Songs of Conquest


EvilP 更新于 2015-10-27 21:22



一般 - General

  • [Fixed] Minimap quest marker sometimes not disappearing after solving a quest
  • 修正有时候完成了任务小地图上的任务标记没有消失的问题;
  • [Improved] Performance on combat map by optimizing GUI and adventure map processes
  • 优化GUI以改进战斗地图上的表现,改善冒险地图进程;
  • [Improved] Icon and stack size of Shadow Image and Summon Spells creatures are now displayed correctly
  • 阴影镜像和召唤生物的图标以及数量现在可以正确的显示了;
  • [Improved] Memory usage by not loading unneccessary town screen textures and various icons
  • 不必要的城镇界面图片材质和图标导致的内存问题;
  • [Improved] Updated hints during loading screens to fit with current functionalities
  • 更新载入界面的提示的文字信息到现在的版本的正确描述;

多人游戏 - Multiplayer

  • [Fixed] Several issues where the game goes out of sync during AIs turn
  • 修正一些AI回合时的同步问题;
  • [Fixed] A crash for multiplayer when flee was used in combat
  • 修正一个多人游戏时战斗中逃跑导致的游戏崩溃问题;
  • [Fixed] Game getting stuck in sim turns when attacking an army without units
  • 修正一个同步回合时攻击没有部队的英雄导致的游戏卡死问题;

平衡 - Balancing

  • [Improved] Increased celestial resurrection ability effect 50 ->250
  • 昊天使的复活数量从50提高到250点;
  • [Improved] Increased base neutral growth rate 20% -> 30%
  • 野兵基础增长从20%提高至30%;
  • [Improved] Sylvan Ranger class now has Grandmaster Destiny
  • 游侠现在可以学习终极天命;

关卡设计 - Level Design

  • 学院2,Academy 2
  • [Improved] Lyla will now be selected when she teleports on the last platform in the Spirit World
  • 现在当莱拉穿越灵界最后一个平台之后会被指定;
  • [Fixed] An issue that enabled the player after loading a savegame to walk through the rock into the other area and bug the flow of the Quest
  • 读取存档之后,玩家可以穿越挡路的岩石,从而导致任务无法继续;
  • 学院3,Academy 3
  • [Fixed] An issue after save/load in Academy map 3, where the camera was pointing to the wrong place after defeating the Possessed Titan.
  • 存读档之后,玩家击败泰坦以后镜头会指向错误的地方;
  • [Fixed] An issue in Academy map 3 with one army having a value of 0xp.
  • 地图上有一支部队的经验值为0;
  • [Fixed] A problem where the enemies could not attack the town if the player was standing in front of the town
  • 玩家在城门前时,敌人无法攻城;
  • 学院3,Academy 4
  • [Improved] Removed the item Malathua`s Cleaver at the beginning of the map since the player has no use for it.
  • 地图开始时,从玩家手中移除玛剌刹的砍刀;
  • [Improved] Changed the end map logic cause it was triggering the same event twice and could cause potential issues.
  • 对地图结束时的逻辑进行修改,以避免连续触发两次事件从而导致潜在的问题;
  • [Fixed] Modified the last cutscene so any hero, not only Fahada, can trigger it. This could cause blockers.
  • 调整最终幕的剧情,使法哈达之外的英雄也可以触发这段剧情;
  • [Fixed] A blocker where the map was only considered as won if Qasim was defeated by Fahada. So if the player defeated him with a hired hero, the map couldn`t be completed.
  • 只有法哈达击败卡西姆才能够触发地图胜利;如果是副英雄击败敌人,则无法完成地图;
  • 圣堂2,Haven 2
  • [Fixed] A general issue was fixed that enabled the player after loading a savegame to pass the garrison before fulfilling the "Take all troops from Ymoril"-and therefore bug the Questflow
  • 读盘之后,玩家可以不完成任务就穿过关卡;
  • [Fixed] The Armies in front of the Forts are now garrisoned in the Fort
  • 要塞前的军队现在正常的出现在要塞中;
  • [Fixed] An area that was showing open on the minimap during the first Dialog is now closed
  • 第一段对话中有一个区域在小地图中显示是开放的,现在改为封闭的;
  • [Improved] Defenders of Hammerfall and House Materia will now end their turns faster
  • 落锤镇守护者与构质学派的ai现在会更快地结束回合;
  • 圣堂4,Haven 4
  • [Fixed] An issue with object manipulators in Haven map 4. In this map, on the Shantiri hill, where they looked like Banners and had the wrong Loca.
  • 杉提瑞山脉上的所有者旗帜不对;
  • [Fixed] A problem with one of the shipyards not being able to spawn a ship.
  • 有一个船坞没法造船;
  • 亡灵4,Necropolis 4
  • [Improved] Blocked the path that enabled the player to pass behind the "Watchers of Yagult" before the storypoint, for those who entered the area, there is also now a one-way teleporter that will bring you back if you are "trapped" in your savegame after the patch
  • 在剧情开始之前,阻止玩家进入Watchers of Yagult,如果玩家载入存盘后已经被困在此区域内,现在放置了一个单项传送门可以让玩家的英雄传送出去;
  • 据点1,Stronghold 1
  • [Fixed] Defeating Ajit in players turn and respawn of Ajit will no longer lead to a skipped turn.
  • 玩家击败阿吉特之后,再次招募阿吉特不会导致跳过回合;
  • [Improved] Weak of Storm got disabled to ensure player can win the last fight.
  • 去掉了风暴之周,以确保玩家可以赢得最后一战;
  • [Improved] Statue will now change it`s tooltip at the correct time (after the Dialog with Reem appears)
  • 属性会在正确的时间自动修正;
  • [Fixed] A wrong soundfile was removed on both cutscenes (Waterfall and Falling Statue)
  • 删除两个过场中的错误音效;
  • [Fixed] Amari has no creatures anymore
  • 阿玛里不再带着部队;
  • [Fixed] A correct combat map was added to one of the bridges (where it was missing)
  • 加入了一个桥梁战斗地图;
  • [Fixed] An issue where Ajit would not attack the player
  • 修正了阿吉特不会进攻玩家的问题;
  • [Fixed] A general issue was fixed that enabled player to access by the waterfall blocked area after loading a savegame
  • 修正了读盘后玩家没法进入瀑布后区域的问题;
  • 据点3,Stronghold 3
  • [Fixed] Hall of Heroes will now only provide 5 additional heroes to ensure that the player will not have more than 8 heroes when Imani comes back
  • 英雄大厅现在只提供5个英雄,以确保伊玛尼回归后,玩家不会有多于8个英雄;
  • [Fixed] The Dwelling in the east will now have proper visuals and naming and will also only provide one champion unit as designed
  • 东边的巢穴现在会有正确的外观、名字,并且只提供特定的冠军单位;
  • [Improved] One Dragon Flame Tongue was replaced with a Dragon Fang Necklace
  • 把龙炎火舌替换成龙牙项链;
  • [Fixed] The Sandstorm-(De-)Buff will now correctly apply to the attackers after Imani came back (fixed also for existing savegames)
  • 沙尘暴效果现在会在伊玛尼回归后正确地作用于进攻者;(对现有存档中的问题也进行了修正)
  • [Improved] The Scout will now be revealed if he happens to enter the FoW again after discovering him
  • 探子在被发现之后,如果再次进入战场迷雾中,会自动揭示其位置;
  • [Fixed] A general issue was fixed that enabled player and AI to access Ninakula after loading a savegame
  • 读盘之后,玩家和AI可以进入Ninakula;
  • 森林2,Sylvan 2
  • [Fixed] Two floating Objects were placed properly
  • 两个海上物品目前放置在正确的位置上;
  • [Improved] Disabled Week of Storm to ensure balance in the first fight
  • 取消风暴之周,以确保第一次战斗的平衡;
  • 森林2,Sylvan 3
  • [Improved] Cinematic showing Shadris and Sorleth triggered during "Between Shadris and Sorleth" quest is now skipable
  • Between Shadris and Sorleth任务过场现在可以跳过;
  • 地牢2,Dungeon 2
  • [Improved] One of the underground entrances is now more visible as it was quite hidden before
  • 其中一个地下城入口现在变得更显眼了;
  • [Improved] Gossipmonger quest cinamatic tweaked to work properly
  • Gossipmonger任务的镜头现在正常运作;
  • 终章1,Final 1
  • [Improved] There is now minimap tracking for the "Peace Offering" quest
  • 小地图现在标记出Peace Offering任务的位置;
  • [Fixed] If you end the "Heart and Soul" quest using Nolwenn, Nolwenn was still the selected hero even though she changed the faction
  • 如果玩家使用诺尔温完成Heart and Soul后,会在诺尔温转换阵营后继续选择该英雄;
  • [Fixed] The player is now able to complete the AM_Final_Map1 if he casts Instant Recall after solving the "Heart and Soul" quest
  • 现在,如果玩家在完成Heart and Soul任务后选择回城,可以正常的完成该任务;
  • 终章1,Final 2
  • [Fixed] An issue in the second map of Ivan`s campaign, whereby a wrong dialogue was playing when completing a quest with Andras of Raven.
  • Andras of Raven任务完成后,有一句对白错误;
  • 伊诗塔的承诺,Yeshtar`s Promise
  • [Fixed] Two clipping issues where fixed (Camera could go beneath the terrain; Artifact Chest was below the terrain)
  • 修正两个视角问题;(镜头穿过地下,宝箱穿过地下)
  • [Fixed] A wrong soundfile was removed
  • 移除一个错误音效;
  • [Fixed] The arena will now also give 10 Defense
  • 竞技场现在额外增加10防御;
  • [Improved] If you already fullfilled the Main Quest (captured the town), you can now load your savegame to finish the map (in the previous patch you still needed to end your turn once to take effect)
  • 如果玩家已经完成主任务,那么可以在读盘后完成地图;(之前版本中,读盘后还需要过一回合才能完成地图)
  • [Fixed] A general issue was fixed that enabled player to access the closed "choosing areas" after loading a savegame
  • 玩家在读盘后,可以关闭“选择区域”选项;
  • 索梅尔和伊弗里特的故事,The Story of Solmyr and the Efreet
  • [Fixed] The Dragon Nexus is now reachable
  • 龙脉现在可以到达;
  • 冰魔,Ice Demons
  • [Fixed] Hero passes no longer through a bridge
  • 英雄现在不能穿过桥梁;
  • 木材战争,The Timber War
  • [Fixed] Player no longer loses map if he only loses the city of Tyloth
  • 玩家丢掉Tyloth城后不再导致游戏失败;
  • [Fixed] Hole in landscape fixed
  • 修正一个地形漏洞;
  • [Improved] Landscape increased so that the player can`t see the borders of the level in the fog of war
  • 增加地形高度,以防止玩家看出战争迷雾外的场景;
  • [Fixed] The user received the same message twice if he gets close to both bridges on the map
  • 玩家靠近桥后,会连续两次出现同一段消息;
  • [Improved] Map trigger was moved to the other side of the bridge
  • 地图触发器挪到桥的另一边;

遭遇战 - Skirmish

  • [Fixed] Several gameplay and visual issues have been adressed for the Savage Sea map.
  • 修正荒夷海地图部分游戏效果和视觉效果;
  • [Fixed] An issue in Ruins of Discord were the folliage was entering inside some buildings
  • 修正纷争废墟地图有些植物穿过了建筑的问题;
  • [Improved] A new feature on Dried Lands were the expansion towns will never be the same faction as the your initial town to prevent unfairness in MP games.
  • 干枯之地地图新特性,地图早的其它中立城绝对不会和你初始主城的种类相同,以避免多人地图出现不平衡;
  • [Improved] Some water areas were polished on dungeons and minions
  • 对地下城与仆从地图的一些水域进行改进;
  • [Improved] Camera behaviour tweaks on dungeons and minions
  • 调整地下城与仆从地图的视角活动方式;

编辑器 - Editor

  • [Improved] Random Towns/Creatures/Forts/Dwellings now have a new feature to be a different faction from a town.
  • 随机城镇/兵种/要塞/兵种产地现在可以设置为和指定城不同种族;
  • Random Artifacts:Added item set and tier options
  • 随机宝物:添加套装和和等级选项;
  • [Improved] Script Editor - 脚本编辑器
    • Added instigating army support to actions "Attack Army", "Rotate Army", "Interact with [Improved] Building", "Move to Army", "Move to Building" and "Move to Tile".
    • 对“攻击部队”,“旋转部队”,“接触建筑”,“移动到部队”,“移动到建筑”和“移动到格子”动作添加使军队开始XXX支持;
    • Added "Timer" trigger, condition, and action
    • 添加计时器触发器,条件和动作;
    • Added new actions "Add random Hero Artifact", "Add Skill to Hero", "Learn Spell for [Improved] Hero" and "Add/Remove/Set Hero EXP"
    • 添加新动作,“给英雄添加随机宝物”,“给英雄添加技能”,“给英雄学习魔法”和“增加/减少/设置英雄经验值”;
    • Added pickup sound and floating text for actions that give items to heroes
    • 英雄添加宝物时增加拾取音效和浮动文本提示;
    • Added "Collected specific army" trigger
    • 添加“收集特定部队”触发器;
  • [Fixed] Campaign Editor - 战役编辑器
    • Fixed "Map could not be found" issue
    • 修正“无法找到地图”问题;
    • Fixed crash when saving a campaign after having switched maps in the editor
    • 修正一个在换了地图后保存战役导致的游戏崩溃问题;
  • [Improved] Kismet:Split H7Actions, H7Conditions and H7Trigger into multiple categories to reduce the list sizes
  • 分拆“动作”“条件”“触发器”至不同的分类,以缩短列表;
  • [Fixed] Custom Campaigns:Fixed hero transfer from one map to the next, which was broken when the hero`s properties were changed before
  • 自定义战役:修正英雄信息传递到下一地图时因为之前修改过英雄属性导致的问题;
  • [Fixed] Minimap disappearing on performing Ctrl + Middle Mouse
  • 修正Ctrl+鼠标滚轮导致的小地图消失;
  • [Improved] Removed erasing functionality of the terrain painting tool since Unreal Engine 3 only supports it when a texture is not at full density, which limits its usefulness.
  • 移除消除地形涂抹工具;
  • [Improved] Flotsam contains the correct resources (Gold and Wood)
  • 海上漂浮物现在获取正确的资源(金币和木材);

游戏机制 - Gameplay Mechanics

  • [Fixed] Pixies and Sprites applying debuffs twice.
  • 修正花精和花妖会被负面状态叠加两次的问题;
  • [Fixed][Skills/Abilities] Bought spell scrolls are not reset after selecting fight again
  • 购买来的魔法卷轴在选择再次战斗时没有重置的问题;
  • [Fixed] Random skilling: 2 abilities should not be from the same skill
  • 随机技能:随机出来的2个子技能不会是同一个技能系下的;
  • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] The Justicar unit will skip its turn if it uses the Opportunity Retaliation before its turn in the round
  • 修正如果诛罪官在行动之前就用过借机反击会导致的自身回合被自动略过的问题;
  • [Fixed] The user`s units can appear in a manual combat even if they cannot be controlled in certain conditions
  • 修正一个本应无法控制的单位出现在手动战斗中的问题;
  • [Fixed] The Morale and Luck Icon are triggered after the turn of the Sun Deer
  • 修正日鹿结束回合后触发的士气与幸运图标;
  • [Fixed] [Combat] Centaurs use maneuver while week of storms
  • 修正风暴之周人马使用规避的问题;
  • [Fixed] Accuracy not working in morale turn
  • 修正箭无虚发在士气回合无效的问题;
  • [Fixed] Improper behaviour can be seen when the player orders a caravan of creatures from any captured town hall or dwelling in the map Irresponsible War
  • 不负责任的战争地图中,当玩家从占领的城用篷车运输后力时可以看到的不正确行为;
  • [Fixed] Creatures with the "Strike and Return" ability can make the same space available to all other friendly creatures ignoring the rule of limited movement
  • 修正有攻击后返回能力的兵种会使的某些格子无视最大移动力让友军进入的问题;
  • [Fixed] Warfare units have no `getting-hit` animations
  • 修正军备单位没有被攻击的动画的问题;
  • [Fixed] The siege warfare unit shoots a second time even if the targeted area is destroyed
  • 修正攻城军备单位对同一目标攻击两次即使目标已被摧毁的问题;
  • [Fixed] The Tsunami spell can place creature stacks one on top of the other when cast by the AI
  • 修正AI施放海啸魔法时会导致兵种被重叠的问题;
  • [Fixed] The dimension portal does not trigger combat when guarded on the other side
  • 修正穿过传送门时对面有守卫但不会触发战斗的问题;
  • [Fixed] Metamagic rank increase is not working
  • 修正元变魔法的魔法等级不能提升的问题;
  • [Fixed] Entangling roots don`t make the hit creature unable to move
  • 修正缠绕之根没有使击中的兵种无法移动的问题;
  • [Fixed] "Poison Cloud" spell will give damage to any unit
  • 修正毒云会伤害所有单位的问题;
  • [Fixed] Incapacitated enemy creatures don`t skip their next turn
  • 丧失行动能力的兵种没有自动略过回合的问题;
  • [Fixed] Resurrection ability of the Celestial is not working when an enemy unit is in melee range
  • [Fixed] Celestial`s resurrection ability does not work when engaged in melee
  • 修正昊天使的复活能力在被贴身时无法使用的问题;
  • [Fixed] The Celestial Resurrection Ability kills friendly creatures instead of reviving them when the hero has the Reinforcements untimate
  • 修正天使的复活能力对援军状态的兵种使用时不是复活而是杀死的问题;
  • [Fixed] Hybrid Warfare unit skips second action when attacking first and "Artillery", "Artillery Barrage" is skilled
  • 修正混合类的军备单位在学了弹道炮术和炮击弹幕后第二击被略过的问题;
  • [Fixed] Fire Wall will be casted elsewhere in certain conditions
  • 修正某些条件下火墙会被施放到非指定地点的问题;
  • [Fixed] The legionnaire will receive the same Debuff as the unit he is shielding receives
  • 修正军团卫会受到和他保卫的单位某些同样的debuff的问题;
  • [Fixed] Moving the first creature available in a combat after it was previously put on Wait will display incorrect tiles during the next combat turn
  • 修正等待后移动可能会导致的第二回合移动范围显示不正确的问题;
  • [Fixed] Firewall is not cast where it should on 2X2 units
  • 修正火墙施放在大体积生物上时错位的问题;
  • [Fixed] In moral turn the "wait" option needs to be disabled
  • 修正士气回合没有屏蔽等待的问题;
  • [Fixed] Game gets stuck when the user orders one hero to collect a treasure chest and spams on his second hero hud just before the pop up of gold/xp appears
  • 修正一个你的英雄在拾取宝箱的同时???第二个英雄导致的游戏卡死问题;
  • [Fixed] Enraged Cyclops ability "Fiery Eye" is not greyed out when an enemy creature its near him
  • 修正当怒目独眼被近身时远程技能没被屏蔽的问题;
  • [Fixed] Spells cast during the Clarity skill`s second turn show negative values
  • 修正心领神会第二次施法时出现的负数值问题;
  • [Fixed] The Face of Fear spell does not work as intended
  • 修正恐吓面容没有正确的运作的问题;
  • [Fixed] Deployment of the local guard is not possible if a stack from the main army is split during tactics
  • 修正在守城时分队导致的无法放置本地戍卫的问题;

特效 - SFX

  • [Improved] Sound is now played when the spirit gate is activated after interacting with Anastasya on AM_Final_Map1
  • 终章1,灵魂之门在与安娜斯塔西娅交互后的音效现在可以播放了;
  • [Fixed] A new quest sound was played when the camera reveals Kente on AM_Final_Map1
  • 终章1,修正当镜头切向肯特时会有一个新的任务音效播放;
  • [Fixed] Sound is now played when activating Spider Obelisks in Necro map 2
  • 亡灵2,修正激活蜘蛛方尖塔时现在会播放音效了;
  • [Fixed] The music ends and doesn`t resume, during the battle with Yasir, on am_stronghold_map4
  • 据点4,修正与亚西尔的战斗结束后战斗音乐仍不停止的情况;
  • [Fixed] Selection SFX is not present when selecting a creature in Army Recruitment Page
  • 修正选取特效在招募界面选取生物时失效的问题;
  • [Fixed] Basic ambience sounds aren`t changing during npc scenes
  • 修正在NPC过场氛围音效不会改变的问题;
  • [Fixed] Wrong voiceover is played after completing the "Raven Wings" quest
  • 在完成任务:"Raven Wings"后会播放错误的音效;
  • [Fixed] Rubble sound effects can be heard when the narration with Kibwe is closed, after the wizard statue falls, on am_stronghold_map1
  • 据点1,修正Kibwe叙事时法师雕像倒下后,废墟的音效可以播放了;
  • [Fixed] Ivan has no movement sound on AM_Final_Map1
  • 终章1,修正伊凡没有移动音效的问题;
  • [Fixed] The Adventure Speed setting influences audio playback on Combat Maps
  • 冒险地图速度设置会影响战斗地图的音效回放;
  • [Fixed] The "Time Stasis" spell SFX is corrupted
  • 法术“时间停滞”的特效损坏;
  • [Fixed] Battle SFX can be heard in a multiplayer combat of two other players (while you only see the static progress screen)
  • 多人游戏中,你的战斗音效可以被正处于等待屏幕的其他玩家听到;
  • [Fixed] There is no SFX audible when clicking on the arrows of the Scroll bar in Heropedia
  • 点击Heropedia的滚动条时没有音效;
  • [Fixed] Ambient sounds are not heard on the town screen but resume when options are accessed
  • 在城镇界面没有音效,但访问选项后会恢复;
  • [Fixed] No specific sound is played when the player selects different skills
  • 当玩家选取特定技能时没有特殊音效;
  • [Fixed] No specific sounds are played when the user adjusts the recruit screen creature quantity slider
  • 当玩家拖动生物招募的滑块时没有特殊音效;
  • [Fixed] There is no sound when choosing between the "max" and "TR" buttons in the marketplace
  • 在市场界面选择max和TR之间的选项时没有特殊音效;
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( ̄_ ̄|||)呵,法国佬,你们还知道自己BUG多呀,你们自己看看,光是随便修一下就有这么多的BUG……而且只只是一小部分,拜托你们,就算不是亲生的也稍微长点儿心好吗,不好的话能不能请你们把人家JVC老爷的孩子还给人家呀,不愿意的话敢不敢把我家吸血鬼的无法反击还来,还有那个移动一次之后就无法再移动的BUG你们到底要到什么时候才修复呀喂!!!!!(╯`□′)╯""┻━┻☆))>○<)
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