亡灵巫师(The Necromancer)

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The Temptation 诱骗
 The Necromancer decides to use the situation to his advantage, pursuing goals obscure to all but himself by joining Queen Isabel in an alliance. He must traverse lands guarded by Wizards to reach the frontiers of the Empire.   亡灵巫师马卡尔打算乘人之危,诱使伊莎贝尔女皇与其结盟,以达到不可告人的目的。他必须横越法师的领地抵达帝国边境。
Markal Have you heard the news, dear? It appears that your son Nicolai has just died. 马卡尔 听说了吗,亲爱的?你的儿子尼科莱似乎在不久前战亡了。
Markal Mm? But you should be happy. Just think - he has his whole afterlife ahead of him, rrripe with possibilities. 马卡尔 嗯?你应该高兴才对。想想看,他死后将在亡魂世界里游荡,还有很长的路要走,什么奇妙的事都有可能发生。
Markal Eh? No, I haven`t forgotten the day that he and Godric had me banished. Together with Cyrus and those crrraven Mages... 马卡尔 呃?不,我没有忘记他和哥德里克将我流放的那段日子。还有赛勒斯和那些胆小的法师们……
Markal And his poor fiancee - she would do anything to see her love again, no? In any shape or form? After all, not even half of the peers and lords support her the rest want Archbishop Randall and that boy Andrei, Nicolai`s cousin, on the throne. Turmoil, turbulence, treachery... The living are so hot-blooded, hmm? 马卡尔 还有他可怜的未婚妻——为了重见爱人,她愿意付出任何代价,不是吗?无论他是以何种样子或形式出现?但是,支持她的贵族和领主却少得可怜,连一半都不到。剩下的人都希望大主教兰德尔和尼科莱的侄子——那个叫安德烈的男孩继承王位。骚动,混乱,谋反……活着的人是如此的激愤,不是吗?
Markal Pay her a visit? An excellent idea. Let`s pack our bags, then, shall we? 马卡尔 想去见她?好主意,那让我们收拾行囊,好吗?
Markal Oh, but you must come along. I`m sure you`re just dying to see the towers of Talonguard again, no? 马卡尔 噢,但你必须跟我来。我知道你肯定非常想再次见到塔伦嘉德的高塔,不是吗?
 Fate smiles upon the old necromancer, he will have a chance to prove his good intentions to Isabel. Should he defeat the rebel army, the queen will look favourably upon him. This will be the first step in gaining her trust.
 Markal has much to do to accomplish his plan. But that dosen`t worry him, he has practiced a lifetime of meticulous planning to get where he is.The first phase of this plan is to reach the Empire.
Markal Griffin Empire rebels? Civil war? Now isn`t that charming. I help defeat the supporters of Duke Duncan, and Isabel owes me at least an audience. Isn`t it lovely when fortune favors the pragmatic? 马卡尔 狮鹫帝国叛乱?内战爆发?这难道不是一件有趣的事情吗?我去帮他们击败邓肯公爵,这样伊莎贝尔欠下我一个人情,至少会让我见她一次。当运气来的时候,有时管管闲事会收到意想不到的效果,不是吗?
 The Wizards of the Silver Cities are the old enemies of the Necromancers, and their patrols tirelessly watch the Canyon of Buried Alive.A meeting with the Wizards would end in bloodshed, and that is not in Markal`s plans... yet.
  One of the patrols has noticed Markal. Now only swiftness and a clever choice of routes can help the Necromancer avoid encountering the enemy
Markal Blast! A fine plan goes awry. And so I must wait a few centuries... Asha, Queen of our Nether Realms, let me rest in thy contemplation until the time for revenge is again ripe... 马卡尔 该死!精心准备的计划泡汤了。我又得等上几百年……亚莎,冥界的女王,让我在你的沉思中安息,直到下一次复仇的时机成熟……
Isabel I am in mourning and have slept badly, so I will not mince words. What do you want? 伊莎贝尔 我在服丧,且睡眠不好,所以请恕我直言,你有何贵干?
Markal To see Nicolai again. 马卡尔 我想再次见到尼科莱。
Isabel Are you sick? He is dead, old man. He lies in the mausoleum at The Hall of Heroes, next to his father. 伊莎贝尔 你脑袋有病吗?他已经死了,老家伙。现在躺在英雄祠的陵墓里,紧挨着他的父亲。
Markal Indeed. He lies at peace, but he could rise again - if you wish it. 马卡尔 不错,他确实是静静的躺在那里,但是他可以再次站起来——只要你愿意。
Isabel Nicolai? Rise again... Who are you? 伊莎贝尔 尼科莱?再次站起来……你是谁?
Markal The Archangels are limited, Elrath himself is subject to certain laws. Asha the Spider Goddess, however, is above them all. She made those laws, and revealed their secrets only to a very few. 马卡尔 大天使的法力是很有限的,就连艾尔拉斯自己也要受一定法律支配。而蜘蛛女神亚莎却凌驾于所有人之上。她是法律的制定者,这其中的秘密只被透露给了极少的几个人。
Isabel The Spider Goddess? Asha has many faces and you refer to the darkest one. You speak of necromancy! This is heresy, old man. I would be off the throne and you would be burnt at the stake if I condoned it. 伊莎贝尔 蜘蛛女神?亚莎有很多脸孔,你提到的是她最黑暗的一面。不要用你的巫术蛊惑人心!这是异端邪教,老人家。如果我纵容你,我将会失去王位,而你会被绑在树桩上烧死。
Markal Really? I was not aware that you cared so much for the edicts of Archbishop Randall. In fact, I thought he wanted to replace you. However, if my offer does not interest you... 马卡尔 是吗?我没有想到你对大主教兰德尔颁布的法令如此在意。事实上,我认为他是想取代你。当然,如果你对我的帮助不感兴趣的话,那就另当别论了——
Isabel Wait. How? How could this be so easy? 伊莎贝尔 等等,事情怎么可能这么容易办到呢?
Markal Easy? I did not say that. The key lies in four artifacts that were stolen from me by King Cyrus. 马卡尔 容易?我可没那么说。秘密就藏在塞勒斯国王从我这里偷走的4件宝物中。
Isabel King Cyrus? The Archmage? 伊莎贝尔 塞勒斯国王?大法师?
Markal I hear in your voice that you feel as I do for dear old Cyrus. 马卡尔 从你说话的语气来看,你我对我们亲爱的老塞勒斯的态度是一致的。
Isabel Very well. Let us see what it will take to get those artifacts. But be aware that I will be watching you - very carefully. 伊莎贝尔 很好。让我们看看要怎样才能得到这些宝物。但可不要忘了,我会一直密切监视你。
The Attack 进攻
 An alliance is made between Markal and Isabel, a pact between the dead and the living. The next step in the Necromancer`s scheme is to visit Lorekeep. Once a hive of Necromantic activity in the Griffin Empire, this city was destroyed by fanatic knights. Its lands are now in the keeping of the Mages of the Silver Cities, Markal`s mortal enemies.   马卡尔同伊莎贝尔签署了“生死”契约,双方结为同盟。亡灵巫师计划的第二步是访问学识要塞。那里原先是一座狮鹫城,巫术活动十分频繁,后来被狂热的骑士摧毁。这片土地现在落入了马卡尔的死敌——银色城邦法师的手中。
Godric Markal and his evil magic! This is worse than treachery, this is blasphemy! 哥德里克 马卡尔和他邪恶的魔法!这比叛变更可恶,这是对神的亵渎!
Isabel I have given him protection, and my word. 伊莎贝尔 我已经答应保护他,并作出了承诺。
Godric But I have not! I have never trusted him. 哥德里克 可我没有!我从来都没有信过他。
Isabel Why? He said he had been a counselor of Queen Fiona, your own sister! 伊莎贝尔 可为什么?他说他是菲奥纳女皇——你亲妹妹的顾问。
Godric Did he tell you that I exiled him, with Nicolai`s blessings, the day she died? 哥德里克 他跟你说过在菲奥纳死的那一天,我得到尼科莱的允诺,将他驱逐的这件事吗?
Isabel What? No, but still, his plan has merits - return a king to the throne, chastise the mages. Should Cyrus go unpunished? Did he not laugh when you asked for aid? 伊莎贝尔 什么?噢,原来是这样。但他的计划还是有价值的——把国王重新推上王位,惩罚那些法师。难道塞勒斯不应受到惩罚吗?忘了在你求救时他嘲笑你这回事了吗?
Godric Yes, he laughed at us - and at Elrath, and at our piety. 哥德里克 是的,他嘲笑我们——嘲笑艾尔拉斯,嘲笑我们的虔诚。
Isabel The mages have no dragon, Godric. They are godless. Worse, they would make themselves gods... 伊莎贝尔 法师们没有对龙的信仰,哥德里克。他们是无神论者。更可恶的是,他们把自己当作神——
Godric And Cyrus is the worst of that arrogant lot. But our empire has been weakened, and war... 哥德里克 而塞勒斯是这群傲慢的狂徒中最可恨的一个。但是目前我们的帝国已经被严重削弱了,而战争……
Isabel The kingdom is fragmenting, only Nicolai`s spirit can restore peace. 伊莎贝尔 国家正在分裂,只有尼科莱的神灵才能恢复和平。
Godric Even better, my Queen. Griffin undying! 哥德里克 万万岁,我的女皇,狮鹫帝国将永存于世!
Isabel We are wasting time, Godric, and the Empire needs us. As the Queen I am going, and by your oath I ask that you follow me. 伊莎贝尔 这是在浪费时间,哥德里克,帝国现在需要我们。作为女皇我要履行职责,我请求你遵守誓言跟随我。
 One of the artifacts currently lies in the city of Hikm. The capture of that city will not only bring the Amulet into Markal`s posession, but also will start his war of vengeance against the Wizards of the Silver Cities.
 Now that Markal has enlisted the support of the Empire, it is time to proceed to the next phase of his plan.Lorekeep, the great city of necromantic magic, lies in ruins. Only there can Markal hope to find the ancient knowledge of the artifacts needed to revive King Nicolai. To restore Lorekeep, Markal will need to build a Citadel.
Markal Lorekeep was a mighty center of magic, dedicated to the most elusive of Asha`s teachings. Had mad King Oleg`s fanatics not burned it to the ground, my mentor Sandro would not have died the final death. I will see it rebuilt. And when it is strong, the Mage`s town of Hikm shall be the first to hear the news. 马卡尔 学识要塞是一个强大的魔法中心,致力于传授亚莎最深奥的教义。如果奥莱格国王的狂热分子们没有将其焚为平地,我的导师桑德罗也不会殒命。我将见证它的重建。当它强盛起来时,法师族的希金城将会第一个得到这个消息。
Godric Isabel, my Queen, congratulations on your brilliant leadership. We have taken the first steps towards rebuilding the Griffin Empire. 哥德里克 伊莎贝尔,我的女皇。您卓越的领导能力令我印象深刻。我们已经迈出重建狮鹫帝国的第一步。
Markal May I have the amulet? 马卡尔 可以赐予我护身符了吗?
Isabel I would rather hold it until the four are together. I have a responsibility to an entire nation, Markal. 伊莎贝尔 等4件宝物集齐了再说吧,我先替你保管护身符。我对整个国家负有责任,马卡尔。
Godric Please, Queen Isabel, let me hold it for you. 哥德里克 伊莎贝尔女皇,请让我替你保管护身符。
Godric I have always had, and always will have, the interest of the Griffin Empire as my sole guide. 哥德里克 我一直,也将永远把狮鹫帝国的利益放在第一位,并将其作为我行动的准则。
Isabel You will give it to me when I ask for it? When we are ready? 伊莎贝尔 当我问你要的时候,也就是我们准备好的时候?你会给我吗?
Godric Of course, my Queen. Griffin eternal! 哥德里克 当然,我的女皇。狮鹫帝国万岁!
The Invasion 入侵
 Markal is facing a new task: He must obtain the other three artifacts required to create the Vampire`s Garment. They are the Staff of the Netherworld, the Cloak of Death`s Shadow, and the Ring of the Unrepentant. To do this he must seize the Silver Cities and defeat three great Mages, each of whom possesses one of those artifacts.   马卡尔面临着一项新任务:他必须得到用于制作吸血鬼披风的其它3件宝物。它们分别是:冥界手杖、死亡阴影斗篷和无悔指环。为了达到这个目的,他必须击败3个分别持有上述宝物的大法师,占领银色城邦。
Markal The glory has been restored! A new sanctuary to Asha`s wisdom rises, and we shall conquer all! That is, the Griffin Empire shall conquer all, of course. 马卡尔 我们已经恢复了荣誉!一个象征着亚莎智慧的圣堂诞生了,我们要打败所有敌人!狮鹫帝国一定会征服世界。
Markal Cyrus, that idiot, broke the Vampire`s Garment into four elements. The Amulet of Necromancy I have, But the Ring of the Unrepentant, the Cloak of Death`s Shadow, and the Staff of the Netherworld remain to be acquired. 马卡尔 塞勒斯这个可恶的家伙,他把吸血鬼披风分成了4个部分。现在我只拿到了招魂护身符,但是另外3件宝物:无悔指环、死亡阴影斗篷以及冥界手杖仍有待获取。
 The second artifact needed for reviving King Nicolai is held in Ziyad. When city is captured, the artifact will fall into Markal`s hands.
 Curse mage cities The Staff of the Netherworld is a powerful artifact which can curse a whole town, converting it into a Necropolis. In these Necropolises, Markal will be able to reinforce his army. The act of converting a city means, inevitably, the death of all the Wizards there. That way Markal both gains a town and sets terror in the hearts of his enemies.
Markal Ah, the Staff of the Netherworld. Lovely. With this I shall convert the perverted Mage towns to the truest ways of Asha. Perhaps I shall even use it to tap a jaunty tune on Cyrus`s tombstone. 马卡尔 啊,冥界手杖。太好了。有了这个宝贝我就可以把讨厌的法师城变成亚山最美妙的城市。也许我应该用它在塞勒斯的墓碑上敲击出一段动人的旋律来。
 Raise 1000 skeletons Victory is assured if Markal can raise an army of numbers such as the world has never seen.The necromancer now has the means to accomplish his plan.   复活1000个骷髅兵如果马卡尔可以复活一支空前庞大的军队,那么胜利就指日可待了。这位亡灵巫师现在有的是手段来实现他的计划。
Markal The staff was quite a coup but I`m afraid it`s not quite enough, what shall I do for an encore? Hmmm, an army of one thousand skeletons should do nicely. 马卡尔 这个手杖果然不同凡响,但我担心这还远远不够;我怎么才能让它再施展一遍法力呢?嗯,一千人的骷髅兵应该可以奏效。
Markal Such a lovely sight. One thousand soulless puppets, devoid of hopes and fears, helplessly bent to my will - it`s enough to bring tears to my eyes. 马卡尔 多么感人的场面。一千个没有灵魂的傀儡,没有希望,不会恐惧,完全服从我的意愿——我的眼泪都快掉下来了。
 The Cloak of Death`s Shadow is kept somewhere in the city of Bahiyaa.To get his hands on it, Markal must make sure that this city falls as well.   死亡阴影斗篷被保存在拜希亚镇内某处。要得到这件宝物,马卡尔必须首先占领这座城市。
Markal The Cloak of Death`s Shadow! Cyrus`s troops shall cower before me. I slip closer to my goal, and the noose slips tighter around Cyrus`s neck. 马卡尔 死亡阴影斗篷!塞勒斯的军队会在我面前战栗的。我离自己的目标越来越近了,丧钟即将为塞勒斯而鸣。
 Alaron, the king of the Elves, has sent an army to aid the Wizards.While Markal is busy with his own problems, it falls to Isabel to defeat the Elves.  精灵国王阿拉伦派遣了一支军队前来援助法师。由于马卡尔正疲于应付自己的问题,对付精灵的任务交到了伊莎贝尔手中。
Isabel The elves! What are they doing here! What fool sent them to meddle in this? I shall speak to them... perhaps I can convince them to remain neutral. 伊莎贝尔 是精灵!他们在这里干什么!是哪个蠢货派他们来这里管闲事的?我要跟他们谈谈……也许我可以劝他们保持中立。
Isabel Once again good people die for opposing us. Nicolai, my love, please tell me that the results will be worth the cost. 伊莎贝尔 又有好人因反对我们而死,尼科莱,亲爱的,请告诉我这样做到底值不值得。
 The Ring of the Unrepentant is the most powerful of all the Necromancer`s artifacts and is kept in Al Safir, the capital of the Silver Cities.Capturing this city will not only bring the Ring to Markal, but also will seal the fate of the Wizards.
 The magic realm of the Ring of the Unrepentant is hostile to all exept the ringwearer. While Cyrus holds this artifact, Markal`s army will sustain heavy losses.A large army of powerful creatures will be needed in order to succeed.
Markal There goes Cyrus, sneaking away with the aid of that charming ring. My ring. I shall have it back, with or without the finger it`s attached to, but to do that I`ll need more power. Twenty Bone Dragons, I think, should be sufficient to tip the scales. 马卡尔 塞勒斯跑了,在美丽戒指的帮助下悄悄地溜走了。那是我的戒指。我要把它夺回来,无论它是不是还戴在那支手指上,不过,我需要变得更强大些才能成功。二十条骨龙应该足够了。
 Cyrus has fled, taking the Ring of the Unrepentant with him.Markal will have to hunt down his old enemy to get his hands on the last of the artifacts.   塞勒斯带着无悔指环逃走了。马卡尔必须拦截他的这位老对手,夺取最后一件宝物。
Markal Wherever you are, Cyrus, I have my dragons. The sands in your hourglass fall quickly indeed. 马卡尔 逃到哪里都没用,塞勒斯,我已经得到了骨龙。沙漏中的沙粒正在迅速下落,你的时日不多了。
The Regicide 弑君者
 Markal is now facing the final step in his plan: he must obtain the Ring of the Unrepentant. To do this he must follow its bearer, Cyruns, into the magical reality of the Ring and defeat him there.  现在摆在马卡尔面前的是其计划的最后一步:夺取无悔指环。他必须跟随塞勒斯进入指环的魔法领域,并在那里将其击败。
Markal And now the hunt, the kill, and the ring will be mine! It`s enough to make you glad to be alive... almost. 马卡尔 现在生杀大权和指环都将属于我!你应该为自己还能苟延残喘而感到庆幸……
 As the upcoming battle leads to an inevitable victory, Markal is content to wait. In the end he will have the pleasure of fighting Cyrus, the cowardly murderer of Sandro, who ran here to hide in the Ring of the Unrepentant`s magic realm.  由于接下来的战斗将是取得最终胜利的大决战,马卡尔愿意耐心等待时机。与谋杀桑德罗的凶手,躲到无悔指环魔法领域里的胆小鬼塞勒斯战斗,对他来说将是一件很有趣的事情。
Markal Triumph, my queen! Cyrus was loath to give up either the ring or his life, but I have taken both. Prepare the troops. We leave for The Hall of Heroes! 马卡尔 胜利了,我的女皇!塞勒斯很不情愿的答应放弃戒指或他的生命,但我两样都取回来了。让军队做好准备,我们现在就去英雄祠!
Isabel Excellent! 伊莎贝尔 太好了!
Godric Griffin undying! 哥德里克 狮鹫帝国万岁!
Godric Don`t forget that you are the queen, Isabel. It should be you giving the orders, not Markal. 哥德里克 别忘了你才是女皇,伊莎贝尔。命令应该由你来下达,而不是马卡尔。
Isabel We are allies, Godric. Stop worrying. 伊莎贝尔 我们是盟友,哥德里克。不要随便猜疑。
Godric I disagree, Isabel. I think that we need more worrying - much more worrying. 哥德里克 我不同意,伊莎贝尔。这里面很可疑——非常可疑。
The Lord of Heresh 赫莱士的霸主
 Markal is almost ready to recreate the Vampire`s Garment. The only thing that remains to be done is to take the Necromancer`s Amulet from Godric and go to the Hall of Heroes, where Nicolai`s body lies. There, Markal will perform the Rite of the Night to bring the dead king back into this world.  制作吸血鬼披风的任务现已万事俱备,只欠东风。马卡尔唯一要做的便是从哥德里克手中取得招魂护身符,然后前往停放尼科莱尸体的英雄祠。他将通过暗夜仪式将死去的国王重新召回世界。
Isabel I have come for the Amulet of Necromancy. 伊莎贝尔 我是来取招魂护身符的。
Godric I still don`t trust him. Markal has ruined an allied kingdom, raised hordes of undead, and now he orders you about like a scullery maid. 哥德里克 我不相信他。马卡尔毁掉了一个联盟王国,又组织了不死大军,现在,他居然还像一个女帮厨一样指挥你。
Isabel You forget yourself! I am the Queen. 伊莎贝尔 别忘记你的身份!我才是女皇。
Godric Yes, you are queen - unless Markal crooks his finger. You have fallen under his spell, as Fiona did. 哥德里克 是的,你是女皇——任凭马卡尔摆布的女皇。你已经中了他的邪咒,就像当年的菲奥纳一样。
Isabel No! I am doing this for the Griffin Empire. It is too late now for second thoughts. I order you to... 伊莎贝尔 不!我这样做完全是为了狮鹫帝国。我们没有时间思考了。我命令你……
Godric No, my Lady. I can no longer obey you, and I doubt that Nicolai would reprimand me. 哥德里克 不,夫人。我不能再听从你的命令了,尼科莱会怪罪于我的。
Isabel You think that Nicolai would prefer treachery? When he returns, let us be sure to ask him. 你认为尼科莱会赞成叛变吗?等他回来时,我们一定要问问他。
Godric Enough! 哥德里克 够了!
Markal So Godric has fortified himself in Hikm, and thinks to defy me? He seems to have forgotten that his daughter Freyda is in Newpost, and not with him. If I capture her and escort her in chains to Lorekeep for "questioning," the old fool will have no choice but to come and attack me. Really. Chivalry. It`s soooo predictable. 马卡尔 这么说哥德里克自己固守在希金城里,想公然和我作对?他好像忘了自己的女儿法蕾妲还在贝沃斯。如果我抓住她并将其绑到学识要塞作为人质要挟,这个愚蠢的老家伙到时肯定会被逼得走投无路,只能出来和我硬拼。骑士就是骑士,只会循规蹈矩。
 As soon as necromancer left, Godric started his own game in order to prevent plans of Markal and Isabel come true. The betrayer locked himself in Hikm, blocked the sea-lane, destroyed the portal which lead to town and refused to give back the Amulet of Necromancy. Markal will have to find the way to capture Hikm and return the Amulet. And he has to do it quick because Godric is about to destroy the Amulet. The Amulet can be destroyed in the Night of Triple Lunar Eclipse. Unfortunately, this night will come in a month.  亡灵巫师离开后,哥德里克马上采取了措施企图阻止马卡尔和伊莎贝尔的计划变为现实。这个叛徒固守在希金城里,封锁了航道,破坏了通往城市的入口并拒绝交出招魂护身符。马卡尔必须设法占领希金,夺回护身符。此护身符可在三月全蚀之夜被销毁。不幸的是,这一时刻需要将近一个月的时间才会来临。
Isabel What! They desert me, to follow Godric? But I am their rightful liege. Markal, you`d better deal with this quickly or we shall be nothing but a handful of generals with no troops! 伊莎贝尔 什么!他们扔下我去投奔哥德里克了?但是我才是他们真正的君王。马卡尔,你最好尽快处理一下目前的情况,否则我们就快成光杆司令了。
 To lure Godric out of the city, Markal must find the proper bait, and Godric`s daughter will serve well.Markal can take her from the prison near the city of Newpost.  要诱使哥德里克出城,马卡尔必须找到合适的诱饵,而哥德里克的女儿恰好是一个不错的选择。马卡尔可以在纽珀斯特附近的监狱中将其擒获。
Markal She is a lovely bit of booty, that Freyda. And now a slow march to Lorekeep. We have to give Godric time to prepare his rescue, hmmm? Planning takes time for those of little imagination. 马卡尔 那个法蕾妲是一个可爱的战利品。我们现在放缓向学识要塞行进的速度,要给哥德里克救他女儿腾出点时间,不是吗?但不管怎样,结果是毫无悬念的。
 Godric is just a man, weak with his own fears and sympathies. He will do anything for the life of his daughter.Bring his daughter to Lorekeep to begin negotiations.   哥德里克也是人,同样会感到害怕,同样会有恻隐之心。为了能保女儿平安无事,他一定会不惜一切代价。把他的女儿带到学识要塞作为筹码开始与其谈判。
Markal He sent angels instead of coming himself! Delightfully unexpected. I`m tempted to thank him - I`ve never had the opportunity to kill an angel before. 马卡尔 他没有亲自来,却把天使派来了!这可真是意想不到的惊喜。我真想马上感谢他——以前从来没有机会亲手屠杀过天使。
 Markal has found a more elegant solution...With Angel`s Wings in his posession, Markal will be able to reach Hikm on his own.  马卡尔发现了一个更好的解决办法。有了天使之翼,马卡尔便可自己飞进希金。
Markal The wings of dead angels are far more useful than the nasty birds themselves. Now I can fly straight to Hikm to chat with Godric. Perhaps I`ll bring his daughter as well - after I kill her and resurrect her as a wight. Or perhaps not. It takes time to do these things properly. 马卡尔 死去天使的双翼比他们本身有用多了。现在我可以直接飞到希金和哥德里克好好聊聊。也许我应该把他女儿杀了变成一个妖怪一同带去。……还是算了,这样太费时间了。
Isabel Come, Godric. With the amulet your king will be restored, and he would want you by his side. 伊莎贝尔 快,哥德里克。有了护身符,你的国王就会复活,他想让你站在自己的一边。
Godric I do not know what will be restored, but the king that I knew has passed beyond our reach. 哥德里克 我不知道什么东西会复活,我只知道国王早已逝去,这是不能改变的事实。
Isabel Godric! You made a promise to Nicolai. Fulfill it, or be known as an oathbreaker. 伊莎贝尔 哥德里克!你曾对尼科莱发过誓,兑现你的诺言,否则你就是背信弃义的叛徒。
Godric In my heart I do not believe that this is right. Oath or no oath. 哥德里克 在我的心里我认为这是不对的,无论誓言与否。
Isabel Guards! Take Sir Godric and put him in chains. 伊莎贝尔 卫兵!将哥德里克男爵抓起来,用铁链铐起来。
Markal Who knows what plots he may hatch, stubborn and vengeful as he is? Alive, he cannot be trusted. 马卡尔 这个复仇心切的老顽固,谁知道他还有什么阴谋?只要他活着,国家就不得安宁。
Isabel I cannot, Markal. He served the empire loyally, for many years. For this I will spare him. 伊莎贝尔 我不能这样做,马卡尔。他对帝国衷心耿耿,已经辅佐我王多年。因此,我将宽恕他。
Markal Let us hope that you do not live to regret this. 马卡尔 希望到时你不要后悔。