Songs of Conquest


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战役部分 - Campaign & Walkthrough

  • 全部,General
  • [Fixed] The AI heroes may remain stuck in front of their town blocking the human player from attacking the town or the heroes. This could happen on various maps/locations and should be fixed.
  • AI英雄会卡在自家城镇门口导致玩家无法进攻AI的城镇或英雄问题;
  • [Fixed] Solving two quests at once will not block the quest flow anymore. This lead tvarious potential blockers, especially on Necropolis 2.
  • 同时完成两个任务会导致任务卡住,尤其是亡灵第二关;
  • 学院第2关,Academy 2
  • [Fixed] An issue that the player can`t complete the map, after choosing the "fight again" option at the Jadwa encounter.
  • 玩家在和嘉德娃战斗后,选择重新战斗会导致本关无法完成;
  • [Fixed] An issue with enemy AI hiding in the sanctuary.
  • AI英雄会一直躲在修道院导致任务无法完成;
  • 学院第3关,Academy 3
  • [Fixed] A potential blocker related tsecondary heroes (aka not Hisham) being used for the final fight.
  • 使用副英雄进行最后一场战斗会导致任务无法完成;
  • [Fixed] If a secondary herpicks up the "Flower of Dolor" the map can be bugged.
  • 副英雄拾取哀伤之花会导致游戏出现bug;
  • [Fixed] The Tear of Asha is not placed at the exact spot indicated by the Treasure Map.
  • 亚莎之泪并没有在藏宝图显示的位置上;
  • 学院第4关,Academy 4
  • [Fixed] If a secondary herpicks up the "Flower of Dolor" the map can be bugged.
  • 副英雄拾取哀伤之花会导致游戏出现bug;
  • 地牢第四关,Dungeon 4
  • [Fixed] Light effect changes abruptly if the player navigates through the surface area using arrow keys.
  • 如果玩家在地表用方向键会导致光源突变;
  • 圣堂2,Haven 2
  • [Fixed] Loading a saved game made after Tomas is trapped by Gloria on Haven Map 2 will trigger an infinite autEnd Turn.
  • 任务进行到托马斯被格洛丽亚困住后,如果此时存盘并读取,会导致永远自动结束回合;
  • 圣堂3,Haven 3
  • [Fixed] Konrad could win the fight with Serguei Griffin which was not intended.
  • 康拉德战胜谢尔盖导致任务无法继续;
  • [Fixed] There should now be a quest marker for the last step in Soul Quest quest.
  • Soul Quest最后一步没有任务标记;
  • [Fixed] There should now be quest markers for the State of Siege quest.
  • State of Siege最后一步没有任务标记;
  • [Improvements] Camera should now be focused on projectiles from triggered catapults.
  • 改进:使用投石车时,视角会追随投掷物;
  • [Improvements] The narration should now play until the end when you find Biliashi.
  • 改进:找到Biliashi后,叙事部分会继续播放;
  • [Improvements] The mines now become Neutral when you block those using catapults.
  • 改进:玩家使用投石车困住矿井后,矿井会变为中立;
  • 墓园2,Necropolis 2
  • [Fixed] Final cinematic will not trigger if the user defeats the rebel AI before finishing the other objective.
  • 玩家再完成其他目标前击败叛军ai会导致结局过场无法播放
  • 墓园5,Necropolis 5
  • [Fixed] Samaariih castle cannot be accessed.
  • Samaariih城堡无法接触/进入;
  • 森林1,Sylvan 1
  • [Fixed] An issue leading to the player being unable tenter a new ship after loading a save game.
  • 读盘后会导致无法进入新的船只;
  • 森林3,Sylvan 3
  • [Fixed] Player is unable to board the ship manufactured in the shipyard on the spawning island
  • spawning岛上船坞制造的船只无法进入;
  • 最终1,Final 1
  • [Fixed] A crash when restarting fight against Vayaron on Final Map 1 (general crash fix for some misbehaving buffs).
  • 重新开始和瓦亚隆的战斗会导致游戏崩溃;
  • [Fixed] The boat offered by Lasir resets after a Save/Load is performed
  • 拉西尔提供的船只在读档后的问题;
  • 最终2,Final 2
  • [Fixed] Catapults had a problem where they would only shoot once instead of twice as was intended. Now all 4 catapults can shoot twice.
  • 投石车只发射一次。修改后全部4辆投石车都可以正常发射两次;
  • [Improvement] The player is now informed of the available reinforcements that Andras receives after finishing the "Raven Wings" quest.
  • 完成Raven Wings任务后,安德拉斯将正确地接收到增援部队奖励;
  • 单关剧情,Skirmish/Scenario Maps
  • [Fixed] issue related to the victory conditions on Yeshtar′s Promise
  • 伊诗塔的誓约胜利条件有问题;
  • [Fixed] FPS drop and constant freezes during combat after several gameplay hours on Bloodpact
  • [Fixed] Major FPS drop (13 FPS) after at least 4-5 hours of gameplay on a hero with level 19 and massive army on Bloodpact
  • Bloodpact地图在玩几小时后战斗时FPS狂掉,或者暂时卡住;
  • [Fixed] Some maps are showing Day 1 twice on the second day
  • 有些地图显示第一天两次在第二天;
  • [Fixed] The player is unable to finish the map as the Sweristal and Nawal castles cannot be captured on certain circumstances on Dungeons and Minions
  • Dungeons and Minions地图,Sweristal and Nawal无法攻占导致地图无法完成;
  • [Fixed] Ice Demons map has the standard Skirmish Quest active AI specific
  • Ice Demons地图,AI问题;

AI相关 - AI specific

  • [Improvement] AI turns have again had their speed increased exponentially. Under the fog of war the AI will act even faster.
  • AI过夜速度继续优化;
  • [Improvement] AI will now give a higher threat value to ranged units, as well as having a `tighter` threat evaluation within combat maps when addressing what to attack. Working on this is an ongoing task and will be further improved in the future.
  • AI现在对远程单位有更高的威胁级别;
  • [Improvement] Calculations for what damaging moves to use have also been improved. As an example if an enemy unit stack is low in numbers or has low health the AI will not longer use it`s most powerful spell to kill it, but instead work out what is the most cost efficient spell to do get the job done.
  • AI现在会避免对数量较少的目标使用过于强大的法术,而是会选择最有效的方法消灭目标;
  • [Improvement] Optimised AI thinking times on Adventure map, which are now near-instant. NOTE: AI interactions with forts still take up to three extra seconds due to the fort destruction/repair animations.
  • 冒险地图上的ai思考时间加快;
  • [Fixed] An issue/crash related to uninitialised armies performing checks for the pathfinding.
  • 未初始化的部队进行寻路检查时游戏崩溃;
  • [Fixed] An issue related to AI calculations for reachability which could result in a crash.
  • AI计算地点是否可以到达时会导致游戏崩溃;
  • [Fixed] A rare crash when interacting with a high-level town.
  • 进入高级别城镇会导致游戏崩溃;
  • [Fixed] A crash during AI turn after a ship combat had been lost.
  • AI输掉海战后,结束回合时会导致游戏崩溃;
  • [Fixed] A rare crash with targeting spells outside the grid.
  • 法术目标在格子外会导致游戏崩溃;
  • [Fixed] A crash with AI town threat sorting.
  • AI城镇威胁排序会导致游戏崩溃;
  • [Fixed] Weird movement (bridges/obstacles) and positioning of AI controlled combatants.
  • AI单位会出现奇怪的移动方式;
  • [Fixed] AI skipping its turn when its first hero is in a shelter.
  • AI的第一个英雄在庇护所内时会跳过自己的回合;

存档读档,技能,其它 - Load/Save, Skills, Abilities, Various

  • [Improvement] Added option to disable color coding of models in skirmishes.
  • 在遭遇战模式中增加了可以关闭"color of models"的选项。
  • [Fixed] various issues regarding keybinding displays.
  • 快捷键显示的多种问题。
  • [Improvement] Removed debug text from the Game Log.
  • 从游戏日志中去除了调试文本。
  • [Fixed] Caravans that could not be unloaded now properly show up in the Caravanserai.
  • 没有卸下兵力的篷车可以正确显示在篷车驿站中。
  • [Fixed] Quest objective counters are always localized correctly, even when loading a savegame from a different language.
  • 任务指示可以在正确的位置显示,即使用另外种语言读档也不影响。
  • [Improvement] The Tear of Asha can now be retrieved from the precise cell as well as its neighbours.
  • 可以从亚莎之泪的准确埋藏点挖宝,也可以从毗邻的格子挖出来。
  • [Fixed] Masfar recovers 10 movement points after every manual combat if he has the Stables Buff on Academy 2.
  • 学院2关,Masfar如果有马厩增益,每场手动战斗后可以恢复10点移动力。
  • [Fixed] After using a teleport scroll, the teleport spell will still appear in the spellbook with 0 Mana and can be cast again every battle.
  • 使用传送卷轴后,卷轴依然会出现在魔法书中,并且0耗魔,每场战斗可使用。
  • [Improved] Sounds for creature animations are sometimes interrupted by another action. Issue relates to multiple bugs relating to death and move sounds that are not played until the end, as they get interrupted by other actions in queue.
  • 生物音效有时会被下一个行动打断。如生物死亡或移动的音效会被下一个行动中断,并由此导致多种问题。
  • [Fixed] [AdventureMap] Messages will appear on the screen if the Hero will interact with his caravan on the adventure map
  • 英雄访问自己的篷车时,屏幕会出现提示文字。
  • [Fixed] [Adventure] Unreachable Neutral Army is present on the map Savage Sea.
  • 地图Savage Sea会出现无法访问的中立军队。
  • [Fixed] [Adventure Map] Unreachable cartographer is present in the map Savage Sea.
  • 地图Savage Sea会出现无法访问的制图师。
  • [Fixed] [Load/Save] Ships sometimes lose their ownership flag after loading the savegame.
  • 读档后,船只偶有丢失标识它们所属玩家旗帜的现象。
  • [Fixed] [Load/Save] Autosave handling changed to the end of a turn.
  • 自动存档改在回合结束后。
  • [Fixed] [Save/Load] The user must rebuild the Thieves Guild building of the Haven faction every time he loads a game.
  • 玩家每次读档后,都要重新建造圣堂的盗贼工会。
  • [Fixed] [Save/Load][Menu] The user is unable to load a multiplayer save game and create a new lobby while in a Duel session
  • 对决模式下,玩家无法读取多人游戏进度,也不能创建房间。
  • [Fixed] [Voice/Dialog] Voice overs for the campaign story line are missing when the council table is selected
  • 在选择其它座位的英雄后战役故事线的配音消失;
  • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Ultimate abilities are not saved as learned.
  • 终极能力的效果可以正确存档
  • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Magic increasing skills like Gathering Storm or the Wisdom skill for the schools of magic are triggered incorrectly.
  • 某些给单系加成的魔力,现在可以正常的触发了;
  • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Elrath`s Conviction buff will not increase stats after fight again/restart combat.
  • 艾尔拉思的信念不会因同一战斗重新开始而多次触发;
  • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Silverback`s Feral Charge ability can be targeted on an empty grid square.
  • 银背狼的Charge 能力可以对准战场上的空格子。
  • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] The Indomitable skill does not work against Face of Fear and Mesmerize.
  • 剑圣的不屈不挠对Face of Fear和Mesmerize无效。
  • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] The initiative bar does not update if the warfare unit has "Artillery" skill learned.
  • 战术单位在获得“Artillery”能力后,主动条没有变化。
  • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] The Shantiri Titan`s `Rooting` ability has no effect.
  • 杉提瑞泰坦的"rooting"能力无效。
  • [Fixed] [Skills/abilities] Ranged units will always use Defend when a creature is near them.
  • 远程部队被贴身后只会一味防御。
  • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities]Tanis can cast Tsunami multiple times in the same combat rounds
  • Tanis一回合可以多次施展海啸魔法。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] [Skill] Clarity skill doesn`t provide an extra action after casting a prime magic spell.
  • Clarity不会在施展源力法术后给予一次额外的行动。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] [Skill] Bursting Rage ability triggers when the creature dies.
  • 生物死亡后触发Bursting Rage能力。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] Celestial`s resurrection ability will not revive dead creatures
  • 昊天使的复活能力无效。
  • [Fixed] `Cleave` ability makes `Strike and return` ability buggy.
  • "顺势斩"能力会让"攻击后返回"能力出错。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] The harpies return too fast to their initial position when using Strike and Return.
  • 鹰身女妖使用"Strike and Return"能力后,会过快回到初始位置。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] Attacking with the Harpy/Fury unit will make the selected tile to remain active after Strike and Return ability activates.
  • 鹰身女妖的攻击会导致选择攻击的格子在返回会依然被认定为占用;
  • [Fixed] [Combat]The death animation for the Gargoyles and Obsidian Gargoyles takes place after the attacking creature`s turn ends.
  • 攻击生物的回合结束后,石像鬼的死亡动画才会触发。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] Gold Dragon`s Aura of Purity will not protect the creature against negative magic effects.
  • 金龙的纯净光环能力不能免疫负面法术效果。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] Feral Charge suppresses Opportunity Retaliation.
  • 野蛮冲锋导致借机反击不能触发。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] No kill notification when attacking a warfare unit.
  • 攻击战术单位时没有战斗提示。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] The Emerald Dragon`s Acid Breath (buff) ability does not work as intended.
  • 翡翠龙的酸性吐息能力没有如预期般生效。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] The movement is not updated if the last creature of a round is also the first creature of the next round.
  • 当一个生物既是本回合最后一个行动,又是下回合第一个行动时,它的移动力不会补满。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] Mephitic Scent: when killing a creature with this ability the creature gets an extra turn under certain conditions.
  • Mephitic Scent: 生物被这个能力杀死时,某些条件下会获得额外的一个行动回合。
  • [Fixed] [Combat] Moving with "Shrouded" Creatures (Shroud of Malassa) has targeting issues.
  • 移动带有马拉萨遮蔽能力的生物时会出问题。
  • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Gust of Wind cannot target friendly creatures.
  • 狂风不能对友军使用。
  • [Fixed] [AdventureMap] The "Champion Guard Tower" will appear on other factions.
  • 圣堂冠军岗楼有时会变成其他族建筑。
  • [Fixed] [AdventureMap] Dragon Vein effect gets consumed even if the visiting hero has full mana.
  • 满魔法值的英雄也会消耗掉龙脉的效果。
  • [Fixed] Metamagic rank increase is not working in certain situations.
  • 元变魔法的技能等级增加效果无法正常的动作;
  • [Fixed] [Combat] Lightning reflexes on the creature Fury does not work correctly.
  • 迅捷反应无法在狂怒女妖(Fury)上正常作用。
  • [Fixed] [Global][Skills] Player`s skillpoint gets utilised on unlocked skills after performing certain steps.
  • 英雄的技能在某些特定的步骤解锁技能后不会被消耗;
  • [Fixed] [Menu] Gameplay speed will be reset when transferring control to another Hero during campaign
  • 战役中,切换到另一个英雄时会导致游戏速度重置。
  • [Fixed] The Centaur Marauder attack animation doesn`t fit with the shot projectile.
  • 半人马掠夺者的攻击动画与飞矢不协调。
  • [Fixed] [Menu] Combat Speed settings will not be applied in game under certain circumstances.
  • 战斗速度的设置有时会不起作用。
  • [Fixed] [Menu] "Occupied Slots Count" will not update correctly in certain conditions
  • 额外的战斗分兵格子无法正常的动作;
  • [Fixed] [Audio]SFX is not present while selecting Artwork in Heropedia.
  • 在Heropedia界面选择原画时光效不正常;
  • [Fixed] The lighthouse lose its controller at end of week.
  • 灯塔在一周结束后会丢失控制方。
  • [Fixed] During Week of Magicians, artefacts cannot be bought if the player has only just enough gold to match the discounted price.
  • 在法师之周中,如果玩家的金子正好是宝物折扣后的价格,那依然无法购买宝物。
  • [Fixed] Metamagic ability: Arcane Channeling works only for one combat.
  • 元变魔法:Arcane Channeling 只对一场战斗有效。
  • [Fixed] AdventureMap] Trading with heroes on ships is difficult due to small interaction area.
  • 和在船上的英雄交换物品,操作起来很困难。
  • [Fixed] [AdventureMap]Heroes in boats can interact only by clicking in a certain spot.
  • 要选中船上的英雄,只能点击特定的位置。
  • [Fixed] [AdventureMap] Heroes cannot attack enemy ships from land
  • 英雄不能从陆上攻击敌舰。
  • [Fixed] [Townscreen] Certain Structures / Buildings cannot be constructed if Ranged creature dwellings are upgraded first before melee ones
  • 如果先升级远程单位,后近战单位,会导致一些建筑无法建造。
  • [Fixed] [GFX] Flying units twirl while moving
  • 飞行单位移动时会打转。
  • [Fixed] [GFX] Smoke produced when destroying walls is flickering
  • 摧毁城墙时的烟雾会闪烁不定。
  • [Fixed] [LD/LA] Orange smoke is present after viewing the map at a certain angle
  • 从某个角度观察地图时,会出现橙色烟雾。
  • [Fixed] [Text] Build version number displayed on screen during the credits roll
  • 看制作人员名单时,版本号也会被显示出来。

多人游戏 - Multiplayer Specific

  • [Fixed] various Out of Sync issues so they will not occur as often anymore. However there are still some scenario`s were an Out of Sync may occur and providing us game logs for this issue is a massive help. As a side note if you do Out of Sync in a multiplayer match the save data will not be corrupt therefore you can re make the game and carry on where you left off for a quick work around.
  • 解决了一些同步问题,不过还是会有其他的,如果遇见请给我们信息帮助我们改进
  • [Fixed] a bug related to joining a game lobby.
  • 加入游戏大厅时会出现bug
  • [Fixed] several out of sync issues in Multiplayer Games.
  • 一些多人游戏的同步问题
  • when interacting with a Dangerous Cave in sim turns.
  • 同步回合下进入Dangerous Cave时有问题
  • when attacking an Enemy in Combat that has 3 Nature`s Revenge stacks with a ranged unit.
  • 用远程单位攻击具有三个Nature`s Revenge标记的敌人时会有问题
  • when attacking a small creature Stack with a Basilisk Lancer in combat.
  • 用Basilisk Lancer攻击小体型生物时会有问题
  • when a unit with a cover bonus is getting attacked by ranged in combat.
  • 有掩护加成的单位受到远程伤害时会有问题
  • [Fixed] corrupted Camera at the beginning of a Multiplayer Duel Session.
  • 多人对局模式开始时镜头有问题
  • [Fixed] an issue where the game got stuck in multiplayer in the AIs turn sometimes.
  • 多人游戏有时会在ai回合卡住
  • [Fixed] an issue where the game goes out of sync during th AIs turn sometimes.
  • 多人游戏有时会在ai回合不同步
  • [Fixed] [Normal Turn] Host gets a week popup notification screen at the start of the match in any map which he cannot cancel if the match is played in Normal turn setting
  • 在一般回合制多人游戏开始时,主机会出现一个没法关闭的弹出窗口
  • [Fixed] Team chat option does not exist
  • 组队聊天选项不存在
  • [Fixed] [Online/LAN] The damage dealt logs during the masked combat are visible on the spectator screen when the game is switched to Window mode
  • 当游戏切换到窗口模式时,(对战时可以看对方打野兵)正在看战斗方的窗口会显示伤害记录;
  • 对决模式 - Duel mode:
  • [Fixed] Option to change combat speed is not available in duel lobby
  • 对决大厅里不能调节战斗速度
  • [Fixed] The user can see through the map before the tactics phase
  • 玩家可以在战术阶段看见整个地图


  • [Fixed] Issues with the tooltips in the quickbar fixed
  • 快速使用栏的浮动提示问题修正;
  • [Improvement] several GUI situations which lead to potential memory issues
  • 一些GUI导致的内存问题;
  • [Fixed] Fixed right-click not working in main menu
  • 主界面右键无效;
  • [Fixed] Minimap: Icons are now properly scaled
  • 小地图上的图标大小比例修正;
  • [Fixed] Minimap: Resolved several issues with ships
  • 小地图上船只的问题修正;
  • [Fixed] Minimap: Heroes are now always the highest icons
  • 英雄的图标现在总会显示在小地图最上层;
  • [Fixed] The Governor Tooltip now has proper layout
  • 城主的悬浮提示可以正确的显示了;
  • [Fixed] Text Buttons no longer have pixels where they don`t react
  • 文本按钮像素越界问题;
  • [Fixed] Fixed various lobby settings and displays
  • 大厅的设置和显示的一些问题;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Title crashes after spamming two keybindings "A" with "H".
  • 同时按A和H导致的崩溃;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The catapult repair panel overlaps the dialogue between Andras and Kente on Final Map 2.
  • 终章2投石车的修复操作窗口显示在肯特和安德拉斯的对话窗口上;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Multiple issues present when trying to recruit creatures from Kuwananjaa, on Stronghold 3.
  • 据点3在Kuwananjaa招兵时的一些问题;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Misspelled word in the description of Soulkey Shard fragment.
  • 魂匙碎片的介绍的错误拼写;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] No units are visible in the "unload caravans" screen.
  • 在篷车取出窗口上没有兵种的问题;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] There is a debug text %stat1 present on the Scroll of Frenzy description.
  • 癫狂卷轴介绍上的多余debug文本;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The user is able to open the skillwheel for a Hero that was defeated by clicking the level up notification.
  • 玩家可以通过升级提示(最右侧那里)打开一个已经战败的英雄的技能盘;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The `Merge Armies` window is not affected by the timer.
  • 合兵窗口现在也会计时;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The Creature portrait contour is smaller for the standard units, in the town recruitment menu.
  • 在城镇的招募界面,未升级兵种的头像的外廓太小的问题;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The auto combat prompt disappears each time the enemy makes a move.
  • (敌方回合?)如果敌人移动,自动战斗结果界面消失的问题;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The players that are on closed slots appear in the Thieves Guild screen.
  • 盗贼公会的显示问题;
  • [Fixed] [HUD][Lobby] The Adventure Map Timer is functional on skirmish against AI.
  • 大地图的计时器对遭遇战打AI也有用;
  • [Fixed] [Menu] Kick button is present in the Duel Hotseat lobby.
  • 热座对决大厅有踢人按钮;
  • [Fixed] [HUD][Lobby] Spectator Mode option is available for the client in the Multiplayer Lobby.
  • 非主机方的多人大厅有观察模式选项;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Heropedia page acces button is missing for warfare units in Duel Setup lobby.
  • 军备单位的pedia按钮在对决设置界面消失;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Several Spell Scrolls provided by the Academy custom building Inscriber will have an inconsistency in regards to prices.
  • 学院卖卷轴的建筑有些卷轴的价格显示和实际不一致;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Town governor tooltip text is too small.
  • 城主的悬浮提示文字太小;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Sylvan and Academy faction logos appear to have low resolution when viewed from the hero screen.
  • 在英雄界面森林的学院的种族图标分辨率太低;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Sending a spy on a "Sabotage" action does not trigger any notification. (it′s a sneaky spy…).
  • 让间谍去破坏不会触发任何提示;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The user can multiply artefacts during a trade between heroes in certain conditions.
  • 某些情况下英雄间交换宝物时可以复制宝物;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The teleporter icons on the minimap are too big and have a stretched appearance.
  • 小地图上的传送门图标太大和相关问题;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Debug text "mName" is present for Anastasya in the game log of Necropolis 1.
  • 亡灵1的游戏信息记录上显示debug文件mName的问题;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Blank hero portrait appears when attacking the Sylvan town on Sylvan 4.
  • 精灵4攻击森林城镇时显示空白的英雄头像;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Host setting options are not grayed out for the client who joins a duel session.
  • 当加入某个对决游戏时,某些只有主机才能设置的选项没有灰掉;
  • [Fixed] [MENU] Trailer is playing twice when the user double clicks on `Trailer` option from Extras.
  • 在主界面预告片那里双击会播放预告片两次;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] "Level up" is not properly visible on the combat victory/defeat pop up.
  • 战斗胜利后如果英雄升级,升级的飘浮文本无法正确的显示;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] No tooltip information is displayed when the player hovers the mouse over to the hero in the ship (enemy or allied).
  • 敌方或者同盟的英雄在海上时,右键甩过时没有浮动提示信息;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Incorrect mouse pointer observed in the options menu during combat.
  • 战斗时选项窗口的鼠标指针问题;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The player is unable to open several menus after visiting a Den of Thieves.
  • 英雄在访问Den of Thieves后无法打开某些菜单;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] On Timber Wars map, the minimap misses some icons in the first turn + wrong order
  • 在Timber Wars地图,第一回合时小地图缺失一些小图标,以及错误的顺序;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The description of the `Soul Reaver` ability contains a spelling mistake.
  • 掠魂者技能的说明拼写错误;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Incorrect spelling in the tooltip of the word, `Border` present in the Options menu.
  • 选项界面,Border的拼写错误;
  • [Fixed] GUI - Minimap: All elements can be toggled off, but garrisons.
  • 小地图关卡的图标无法选择不显示;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Treasure Hunt map is visible when invoked IGM under certain conditions.
  • 某些情况下,当激活IGM时藏宝图会直接显示出来;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Inconsistency present between the griffin portrait and the dwelling`s icon
  • 狮鹫的头像和招募建筑显示的不一样;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The player loses creatures when trying to split a stack from his army and inventory with the receive unit panel open.
  • 某些情况下分兵导致的兵种消失;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The player cannot interact with the Adventure Map / Combat map in the upper left corner of the screen because of the Game Log layer (chat-improvements).
  • 冒险地图/战斗地图,有结时候玩家无法在左上操作,因为游戏信息记录栏;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Every time End Turn is used , chat window is reset for all users in a multiplayer session.
  • 当多人游戏结束回合时,所有玩家的聊天窗口重置;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] There is an inconsistency between the creatures portraits and the images on the buildings in the Town Hall
  • 兵种的头像和招募建筑显示的不一样;
  • [Fixed] [Menu] A numeric value appears when assigning a shortcut to a navigation key
  • 设置快捷键时,某些按键(insert之类的)会显示为数字;
  • [Fixed] [Menu] The "Continue" button persists on the mission select menu after using the Reset Campaign option.
  • 重置了战役进度后,主界面上的继续按钮依然存在;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] The Text " No game matching the selected criteria " can be seen overlapping with the load icon on Lan and Online Game Browser.
  • “没有符合该标准的游戏”文本和载入图标重合;
  • [Fixed] [Heropedia][HUD] Neutral Faction are available for Heroes in Heropedia.
  • Heropedia的英雄分类中有中立分类;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Incorrect Adventure Timer is present between 0.01 to 0.09 and 1.01 to 1.09
  • 冒险地图计时器的错误,出现在0.01到0.09和1.01至1.09;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Notification with debug text is observed on accessing settings icon on the combat loading screen (spectator hud) on all the clients PC.
  • 所有观战方的载入窗口的提示文本重合;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Wrong Hotkeys depiction for navigation buttons on town screen.
  • 城镇界面的快捷键介绍错误;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Loading icon overlaps with text "No image" when the list of maps is loading, while creating a new multiplayer session.
  • 当建一个新的多人游戏时,如果地图表载入中,载入图标和和no image文本重合;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] "Esc" key loses functionality in the Heropedia menu if said menu is accessed from Multiplayer lobby.
  • 从多人游戏大厅访问Heropedia时取消键无效;
  • [Fixed] [Menu] The user cannot quit from the Hero Selection Screen when accessed from Multiplayer lobby by pressing the ESC key.
  • 在多人游戏大厅按取消键后,玩家无法从英雄选择界面退出;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Skill wheel is accessible from the town screen.
  • 可以直接从城镇界面打开技能盘;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Toggling off all mini map options will still display some icons on the mini map.
  • 关闭小地图上的所有图标依然会有一些图标不会消失的问题;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] In the townhall, on hovering a dwelling the info button should appear like in the recruit menu.
  • 在城镇建设界面,鼠标飘过兵种建筑时应该显示的和招募菜单一样;
  • [Fixed] [GUI] Pop-Ups for Repairing Bridges, Flavor Texts, Story Texts should be consistent with the latest design.
  • 修桥,Flavor文本,剧情文本应该和最后的设计一致;
  • [Fixed] [Menu] The user receives no conflict window popup when assigning actions to the navigational keys.
  • 这条看不懂啊……
  • [Fixed] [Menu] The World map mission highlights do not change when selecting a different hero portrait.
  • 战役的大地图沙盘上的战役文本在点击头像换英雄时不会变高亮;
  • [Fixed] [Menu] Game menu buttons can not be pressed if the player presses the button in a certain area.
  • 游戏菜单的一些按钮的一些区域无法点击;
  • [Fixed] [Menu] The Hero select screen will not provide complete information for the user.
  • 英雄选择界面没有提供所有信息给玩家;
  • [Fixed] [GUI] Artefact slots are placed differently on hero screen and artefact merchant GUIs
  • 英雄界面和购买宝物界面的宝物放置位置不一样;
  • [Fixed] [HUD] Notifications are not dismissed when using right click.
  • 右侧通知信息右键不会消失;

编辑器 - Editor

  • [Improvement] Added more sanity checks to inform about errors during map creation
  • 创建地图时,增加更多的检测信息报错;
  • [Improvement] The Mysterious Crypt Building now has the option to spawn a fixed artifact, instead of a randomly chosen one
  • 神秘墓室现在可以指定出固定的宝物;
  • [Fixed] several Custom Artifact Bonuses
  • 自定义宝物增加更多的可选属性:
    • Increase certain hero stat: Scouting Range, Mana per Day, Spirit, Magic
    • 英雄:视野,回魔,魔力,精神
    • Increase Magic for spells of certain school
    • 增加指定魔法系的魔法;
    • Decrease Mana costs of spells of certain school
    • 指定系魔法的魔法值消耗;
    • Increase friendly creatures` stat: Health, Initiative
    • 本方兵种增加生命值,主动性;
    • Decrease enemy creatures` stat: Initiative
    • 敌方兵种减少主动性;
  • [Improvement] Added "Test Map" button for faster map testing
  • 增加测试地图快速测试;
  • [Improvement] Renamed "Towns, Forts and Dwellings" tab to "Player Buildings" and moved Mines, Garrison and Light House from "Neutral Buildings" to "Player Buildings"
  • "Towns, Forts and Dwellings"标签重命名为"玩家建筑",矿产,关卡,灯塔从中立建筑中移到玩家建筑中;
  • [Improvement]Improved pathing for the RMG
  • 优化随机地图的路径;
  • [Improvement] Added free resource pick-ups (Richness modified) in the RMG
  • 随机地图增加富资源堆;
  • [Improvement] Script Editor: Moved Start Text/Dialogue from NCP Scenes to Quests and Events tabs, as features requiring GUI do not work during scripted scenes, where GUI is hidden
  • 脚本编辑器:XXXXXX,这个还没用过不太清楚实际是啥,反正大家估计也没用过,用过新的就知道啥啥啥了……
  • [Improvement] Painting: Separated Tool selection and Brush settings of Terrain and Elevation tab
  • 笔刷:分离工具选择,地皮笔刷设置,高度刷
  • [Fixed] [Editor] “Play In Editor” feature is unavailable in the Default Editor
  • 默认编辑器模式无法使用在编辑器中玩的功能;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] A debug-text is shown on the Defeat/Victory screen after finishing a map
  • 在结束一张地图后胜利/失败窗口会显示debug文本;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] Changing the name of a Hero in Hero Tool will delete the character
  • 在英雄工具更新一个英雄的名字会导致人物被删除;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] Debug output present in most Hero Specialisations and Skills tooltips
  • 在大部分英雄特长和技能的提示里输出debug信息;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] Debug Text present for the "Change Town AI Settings" Action
  • 在修改城镇AI设置动作时显示debug信息;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] Deleted Blackfang Watchtowers can still be selected in Blackfang Hideout`s properties
  • 已删除的黑牙岗楼仍然可以可以在黑牙藏身地的属性里选择;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] Editor does not reset the function performed by pressing `T` key after reboot
  • 按T重启后编辑器没有重置功能执行;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] Garrisons using the same neutral army template can be walked through
  • 多个关卡使用相同的中立兵种模版可以被穿越;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] Player is able to delete landscape in the default editor.
  • 在默认编辑器模式中可以删除障碍;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] Scrolling with mouse scroll wheel is not functional in Terrain Painting
  • 在地皮涂抹时滚轮无效;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] Several invalid win/lose conditions can be created
  • 一些不正确的胜负条件可以被确立创建;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] The editor will freeze when saving or loading a map in certain conditions
  • 某些条件时载入和保存地图会导致编辑器卡死;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] The Garrison Army of a Fort or Garrison cannot be properly selected
  • 要塞或者关卡的驻守兵力无法正确的选择;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] The Help and Modding Documentation components are outdated
  • 帮助和mod介绍文档过时;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] The Publish Map feature is not working
  • 发布地图功能无法起效;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] The Random Map Generator creates functionally impassable zones on complex maps
  • 随机地图在生成复杂地图时会生成无法进入的区域;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] The Terrain Painting and the Height Sculpting tools interact incorrectly with each other
  • 地皮涂抹和高度塑造工具无法正确的相互作用;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] The user does not receive any feedback when attempting to save an incomplete map
  • 玩家在尝试保存信息未完全的地图进无法收到反馈信息;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] Title crashes when trying to play an empty new created map
  • 在尝试玩一张全空白的地图时崩溃;
  • [Fixed] [Editor] When modifying spirit value in the editor, Heroes may start without full mana points
  • 在修改英雄的精神数值后,英雄可能起始不会有满值的魔法值;

文本 - Localization

  • 表示不关心这个……不翻……
  • [Fixed] [LOC][EFIGS][POL][CZE][RUS] A subtitle is displayed truncated in the 5th Council cinematic.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][EFIGS][POL][CZE][RUS] Two subtitles are not displayed in the 5th Council cinematic.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][RO][HUD] Misspelled word in the Quest Log for romanian localization
  • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL] The description of the Scroll of Weakness is not translated in any localization
  • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL][Single Player][Yeshtar`s Promise Story text gets skipped upon completing the main objective of the scenario.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][SCN] Unexpected space in texts! (*imagine epic drum roll here*)
  • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL][Any Campaign The label for starting a fresh campaign after a reset is still displaying the term "Continue" where it should display "Start".
  • [Fixed] [LOC][LOC][ALL][Great Lich`s Set Artifacts belonging to the "Great Lich`s Set" have an extra dot present after "Four objects"
  • [Fixed] [LOC][SPA][Single Scenario] One of the options has its last letter truncated.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL][Town`s] Overlap when you get the tooltip of a long town`s name.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL] When you right click on a city`s governor, you will see a text issue.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][POL][Cinematic A subtitle is displayed truncated in the Council cinematic upon finishing the Academy campaign.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][FRE][Academy_Map3][Tootip] The mechanics used for concatenating creatures amount and names is not working for both singular and plural forms.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][POL][Single Player][Yeshtar`s Promise] Missing icon and value variables can be observed for Shifting Boots.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][LOC][ALL][Flotsam][Resources] "Flotsam" shows a wrong description (concretely the one for "campfire").
  • [Fixed] [LOC][FRE][Keybindings][Chat] Several keys from the French keyboard type/bind the wrong character due to AZERTY configuration.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][EFIGS][RUS][POL][CZE][Heropedia] The Maneuver ability is displayed twice for the Centaur Marauder.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][EFIGS][POL][RUS][CZE][BRA][Level Up][Victory Menu] Two lines overlap each other when simultaneously leveling up and gaining treasure.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][EFIGS][POL][RUS][CZE][Spellbook][Text overlap] The spell description is overlapped by the Spellbook icon.
  • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL][Magic Menagerie][Recruitment][Text Overlap] Mousing over boxes or creatures in the Magic Menagerie, sometimes the tooltips get overlapped with the resource bar
  • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL][Single Player][Ice Demons][Text Display Issue][Line ID 15061] Story text box is being skipped upon conquering Ledgorod.
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