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Anwen has been running through the night, fleeing the horrors of the doomed camp...

Anwen : ... Huf... Running all night..Huff... My cousin Findan... at the Hunter's Lodge... Just ahead...

Trixie : Ahhh! A... a... demon! Help me! Help me!
Anwen : Stick close by me, Pixie!
Blarr : Where are you my little flying snack? You will end my stomach's grumbling!
Anwen : I have to go through this demon to get to the Hunter's Lodge. Sylanna, guide my arrows!

(You have received : Pixies)

Anwen : Findan, our camp was attacked, ambushed by demons... my father...
Findan : Demons? Slow down Anwen, what happened to your father?
Anwen : He is dead! Along with Lord Edric and his brave son Godric! What did they come for? ! Why were they there?
Findan : By the trees! Demons sneaking through our woods unnoticed? I don't know Anwen...
Anwen : They attacked us, Findan! They were many, and they were well prepared. Your thoughts are scattered by your pain, Anwen.
Anwen : I know what I saw, Findan. You yourself have called these the keenest eyes in Irollan!
Findan : Ranger! Search the north and south trails, see what you can find.
Maethorn : Yes, Findan!
Findan : Rest now, Anwen. You're exhausted.

Anwen : Father...
Findan : Anwen, you were talking in your sleep, tossing and turning.
Anwen : I saw... Never mind...
Findan : You've had some time to get over your shock, now tell me what really happened at the camp.
Anwen : We were attacked by demons, Findan. I don't change my words with each passing breeze!
Findan : Nonsense, Anwen! These woods haven't seen demons in over a century. And the relic your father guarded is why! Do you realize its power? Those who hold the artifact wield power over demons. Lord Edric wanted it for himself!
Anwen : No, that's not true! Wilted leaves, why don't you listen?
Findan : What I believe doesn't matter. All that matters is that we find the Blade of Binding, Anwen. The duty of protecting the relic falls to you. Lasir swore to guard it with his-
Anwen : Don't you dare lecture me. I know what my father did and why!
Findan : Yes... I'm sorry, Anwen. While I find it hard to believe demons lurk in our forests, it's clear there is some danger. Take these Bears in case we run into trouble.

(You have received : Bears)

Findan : Come, we'll meet Maethorn to the west and see what he's found.

Findan : Maethorn! ! ! You're wounded!
Maethorn : ... coff... demons lurk... in a hidden grotto... find the hollow tree... part the moss shroud... My Deer will fight for you... treat them well...
Findan : Maethorn! No!
Anwen : He's with Sylanna now, Findan. But he speaks of demons and a hidden grotto...
Findan : ... Sylanna... Yes, he mentioned a hollow tree and parting moss...
Anwen : We must find this place, Findan! They might have the Blade of Binding!
Findan : They will die at our hands regardless... These... demons! I'm sorry I didn't believe you, Anwen.

(You have received : Deer)

Bounty Agent : Greetings Elf. I represent... a certain organization.
Anwen : okay...
Bounty Agent : We have an interest in keeping things... tidy. Clean. Do you see what I mean? No! Don't reach for a bar of soap. I mean... clean up the riff-raff. Troublemakers. Bad elements. Rather, we eliminate the scum and riff-raff that plague our beautiful land. Interested in helping us rid this world of villains and earning a little pay?
Bounty Agent : Hmmm. Maybe I'll make my monthly quota after all. Alright, here's your first contract! A sneaky elf who goes by the name of Cromir. He hides somewhere in this forest. His list of crimes is despicable. Hunt him down and return to me for your reward. Pretty simple, eh? Good Hunting!
Bounty Agent : Ah well, come talk to me if you're interested in our kind of work.

Cromir : What do you want? Get away from me, child. Does Cromir not deserve his peace and quiet?
Anwen : Cromir! We've got you!
Cromir : Aaah! Is this the end to my glorious life of crime?

Bounty Agent : Cashing in on a bounty? Excellent work! Here is your reward!

Bounty Agent : Interested in another... job? Choose your next bounty from this list :

Skullbrow... An elusive Necromancer no doubt hiding in some dark, damp hole. Track him down and bring him to justice. Good hunting!

Skullbrow : Hello little one, have you come to help Skullbrow dig for fresh elf bones?
Findan : Drop the shovel, Skullbrow. We're ending your grave robbing shenanigans!

Your next contract is Cuthlion, a powerful wizard wanted for practicing forbidden magic. He has been spotted near the Mother Seed, surely drawn to its magical properties. He is top priority for us. Good Hunting!

Findan : There are the fiends! I'll destroy them myself!
Anwen : We should hide and listen, maybe we'll learn something...
Sinrar : Gah, these human boots kill my feet! When can I stop this nonsense?
Kullor : Count Carlyle was clear! We make as many knight tracks as we can. So elves mistrust their human neighbors while we make elf tracks in the Griffin Empire!
Anwen : Do you hear this, Findan? They look to start a war between us and the Griffin Empire!
Findan : These creatures are finished, they just don't know it yet!
Anwen : Wait! First we will question them at arrow point.

Anwen : Listen, beasts! Speak a lie and it will be your last! What do you know of the Blade of Binding?
Kullor : Nothing! Our orders are to see that elves and humans drown in each others'blood!

Kullor : Just try getting over my impenetrable walls elf!

Findan : Look, Anwen. A scrap of cloth, blue and white, ornately sewn...
Anwen : It's from Godric's cape! These demons must've held him prisoner! He could be alive!
Findan : Or they took his life, Anwen. We must focus on the Blade of Binding, the trail is growing cold.
Anwen : No! Godric is out there, I can feel it! If we want to find the Blade of Binding, we must find him. That sound! That's the war horn! It comes from the Druid Tree!
Findan : The druids? ! I've never heard them blow the war horn!
Anwen : Quickly, we must get to the Druid Tree in the north! It's probably more Demons...

Hunter : The war horn blows! To the Druid Tree!

Villager : Ahhh! They're here! They're here! Please help us, young ones! Hurry to the Druid Tree!

Anwen : We've come to help! What's happening?
Druid : The Tree is under attack! These Druids will help you defend it!

(You have received : Druids)

Druid : Dark clouds gather over Irollan this day!

Elf : I thought I saw a Unicorn grazing around this tree hollow, but no one believes me. I'm not budging until I see one for sure. Now get lost so you don't scare them off!

Findan : It's not demons at all! Knights of the Griffin Empire attack the Tree!

Sir Rother : Count Carlyle says the elves use this tree to spy on us! He says you can see the fair lands of our home from the top!
Sir Dinger : C'mon! Saw with all your might! Let's bring it crashing down!
Anwen : We must stop these fools! Think of the pain they're causing the ancient tree.

Findan : The war horn blows again! It's coming from the top of the tree!
Anwen : It must be Euny, the Druid Elder, who sounds the alarm! Come, Findan, we are needed!

Griffin Knight : Don't come any closer leaf-lovers! This treasure is ours!

Euny : It seems that no one is coming to my aid. Do your worst then, knight!
Sir Strata : Show me your far-seeing crystal so I may smash it, druid! I know it is here!
Euny : You are misled, knight of Griffin, elves and men have always been good neighbors.
Sir Strata : We no longer trust those with pointed ears! Pray to your tree for a quick death!
Anwen : Step away from him!
Sir Strata : I do not take orders from elves! You'll have to go through me if you want him!
Euny : Try not to hit me, young ones! I'm fragile!

Anwen : You are safe, Elder Euny. We have beaten back the invaders.
Euny : Thank you-- wait. You are Anwen, daughter of Lasir, yes? And you are greatly troubled.
Anwen : How did you... ? Yes, with my father gone the Blade of Binding falls to me, but it has been stolen.
Euny : Hmmmm. The trees also whisper that you seek a human boy...
Anwen : Godric, is he alive? Do the trees also speak of the Blade of Binding's whereabouts? Tell me!
Euny : The trees say that elf rangers investigated your doomed camp, Anwen. They found the bodies of elves felled by blades of the Griffin Empire.
Anwen : A demon plot! We must do everything we can to prevent this news from spreading.
Euny : Too late, word travels the woods as wildfire. Villages as far as Forest's Edge prepare for war.
Anwen : We must stop this Findan. If Irollan is engulfed in war, we won't find the Blade of Binding or Godric!
Euny : Thank you again, Anwen. Losing this sacred tree would be a tragedy to our people...

Euny : Anwen, take these leaf gliders. They will speed you to the base of our fair tree.

Meanwhile... Somewhere in Sheogh...

Azexes : Master! My mission was a complete success! The secret meeting was thwarted. I slaughtered your enemies like dogs! Even the bearer of the Kaamla Asiya fell to me!
? ? ? : Just hand over the Blade of Binding, Azexes. Another matter calls me to Heresh.
Azexes : Oh, about that, master... I didn't actually get the, uh, the Blade of Binding...
? ? ? : WHAT? ! Brainless meat sack! ! Recovering the artifact WAS your mission! Get back to Irollan and find it before I turn you into a boil and lance you! I must have the artifact by the time of the Blood Moon Eclipse!
Azexes : Y... Yes, master! Right away, master! ... Why does he always have to yell at me... ?

Findan : I haven't been leaf-gliding since Ranger Academy! Woo hoo!

Druid : Anwen, wait! Euny sends a message for you through the leaves. He grants you these powerful Emerald Dragons to aid you, and says the battles will get worse.

(You have received : Emerald Dragons)

Findan : The eastern trail leads to Forest's Edge and the villages that lie near the lands of men.

Sparky : Could I interest you in Redbeard's Ultra-flammable Torches?
Anwen : Ummm, no thanks. Remember Sparky, only YOU can prevent forest fires... and in this case, the "YOU" means US...
Findan : ... and the "prevent forest fires" means KICKING YOUR BUTT!

Twigleaf : So you go to stop the war between elves and men, eh? How do you expect to do this without the strength of a Treant on your side? Prove to me your skill in battle and I shall join you in your cause.
Anwen : My cause would be served well by your Treant strength, Twigleaf. I accept.
Twigleaf : Well done, elf! Me and my kind are yours to command.

(You have received : Treants)

Anwen : I have no desire to raise arms against any of the creatures of Irollan.

Findan : Look! The men of Griffin are about to clash with our elf brothers!

Bounty Agent : Interested in another... job? Choose your next bounty from this list :

Your next contract is a pyromaniac from the Griffin Empire known as Sparky Redbeard. He was last seen playing with fire near the sacred Druid Tree. Hunt him down and return to me for your reward. Good Hunting!

Angrod Leralond is your next contract. He is an ex-ranger wanted for selling secrets to the Griffin Empire. Seems that even the noble elves have their share of turncoat traitors.

Ranger : I haven't seen any invading forces yet. I seemed to have missed all the action. I've been stationed here all day and the only thing I've been fighting is my own boredom. To pass the time I've come up with a devious battle puzzle. Care to try?
yes-Ranger : Great! Try to defeat me in a single turn to figure it out!
Ranger : Hmm, you figured it out... I really thought that one was as twisted as a vine!
no-Anwen : Maybe another time, Ranger. You know, when the world isn't threatening to fall into chaos.

Ranger : You're back! Okay, this time I've come up with a puzzle that's sure to brown your leaves.
yes-Ranger : Great! I was just going easy on you before, this next one is the real deal.
Ranger : You... Solved my puzzle. I really thought I had you this time.
no-Anwen : Don't you feel the dread that hangs in the trees? This is no time for fun and games.

Angrod : Do not mind me, ranger. I am simply guarding our sacred tree, just like everyone else...
Anwen : Angrod Leralond, your days of treachery are over!
Angrod : We'll see about that!

The young elves are determined to stop this meaningless war... risking everything to try to call a truce between these once peaceful neighbors.

Anwen : Stop everyone! Put down your arms!
Varkas : Bested by a young girl on the battlefield! Sigh! Sir Varkas at your mercy, elf. Speak!
Anwen : Master Varkas, why've you raised arms against my people?
Varkas : You started it! Our villages across the river have been attacked, their crops sabotaged.
Nelir : Liar! Your kind slew wise Lasir, her father, along with his brethren!
Anwen : No! I was there that day, men didn't attack us, demons did!
Varkas : Demons?
Anwen : We're the victims of terrible lies. We must spread the truth before our lands are plunged into war.
Varkas : Sigh... Even if I believe you, that means little. The Griffin Empire seeks revenge. Under orders from Count Carlyle, I sent men to get the Mother Seed.
Anwen : The Mother Seed? It is sacred! Future generations of our trees spring from it.
Varkas : Oh! Really? Ummm... They're planning to destroy it...
Anwen : Oh Sylanna no!
Varkas : If we hurry we'll be able to stop them. I'm sorry! I was following my orders.

Nelir : My men and I are all dressed up and ready for battle. I'm disappointed we won't be seeing any action. I so long to feel the rush of combat again. I used to be quite the strategist in my day, you know. My specialty were battle puzzles. Would you care to test my skills, Anwen?
yes-Nelir : Excellent! Try to defeat me in a single turn then. This will be a test of strategy over might.
Nelir : Well done! That victory was worthy of a reward.
no-Anwen : I'm afraid I do not have time for games, Nelir.

Nelir : I'm nursing a bit of a bruised ego, Anwen. I didn't expect you to solve my puzzle so easily. Allow me a chance to redeem myself?
yes-Nelir : This time I shall stop you in your tracks.
Nelir : Your mind is as sharp as your arrow heads, Anwen. Well done!
Nelir : Hopefully the Imperial troops will lay down their arms and stop trudging through our lands.
no-Anwen : Another time, Nelir. My mind is too troubled to solve puzzles at the moment.

Sir Nathanson : That was an impressive victory against Sir Varkas. But I know why his strategy failed. Would you allow me to test my theory in a friendly battle?
yes-Anwen : Come then, Sir Nathanson. Let's see this theory in action.
Sir Nathanson : Varkas and I have gotten rusty it seems. We could use a few extra rounds of sparring. I don't care what they're saying about elves back home, you seem an honorable lot to me.
no-Anwen : I'm afraid I don't have the time for your theories, Sir Nathanson. Irollan needs me.

Cuthlion : Why won't they let me near the Mother Seed... I just want one tiny sample... Just one touch... With its power, I could RULE TH---
Anwen : Some magic is not meant for mortals, especially power mad mortals like you, Cuthlion!

Varkas : Halt Men! Step away! We have made a mistake! The elves are not our enemies, we must return to the Empire.
Sir Mentallo : You've turned elf-lover, Varkas? Destroy them, boys, he's defected to the enemy side!
Findan : We can't let them touch the Mother Seed, Anwen!
Varkas : I apologize for the troubles we have caused you, elves. I shall return to our Emperor and tell him of this demon plot you have exposed.
Findan : Who shot that? I don't see anyone!
Anwen : Look there is a note attached. Listen to this : "We pointy-eared elves have kidnapped the human boy, that Lord-guy's son... We hold him at the elf, uh, our hunting camp and will kill him with our little elfy daggers. "It speaks of Godric! It is written on birch parchment, but it's certainly a demon trick!
Varkas : Godric? Son of Lord Edric? We went to the same seminary for young knights!
Findan : This note was intended for you, Sir Varkas. They must want your men to find Godric.
Anwen : And I fear if we don't hurry, we'll find only his body and more false evidence.
Varkas : We'll free him together! And split the skulls of every demon in our path!
Anwen : We will move too fast for you. You should go home and reason with your leaders.
Varkas : Very well then, good luck, Anwen.
Anwen : Could this be it? Could saving Godric put the Blade of Binding back in our hands?
Findan : We'll soon find out, Anwen. The Hunting Camp is to the north of here.

Villager : To cross the river safely, the logs must be placed just right.

Findan : The dam must've broken, the river is overflowing! We can't cross it.
Anwen : We can use these logs to make a path, Findan.
Anwen : We did it! Now we can cross and get to the Hunting Camp!
Findan : I'm sure we will find great danger ahead, Anwen. Make sure you're ready to face it.

Findan : We've arrived! And our worst fears are confirmed! The Hunting Camp is filthy with demons!

Godric : Let me go!
Klaw : Shut your mouth, human. You'll make less sound sitting in my belly.
Virk : Foll! There must be a body for the men to find. There will be no eating of this one.
Anwen : ... poor Godric...
Findan : Let's be thankful he's even alive. He's our only lead to finding the Blade of Binding...
Anwen : Imagine if Knights were to find this scene? Godric held in an elven camp?
Findan : Or maybe they would find only his body! More deceit to incite war... An all out war between our lands would be inevitable. Too clever for the average demon...
Anwen : Not while there's breath in my lungs and wind in the trees...
Godric : Anwen! Thank Elrath you are here!
Anwen : Godric! At least YOU are alive... We'll-- wait! ... That stench... the trees hold their breath.
Azexes : Ah ha ha! What a prize! My search has led me to the girl who plays warrior.
Anwen : This is the beast who attacked our camp! My father's blood stains his hands.
Azexes : You escaped once, but Azexes will not be denied the pleasure of crushing you this time! Now hand over the Blade of Binding and I shall finish you quick!
Anwen : You don't have it! ?
Findan : He doesn't have it!
Azexes : I shall have it! Once I tear it from your dead hands!
Anwen : Ha! We don't know where the Blade of Binding is, Findan... But now we know where it isn't! Enough talk, this monster shall pay!

Anwen fights with the fury that she has kept bottled up since the attack on the camp... And she sends the mighty Demon Azexes running back to Sheogh, his tail between his legs.

Azexes : This isn't over! The Blood Moon Eclipse is nigh! It will bring a time of fear and fire!
Godric : I fear greatly for my siblings, Aiden and Fiona.

Wherever they are, I hope they are well. And you say that my Emperor is making war against Irollan? I cannot let this happen. I will see him myself, in my father's name, and talk him out of this foolishness.

Anwen : Findan and I must continue to search for the artifact. At least the demons don't have it.
Findan : There's some hope in that. I guess.
Godric : What drove you on? I thought surely I was presumed dead and forgotten.
Anwen : We're united in grief and loss, Godric. I couldn't give up on you.
Godric : A week ago I would not have understood that... I hope to see you again, Anwen, in happier times.
Anwen : Farewell.

(Findan unlocked in multiplayer)