女皇(The Queen)

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The Queen
  The invasion of the demons is grim news for the Griffin Empire. King Nicolai has been forced to postpone his wedding, rushing to the front lines to lead his knights into battle. Waiting expectantly in the safety of the Summer Palace at Whitecliff, Lady Isabel receives joyless tidings.
Isabel You`ve been acting a bit oddly, Beatrice. Are you feeling well? 伊莎贝尔 你的举止有点奇怪,比阿特丽斯。感到不舒服吗?
Beatrice Me? Well, it`s, I`m.... homesick, I suppose, ... feeling edgy and bored... 比阿特丽斯 我?嗯,是的……可能是有点想家了,我现在感到心烦意乱……
Godric It may be boring, ladies, but at least it is far from the war. 哥德里克 女士们,这也许会令人烦躁,但比起身处战争要好多了。
Beatrice Not for long. Another messenger arrived this morning. The Demons have taken Hardwick and Thornham. Either we go to war, or war comes to us. 比阿特丽斯 不会太久了。今天早上另外一个信使送来消息。恶魔们已经攻占了哈德维克镇和索恩哈姆。我们别无选择,要么参战,要么等着敌人向我们进攻。
Isabel Any news of Nicolai? 伊莎贝尔 有尼科莱的消息吗?
Beatrice He`s fine, but... Milady, he is young and unsure of himself. He`s too embarrassed to ask for help. I know he forbade us to leave... 比阿特丽斯 他很好,但是……夫人,他还年轻,缺乏自信,不太愿意寻求别人帮助,因为对他来说这是一件丢面子的事。我知道他不让我们离开这里……
Godric And we shall obey him. Young or not, he is the king. You were ordered here, and I was ordered to protect you. It`s quite simple. 哥德里克 我们应该服从他。不管年轻与否,他毕竟是国王。你们必须待在这里,这是命令,我奉命保护你们。就这么简单
Isabel But the Empire is in peril. Shouldn’t we do something? 伊莎贝尔 但是帝国正处在生死存亡的关头,难道我们就这样坐视不管吗?
Beatrice Why was Nicolai so opposed to asking the Elves and the Mages for help? Or the Dwarves? 比阿特丽斯 为什么尼科莱对精灵和法师有如此之大的抵触情绪呢?还有矮人?
Godric The Elves have been slow to recover from the last war. The Mages? Blasphemers led by Cyrus, a man with delusions of godhood. Besides - Nicolai hasn`t forgotten that Alaron and Cyrus came back alive from the War of the Eclipse, but his own father did not. 哥德里克 矮 人上次没有帮我们,这次也不会的。精灵在上一次战争里元气大伤,目前正在缓慢恢复之中。而法师?他们只不过是赛勒斯纠合的一帮亵渎神灵的狂徒,这个人居然 厚颜无耻的认为自己是一个神。而且——尼科莱绝不会忘记日蚀战争的那段恩怨,他的父王惨死敌手,而阿拉伦和赛勒斯却安然无恙的活着回来了。
Beatrice Still, if he were here he might command us differently. 比阿特丽斯 不过,假如他还活着,他可能会采用另一种策略指挥我们。
Godric Perhaps, if it really is that bad... 哥德里克 也许吧,如果真的到了十万火急的时候……
Beatrice Two more towns, Godric. How bad must it be? 比阿特丽斯 又有两个城沦陷了,哥德里克。情况究竟会变得多糟?
Isabel Please, Godric. Though you do not like him, take word to Archmage Cyrus. Their magic would be of great help against the demons. 伊莎贝尔 求求你,哥德里克。虽然我知道你不喜欢他,但恳请你通报大法师赛勒斯,请求他的支援。他们的魔法在对付恶魔时将会起到巨大的作用。
Godric There is wisdom in what you say, but that Cyrus... And the king’s orders... 哥德里克 你说的很有道理,但是赛勒斯的为人……还有国王的命令……
Isabel For the empire, Godric, which is greater than any one king. Even one we love so dearly. 伊莎贝尔 为了帝国,哥德里克,帝国的命运比任何一个国王都重要。虽然我们深爱着这个国王。
Godric As you wish, Milady. Griffin eternal! 哥德里克 好吧,夫人。狮鹫帝国万岁!
Beatrice And what about us? Shall we take word to the Elves? 比阿特丽斯 那我们该怎么办?要我们给精灵报信吗?
Isabel You should - you have the wisdom to negotiate with Alaron, and are practiced in the art of diplomacy. As for me, I`ve always felt more comfortable in a camp than at court. 伊莎贝尔 是的,你去——因为你知道怎样去和阿拉伦谈判,在外交方面,你比我要老道。我更愿意呆在军营里而不是宫廷上。
Beatrice But we could go together... 比阿特丽斯 为什么我们不一起去?
Isabel Me? Go to Irollan? Beatrice, I`m surprised at you! At the abbey you were so overprotective. 伊莎贝尔 我? 去艾罗兰?比阿特丽斯,别开玩笑了!你恐怕是在修道院被宠坏了。
Beatrice You`ll stay here, then? 比阿特丽斯 那你会待在这里吗?
Isabel Not at all. I shall raise a militia - that is more suitable to my talents. 伊莎贝尔 当然不会。我要组织一个义军——这才是我的长项。
Beatrice That`s too dangerous! 比阿特丽斯 那太危险了!
Isabel I shall be surrounded by soldiers in the heart of the Griffin Empire. Safer than anywhere else, I think. 伊莎贝尔 我的战士们和我将一同守卫狮鹫帝国的心脏地带。我想,这比哪儿都安全。
Beatrice As my queen commands. 比阿特丽斯 遵命,我的女王。
Isabel Go quickly! You will find me somewhere between here and the battlefield. To war! 伊莎贝尔 快!我不是在这里就是在战场上,回来时你可以在两地间找到我。准备战斗!
  King Nicolai wages war against Demons and needs help. Though the regions around the peaceable Summer Palace are not the best place for finding new recruits, Isabel has no choice.One hundred peasants will serve as a basis for an army which will be able to defeat any foe.
As it is impossible to create a powerful army without professional warriors, you will have to recruit twenty-five footmen in addition to your peasants.
Peasant Leader Get off our fields! We don`t want you here! 农民领袖 从我们的田里滚出去!这里不欢迎你!
Isabel What do you mean by this disobedience? 伊莎贝尔 你们竟敢违抗我的命令?
Peasant Leader They say the war goes badly, Milady. We hear that the demons are killing everything and eating the dead. We don`t want to go! 农民领袖 他们说战场上的情况很糟,夫人。我们听说恶魔们正在疯狂屠戮所有生命并吞食死尸。我们不想去打仗!
Isabel Cowards! The Griffin Empire shall emerge victorious. 伊莎贝尔 一群懦夫!狮鹫帝国一定会夺取最后胜利。
Peasant Leader Well then they can do it without us. We`re staying here, now get off our land! 农民领袖 那就让他们夺取胜利去吧。我们呆在这里哪也不去,现在快离开这里!
Isabel You will fulfill your oaths to your lord, even if you must do it in chains. Take them! 伊莎贝尔 你们必须履行效忠领主的誓言,即使是以被迫的方式。把他们抓起来!
  A group of rebellious conscripts and peasants captured a garrison in the south, and they refuses to surrender. Isabel must take back the garrison and suppress the mutiny.   一伙叛乱的农民和民兵占领了南方的一个要塞,并且拒不投降。伊莎贝尔必须夺回要塞,镇压暴动。
Isabel That should be enough troops, I think. But if I don`t lead them myself, they`ll desert along the way. I`ll be with you soon, Nicolai! 伊莎贝尔 现在我想军队人数应该足够了。但如果我不亲自指挥他们的话,这些人会在半路上逃跑的。我很快可以和你并肩战斗了,尼科莱!
  The path to the front lies through the ruined lands of the Griffin Empire, where rumour and superstition run rampant.The Queen will have to strengthen her forces and persuade dissenters if she hopes to continue on her path.   通往前线的道路途经狮鹫帝国一片堕落的领地,那里谣言散播,迷信蔓延。为了能够继续前进,女皇必须巩固军队并说服这些反叛分子。
  The army will do better if it has a reliable base in a well-fortified town. In such a fortress, new recruits can be found and tired warriors can rest and heal their wounds. In addition, a fortress provides gold for development.Strongbow would be a perfect place for Isabel`s troops, so she must capture it within a week -- while her army is still battle-worthy.
Capturing Strongbow would not only provide a base for Isabel`s troops, but would open up other opportunities.The archers of Strongbow are the best in Empire, and a hundred of them would considerably strengthen her army.
  如果有一个防守森严的城镇作为根据 地,军队将会获得更高的战斗力。在要塞城里,你可以招纳新兵,并且疲惫和受伤的士兵能够得到充分的休养。另外,城镇还可为你提供用于生存发展的黄金。强弩 镇对伊莎贝尔的军队来说是一个绝佳的据点,因此她必须在军中士气尚存,也就是1周的时间内占领强弩镇。
Isabel The town of Strongbow is well named - the best archers live there, and I need archers for my army. 伊莎贝尔 强弩镇果然名不虚传——那里住着最优秀的弓箭手,我的军队需要弓箭手的加入。
   The town of Ashwood has become a town of rebels who do not accept the rule of their king. Something that could be handled diplomatically in times of peace becomes a grave danger in times of war.The pacifying of Ashwood will not only bring more gold to the queen`s treasury, but will also raise her prestige within the army.   阿什伍德已经变成了一座叛乱之城,当地人拒绝服从国王的统治。这些在和平年代可以运用政治手段进行调解的矛盾在战争时期将变得异常棘手和危险。平息这场民变不仅可以为女皇带来更多财富,同时将极大的提高她在军队中的威望。
Isabel The archers see things my way, but they say that Ashwood rejects the rule of the king. I have to settle this with their mayor. 伊莎贝尔 弓箭手们和我的想法一致,但他们说阿什伍德镇拒绝臣服国王的统治。我得和他们的市长商讨解决这个问题
Isabel That should be enough. It`s time to get these troops to Nicolai. We shall hurry as if Crag Hack himself were on our heels! 伊莎贝尔 看起来人数应该够了。是让军队与尼科莱会合的时候了。我们得快些,凯格海克似乎正在我们后面紧随不舍。
The Siege
  While capturing Ashwood Isabel ecounted a new threat: The vanguards of a Demon force appeared in the very heart of the Empire.The queen must defeat them before they gain a foothold.
To make the first task more simple, Isabel should build a Jousting Range in her town. This will attract Paladins, implacable holy warriors, to her cause. These Paladins will prove most effective against the evil of the Demon Lords.
  Beatrice`s diplomatic mission was successful -- Alaron, the elven king, will come to Isabel`s aid.
Isabel must join her forces with Elven army in order to defeat the Demon Lord Agrael.
Beatrice My Queen! A letter from King Alaron! He is sending two legions of Blade Dancers under the command of Findan. 比阿特丽斯 女王陛下!有一封阿拉伦国王的来信!他派了两个军团的剑舞者前来助战,指挥官是芬丹。
Findan? I have seen him at court - he`s an emissary, not a warrior. Still, it`s far better than nothing. Well done, Beatrice. The Empire thanks you. 伊莎贝尔 芬丹?我在法庭上见过他——他似乎只不过是一名特使,而不是一个战士。但是有总比没有好。干得好,比阿特丽斯,我代表帝国感谢你。
Beatrice I live to serve, my queen. 比阿特丽斯 这是我的使命,女王陛下。
Isabel Sir Tomas! We leave at first light. The Elves are sending troops! 伊莎贝尔 托马斯男爵!我们破晓就出发。精灵给我们派出援军了!
Sir Tomas Hooray! Griffin eternal!  
Isabel Scouts have found demon patrols in the neighborhood. I hope the troops are ready - they`ll soon face our demonic foes! 伊莎贝尔 侦查兵已经在附近发现恶魔的巡逻队。我希望军队已经准备就绪——他们很快就要和恶魔一较高低了!
  As feared, the scouts were but the vanguard of a larger Demon army headed by a Demon Lord. They are pillaging the Empire, leaving ruin in their wake. Now the time has come for Isabel to pass her first great trial - to fight and defeat an enemy hero and secure the area around the town of Ashwood. She will have to draw on all the skills she has learned in order to succeed.   正如原来担心的一样,这些密探只不过是恶魔大军的一个先遣队。恶魔们正在帝国境内大肆劫掠,所到之处生灵涂炭。真正考验伊莎贝尔的时刻来到了——击败敌方英雄,保卫阿什伍德及其周边地区。她必须运用所有已掌握的技能才能赢得这场胜利。
Isabel So that was just a recon force. No matter, with one victory under our belts the troops have gained confidence. Griffin eternal! 伊莎贝尔 这只是一个侦查部队而已。没关系,现初战告捷,士气大增。狮鹫帝国万岁!
The Trap
  The Demon Lord Agrael prepares to rout Elven troops that are marching to assist the Empire. Isabel will have to outmanoeuver the enemy army and prevent the Demons from implementing their plan. The united forces of Isabel and Elven King Alaron should be able to put an end to the invasion and save Nicolai.   恶魔领主阿格雷尔正打算铲除前来援助帝国的精灵军队。伊莎贝尔必须抢在敌人前面阻止恶魔的计划。伊莎贝尔和精灵国王阿拉伦的联合部队应该能够阻止恶魔入侵并拯救尼科莱。
  Rumour has it that Demon Lord Agrael is skilled in the ways of magic.The time has come for Isabel also to learn the secrets of arcane lore, for without this knowledge she will have difficulty facing the magics of the Demon Lord.Brightwood was well-known for its Magic Guilds - a perfect place for the young queen to study the magical arts. Isabel must prepare the attack on Brightwood properly, success is more important than time. Capture Brightwood and upgrade its Magic Guild to the third level   据谣传称,恶魔领主阿格雷尔擅长各种魔法。现在是伊莎贝尔了解一些魔法奥 秘的时候了。没有魔法的帮助,要击败恶魔领主的机会微乎其微。光明树镇的魔法行会声名远扬——这里是年轻的女皇学习魔法的理想地点,要知道完全依靠钢铁的 力量有时不能很好的解决问题。伊莎贝尔应该为攻打光明树镇做好充分准备,成功比时间来得重要。占领光明树镇并将魔法行会升级到第3级。
Priest Lady Isabel, your might as a warrior is impressive but your knowledge of the arcane is limited. To fight these demonical abominations, you must learn something of the magics of Elrath. 神父 伊莎贝尔夫人,你作为一名战士给人印象深刻,但你对神秘学的了解程度却很有限。我建议你学习一些艾尔拉思的魔法。
Isabel I agree, Father, but I don`t have the time or the resources for this. 伊莎贝尔 我想你是对的,神父。但就目前紧迫的时间和稀缺的资源条件来看,似乎不是练习魔法时候。
Priest The town of Brightwood had a seminary of Light magic, but the demons ruined it. If you take it back, Lady, you could obtain its knowledge. 神父 光明树镇有一个光明魔法学院,但是被恶魔毁掉了。如果你可以把它夺回来,夫人,那么你就可以获得它的知识。
Isabel Excellent. I will do this, and quickly! 伊莎贝尔 非常好。我会去的,马上就去!
Isabel Leave it to the demons to corrupt everything, even the tower that held the knowledge of magic! I have no choice but to rebuild it from the ground up. 伊莎贝尔 恶魔们将一切都摧毁了,连保存魔法的塔楼也不例外!除了重建家园我别无选择。
Isabel Such wonders I have learned! It`s time to destroy the demons, with the light of Elrath guiding my hand! 伊莎贝尔 这真是令人振奋的消息!愿艾尔拉斯的光芒指引我,现在是去消灭恶魔的时候了!
  There is no one in the location place where you were to meet Ildar. Perhaps the reason is in the Elves’ cautious reluctance to deal with anyone but the Queen herself. To meet her allies, Isabel must get across to this shore in person.
A river crosses Isabel’s way to the location where she is to meet Alaron`s army, and the bridge has been destroyed. But there are no tasks without answers, and if the problem does not seem to have an obvious solution, it is reasonable to look for an Oracle. There is one, living southwards from the ruined bridge.
Isabel Look! The bridge is destroyed as well. Now what? 伊莎贝尔 看!那座桥也被摧毁了,现在怎么办?
Beatrice There is a Seer not too far from here. The advice of a Blind Brother, servant of Asha, would be useful. 比阿特丽斯 在离这里不远的地方有一位先知。作为亚山的仆人和盲眼兄弟会的成员,他的忠告会对你将会有很大帮助。
Isabel A Seer! They speak in riddles and half-phrases and send you on wild goose chases. We don`t have time. 伊莎贝尔 先知!?他们说起话来喜欢故弄玄虚,而且还会指挥你到处乱跑。我们可没那闲工夫。
Beatrice It`s that, or we sit here waiting until the scouts find another way. 比阿特丽斯 这样看来,那我们只好候守原地,等待侦查兵另寻出路了。
Isabel Ah! I can`t twiddle my thumbs doing nothing. Very well, Beatrice, let`s go find this Seer of yours. 伊莎贝尔 啊!我可受不了在这里空耗时间。好吧,比阿特丽斯,我们去找你的那个先知。
   The way to Alaron`s army is blocked by a river, and the bridge was destroyed by enemy forces.Now, the only way to cross the river and reach the woods of Irollan is the Boots of Levitation. They can be found in a crypt somewhere in undeground , where their former owner was buried. Isabel will have to fight the restless spirits who haunt the crypt in order to get the artifact.   通往阿拉伦军队的道路被一条河隔断,河上的桥梁也被敌人摧毁了。现在唯一可以跨过河流抵达艾罗兰森林的途径便是悬浮战靴。你可以在附近的一个地穴中找到它,这个地穴是其主人的葬身之所。为得到宝物,伊莎贝尔必须与那些游荡在地穴中无法安息的鬼魂作战。
Isabel Boots of Levitation? Lying in a crypt full of haunted souls whose sleep I must disturb? It won`t be pleasant, but it`s the fastest way to meet up with Findan. I`m afraid I don`t have much choice. 伊莎贝尔 悬浮之靴?我得到满是孤魂野鬼的地窖里惊醒他们才能取到靴子,这可不是一件愉快的事。但如果要在最短的时间内会合芬丹,这是最好的办法。恐怕是没得选了。
Isabel It could have been worse, I suppose. Time to put on this fine footwear and go meet Findan! 伊莎贝尔 幸亏拿到了,要不然情况可能会更糟。现在是穿上这双漂亮的靴子去找芬丹的时候了!
Isabel Hello? Findan, I presume? I am Queen Isabel. Thank you for remembering our old alliance. 伊莎贝尔 喂?是芬丹对吗?我是伊莎贝尔女皇。感谢你信守我们联盟的古老承诺。
Agrael I fear that Findan will be late, Isabel. 阿格雷尔 我恐怕芬丹会迟到,伊莎贝尔。
Isabel What? Who? Who are you? 伊莎贝尔 什么?谁?你是谁?
Isabel Elves! Allies! To me! 伊莎贝尔 精灵!卫兵!护驾!
Isabel Beatrice, your weapon! 伊莎贝尔 比阿特丽斯,准备你的武器!
Biara I think not, Isabel. 拜娅拉 我可不这么想,伊莎贝尔。
Biara Ha-ha-ha... 拜娅拉 哈哈哈……
Isabel Be... Beatrice... What... 伊莎贝尔 比……比阿特丽斯……什么……
Biara Your dear, insufferable, Beatrice is finally doing something useful - fertilizing the vegetables at the Summer Palace. What`s left of her, anyway. 拜娅拉 你亲爱的,令人忍无可忍的,比阿特丽斯终于做了一件有益的事情——为夏宫的蔬菜施肥。她已经蒸发了。
Isabel What?! How... When did you... 伊莎贝尔 什么?!怎么……你什么时候……
Biara As soon as Nicolai announced you were going there. Poor Beatrice - she was so trusting, and I can be very persuasive. 拜娅拉 就在尼科莱宣布你要到那里的那一刻——可怜的比阿特丽斯—她当时深信不疑,而说服别人恰恰是我的专长。
Agrael Knight Tomas appears to be wounded, Biara. Perhaps you could attend to him? 阿格雷尔 托马斯骑士好像受伤了,拜娅拉。也许你可以去照顾照顾他?
Biara Yes. Yessss! Thank you my lord. 拜娅拉 是,遵命!谢谢你,主人。
Agrael Leave us. 阿格雷尔 你们走吧。
Agrael I`m sorry. That`s not what I wanted, but the Demon Sovereign gave clear orders. Killing Beatrice seemed the easiest way... 阿格雷尔 对不起。这不是我想要做的,但是恶魔领主已经下了死命令。杀掉比阿特丽斯看起来是最简而易行的方法。
Isabel Easy for you, black-hearted... 伊莎贝尔 说得真轻松,你这个狼心狗肺的东西——
Agrael I know it hits you hard. She practically raised you. Her abbey was like a second home and the apple orchard became your favorite playground. 阿格雷尔 我知道这对你打击很大。她从小伴你一起长大。修道院是她的第二个家,而苹果园是你最喜爱的游乐场。
Isabel What? How do you know? 伊莎贝尔 什么?你怎么知道的—?
Agrael But my master is after you, not Beatrice. 阿格雷尔 事实上我的主人要找的人是你,而不是比阿特丽斯。
Isabel The Demon Sovereign? Me? Why? 伊莎贝尔 魔王?我?为什么?
Agrael He wouldn`t tell me. All I know is that he sent us to deliver you to him. 阿格雷尔 他没有说,我只知道他要我们把你带回去见他。
Isabel I will die before I see that happen. 伊莎贝尔 我宁可去死。
Agrael No one - least of all - I would like to see that, Isabel. 阿格雷尔 没有人想看到你死去,至少我不想,伊莎贝尔。
Isabel Really? So what do you want? And who are you? 伊莎贝尔 真的吗?你想要得到什么?你是谁?
Agrael Me? I am Agrael. A mere soldier in a greater war, and war demands sacrifice. 阿格雷尔 我?我是阿格雷尔。这场大战中一名微不足道的士兵,有战争就要有人牺牲。
Isabel So, "soldier," what do you intend to do with me? 伊莎贝尔 那么,“士兵”,你打算把我怎么样呢?
Agrael If I could find a means for you to escape this fate... if the two of us could disappear. Would you trust me? 阿格雷尔 如果我能找到一个办法让你能逃过这场劫难……如果我们两个同时消失。你会相信我吗?
Isabel Trust you? A servant of the Demon Sovereign? The murderer of Beatrice? 伊莎贝尔 相信你?魔王的仆人?杀害比阿特丽斯的凶手?
Agrael As if I had a choice! 阿格雷尔 这不是我可以选择的!
Agrael I will do what I can to protect you, for now. 阿格雷尔 但是从现在起,我会尽我所能保护你。
The Fall of the King
  Agrael rose rapidly through the ranks of Demon cultists to become a trusted right hand of the Demon Sovereign. His detractors call him reckless and over-ambitious, but Agrael`s measured aggressiveness has made him a feared and respected leader in battle. He will attack when a good opportunity presents itself, and does not hesitate to take risks when the rewards are commensurate.   阿格雷尔在狂热的恶魔教徒中迅速崛起,成为了魔王信赖的副手。批评他的人说他鲁莽无忌,野心太大,但阿格雷尔这种敢做敢为的作风使其成为战场上一位令人敬畏的领袖。一旦看准了时机,阿格雷尔就会主动出击,只要有利可图,他愿冒任何风险
Godric What do you see, Freyda? 哥德里克 你看见了什么,法蕾妲?
Freyda A peasant militia. Flying the Griffin banner, and another - some kind of flower. 法蕾妲 一队打着狮鹫的旗号农民军,还有——某种花草。
Godric An apple blossom. At last, that will be Lady Isabel. By Elrath, she had me worried. First Cyrus laughs at us, then Isabel disappears... It has been a long month, Freyda. 哥德里克 苹果花。那因该是伊莎贝尔夫人。她的境况真令人担心啊。一开始是被赛勒斯嘲笑,接着伊莎贝尔又突然消失了……这个月过得可真漫长,法蕾妲。
Freyda Father... Why did Archmage Cyrus reject our request? 法蕾妲 父王……为什么大法师赛勒斯会拒绝我们的请求?
Godric I don`t know why. Something to do with the last war, I think, when Cyrus refused to follow our king... I would dearly love to see that arrogant, gutless old... Hm. Excuse me. 哥德里克 我不知道。可能与上一次战争有关。当赛勒斯拒绝追随我们的国王时……我真希望这个傲慢的,怯懦的老东西去……嗯,这样说有点过分。
Freyda Permission to agree heartily, sir? 法蕾妲 我可以举双手赞成您的看法吗,男爵?
Godric You have it, Freyda. But enough chatter - we`ve a kingdom to save! Griffin eternal! 哥德里克 是的,法蕾妲。好了,闲话少说——我们还有救国的使命在身!狮鹫帝国万岁!
Freyda Griffin eternal! 法蕾妲 狮鹫帝国万岁!
Godric Where is she then? 哥德里克 她到底在哪?
Freyda No one knows. She went off to meet Findan and the elves two days ago and never came back. Our scouts found signs of a hastily broken camp there. No elves, sir, but traces of demons. 法蕾妲 恐怕无人知晓。两天前她出去找芬丹和精灵去了,至今未归。我们的巡逻兵在那里发现一个在匆忙中被毁坏的宿营地。没有发现精灵,男爵,不过倒是有恶魔的行踪。
Godric Demons! By Elrath! Any word of Abbess Beatrice? 哥德里克 恶魔!天哪!有没有比阿特丽斯的消息?
Freyda None, father. 法蕾妲 没有,父王。
Godric We`re off again then, Freyda. Two ladies of the Griffin Empire have fallen to the demons, and I won`t let that go unpunished. 哥德里克 我们得马上出发,法蕾妲。狮鹫帝国的两位女士落入恶魔之手了,他们一定要受到惩罚,我不会让他们逍遥法外的。
  Isabel has been captured by the enemy! Her only hope lies with Godric, who has returned from his mission to the Wizards of the Silver Cities. Though his diplomatic mission failed and he brings no new allies, he must still free the young queen from prison near the city of Dunmoor within a week.Dunmoor, an old fortress which has survived many assaults, will provide a shelter for the queen in these troubled times.    伊莎贝尔女皇被敌人俘获了!哥德里克已经完成到银色城邦会见法师的任务并返回了王国,现在他是女皇的唯一希望。虽然通过外交途径搬救兵的计划没有成功, 但不管怎样,哥德里克必须在一周内救出关押在邓木尔城附近监狱里的年轻女皇。邓木尔是一座久经战火考验的古要塞城,它是女皇在危难时期的避难场所。
Isabel Your strength has never been appreciated as much as today, Godric. Thank you for delivering me. 伊莎贝尔 你今天立了大功,哥德里克。谢谢你救了我。
Godric It is my duty, Lady. Though joy at your rescue is lessened by the news of Beatrice`s death. 哥德里克 这是我的职责,夫人。您一定对比阿特丽斯的死感到很难过,我对此表示遗憾。
Isabel And of King Cyrus`s arrogance. One day he`ll pay for that. 伊莎贝尔 还有那个傲慢的赛勒斯。总有一天他要为此付出代价。
Kenald Lord Godric! Lady Isabel! Scouts report a small army of demons headed to Dunmoor - no more than a few days` march. 肯纳德 哥德里克领主!伊莎贝尔夫人!巡逻兵报告一小股魔军正朝邓木尔进发——不出几日他们便会兵临城下。
Godric We can fortify the walls and lay in foodstocks. 哥德里克 我们可以巩固城墙,囤积粮食。
Isabel No! That will be Agrael. I won`t sit here and wait for him - it`s payback time for Beatrice and for all of the Griffin Empire. 伊莎贝尔 不!那个人是我的仇人阿格雷尔。我不会在这里守株待兔的——现在是为比阿特丽斯和整个狮鹫帝国报仇的时候了。
Godric Lady, our position is stronger if we stay. 哥德里克 夫人,如果留下来,我们阵线将更加坚固。
Isabel We have defeated them every time we have taken the field against them. We are rested and prepared, Godric, and it`s time that Agrael and his minions felt the wrath of Elrath! 伊莎贝尔 我们每次只要占领了有利的战场就能打败他们。现在军队已经蓄养完毕,准备充分,哥德里克,是时候让阿格雷尔及其走狗尝尝艾尔拉思之怒的厉害了!
  Dunmoor is heavily guarded fortress. From within, Isabel and Godric can withstand enemy attacks while they plan their next move.Losing Dunmoor is almost certain death, the young queen and the old knight must defend it at all costs.   邓木尔是防守森严的要塞城。伊莎贝尔和哥德里克可以一边通过守城抵御敌人的进攻,一边考虑下一步的对策。对伊莎贝尔和哥德里克来说,邓木尔失守意味着死路一条,他们必须不惜一切代价守住城堡。
Godric I must congratulate you on your prowess in battle. You have something of the warrior queens of old in you! 哥德里克 你在战场上的神力让我不得不佩服。你传承了远古女战神的精华!
Isabel The Greyhound blood runs true, Godric. But I am angry that the monster Agrael escaped. I fear he is collecting more troops and preparing a siege. Perhaps your idea of fortifying the city is best. 伊莎贝尔 格雷胡(灰狗公国)的血液在我身上流淌着,哥德里克。但可恨的是让阿格雷尔这个怪物给逃走了。我担心他正在纠集更多的兵力准备围攻我们。也许你是对的,守城是最好的办法。
Godric Very well, Lady Isabel. I shall give the commands. 哥德里克 很好,伊莎贝尔夫人。我马上下达命令。
Isabel It burns at my heart to sit and wait, but at least this will split the demon army and ease the pressure on Nicolai. 伊莎贝尔 待在这里真让人心急如焚,但是这至少可以分散魔军,从而缓解尼科莱的压力。
 The city where the Tear of Asha is situated will be the most powerful and prosperous.   拥有亚莎之泪的城市将会变得更强大和繁荣。
Godric The demon reinforcements are a concern, Lady. I fear that the next assault will be our last. 哥德里克 恶魔的增援令人忧虑,夫人。我不敢确定是否可以抵挡住他们的下一次进攻。
Isabel What can we do, Godric? 伊莎贝尔 我应该怎么办,哥德里克?
Godric There was a relic near Dunmoor from the War of the Bitter Ashes - the Tear of Asha, a gift from Elrath himself to King Brian Falcon of the old empire. If we could find it, our armies would be unstoppable. 哥德里克 在邓木尔附近某处有一个苦灰战争时留下来的遗物——亚莎之泪,这是艾尔拉斯亲自赠送给古帝国布赖恩-法肯国王的礼物。如果能找到它,我们的军队将是不可阻挡的。
Isabel Beatrice once told me of it, but it has been lost these four hundred years! 伊莎贝尔 比阿特丽斯曾经和我提过,但是这个宝物已经失传4百年了!
Godric Its secret was left with the Unicorn duchy, my lady - with my family. There is a series of obelisks that will lead us to it. 哥德里克 这个秘密被留在了独角兽公国,夫人——我的家人也在那里。路上会有一系列方尖石指引我们前往该地。
Isabel Lost artifacts of legendary kings... We grasp at straws, Godric. 伊莎贝尔 传奇国王遗落的宝物……我们的运气来了,哥德里克。
Godric We grasp at survival, Lady Isabel. But, to be practical, I should go to seek help from Nicolai as well. 哥德里克 我们看到了一线生机,伊莎贝尔夫人。但是为了稳妥起见,我必须去寻求尼科莱的帮助。
Isabel Very well, Godric. With the demons attacking us, Nicolai should be able to move quickly. May the light of Elrath guide you! But first, tell me how to find those obelisks. 伊莎贝尔 非常好,哥德里克。现在恶魔们正在进攻我们,尼科莱应该可以趁机加快行进速度。愿艾尔拉斯之光指引你!但首先我得知道怎样找到这些方尖塔。
  Isabel and Godric have found themselves trapped within Dunmoor. The only aid they can rely upon is King Nicolai and his army, who fight the Demons nearby.The queen decides to send Godric to Nicolai, asking for help. He must go by the road through the demon lands and remote garrison   伊莎贝尔和哥德里克发现他们自己被困在了邓木尔城里。现在唯一可以指望的是正在附近与恶魔决战的国王尼科莱和他的军队。女皇决定派遣哥德里克向尼科莱求助。期间他将穿越恶魔的领地和遥远的要塞。
Godric The demon reinforcements are a concern, Lady. I am glad we decided to hold out here. 哥德里克 恶魔的增援确实是一个不容忽视的问题,夫人。很高兴我们决定留守此地。
Isabel Can we hold them off, Godric? 伊莎贝尔 我们能挡住他们的进攻吗,哥德里克?
Godric I do not know. I begin to worry... With their army besieging Dunmoor, though, I doubt that Nicolai is hard pressed. I think it is time to turn the tables and ask him to help us. 哥德里克 我不知道。我开始有点担心了……他们正在疯狂围攻邓木尔,虽然我知道尼科莱可能被敌人压制住了,但现在必须得扭转局面,我们得向他求助。
Isabel I don`t know... 伊莎贝尔 我不知道……
Godric Above all else, my Lady, we must keep the future queen of the Griffin Empire out of their hands. I shall undertake this mission personally. 哥德里克 最重要的是,夫人,我们必须保证狮鹫帝国未来女皇的绝对安全,我会亲自完成这个使命。
Isabel Very well, Godric. With the demons attacking us, Nicolai should be able to move quickly. May the light of Elrath guide you! 伊莎贝尔 很好,哥德里克。现在恶魔们正在进攻我们,尼科莱应该可以加快行进速度。愿艾尔拉斯之光指引你!
Isabel Glory to King Brian Falcon! The light of Elrath shines upon this city. 伊莎贝尔 光荣属于布赖恩-法肯国王!艾尔拉斯之光普照这座城市。
Isabel Well done, Godric! Now it is up to me to hold out until Nicolai arrives. Hurry, my love! 伊莎贝尔 干得好,哥德里克!现在轮到我来阻击敌人了,我必须坚持到尼科莱抵达这里。快啊,我的爱人!
Isabel He has made it! Was there ever a king so regal, a warrior so strong? I am coming, Nicolai! We shall be reunited on the field of battle, though all the infernal hordes of Sheogh lie between us! 伊莎贝尔 他已经成功了!哪一个国王能像他一样这般威严?有哪一个勇士像他一样如此强壮?我来了,尼科莱!纵使我们之间阻隔着谢尔戈的地狱狂魔,但我们一定会在战场上重逢!
  Agrael decides to prevent Nicolai from taking Dunmoor and rushes to attack. The way for Isabel is free now and her new aim is to get in time on the place of the battle between Agrael and Nicolai.   阿格雷尔决定阻止尼科莱占领邓木尔,于是出征与之会战。现在伊莎贝尔没有了阻隔,她的新目标是及时加入阿格雷尔和尼科莱之间的战斗。
Nicolai Come, Demon Lord! By the soul of my father - I`ll send you back to be cleansed in your fires! 尼科莱 来吧,恶魔领主!愿父亲的在天之灵保佑我——让我把你送回烈火之中,净化你的罪过。
Agrael Not today, young king. 阿格雷尔 你现在还办不到,年轻的国王。
Nicolai Who... what are you? 尼科莱 谁……你是谁?
Agrael Well, things just got simpler. And a lot more complicated. 阿格雷尔 嗯,事情变简单了,但是也更复杂了。
Godric Rest, my king. I have called for a healer. 哥德里克 别担心,陛下。我已经叫御医来了。
Nicolai A healer? Too late... I am beyond healers... beyond even the mercy of the archangels... no ordinary blade did this. 尼科莱 御医?太迟了……御医救不了我,即使是大天使的怜悯也无济于事……我受的伤不是普通刀剑所致。
Godric Are you sure? 哥德里克 你确定吗?
Nicolai I can feel... something... demon magic, poison... 尼科莱 我感觉到是……某种……恶魔的魔法,毒性很大……
Isabel Nicolai! Nicolai! 伊莎贝尔 尼科莱!尼科莱!
Nicolai Isabel? Isabel! Uh... 尼科莱 伊莎贝尔?伊莎贝尔!啊……
Godric Lady Isabel... no, please. You do not want to see him, to remember him this way. 哥德里克 伊莎贝尔夫人——不,你不能见他,就这样把他留在记忆里吧。
Isabel Oh, my love, what has he done to you? 伊莎贝尔 哦,亲爱的,他们对你做了什么?
Isabel I came to save you... I failed… 伊莎贝尔 我是来救你的……我失败了……
Nicolai Not you, my love, not you. Me. My kingdom... no heir to the throne... all is lost... 尼科莱 不是你,亲爱的,不是你,失败的是我,我的王国……王位失去了继承人……一切都完了。
Godric The Empire is saved, my king. For this you will be remembered, as your father was. 哥德里克 帝国保住了,我的陛下。你会和你的父亲一样将永垂青史。
Nicolai The kingdom... Godric, swear to me... 尼科莱 国家……哥德里克,你现在向我发誓……
Godric Anything, my king. 哥德里克 万死不辞,陛下。
Nicolai Queen Isabel... she will rule in my stead... guard her... protect her... 尼科莱 伊莎贝尔女皇……由她继承我的王位,掌管一切……守卫她……保护她……
Godric But, she was not crowned, she... 哥德里克 但,她没有进行过加冕,她……
Nicolai Swear it! 我要你发誓!
Godric I swear it, my king. 哥德里克 我发誓,陛下!
Isabel Nicolai! 伊莎贝尔 尼科莱!
Nicolai Isabel... May Elrath guide you... guide us all... 尼科莱 伊莎贝尔……愿艾尔拉思指引你……指引所有人……
Godric The father, and now the son. By the Light of Elrath, who shall I be forced to outlive next? 哥德里克 先是父亲,现在又轮到儿子。光明的艾尔拉斯,我还要眼睁睁看着多少人离我而去啊?
Isabel Your Light! Your Elrath! Where was He when Nicolai was killed, when Beatrice was murdered? 伊莎贝尔 你的光明!你的艾尔拉斯!尼科莱死的时候他在哪?比阿特丽斯被谋害的时候他在哪?
Godric Lady Isabel, I... 哥德里克 伊莎贝尔夫人,我……
Isabel Queen Isabel. 伊莎贝尔 是伊莎贝尔女王。
Godric Lady I... 哥德里克 夫人,我……
Isabel Queen. Isabel. 伊莎贝尔 是女王,伊莎贝尔。
Godric Queen... Isabel. Don`t, I mean, please do not... 哥德里克 女王……伊莎贝尔。不要,我的意思是,请不要……
sabel Elrath! If you`ve never listened before, listen now! By the blood of my love, of my family, I swear vengeance on all Demonkind - their Sovereign, their kin, and the beast Agrael who did this today! 伊莎贝尔 艾尔拉斯!如果你从来没有听过这番话,那现在好好听着!以爱人鲜血,家族的荣誉之名,我发誓向所有恶魔族群复仇——他们的魔王,他们的亲系,还有在今天犯下弥天大罪的禽兽——阿格雷尔!