法师(The Mage)

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The Defiant Mage 桀骜不驯的法师
 Zehir, son of Cyrus, Archmage of the League of the Silver Cities, wants to avenge the death of his father by punishing the murderer, Markal. His first step will be capturing Kadashman, a town of the Silver Cities now defiled by the Undead.   银色城邦的大法师,塞勒斯的儿子泽希尔,发誓要严惩马卡尔,以报杀父之仇。复仇计划的第一步是攻打被亡灵军队侵占的卡达斯曼。
Zehir So Markal took all his armies with him? 泽希尔 马卡尔带着所有军队逃走了?
Narxes He left some garrisons. They have returned to the Griffin Empire to resurrect their king, oh First of the Circle. 纳克西斯 一些要塞城中还留有兵力。其他人全都返回狮鹫帝国恢复他们的国王去了,哦,第一法师。
Zehir Look, can you just call me Zehir? 泽希尔 听着,以后叫我泽希尔就可以了。
Narxes Yes, First of... Zehir. 纳克西斯 好吧,第一……泽希尔。
Zehir Try "Zehir the First", it sounds better. Let’s see. Markal is busy with his rebels and his attack against Irollan. And he still fights the Demons. 泽希尔 “泽希尔第一”听上去要好些。我们来分析一下,马卡尔正忙于对付国内叛军和攻打艾罗兰。另外,目前他和恶魔们也是战事不断。
Narxes Put that way, it almost sounds like good news. 纳克西斯 换句话说,这对于我们来说是一个好消息。
Zehir It is. We must move quickly, before he can react. Build up the army, and then push back the Undead. We’ll restore the luster to the Silver Cities, Narxes. 泽希尔 是的。我们最好快些,不要给他们喘息的机会。集合军队,把亡灵们赶回去。我们要使银色城邦重现光辉,纳克西斯。
 Zehir`s goal is ambitious, and he has much to do to reach it. To liberate his homeland, Zehir must become great even among the greatest of the wizards. But war is an effective if brutal teacher, and Zehir can quickly become powerful as long as he keeps learning.   泽希尔的目标是极为远大的,因此需要做的事情也很多。要解放自己的祖国,泽希尔必须首先变得更强,甚至需要超越最伟大的法师。战争是一位残酷的老师,只要坚持不断学习,泽希尔的实力将会突飞猛进。
Zehir Finally! I`m done with training and studying - now it’s time for action! 泽希尔 我的修炼和研究终于完成了——现在是开始行动的时候了!
Zehir We’ve won back the town! I’ve got an army now, Markal, and every single Eldritch Arrow has your name on it. 泽希尔 我们已把城市夺回!马卡尔,我现在统帅千军,每一支魔箭正怒视着你,准备受死吧。
The Liberation 解放
 Now that the leaders of the Undead are busy warring in the lands of Irollan, Zehir has a chance to liberate the towns of the League. The Wizard will have speed and urgency as his main allies, but this may be not enough to defeat the Necromancers -- they are also well versed in magic.   目前亡灵军队的将领们都在忙于攻打艾罗兰,泽希尔可以利用这个机会解放联盟中的城市。法师们在速度上占有优势,但这并不意味着一定可以击败亡灵巫师,毕竟,他们也是运用魔法的高手。
Galan I come... with a message... from Irollan. 加兰 我带来了一个口信……来自艾罗兰。
Zehir You look exhausted. Rest first, and eat. Then we can talk. 泽希尔 你看起来很疲惫,先休息一会儿,吃顿饱饭。然后我们再谈。
Galan Only running twelve days... test of manhood was worse... this is urgent... 加兰 只不过连续跑了12天……看来是我中气不足……这个消息很紧急……
Zehir You see, Narxes? This is what I mean when I say urgent. Now, not after the next study break. Tell us. 泽希尔 看到了吗,纳克西斯?这才是紧急情况下所应有的态度。我说“现在”这两个字,就是要你马上照我的话办,而不是等到下一次课间休息。你说吧。
Galan It is from Tieru. 加兰 是蒂耶鲁带来的消息。
Narxes A wise man, but unstudied. Too devoted to dragon mythology - can`t think logically, you know? 纳克西斯 一个聪明的人,不过没什么文化。对龙的神秘学过于痴迷,不会用逻辑思维思考问题,我说得对吗?
Zehir Narxes! 泽希尔 住嘴,纳克西斯!
Galan Tieru told us that the eclipse was used to mark a child as the mother of the Demon Messiah. 加兰 蒂耶鲁告诉我们日蚀在一个婴儿身上留下了一个标记,这个婴儿日后将会成为魔鬼弥赛亚的母亲。
Narxes Oh come. Prophecies? Who believes them? 纳克西斯 算了吧。预言?谁会相信?
Zehir We all believe the ones that come true - with hindsight. Besides, my father spoke to me of this one. So, Galan, do we know which child was so marked? 泽希尔 等灾难降临了,我们相信都来不及了。况且我的父亲曾经和我提起过这件事。那么加兰,谁是这个身上有标记的小孩呢?
Galan Queen Isabel. 加兰 伊莎贝尔女皇。
Zehir Oh, my. Is Tieru certain of this? 泽希尔 哦,天哪。蒂耶鲁能够确定此事属实?
Galan He was sure. The Demons killed him to try to keep the secret. 加兰 我想是的。恶魔们把他杀了,目的就是为了保守这个秘密。
Zehir Of course. That`s why they keep invading like this, in small groups rather than ravaging hordes. They`re here with a purpose, they`re trying to get her. So we need to stop Isabel before... 泽希尔 当然,这也就是现在他们没有大举进攻的原因。他们到这里来是别有用意的,那就是得到她。我们得阻止这一切……
Galan Before the Demons get her. There is a rite, one of Tieru`s. 加兰 在恶魔捉住她之前,蒂耶鲁还亲自设计了一个仪式。
Narxes Really. You can hardly call his dabblings rites. 纳克西斯 算了吧,喷喷洒洒就能算是仪式?
Zehir Narxes! 泽希尔 纳克西斯!
Galan He put the rite on a scroll. Our leader Findan has it, and he is attacking the Griffin Empire to get Isabel. 加兰 他把仪式的过程写在一本卷轴上了。该卷轴在我们的首领芬丹手上,目前他正在攻打狮鹫帝国营救伊莎贝尔。
Zehir Well, Narxes, it will be a long time before we can study in peace and quiet. Call the battle mages! Let the Circle summon troops and servants! We march for Talonguard! 泽希尔 纳克西斯,恐怕我们将会有很长一段时间不能在和平的状态下学习了。召集战斗法师!集合部队和仆臣!我们朝塔伦嘉德进军。
 Zehir has crossed the border of the Griffin Empire. The young mage will have to cross hostile lands to meet Findan, who has already begun his attack on the Empire. Together they hope to fulfill Tieru`s last wish.   泽希尔已经进入狮鹫帝国境内。年轻的法师必须穿越这片充满敌意的土地与芬丹见面。事实上,芬丹已经开始攻打狮鹫帝国了。他们希望共同完成蒂耶鲁最后的遗愿。
Zehir Here we go. First I’ll take back all of our towns - even the boring ones - and I’ll dig up every bit of Sar Elam`s lore that I can find in their libraries. And then the party is really going to warm up... 泽希尔 我们出发吧。首先,我要夺回我们所有的城市——即使是没有价值的——然后,我还要把他们图书馆里所有有关萨-艾朗的知识学会。到那时,就有好戏看了……
Zehir We did it! The only thing that`s left of the Necromancers is the smell. 泽希尔 我们成功了!现在这帮亡灵骷髅唯一剩下的只有他们难闻的气味了。
Zehir Well, that`s finished. I`ve mastered all the arcane lore of Sar-Elam, and now I feel like finding something to blow up. Like Markal. 泽希尔 很好,终于完成了。我已经掌握所有萨-艾朗的神秘学,现在真想找某件东西来试验一下它的威力。比如说马卡尔就不错。
The Triumvirate 三人行
 The young Mage now faces a new task: to save the world from the evil that Isabel carries. Zehir will have to force his way through the Griffin Empire and join up with the army of Findan, who has defeated Nicolai.  摆在年轻法师面前的是一项新的任务:一个潜藏在伊莎贝尔身上的不安因素可能会导致世界的毁灭,泽希尔必须设法化解这次危机。他将穿越狮鹫帝国,与已击败尼科莱的芬丹大军会合。
 Somewhere here there is a prison where the valiant knight Godric is being held.Zehir decides to free him as this famous knight could help him to gain allies, helping him cross the Griffin Empire more easily.   附近某处有一个监狱,里面关押着勇敢的骑士哥德里克。<br>泽希尔决定去救他,因为这位著名的骑士能够帮助他获取更多狮鹫民众的支持,穿越狮鹫帝国也将变得更容易。
Zehir This town of Westwall will be a tough nut. High walls, moats, undead armies, Griffin knights... I have little interest in commiting suicide. 泽希尔 韦斯特沃的这座城池易守难攻,高耸的城墙,巨大的战壕,还有亡灵和狮鹫武士大军……我可不想以卵击石。
Narxes Perhaps we should go home? I`m no Solmyr! 纳克西斯 我们还是回家吧,我不是索密尔!
Zehir I agree that we`re a bit short on legendary Djinns, but there must be something we can do. Wait. Undead and Griffin knights - they wouldn’t fight side by side willingly. And remember what Galan told us about Lord Caldwell and the rebels. 泽希尔 是的,灯神的数量是少了点,但是还没到束手无策的地步。等等,亡灵和狮鹫骑士——我想他们并不是真的愿意并肩作战。还记得加兰带来的消息吗,他说过考德威尔领主和叛乱的事。
Narxes So? 纳克西斯 你的意思是?
Zehir Rebels. Rebellion. It’ll be easier if the Griffin knights are on our side. But they won`t follow me - they need a Griffin leader! 泽希尔 有叛乱,就有拉拢狮鹫大军的可能,让他们起义,站在我们这一边。不过估计他们不会听我的指挥——这些人需要一个属于自己的领军人物!
Narxes The locals have told us that Nicolai`s uncle, Godric, is in prison here. Perhaps he could...? 纳克西斯 当地人向我们报告,尼科莱的叔父,哥德里克,现在被关押在监狱中,也许他可以……?
Zehir Of course! The enemy of my enemy... Westwall will fall! Hey... that rhymed. 泽希尔 好主意!他是我们敌人的敌人……有了他,攻陷韦斯特沃指日可待!嘿……念起来还有点押韵。
 Zehir understands Godric`s wish to liberate the Griffin Empire from the Necromancer`s control. He is willing to help the knight, especially because these towns will be of great help in the upcoming war.  泽希尔明白哥德里克一心想让狮鹫帝国摆脱亡灵巫师的控制,并且他很愿意帮助这位骑士,因为这些狮鹫城在接下来的战争中将会发挥巨大的作用。
Godric What death-magic is this... 哥德里克 这是哪种死亡魔法……
Zehir Quiet! I must be quick. Do you remember me? 泽希尔 小声点!我没时间了。你还记得我吗?
Godric Young Zehir! We met, briefly, while your father was busy laughing at us. 哥德里克 年轻的泽希尔!当你的父亲嘲笑我们时,你我曾有过一面之缘。
Zehir He was not known for his philanthropy. But I am here to help Griffin put things right. 泽希尔 可能有些误会,我父亲做过很多善事,只是不为人知罢了。我来这里是为了帮助狮鹫帝国恢复秩序的。
Godric Then you have a large task before you, young Archmage. 哥德里克 那你可真是任重道远,年轻的大魔法师。
Zehir Believe me, I know that. I need your help, Godric. 泽希尔 请相信我,我很有信心。哥德里克,我需要你的帮助。
Godric Me? I am old and imprisoned. I have failed my king, my nation, Elrath... My time is past. 哥德里克 我?一个沦为阶下囚的老头?我亲手葬送了我的国王,我的国家,艾尔拉斯……我的时代已经过去了。
Zehir I disagree. Would the Griffin knights follow you if you were freed? We could fight together against the Necromancers. 泽希尔 话不能这样说。如果你现在重获自由,狮鹫帝国的勇士们一定会再次追随你。我们可以联手起来共同对付亡灵族。
Godric Take the field against Markal and his abominations? I may be old and worn but just break me out of this place, young Zehir, and you’ll see how the old hound hunts the weasels. 哥德里克 与马卡尔和他的走狗开战?拼了老命我也要去,快让我离开这里,年轻的泽希尔,我要让你看看老猎犬是怎么捕杀那些黄鼠狼的。
Zehir Excellent! 泽希尔 太好了!
Godric One thing, however. You’ll help me free all the towns under his sway? 哥德里克 还有一件事,你会帮助我收复所有处于他魔爪下的城池吗?
Zehir Absolutely. It`s party time! 泽希尔 在所不辞。好戏就要开演了!
Godric They’re fine troops, all they needed was a leader to convince them of their errors. Whoever thought that at this age I’d have to learn the arts of diplomacy! 哥德里克 他们是都是很优秀的将士,现在需要一个有威信的领袖来指出他们的错误。但我年事已高,谁会信服我呢,我得学会一些外交手段!
Godric When Griffin troops fight beneath an enemy banner or are holed up in one of their towns, they won`t listen to diplomacy. That`s when we have to do things the old-fashioned way. 哥德里克 当狮鹫帝国大军以敌人的名义作战,或固守城池时,外交手腕是不会起任何作用的。我们必须用老办法来解决问题。
 Markal found shelter in the town of Latro, which is blocking the road to Griffin Empire`s capital city of Talonguard. Defeating Markal is more than just a strategic goal, as all of the heroes have their own reasons to bring him down. Victory, however, is not going to come easily.   马卡尔逃到拉特奥城躲起来了,这座城市恰巧位于通往狮鹫帝国首都塔伦嘉德的必经之路上。消灭人民公敌马卡尔不仅是一个战略上的目标,更是所有英雄共同的宿愿。当然,胜利总是来之不易的。
Godric So many have fallen. Some that I knew... 哥德里克 无数战士倒下了。有些是我熟悉的朋友……
Zehir Yet Isabel and Markal are still at large. 泽希尔 现在伊莎贝尔和马卡尔仍然占据上风。
Findan Not for long! We have Markal cornered. Archmage Zehir and Lord Godric, I presume? 芬丹 不会太久了!我们已经把马卡尔逼上了绝路。大法师泽希尔,哥德里克领主,我说得对吗?
Zehir Greetings, Findan of Irollan. It is an honor. So tell me, what is your plan? 泽希尔 祝贺你,艾罗兰的芬丹,我为你感到骄傲。那么请告诉我你计划是什么?
Findan For the Elves the next step is simple - death to Markal! 芬丹 对于精灵族来说,下一步计划很简单——让马卡尔灭亡!
Godric Agreed. Heartily! 哥德里克 我由衷的赞成这个计划!
Zehir But that won’t be easy. Markal is no fool and he has prepared himself. His power resides in three legendary relics, the first is the Black Crystal. 泽希尔 但这绝非易事。马卡尔不是傻子,他已经有所防备。他的力量贮藏在3件传说中的宝物里,第一件宝物就是黑水晶。
Findan He has that? It lets you tap into an infinite well of magic. He can fire off spells all day and never get tired. 芬丹 他有黑水晶?那件宝物可以让人进入无限魔井。进入魔井的人可以不停歇施放魔法而不会感到疲惫。
Zehir I fear it is so. Second, the Cursed Garrison. 泽希尔 这正是我担心的。其二,他还有诅咒要塞。
Godric I have seen it in action. It provides him with a constant stream of fresh troops - or freshly rotted troops, I should say. It makes his armies endless. It must also be destroyed. 哥德里克 我曾在战斗中见过它的威力。这件宝物可以为他源源不断的提供鲜活的兵力,准确的说,应该是鲜活的亡灵部队。这样,他的军队数量便会无穷无尽,因此我们必须把它毁掉。
Zehir Third, he has managed to find a Tear of Asha. It increases the power of everything he rules. 泽希尔 第三,他还设法找到了亚莎的眼泪,这大大增强了处于他统治下的军力。
Godric He must have taken the one from Dunmoor, and corrupted it to suit his needs. 哥德里克 一定是从邓木尔得到的,而且他还令其腐化来适合自己的要求。
Zehir Let’s each take a target - I`ll blow up the Black Crystal, Godric destroys the Cursed Garrison, and for Findan the Tear of Asha. Once we’ve destroyed them all, my friends, we’ll celebrate on their smoking ruins! 泽希尔 让我们来分配一下任务——我负责摧毁黑水晶,哥德里克和芬丹,你们俩分别负责毁掉诅咒要塞和亚莎之泪。一旦它们被全部摧毁,我们将会在敌城的废墟上庆祝胜利!
Findan We agree with the intent, Zehir. For the Harmony! 芬丹 我们完全赞同你的计划,泽希尔。为了和谐而战!
Zehir Griffin eternal? 泽希尔 狮鹫帝国万岁?
Godric As things stand, my friends, I would be content if the Griffin Empire lasts a few more days. I am no longer so bold as to predict eternity. 哥德里克 就目前的情况来看,我的朋友,如果狮鹫帝国能够再维系几天我就已经感到很满意了。我现在不敢随便说万岁永恒之类的话。
Markal I accept your surrender. 马卡尔 我投降。
Godric Vile scum! For the abuse you have inflicted upon Isabel and the Griffin Empire! 哥德里克 卑鄙的人渣!你玷辱了伊莎贝尔和狮鹫帝国,罪不可赦!
Findan ...for the butchery you committed in Irollan... 芬丹 ……你使艾罗兰生灵涂炭。
Zehir ...for just about everything you have ever done anywhere! 泽希尔 ……你要为你所犯下的所有恶行付出代价!
Zehir That should cover it. 泽希尔 这算是一个总结。
Markal Well, I guess you`ll just have to kill me; send me to the afterlife. You know, that`s the best news I`ve had in weeks. 马卡尔 很好,我猜想你必须把我给杀了。来吧,送我上路吧。要知道,这可是几周来我所听到的最好的消息。
Zehir Stop! Wait! 泽希尔 停下来!等等!
Zehir What`s all this noise? 泽希尔 这些是什么声音?
Zehir Just making sure. 泽希尔 只是确认一下。
Findan Of what? 芬丹 确认什么?
Zehir That he, at least, won`t be resurrected. 泽希尔 至少,他不会复活。
Godric There are certain advantages to having a talented Archmage on the team. 哥德里克 拥有这样一位天才的大法师对我们来说真是一大福音。
The Alliance 联盟
 The war against Isabel and the Undead reaches its final stage. Zehir, Findan and Godric will have to capture her and perform the Rite of True Nature. If all goes well, it will help the Queen to avoid the terrible fate of becoming the mother of the Demon Messiah.
 After the deaths of Nicolai and Markal, nothing can stop the heroes in their mission to save Isabel. The only problem left is Isabel herself, who stands at the head of the Griffin Empire`s forces.There are rumors throughout the lands of Isabel`s insanity, and the heroes may have no choice but to capture her by force.
Zehir Talonguard still stands as does her queen. Tell me, Godric, as a loyal knight and follower of Elrath, how do you feel about Queen Isabel? 泽希尔 塔伦嘉德正如它的女王一样并没有陷落。告诉我,哥德里克,作为一名忠诚的骑士和艾尔拉斯的追随者,你对伊莎贝尔女皇是怎么看的?
Godric Lady Isabel must be healed. Barring that, she must be sequestered. 哥德里克 伊莎贝尔夫人必须接受治疗。如果她不合作,我们只好软禁她。
Findan We may have to kill her... 芬丹 我们可能得杀了她……
Godric I would rather not. 哥德里克 我不希望是这样的结果。
Zehir If we can avoid it. The Harmony, Findan... 泽希尔 最好是能够避免。不要忘了和谐,芬丹……
Findan If there are Demons involved, there can never be a Harmony. Let’s get into Talonguard, that’s the first priority, and then we shall see how to handle Queen... 芬丹 如果有恶魔介入,那么绝不会有什么和谐存在。不管怎样,我们先进入塔伦嘉德,这是首要任务,然后我们再看看怎样处理女皇……
Zehir Agreed. 泽希尔 同意。
 Again, as they did before, an army of Dark Elves has emerged to protect the young queen.At that time Raelag`s forces saved Isabel, so no one can be sure of who is on which side now...   和上次一样,一支黑暗精灵的军队突然冒出来保护年轻的女皇。雷拉格的军队曾救过伊莎贝尔,目前的情况可谓正邪难辨,是非难明……
Godric What is this? The Clans of Ygg-Chall again? 哥德里克 这是什么?难道又是易格池沃的部落?
Zehir Again? 泽希尔 又是他们?
Godric They came and helped Markal and Isabel destroy a demon army. 哥德里克 他们是来帮助马卡尔和伊莎贝尔消灭魔军的。
Findan Dark Elves are allied to our Undead enemies? We’ll simply crush them, then take Talonguard. 芬丹 黑暗精灵和我们的亡灵对手结盟?很简单,先把他们干掉,然后我们占领塔伦嘉德。
Zehir Findan, they must have a reason. Let’s talk to them first. 泽希尔 芬丹,他们这样做肯定有自己的理由。我们最好先和他们谈谈,了解一下情况。
Findan But these are Dark Elves, who turned from Sylanna! 芬丹 但是这些是黑暗精灵,是西莱纳演变的!
Zehir They, too, are part of the harmony. 泽希尔 但他们同时也是和谐的一部分。
Findan Ah... yes. I fear I have been too long at war. 芬丹 啊……你是对的。看来是我打仗打得太久了。
Zehir Not much longer now, my friend. Come, let us parley first, and then see if we must come to blows. 泽希尔 不会更久了,我的朋友。来吧,我们先和他们谈谈,然后再决定是不是要用武力解决问题。
Raelag Shadya! I barely sent word... 雷拉格 莎蒂娅!我还没有发布命令……
Shadya Our spies told us of Zehir, Findan, and Godric. I came immediately. However... 莎蒂娅 侦查兵报告了有关泽希尔,芬丹和哥德里克的情况。我马上赶过来了。但是……
Godric Who are you and what are you doing here, blocking the highways of the Griffin Empire? 哥德里克 你是谁,为什么挡在狮鹫帝国公路的中间?
Raelag I know you, Godric, but not your friends. Out of courtesy, however, I shall go first. I am Raelag, Clanlord of Ygg-Chal, and I am here to kill Demons. 雷拉格 我认识你,哥德里克,但不是你的朋友。失礼了,恐怕我得先过去。我是雷拉格,易格池沃的族长,我的目的是消灭恶魔。
Findan I am Findan of Irollan, Dark Elf. We`re going to Talonguard, and if we must crush you to get there few tears will be spilled. 芬丹 我是来自艾罗兰的芬丹,黑暗精灵。我们正赶往塔伦嘉德。快让开,不要逼我们对你动手,没有人会为你流下眼泪。
Raelag Really! Such anger. It`s so... unharmonious. 雷拉格 真的吗!火气这么大。这真是……太不合谐了。
Findan How dare you! 芬丹 大胆!
Zehir I am Zehir, Archmage of the Silver Cities. Our business is with Queen Isabel. 泽希尔 我是泽希尔,银色城邦的大法师。我们是来处理一些有关伊莎贝尔女皇的问题的。
Raelag What sort of business? 雷拉格 什么样的问题?
Zehir There is a... concern, other than the Undead. 泽希尔 嗯,很难说清楚,除了消灭亡灵军队以外一些别的问题。
Raelag Demons? 雷拉格 恶魔?
Zehir Exactly, it`s actually a sort of... 泽希尔 对,实际上是……
Raelag Prophecy? 雷拉格 预言?
Zehir Exactly. A sage... 泽希尔 非常正确。一个圣人……
Raelag Tieru... 雷拉格 蒂耶鲁……
Zehir What? You know him as well? He gave Findan an artifact for a rite. It is her last hope. 泽希尔 什么?你也知道他?芬丹从他那拿到了进行某种仪式的一件法器。这是女皇的最后希望。
Raelag I see. So you wish to perform this rite on Isabel? 雷拉格 明白了。因此你想让伊莎贝尔进行这项仪式?
Zehir Exactly. 泽希尔 不错。
Raelag Then I will join you. 雷拉格 那么让我加入你们如何?
Findan You will not! 芬丹 你不是真心的!
Raelag I will see that she is given every chance. I do not want to see her harmed. 雷拉格 我想为她的救赎增添一份希望。我不想看到她受到伤害。
Raelag Isabel! 雷拉格 伊莎贝尔!
Isabel Yes? 伊莎贝尔 什么事?
Raelag You should have come with me. 雷拉格 你本来因该跟着我。
Isabel To see Tieru? 伊莎贝尔 去见蒂耶鲁?
Raelag No, before Nicolai`s death. 雷拉格 不,在尼科莱死之前。
Isabel You! You are the one... 伊莎贝尔 你!你是……
Raelag I wanted to save you from all of this - Nicolai, the Demons... 雷拉格 我想把你从这一切中拯救出来——尼科莱,还有恶魔……
Isabel You are the beast Agrael! The one who killed Nicolai! 伊莎贝尔 你是阿格雷尔?你这个禽兽!是你杀了尼科莱!
Raelag Nicolai was called to Elrath, Lady. As for Agrael, the demon lord sent to watch over you, he no longer exists. Because something unexpected happened. I fell in love. I wanted to take you away, to save you, and then Godric returned from the Silver Cities… 雷拉格 尼科莱是受到艾尔拉斯召唤而离去的,夫人。至于阿格雷尔,也就是恶魔领主派来监视你的人,由于发生了一些意料之外的事,他已经不存在了。你让我坠入了爱河。我曾试图带你走,拯救你,但不久哥德里克就从银色城邦回来了……
Isabel Nicolai. What have I done to you... 伊莎贝尔 尼科莱。我都对你做了些什么……
Raelag I was trying to escape, with my forces, but Nicolai came to stop us... I cannot say how sorry I am. I hoped to make it up to you. To protect you, to defend the Griffin Empire, to fight the Demons... 雷拉格 我当时正打算率领军队撤退,但尼科莱来了,他要阻止我们……言语无法表达我的歉意。我希望对你进行补偿。保护你,保卫狮鹫帝国,对抗魔军……
Zehir Excuse me, Raelag, but we must perform the rite. We should hurry - it will take time to prepare. Isabel, the rite... 泽希尔 抱歉,雷拉格,我们得进行仪式了。情况紧急,准备仪式要花很多时间。伊莎贝尔,这个仪式……
Isabel Let it be done. Purified or dead, I will be better off than now. 伊莎贝尔 尽快开始吧。不管是得到净化或死掉,总比现在的我要好。
Raelag Be strong, Isabel. Have faith. We will get you through... 雷拉格 坚强些,伊莎贝尔。要有信心,我们会帮助你渡过难关的……
Zehir Please, Raelag. I must concentrate. 泽希尔 拜托,雷拉格。我必须集中精力。
Zehir Clean geometry, fresh ingredients, perfect diction… You do good work. 泽希尔 精确的结构,鲜活的配方,完美的咒语……你做得很好。
Biara But not good enough. 拜娅拉 不过还不够。
Raelag Isabel! Isabeeeellll!!! 雷拉格 伊莎贝尔!伊莎贝尔!!!
Godric Can we follow them? 哥德里克 我们可以跟着他们吗?
Zehir They are distant - geographically and spiritually, in the demons` jailworld of Sheogh. 泽希尔 他们在谢尔戈恶魔们的烈狱中心,无论从地理和精神领域上看,离我们都相去甚远。
Findan What about this? 芬丹 这件东西会有帮助吗?
Raelag The Heart of the Griffin! I know it was made to banish Demons, but can we use it on ourselves? 雷拉格 狮鹫之心!我知道它被用来放逐恶魔,我们可以在自己身上施用吗?
Zehir Ahhhhhhh... Ahhh... Ah-ha! 泽希尔 嗯……啊……有了!
Raelag Well? Can you? Can you send us as well? 雷拉格 什么?把我们送到那里去?你能办到吗?
Zehir How`s that! 泽希尔 感觉怎么样!
Zehir`s Hope 泽希尔的愿望
 The unexpected outcome of the Rite of True Nature compels Zehir, Findan, Godric and Raelag to follow Biara to Sheogh, where the Sovereign is imprisoned. They hope to make up for their failure and save Isabel.
 Isabel was captured by the Demon Sovereign, and he will do everything to fulfill his chosen destiny.The heroes have little time to correct their mistakes and save the Griffin queen -- and the world.
Raelag Kha-Beleth’s lapdog, Biara, should be here in Ur-Hekal. The only question we’re going to have is who gets her head. 雷拉格 拜娅拉,卡贝勒斯的哈巴狗,她应该在鄂-黑卡尔。我们唯一的疑问就是由谁来取下她的头颅。
 The way to Demon Sovereign`s Palace is blocked by Ur-Hekal, the demon capital sheltering Biara. All the heroes have their own reasons to confront her, but the overriding one is that Biara knows where to find Isabel.Capture Biara and find the way to Isabel and the Demon Sovereign.   恶魔首都鄂-海卡尔挡住了前往魔王宫殿的去路,拜娅拉就躲在鄂-海卡尔城里。所有英雄都想找这个恶女人算帐,不过最重要的是拜娅拉知道伊莎贝尔被关押的地点。活捉拜娅拉,找到通往伊莎贝尔和魔王所在地的道路。
Raelag Oh Biaraaaa. It`s payback time. 雷拉格 哦,拜娅拉。我们有一笔帐要算。
Biara Idiot. Fool. Falling in love with that child. You almost ruined everything... 拜娅拉 你这个白痴。居然会爱上那个小孩。你几乎毁掉了一切……
Raelag I take that as a compliment. I enjoy ruining your plans. 雷拉格 谢谢夸奖。摧毁你的阴谋是我的爱好。
Zehir And we enjoy helping him do it. 泽希尔 帮助他摧毁你的阴谋是我们的爱好。
Raelag That was for Isabel! 雷拉格 这是为了伊莎贝尔!
Raelag That was for Shadya! 雷拉格 这是为了莎蒂娅!
Biara What? I was Shadya! 拜娅拉 什么?我以前不就是莎蒂娅吗!
Raelag Fine, then that`s just because I like hitting you. 雷拉格 好吧,那么理由是,打你我感到很快乐。
Zehir That one, Biara, was for all of Ashan. 泽希尔 这一击,拜娅拉,是为了所有亚山子民。
Biara Stop! Enough. Kill me and your girlfriend dies too. 拜娅拉 停下来!够了。杀了我,你的女朋友也得死。
Raelag What? 雷拉格 什么?
Biara Isabel. She lives. Spare me, and I will lead you to her. 拜娅拉 伊莎贝尔。她还活着。不要杀我,我带你去见她。
Raelag I will twist your body and soul until you beg to tell me! 雷拉格 我会扭曲你的身体和灵魂,直到你跪着告诉我真相!
Zehir Don`t, Raelag. Don`t become like them again. Where, Biara? Where is she? 泽希尔 别那样,雷拉格。不要再次变得和他们一样。在哪,拜娅拉?她在哪?
Biara Come. This way. 拜娅拉 跟我来。
Findan It`s a trap. 芬丹 这是一个圈套。
Zehir Traps can be blown up, Raelag. 泽希尔 即使是圈套也可以被攻破,雷拉格。
Raelag Not with Isabel inside! If she is the bait in the trap, I`m willing to spring it. 雷拉格 只要是去救伊莎贝尔!即使她是圈套里的诱饵,我也甘愿自投罗网。
 Now, when all the questions have been answered and the deceptions exposed, Biara has once more committed treachery. But this time, it is to show the heroes a path to the Palace. They go to where the Demon Sovereign awaits, a meeting that is the end of all their journeys.   现在,所有迷题均已揭晓,所有诡计都被揭穿了。拜娅拉曾经多次玩弄阴谋,但这一次,她不得不老实向英雄们交待通往魔宫的道路。魔王正在那里等着他们,这次相遇将成为所有旅程的终结。
Raelag Where is she? 雷拉格 她在哪?
Biara Ha-ha-ha... 拜娅拉 哈—哈—哈……
Kha-Beleth What perfect timing. I was just about to put the kettle on. Raelag, is it? Might I have a word with you? 卡贝勒斯 这可真是时候。我正准备把地穴打开。雷拉格,是吗?可以和你谈谈吗?
Raelag My friends call me Raelag. You can call me Agrael. 雷拉格 只有朋友才称呼我雷拉格。你可以叫我阿格雷尔。
Kha-Beleth Such petty rudeness. Can’t we discuss this like gentledemons? 卡贝勒斯 真是没礼貌。我们就不能像恶魔绅士一样说话吗?
Kha-Beleth She does have that glow, doesn`t she? Bearing my child so agreed with her. 卡贝勒斯 她现在容光焕发,不是吗?孕育着我的孩子,一切是多么的协调。
Raelag You... 雷拉格 你……
Kha-Beleth Look. I have the child, I don`t care about the woman. You can have her back. 卡贝勒斯 听着。我要的是孩子。我不在乎那个女人怎么样。你可以把她带走。
Raelag If...? 雷拉格 条件是……?
Kha-Beleth If you help me get rid of these pesky friends you brought along. 卡贝勒斯 条件是你帮我除掉你带来的那帮惹事生非的朋友。
Raelag Never. I won`t betray everything that I have struggled to gain, even for Isabel. 雷拉格 不可能。我历经千辛万苦才得到这些,我不会背叛他们,即使是为了伊莎贝尔。
Kha-Beleth You see what spending too much time in the Griffin Empire does to your sense of priorities? If you won`t join with me, then you will die here! 卡贝勒斯 看来你在狮鹫帝国待的时间太久了,连是非轻重都分不清了吧?如果你不愿加入我,那就在这里受死吧!
Raelag Remember when you told me that I was next? 雷拉格 记得吗,你曾告诉我是下一个死去的人?
Kha-Beleth Yes? 是又怎么样?
Raelag I wasn’t. You are. 雷拉格 我不是,你才是。
Kha-Beleth This is only a battle. The war will still be mine. 卡贝勒斯 这仅仅是一次战斗。整场战争仍然是属于我的。
Zehir What did he mean by that? 泽希尔 他是什么意思?
Raelag I don`t know - it’s your job to figure it out. I just want to get Isabel safely away. 雷拉格 我不知道——搞不搞得清楚是你的事。我只想带伊莎贝尔安全离开。
Findan Take that! Evildoer! 芬丹 去死吧!混蛋们!
Godric By the Light! 哥德里克 以光明的名义!
Raelag I don`t know - it’s your job to figure it out. I just want to get Isabel safely away. 雷拉格 我不知道——搞不搞得清楚是你的事。我只想带伊莎贝尔安全离开。
Zehir Agreed. With Tieru`s artifact and Sar-Elam`s wisdom, we can heal her. 泽希尔 好吧。有了蒂耶鲁的法器和萨-艾朗的智慧,我们可以医治她。
Findan Not so fast. She has been tainted. She should stay here. 芬丹 先别急。她已经被感染。她应该留在这里。
Zehir You would make her stay? 泽希尔 你想要她留在这里?
Findan Of course. She will give birth to the Demon Messiah. 芬丹 当然。她已经令恶魔弥赛亚降生了。
Godric No. I say we save Isabel. 哥德里克 不。我们要救伊莎贝尔。
Zehir Stop worrying! I can open a portal to the Silver Cities. There we can restrain her, if it is necessary. 泽希尔 不必过分焦虑!我可以打开一扇通往银色联邦的传送门。如果有必要的话,我们可以在那里软禁她。
Godric Are you sure you can? 哥德里克 你确定没问题吗?
Zehir Sar-Elam was a greater mage than even Kha-Beleth. 泽希尔 萨-艾朗是一位伟大的法师,法力甚至超过了卡贝勒斯。
Findan You may be bartering with the future of the world... 芬丹 你这是拿世界的未来作为赌注……
Zehir Not at all, Findan. You must trust me. 泽希尔 不,不是的,芬丹。你必须相信我。
Findan Very well. Let us see. 芬丹 好吧。让我看看会发生什么事。
Raelag Hey! 雷拉格 嘿!
Raelag Malassa`s bile! 雷拉格 马拉萨的愤怒!