Songs of Conquest


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综合 - General

  • [Fixed] AI Speed/Adventure Speed/Combat Speed from the Options menu will change to their default values when the user Loads or starts any save/load action
  • 修正玩家在读档或者相关操作时导致的选项中的速度设定被重置的问题;
  • [Fixed] Improved the destruction physics in Siege combats
  • 优化攻城中的破坏物理效果;
  • [Improved] The saturation of the world has undergone a major overhaul based on user feedback.
  • 基于玩家的反馈需求,提升了游戏画面的色彩饱和度:
  • * The colors are stronger and more saturated.
  • 颜色饱和度提升;
  • * The contrast has been improved.
  • 对比度优化
  • * Brighness has been adjusted.
  • 亮度调整;
  • [Improved] There are new options regarding camera rotation:
  • 新的视角选项:
  • * Mouse right click rotation can be disabled
  • 右键旋转可以禁用;
  • * Mouse rotating sensibility can be adjusted
  • 鼠标旋转敏感度可以调整;
  • * Keyboard rotating sensibility can be adjusted
  • 键盘旋转敏感度可以调整;
  • * Also the smoothness of the rotating has been improved
  • 旋转时的平滑度优化;
  • [Improved] Added a new option in the Settings to enable/disable Atmospheric Fog
  • 加入选项允许关闭天气云雾效果;
  • [Fixed] The defeated heroes will still appear on the minimap after a save/load operation
  • 修正S/L操作后战败的英雄依然会显示图标在小地图上的问题;
  • [Fixed] Game crashes on the loading screen if a save created contains a hero with governor abilities unlocked and is assigned as governor of town
  • 修正一系列城主技能导致的读档游戏崩溃;
  • [Improved] Adjusted decision logic when considering attacking another player (taking into account relative player strength [relative to target] and absolute current strength [relative to all other players]
  • AI?的攻击其它方英雄逻辑计算优化?;
  • [Improved] Adjusted AI reachability calculations to have more up to date info when saving and loading
  • 优化存档读档时AI的可达性计算,获得更多的最新信息;
  • [Improved] Adjusted AI hero turn prioritisation to consider reinforcing heroes to move first
  • 优化AI英雄的行动顺序;

多人游戏 - Multiplayer

  • [Fixed] The issue of the game getting stuck if the last AI player loses in his own turn.
  • 修正当上一回合AI玩家失去其回合导致游戏卡死;
  • [Fixed] More occurences of out of synch caused by AI in Multiplayer.
  • 修正AI在多人游戏中导致的同步问题;
  • [Fixed] An issue of the game gets stuck when the client quits the lobby while launching Duel multiplayer session.
  • 修正玩家在一个正开开始的多人对决中退出大厅导致的卡死问题;
  • [Fixed] An issue when a multiplayer session is terminated on entering the session if any client joins the session which is already in the session-loading phase.
  • 修正在一场正在开始载入中的多人游戏加入新玩家导致的过程被中止的问题;
  • [Fixed] An issue when a session goes out of Sync when the hero interacts with blind monastery again after learning an ability.
  • 修正英雄在学习了技能之后第二次访问盲眼兄弟修道院导致的同步问题;
  • [Fixed] An issue that thieves guild opens on all the player`s screen, when one player enter`s "Den of thieves" building.
  • 修正有一个玩家进入贼窝导致所有玩家打开盗贼公会窗口的问题;
  • [Fixed] An issue of "Unable to connect to the server" message received if the user double clicks Join game on Online Game Browser.
  • 修正当玩家在在线游戏浏览窗口双击加入游戏时导致的出现无法连接服务器的问题;
  • [Fixed] An issue of no error message received if the Host closes an open slot after the Client had joined the same.
  • 修正当玩家加入游戏后,主机方关闭一个空位却没有收到错误信息的问题;
  • [Fixed] An issue of the number of resources displayed on “resources bar” will be the same for all players in the session in certain conditions.
  • 修正在某些条件下所有玩家资源条上显示的资源数量相同的问题;
  • [Fixed] An issue of the game gets stuck for 30-50 seconds after keeping idle for 20 seconds on combat screen with the Neutral Army (SimTurns).
  • 修正一个同步回合下和中立野兵战斗时在战场上闲置20多秒后导致游戏卡住30-50秒的问题;
  • [Fixed] An inconsistency of the Session settings for the Client on the Game Browser screen.
  • 修正在游戏浏览窗口双方设置信息显示不一致的问题;
  • [Fixed] Game going at the start of the game when rapidly ending the first turn.
  • 修正一个在开始游戏时快速结束第一回合导致的错误问题;
  • [Fixed] The session went out of sync after resources pick up and end turn
  • 修正一个在拾取资源后结束回合导致的同步失败问题;
  • [Fixed] Hero has no creatures in his Army on selecting a Random Hero and match cannot be started
  • 修正当选择一个随机英雄但是没有部队导致的匹配失败无法开始的问题;

游戏机制 - Gameplay Mechanics

  • [Fixed] Entering a magic guild level 3 and upwards crashes the game
  • 进入3级或以上的魔法行会会导致游戏崩溃;
  • [Fixed] The player cannot flank properly on destroyed Siege walls
  • 玩家摧毁城墙后,无法正确进行夹击;
  • [Fixed] Game gets stuck while attacking with the special ability of Imperial Griffins "Diving Attack" on enemy creatures
  • 皇家狮鹫使用“Diving Attack”技能攻击敌人会导致游戏卡住;
  • [Fixed] Area of control effects are not properly updated after save load.
  • s/l之后,控制区域效果没法正确更新;
  • [Fixed] The "Soul Reaver" ability is not functional
  • Soul Reaver技能无效;
  • [Fixed] The Golden Dragon highlights tiles in a linear pattern as if he will use an ability when hovering the curson on a creature stack
  • 金龙的回合,鼠标指在生物上,会和要使用技能时一样,使周围格子显示出高亮;
  • [Fixed] Namtaru can attack a second time if you wait after the first shot
  • 娜姆塔茹第一击之后,如果选择等待,可以再次攻击;
  • [Fixed] Die and idle animations don`t seem to be affected by game speed change
  • 死亡动画和闲置动画没有受到游戏速度调整的影响;
  • [Fixed] Resource income prediction of the resource bar is increased after save/load
  • s/l之后,显示的资源收入增加;
  • [Fixed] Areas of control of closed players are still colored in the underground on map start
  • 地图开始时,关闭的ai的控制区域仍然会显示出颜色;
  • [Fixed] Warfare Healing Sister and Healing Tent plays healing animation instead of end turn animation
  • 军备单位Healing Sister和Healing Tent回合结束时会播放治疗动画;
  • [Fixed] Treant Synergy effect is activated on dead creatures
  • 树精共生效果会作用于已经死亡的生物;
  • [Fixed] Rare crash when having too many particles attached to armies on long playsessions on the adventure map
  • 一个少见的因为长时间游戏导致的在冒险地图上兵种有过多的粒子效果附加导致的游戏崩溃;
  • [Fixed] Erratic Hero Decal behaviour (disappearing and re-appearing seemingly randomly)
  • 古怪的英雄贴图行为;
  • [Fixed] Crash with Suzerain ability when a governor with said ability was assigned to a town
  • 一个具有Suzerain技能的英雄被设定成城主时,会导致游戏崩溃;
  • [Fixed] Gamespeed overriding from savegames
  • 存档会覆盖游戏速度;
  • [Fixed] Floating adventure objects behaving erratically (disappearing into the ground)
  • 异常的冒险物品漂浮现象;
  • [Fixed] A crash with battle sites after loading a game and getting defeated there
  • 读档之后,在某个特定地方战败会导致游戏崩溃;
  • [Fixed] A crash with having a lot of creature growth enhancers built in towns
  • 城里生物太多会导致崩溃;
  • [Fixed] Minimap update on map start to properly reflect Areas of Control
  • 小地图没有正确反映控制区域;
  • [Fixed] Random duel armies to give proper random army
  • 随机决斗部队会匹配合适的随机部队;
  • [Improved] Creature movement stop animation to scale properly with gamespeed
  • 生物移动停止动画调整为与游戏速度一致;
  • [Improved] Waiting time after moving a creature in combat map to scale with gamespeed
  • 移动生物后等待的时间调整为与游戏速度一致;
  • [Improved] Hero animation speed scaling with gamespeed in adventure map
  • 英雄动画速度与冒险地图速度设定一致;
  • [Improved] Idle and die animation speeds to scale better with gamespeed
  • 闲置与死亡动画的速度与游戏速度设定一致;
  • [Improved]Optimised GUI calls on adventure maps when updating the hero list
  • 优化了更新英雄列表时的游戏界面;

关卡设计 - Level Design

  • Academy 1: [Fixed] Creatures have no collision with gate`s towers after warfare unit hit`s them on combat map
  • 学院1:军备单位对生物造成攻击后,生物无法与城门的箭塔发生碰撞;
  • Academy 3: [Fixed]The Water level rises back up if a Saved Game is Loaded after The Flood
  • 学院3:在洪水后载入存档会导致水位复归原位;
  • Academy 4: [Fixed] Fahada does not retain her level and progress from Map 1, [Fixed] External dwelling ignores area of control
  • 学院4:法哈达没有继承第一关的级别和进度,野外兵营没有受到控制区域的影响;
  • Dungeon 1: [Fixed] No collision on the edge of the bridge in the underground layer, [Fixed] The "Shadowsteel Refinery" can never be built.
  • 地牢1:在地下地图里,桥的边缘没有碰撞,没法在城里造Shadowsteel Refinery;
  • Dungeon 2: [Fixed] No collision on the edge of the cliff near Dungeon Fort in the underground layer
  • 地牢2:在地下地图里,地牢要塞附近的悬崖没有碰撞;
  • Stronghold 1: [Fixed] Wrong portrait is used for Kanoni, [Fixed] Random, non-interactable Stronghold hero standing around,[Fixed] Performing a save/load operation after demolishing the wizard statue will play the dam destruction sound effects, on am_stronghold_map1,[Fixed] Performing two save/load operations will misplace a quest marker and make another one persist after completing the Centaurs quest
  • 据点1:Kanoni的肖像错误,ai英雄会四处闲逛,在毁掉法师雕塑后,进行存档和读档会触发大坝毁灭的音效,进行两次存档和读档会导致任务标记错误,并在完成半人马任务后出现另一个错误;
  • Sylvan 1: [Fixed] One-eyed rock fort is not visible if the video settings - visual density is kept on low or medium
  • 森林1:如果视频设置里,景物密度设为低或是中,会导致独眼石要塞不可见;
  • Final Map 2: [Fixed] Hero clips with the `Mass Grave` structure, [Fixed] Artifact can be seen to be levitating in the air near the castle `Barr Abhainn`,[Fixed] Nolwenn`s level and skills are not transferred over from the previous map
  • 终章2:英雄会被Mass Grave建筑夹住,城堡Barr Abhainn附近的神器浮在空中,诺尔温的级别和技能没有继承上一关;
  • Necropolis 5: [Fixed] Mouse-over tooltip pop-up for "Well of Souls" spills out of the screen on certain points
  • 亡灵5:鼠标放在Well of Souls上,显示出的说明会超出屏幕;
  • The Story of Solmyr and the Efreet: [Fixed] Multiple artifacts appear to be levitating in the air throughout the map
  • 索梅尔:地图里几个神器会显示浮在空中;

编辑器 - Editor

  • [Improved] Custom Campaigns
  • 自定义战役:
  • * New fix for hero transfer from one map to the next, which was broken when the hero`s properties were changed before, as the old fix had some sideeffects.
  • 之前补丁的副作用,英雄传达到下一关的信息如果在之前有属性变动导致的问题;
  • The downside of the new fix is that existing campaign heroes have to be manually patched: Open the affected heroes on all maps. In the properties uncheck "Save Progress". Click OK, open the properties and check "Save Progress" again. Save the maps and republish the Campaign.
  • 某些需要手工更新的问题,想来现在还没人搞战役吧,至少天朝没有,好烦不翻了;
  • [Fixed] "Close All Popups" spawns the screen in the middle of the map
  • 关闭所有浮动提示选项显示在地图中央的问题;
  • [Fixed] Underground layer cannot be deleted from Map Properties
  • 无法从地图属性中删除地下图层的问题;
  • [Fixed] Game crashes after completing a Combat Map launched using Play Map
  • 在编辑器中用play map战斗完导致的崩溃问题;
  • [Fixed] Editor crashes on adjusting the Map Grid Controller Properties
  • 调整地图格子控制器属性导致的编辑器崩溃;
  • [Fixed] "Hide or reveal object"-node will not clear the icon out of the Minimap.
  • 隐藏或者显示物件节点不再清除小地图上的图标;
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