Songs of Conquest


EvilP 更新于 2015-11-20 00:16



  • Further improved multiplayer in combat and on adventure map for out of syncs
  • 多人游戏的同步问题优化;
  • Additional content: 2 new Maps, 12 additional Heroes, 5 additional Neutral creatures. See dedicated article for more information!
  • 之前说的新地图,新英雄,新生物;
  • Fixed long loading times experienced by some of the users, which were caused by recompiling low quality shaders
  • 小部分玩家的载入耗时太长问题(那个要设置着色器的);
  • Improved animation system for smoother combat animations
  • 优化战场动画流畅战斗;
  • Improved AI, Editor and other various Gameplay/Level Design elements (173 fixed bugs)
  • 优化AI,编辑器和其它东西,修正173个BUG;


  • [Improved] Visitable Neutral buildings now indicate on the minimap if they are already visited by the current hero.
  • 地图上的可访问中立建筑会在英雄访问后标注在小地图上
  • [Improved] There are new buttons to merge armies in towns.
  • 新加按键,可以在城里分兵合兵
  • [Improved] Revamped the Animation system to have smoother combat animations.
  • 重做了动画系统,让战斗场景更加平滑
  • [Improved] Centaur and Centaur Marauder have melee penalty.
  • 半人马和半人马袭击者现在有近战惩罚
  • [Improved] Dungeon build tree layout (Connector between Black Market and Shadowsteel Refinery).
  • 修改了地牢建筑树
  • [Improved] Clicking End Turn will stop an ongoing command when a command is running, instead of stopping the command and immediately ending the turn and the turn can be ended once the command has finished cleanly
  • 现在当有其他指令在运行时点击结束回合会停止当前指令,但是不再会直接结束回合,而是需要玩家在该指令停止后再次选择结束回合
  • [Fixed] Long loading times experienced due to recompiling of shaders when using different `Shader Quality` Settings.
  • 修正了载入存档时由于选取了不同的材质等级而导致的载入时间过长问题
  • [Fixed] Wrong power values for Minotaur and Blade Dancer.
  • 修正了牛头人和剑舞者错误的力量值
  • [Fixed] Wrong damage range for Tamed Cyclops on Warfare master rank.
  • 修正了军备大师级别下驯化独眼伤害范围错误问题
  • [Fixed] Fog Shroud not suppressing the Nova of the Fire Elemental and the Lilim.
  • 修正了迷雾帷幕对火元素和魅魔的新星技能无效的问题
  • [Fixed] Loading savegame would crash due Serialization stopping by trying to spawn static Emitter or Actor.
  • 修正了因某个看不懂的原因导致读取存档时游戏崩溃的问题
  • [Fixed] Altar of Sacrifice coud produce stacks with a stack size of 0
  • 修正了牺牲祭坛可以生产数量为0的部队的问题
  • [Fixed] Unresolved placeholder variable in Poison Cloud tool tip.
  • 修正了毒云笼罩的介绍中一个错误的占位符
  • [Fixed] The NPC symbol not appearing/disappearing on top of some heroes
  • 修正了有些NPC英雄上面没有显示NPC标志的问题
  • [Fixed] A crash with Stone Spikes sometimes crashing the game when restarting combat
  • 修正了重新战斗时使用石尖刺会导致游戏崩溃的问题
  • [Fixed] A problem with armies sometimes restoring their position to an invalid cell when saving and loading
  • 修正了存档读档后部队出现在不可到达的错误位置的问题
  • [Fixed] Speed settings resetting when completing a campaign map
  • 修正了完成一关战役后导致游戏速度设置被重置的问题
  • [Fixed] If the user loses only the units that were added with Reinforcements skill, they will be subtracted from the base creatures instead
  • 修正了天降援兵技能的BUG
  • [Added] Each faction now has an additional two heroes;Ann/Kengi/Alesia/Christian/Lucretia/Naadir/Ajit/Nur/Ivor/Gem/Salvin/Sephinroth
  • 每个阵营加了两个新英雄
  • [Added] The following neutral creatures are now in the game to fight. Light Elemental/Dark Elemental/Mermaid/Kappa/Shadow Panther
  • 新加入了5个中立生物


  • [Fixed] Replacing human players with AI from a multiplayer savegame
  • 修正了读取多人游戏存档时会把玩家替换成AI的问题
  • [Fixed] Game goes Out of Sync if the client try to learn a skill during the AI turn in sim turns
  • 修正了玩家在AI的回合试图学习技能导致的不同步问题
  • [Fixed] Necromancy pop up remains on screen and the user goes inside of a combat of the other user under certain conditions
  • 修正了在某些情况下玩家可以进入其他玩家的战斗中的问题
  • [Fixed] Getting corrupted combat screen when one player have Necromancy popup open and another engages him in sim turns.
  • 修正了在一个玩家的役亡术菜单出现时,另一个玩家进攻他时导致战斗界面错误的问题
  • [Fixed] Game getting Out of Sync after some time when conquerring a garrison of another player
  • 修正了占领其他玩家的兵营时会导致游戏不同步的问题
  • [Fixed] On a session with Sim-turns settings ,the user is able to retreat by using the ESC key even when the retreat option is greyed out
  • 修正了在同步回合下,玩家可以按下ESC键从不能撤退的战斗中撤退的问题
  • [Improved] Reduced AI lag for clients in combat.
  • 缩短了战斗AI的延迟
  • [Improved] System to avoid Out of Sync in Combat.
  • 系统避免战斗不同步问题
  • [Fixed] The combat is canceled when the server attacks the client and the client selects retreat option.
  • 修正了当多人游戏的主机玩家进攻其他玩家时,其他玩家选择撤退会导致战斗取消的问题
  • [Fixed] Title will crash for the client on loading screen in certain conditions.
  • 修正了某些情况下读档界面会崩溃的问题
  • [Fixed] Warfare units with active skills not affected by combat timer in simturns.
  • 修正了在同步回合下,军备单位的主动技能不受计时器影响的问题
  • [Fixed] Mobile shooters not affected by combat timer.
  • 修正了移动射击不受到战斗计时器影响的问题
  • [Fixed] Player sometimes getting stuck after combat.
  • 修正了玩家有时会在战斗后卡住的问题
  • [Fixed] The bug of the cancel button not working.
  • 修正了取消按键没有作用的BUG
  • [Fixed] Black bars not disapperaing after spectating.
  • 修正了黑条不会在观战模式中消失的问题
  • [Fixed] Warfare units with active skills not affected by combat timer in simturns.
  • 修正了在同步回合下,军备单位的主动技能不受计时器影响的问题
  • [Fixed] The bug of heaven dragon that was causing Out of Sync in combat.
  • 修正了金龙导致战斗不同步的BUG
  • [Fixed] The bug where AI was crashing for the host in sometimes
  • 修正了AI做主机时会导致游戏崩溃的问题
  • [Fixed] Necromancy causing Out of Sync in SimTurns in manual combats
  • 修正了役亡术会导致同步回合下的手动战斗出现不同步的问题
  • [Fixed] Out of Sync caused by increasing skill after loading a Savegame.
  • 修正了读档后学习技能导致不同步的问题
  • [Fixed] Out of Sync related to bad morale.
  • 修正了士气低落导致不同步的问题
  • [Fixed] Defeating an enemy Hero causes Artifacts to be stolen twice
  • 修正了击败敌方英雄导致其物品被偷取两次的问题
  • [Fixed] The splitting of creature stacks in tactics mode in multiplayer.
  • 修正了多人游戏中,在布阵环节生物分兵的问题
  • [Fixed] Possibility to do a Hero Attack when your unit has bad morale.
  • 修正了单位士气低落时还能选择英雄攻击的问题
  • [Fixed] Queuing multiple same commands accidentally in SimTurns.
  • 修正了同步回合下,出现多个重复指令的问题
  • [Fixed] Join order important when joining a loaded SimTurns game.
  • 加入一个同步回合存盘时会出现加入命令指示
  • [Fixed] The hero is stuck and cannot continue the game after performing certain steps
  • 修正了某些情况下会导致英雄卡住的问题
  • [Fixed] Client redirect to the main menu and for host is displayed as client joins the session under certain scenario
  • [Fixed] GUI correctly updates for spectators.
  • 修正了观战模式的游戏界面
  • [Fixed] Idol of fertility could be applied multiple times in sim turns
  • 修正了丰饶神像在同步回合下可以多次触发的问题
  • [Fixed] Having the "Artefact pack" from Uplay reward activated will bring a multiplayer session on out of sync in certain conditions
  • 修正了在Uplay上购买神器包后会导致游戏不同步的问题
  • [Fixed] Missing Multiplayer Loca keys for some popups users could receive in sim turns.


  • [Improved] Adjusted general path calculation algorithm to properly take into account terrain costs when not calculating for specific hero (improves Caravan time estimation).
  • 调整了寻路公式,目前可以正确地计算特定英雄在不同地形上的损耗
  • [Improved] Reworked Cover system for Sieges:
  • 重做了攻城战中的掩体系统
  • Cover will be given to creatures inside the walls, and will affect attacking them from outside the walls. When a wall is destroyed, there is check for Line of Sight to see if there is a clear shot. If the target is still behind intact walls in relation to the shooter, the cover bonus will be applied.
  • 攻城战中,城内生物受到城外生物攻击时,会享受掩体掩护。当城墙被摧毁后,会依据城外生物攻击时的视线是否被遮蔽来决定是否享受掩体掩护。
  • [Fixed] Issue with luck-based effects triggering too early, leading to inconsistent behaviour in some combats (e.g. crits of Gold Dragon and Cuirassier). Also the game will not go out of sync in MP when Gold Dragon rolls a critical hit anymore.
  • 修正了基于幸运效果的技能被过早触发,并导致战斗行为不一致的问题。同时也修正了多人游戏中金龙出现幸运一击导致游戏不能同步的问题
  • [Fixed] Failed Instant Recall cast does not count as a spellcast on the current day
  • 现在当即刻召回魔法失败时,不再被计算入当天已经释放的魔法个数中
  • [Fixed] Metamagic Expert skill overrides Paragon`s Master of Magic once Metamagic bonus reaches 5 during a battle
  • 修正了元变魔法专家级在获得了5点元变魔法点数后,会超越典范技能中的魔法大师能力效果的问题

Level Design

  • [Added] New skirmish map "Mercators Misfortune"
  • 新对战地图:墨卡托的不幸
  • [Added] New scenario map "Mirym"
  • 新单关战役地图:米尔林
  • [Added] New combat maps (CM_Snow_01, CM_Snow_02, CM_Snow_03, CM_Ice_01, CM_Greenland_Coast, CM_Greenland_Hills_2, CM_Sylvan_Coast, CM_Underground_Mushrooms)
  • 新战斗地图
  • [Added] New siege map for underground garrisons (SG_Garrison_Dungeon)
  • 攻击地下要塞时的新攻城地图
  • [Improved] Adventure objects are revealed immediately rather than after a hero takes a step.
  • 冒险地图上的物体如今会自动揭示,不再需要英雄上前一步
  • [Fixed] Start/Win/Lose combat trigger to trigger at a more appropriate time (could break the Final Map 2 quest vs Wilhelm)
  • 战斗开始/胜利/失败的触发时间调整,解决最终战役第二关无法过关的Bug
  • [Fixed] Rotate Army node now properly rotates armies.
  • 部队现在可以正常旋转
  • [Fixed] Can no longer select a faction in Scenario lobby
  • 战役大厅不能选择阵营
  • Haven 2: [Fixed] Spamming ESC after talking to Masfar will result Masfar and Gloria not going back to their intended positions.
  • 圣堂第2关,在和玛斯法对话时按下esc会导致玛斯法和格洛丽亚不能回到正常的位置
  • Haven 4: [Fixed] Ship spawned by north east shipyard to be reachable.
  • 圣堂第4关,东北船坞造的船现在可以正常使用
  • Yeshtar`s Promise: [Fixed] A floating staircase.
  • 伊诗塔的誓约,地图上有一处浮空台阶
  • Ice Demon: [Fixed] An issue where two critters shared one tile
  • 冰魔,有两个生物重叠在一起
  • Ivan map 2: [Fixed] An issue with players not being able to procede after defeating Wilhelm. Same thing applied to Seamus. [Fixed] Some AOC and mine property from beginning of the map.
  • 伊凡战役第2关,修复了玩家击败维尔海姆和谢玛斯后不能继续游戏的问题,以及地图开始时有些控制区域和矿脉所属不正常的问题
  • Dungeon 1: [Fixed] Quest Organized Crime to work when target mines were plundered more than just once.
  • 地牢第1关,修复了因多次掠夺矿脉导致Organized Crime任务无法完成的情况


  • [Improved] AI aggressiveness according to selected AI difficulty
  • AI进攻性依据AI等级调整
  • [Improved] AI scoring in terms of fighting effort to make fighting more appealing in some cases
  • 修正了AI战斗得分,让AI更愿意进行某些战斗
  • [Improved] AI boldness in regards to engaging neutral armies
  • AI遭遇中立部队时会更加无畏
  • [Improved] AI will try to use Instant Recall when reinforcing its armies
  • AI会尝试使用即刻召回技能
  • [Improved] AI scoring logic for direct damage spells
  • AI对直接伤害魔法的分值计算进行了修正


  • [Fixed] issues with the camera
  • 视角问题;
  • 随机地图 - RMG
  • Max player count is correctly set even after switching map size after setting player count.
  • 正确的设置最大玩家数,即使是在转换地图大小之后;
  • Rebalanced the placed neutral armies
  • 重新平衡已放置的野兵;
  • [Fixed] Blank or incomplete maps cannot be published.
  • 空白和未完成的地图无法发布;
  • [Fixed] Potential scripting issues if heroes are referenced whose properties were changed.
  • 修正某些因为英雄属性被修改后可能导致的脚本问题;
  • [Improved] Small Combat Map Size to be 10x10 instead of 8x10
  • 最小战场地图的尺寸从8x10改为10x10
  • 脚本编辑器 - Script Editor
  • New conditions: Hero has Skill, Hero has Spell, Hero has Specialization, Hero has Ability, Hero has Stat, Hero has Affinity, Hero is from Faction, Hero is of Class
  • 一些新的条件判定;
  • [Fixed] Garrison local guards can be correctly set
  • 关卡的守卫可以正确的设置了;
  • [Fixed] Some Trees appearing with incorrect size when using the Foliage tools
  • 修正使用Foliage工具时有些树的大小错误问题;
  • [Fixed] Some thumbnails of Prop meshes appearing invisible
  • 一些XXX显示不正常;
  • [Fixed] Editor crashes after selecting the Height Sculpting option from tool-tip
  • 选择XXXX之后导致的编辑器崩溃;
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