Knight : Well, there's no need for these fleshy disguises anymore. The jig is up!

Griffin Knight : Halt! Citizens are barred from the castle in these times of war.
Godric : The Emperor is in grave dander, knight! Let us through!
Griffin Knight : You will be in grave danger if you don't move away from this gate!
Godric : Enough of this! I shall go through you then!

Godric : Carlyle's here! We must catch him!
Count Carlyle : You can't stop me, boy! Just give up!
Emperor : Count Carlyle! What is the meaning of this interruption?
Count Carlyle : Shut up, old man!
Godric : It's over, Carlyle! Give it up!
Count Carlyle : Over? You haven't seen anything yet! Ready for another display of my master's power? Lord Bloodcrown gave me this Shape-twisting Rod, forged in the lave pits of Sheogh! I need only wave it and I will transform into a powerful demon beast!

With a wave of the rod Carlyle is transformed! ... though not into what he desired.

Inexperienced and arrogant, Count Carlyle is unable to control the rod's dark, ancient magic. It twists his body into a hideous lump that opens its maw wide to swallow the Emperor whole.

Emperor : ... gah... Disgusting... Pant... pant... Sir Thunderblade... thank Elrath you arrived!
Godric : There is no such knight by the name of Sir Ignatius Thunderblade, it is I, Godric, son of Edric!
Emperor : Godric! ? ! You are... dead... I was told you were dead!
Godric : You have been told many things, my Lord, most of which are lies fed to you by Carlyle.
Emperor : Then your father was not a...
Godric : My father's loyalty to the Holy Griffin Empire never wavered, sire. Carlyle was scheming to take over your throne and gain control of the empire. He said and did anything he could to bring about this end, with the help of a strange monster named Lord Bloodcrown.
Emperor : An Emperor must be both strong and wise, but I have proved myself neither.
Godric : Others were deceived as well, my Lord. The elves believed it as readily as you did. Now they, too. seek peace.
Emperor : And they shall have it, just as your family shall have its honorable name back.

With the thanks of the Emperor, Godric has seen his father's honor restored.

He is also pleased to make friends with Prince Alexei, his future emperor. Yet all the while he thinks of the Silver Cities... as love and loyalty drive him to seek his lost siblings.

(Sir Varkas unlocked in multiplayer)