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As with other “classic” heroes such as Darkstorm, Edric or Minasli, this Solmyr is not the exact same individual seen on Enroth or Axeoth, but a separate incarnation native to Ashan. Just like there was a Yog on Xeen and another Yog on Enroth (and now a third Yog on Ashan as well), this version of Solmyr both has similarities and differences with his previous incarnations.


索梅尔(索姆拉) - Solmyr

灯神 - 魔法英雄 - 灯神领主(独有职业) - H2有同名人类英雄,H3和H4中有出场

Specialization: Chain Lightning Master (the hero starts with the Chain Lightning spell, and can cast the spell without any restrictions in regard to Arcane Knowledge.)

连闪大师:英雄初始就拥有连锁闪电魔法,并且使用魔法时不受神秘学识等级的限制。(学习四个等级的魔法分别需要0/2/5/8点的Arcane Knowledge,学习魔法系主技能会获得1/2/3点Arcane Knowledge,典范学的神秘直觉有2点,按游戏里的文本,索梅尔的连闪还有额外的魔力加成)

Legendary in Wizard tales for his strong sense of honour and duty, as well as his mastery of the school of Air, Solmyr was actually the very first Djinn to manifest on Ashan when Sar-Elam discovered the Plane of Magic. In the last decades however Solmyr has been spending more and more time with the Blind Brothers, helping them keep records of the events that shaped the world of Ashan -- many of which he has witnessed firsthand.


The Djinn Lord class is Solmyr’s unique class, and is essentially the most Magic-oriented class of Heroes VII. Solmyr has access to all magic schools, with the notable exception of Earth, and can attain Ultimate or Major ranks for most of them.


The downside of Solmy’s versatility when it comes to the arcane arts is, of course, his lack of Might skills. He does has access to Exploration, Paragon and Destiny, but only at the Minor rank.


索梅尔的奇遇 - Solmyr’s adventure

As mentioned above, Solmyr will also star in his own scenario map. We won’t reveal too much about it as we don’t want to spoil its surprises, but here is the gist of this map’s storyline:

565 YSD. A cry for help resonating in the depths of the Spirit World sends Solmyr on a quest to the far reaches of the Sahaar desert… But his journey through oases, badlands, swamps and ruins will be filled with dangers, from zealous Necromancers to bloodthirsty Orcs, not to mention the dark secret sleeping in the cursed volcano known as Mount Iblis. To rescue someone dear to him, Solmyr will have to face a familiar adversary who might be more than the Djinn Lord’s match.