Songs of Conquest


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  • ​​Fanstratics Troop: Goblin.
  • 兵种介绍:地精
  • Goblins are dumb, vicious... and feared. What they lack in brains or stature, they compensate with a gleeful, rabid, reckless application of violence. Quick tempered and fueled by rage, they become more dangerous as a battle persists, and when accumulated in number, they become foundational to Zubhewen strength. For Justin, this task was ‘easy mode’... one rough, one render. In my personal opinion, this Goblin encapsulates everything Justin does to artistically define Fanstratics. :-) . For those of you who want to see Justin actually create the drawing, you can always watch a VOD of his Twitch stream.
  • 地精沉默、凶残,令人畏惧。它们智力与身高上的欠缺,都被它们以愉悦、激烈、鲁莽的暴力所弥补。头脑发热、被愤怒所驱使的地精会随着战斗的持续而变得更加危险,加之积累起来的数量,让其成为Zubhewen势力的基石。
  • HoMM3 Question: How were the backgrounds for each city made? Was it all hand painted or was it 3D models? Always wondered that. They still look amazing today - assuming one uses that Russian HD mod that makes everything razor sharp.
  • ​英雄无敌3问题:城镇背景是手绘还是3D建模?
  • At the time, in HoMM3, the cityscapes were made in 3D using 3D Studio Max, then the individual pieces were captured as 2D sprite images for the GUI. So, yes, the source imagery was all 3D models.
  • 城镇背景是3D的,使用的是3D Studio Max做的,在此基础上每张画则是GUI的2D绘图。所以源图像是全3D模型。(部分游戏美工术语不能确定)
  • Fanstratics Question: Do you have a map of the world? Or at least tell us how it will look approximately.
  • FST问题:有世界地图么?​
  • Months ago, I rendered a first draft ‘map of the world’, but I wasn’t happy with it. How factions relate to one another geographically, is somewhat story sensitive, and the fine details of the overall story have yet to be finalized. When the time is right, I will tackle it again, but I suspect this will not occur until after the crowd funding campaign.
  • 几个月前有个初版草图,不过我还不甚满意。之后会继续补充细节,不过不会在近期放出。
  • HoMM3 Recollection: Origin Story, part 2 of 2.
  • 拾遗: 个人游戏心路
  • 点击展开长文


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着重修正 — Notable fixes

  • Added difficulty levels normal and hard to From the Ashes campaign
  • 为From the Ashes战役增加普通和困难难度;
  • Simultaneous Turns in multiplayer as an experimental feature
  • 为多人游戏增加试验性的同步回合功能;
    • All humans play at the same time and the AI players each have their own turn after the humans are done
    • 所有的人类玩家同步进行回合,如果还有AI玩家,则AI玩家的回合是在人类玩家之后独立进行;
    • If one player enters battle, the other non-battling players will not be able to move or interact until the battle is over (this is because of a technical limitation that we want to remove in the future). However, the “locked” players can still purchase buildings, buy troops etc
    • 如果有一个玩家进入战斗,其它的玩家将会被禁止移动或者访问目标直到战斗结束,但可以建造城镇,招募兵种。(技术受限,寄希望于将来改进)
  • Added the ability to control the hostiles in battle when your opponent attacks them in multiplayer as an experimental feature.
  • 增加一个可以控制被敌方玩家攻击的野兵进行战斗的多人游戏实验性功能;

新内容 — Additions

  • New map settings when setting up a game
  • 为新建游戏增加新的设置选项:
    • Force quick battles (disables manual battles) - Always or against neutral team only
    • 强制对野快速战斗;
    • Disable random events
    • 屏蔽随机事件;

游戏性 — Gameplay

  • Change how disbanding wielders work:
  • 修改解雇行使者的机制:
    • All artifacts carried by the wielder are dropped on the ground
    • 所携带的所有宝物将会遗弃在大地图上;
    • All troops are destroyed
    • 所有携带兵力消失;
    • Wielder is then “killed”, as if it just lost a battle
    • 行使者将和战败一样被标记为“死去的”;
    • Can be revived later as per normal rules for defeated wielders
    • 之后和战败的行使者的复活机制一样;
  • Increase Wielder cost to 3000 gold (was 2500)
  • 行使者的招募价格从2500金提升至3000金;

法术修改 — Spell changes

  • Earth block tier 2 now spawns 1 block at 30 hp, tier 3 spawns 2 earth blocks at 30 hp
  • 大地屏障:2级生成1个30HP的屏障,3级生成2个30HP的屏障;
  • Protection now also grants spell damage reduction
  • 保护:现在也提供魔法伤害减伤;
  • Rally now also grants spell damage reduction
  • 重整旗鼓:现在也提供魔法伤害减伤;
  • Psychic Spears damage changed to 15/25/35 and cost raised to 5 (was 10/20/30 and costing 4)
  • 灵魂之矛:伤害从10/20/30提至15/25/35,消耗从4奥术增至5奥术;
  • Ice bolt t1 damage increased to 30 (was 25)
  • 寒冰箭:1级伤害从25点提至30点;
  • Rupture damage increased to 50/100/150 and cost was reduced to 6+6 (was 40/80/120 costing 7+7)
  • 撕裂:伤害从40/80/120提至50/100/150,消耗从7毁灭7奥术减至6毁灭6奥术;
  • Breath of the Phoenix damage increased to 50/90/130 (was 40/70/100)
  • 凤凰之息:伤害从40/70/100提至50/90/130;
  • Insect swarms damage lowered to 5/10/15 (was 6/12/18)
  • 虫群:伤害从6/12/18降至5/10/15;
  • Boiling blood’s damage changed to 10/15/20 (was 8/16/24)
  • 沸腾之血:伤害从8/16/24变为10/15/20;
  • Arcane storm’s damage changed to 30/50/70 and cost to 16 (was 25/50/75)
  • 奥术风暴:伤害从25/50/75变为30/50/70,消耗从14奥术增至16奥术;
  • Invigorate’s cost changed to 4/4 (was 5/5)
  • 精力充沛:消耗从5秩序5创造减至4秩序4创造;


  • Added trait “Magic Resistance”:Grants the troop 50% resistance to magic-based damage. Added to the following troops: Crawler, Adult Crawler, Brute, Scarred Brute, Scavenged Bones, Blessed Bones
  • 为爬行者、狂兽人、拾荒骸骨及其升级状态增加『魔法减伤』被动能力:受到的魔法伤害减少50%;
  • Scarred Brutes Hp increased to 70 (was 65) Price increased to 1000 gold and 1 ancient amber (was 900 gold and 1 ancient amber)
  • 恐怖狂兽人的生命值从65增至70,招募价格从900金1琥珀增至1000金1琥珀;
  • Stoutheart shall Stand ability now also grants 10% spell damage reduction
  • 吟游诗人的斯托瑟尔特终将崛起技能增加10%的魔法伤害减免;
  • Fear no Foe ability now also grants 5% spell damage reduction
  • 游方艺人的无惧敌人技能增加5%的魔法伤害减免;
  • Defend changed from granting 30 defense to 25 defense and 25% spell damage reduction
  • 防御技能从+30防御变为+25防御和25%魔法伤害减免;
  • Protect now also grants 25% spell damage reduction
  • 保护增加25%魔法伤害减免;
  • Made sure you can build town walls and still exit the town in map Valley Low
  • 修正Valley Low地图建造城墙的问题;
  • Moved a pouch of gold in Death to Diplomacy (so it can be picked up)
  • Death to Diplomacy的黄金堆移动位置使其能被拾取;
  • Skill pools re-worked
  • 技能池系统重做(艹……)
  • Levy bonus increased to 40%/80% (was 30%/60% )
  • 征兵的产兵奖励从30%/60%增至40%/80%;
  • Increase ballista damage to 25-35 for all factions (was 20-30)
  • 所有势力的弩炮伤害从20-30提至25-35;
  • — Baryas ballista previously did less damage than the other factions, this was wrong
  • — 之前巴里亚的弩炮伤害最低是个错误;
  • Change the amount of beacons needed to 70% of available, rounded up to win (was 60%)
  • 能量灯塔胜利的向上取整范围从60%变为70%;

游戏BUG修正 — Gameplay bug fixes

  • Fix bug where, after using the Barya Pipers’ song ability, the next active troop might not be the one with the highest initiative
  • 修正当风笛手使用音乐能力兵,下一行动的兵种不是主动性最高的那一队的问题;
  • Fix Essence Burst skill giving the essence income one extra time at the start of the second battle round. It now applies only once, as intended
  • 修正精华涌动第二回合开始多给一次精华的问题;
  • Fix scenario where the enemy team would receive multiple “momentum” buffs when a troop with multiple damage dealing effects (for example Poison) on it died
  • 修正当一个兵种身上有类似多层中毒状态造成的多次伤害而全灭时敌方获得多次消灭buff的问题;
  • Fix not receiving troops when buying troops for town defense that have max stack size increased by research
  • 修正研究了兵种堆栈上限科技能后买兵防守城镇却无法正常得到兵力的问题;
  • Fix artifacts becoming unequipped on wielders transferred between campaign levels
  • 修正战役章节之间行使者宝物变为未装备的问题;
  • Fix issue where you could press Q to pick up objects even if it was guarded by hostiles without fighting them
  • 修正一个按Q可以不打守兵直接拾取目标的问题;



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新内容 — Additions

  • Added difficulty levels Normal and Hard to Song of Stoutheart campaign
  • 为斯托瑟尔特之歌战役增加普通和困难难度;
  • — Easy and Very hard will be added later and difficulties to Rise of Ashes will be added
  • 简单和极难难度将会之后增加,Rise of Ashes战役的难度也将在会之后添加;
  • Added ability to replay a Quick battle in Manual battle if you didn’t like the results
  • 在自动战斗结果界面增加手动重新战斗的选项;

游戏性 — Gameplay

  • 兵种改动 — Troop changes:
  • Toxicologists initiative raised to 12 (was 11)
  • 毒物学家主动性从11提至12;
  • Bane: Initiaitve raised to 16 (was 15), max damage lowered to 8 (was 9), price adjusted to 350 gold and 1 Celestial Ore (was 350 gold)
  • 毒物之源的主动性从15提至16;最大伤害从9降至8;价格从350金变为350金+1星铁矿石;
  • Aurelian Scholars initiative lowered to 9 (was 21)
  • 奥雷莉亚学者主动性从21降至9;
  • Necromancers initiaitve lowered to 10 (was 23)
  • 亡灵法师主动性从23降至10;
  • Blessed Bones price changed to 1400 gold (was 1200 and 1 Glimmerweave)
  • 厄运骸骨的价格从1200金+1月光丝线变为1400金;
  • Dire Dreaths max damage lowered to 6 (was 7)
  • 恐惧恶犬的最大伤害从7降到6;
  • Hellbreaths max damage raised to 24 (was 20)
  • 地狱之息的最大伤害从20提至24;
  • Hellroars damage range raised to 26-32 (was 25-30)
  • 地狱咆哮的伤害从25~30提至26~32;
  • Storm Guards damage lowered to 3-5 (was 4-6) and cost lowered to 200 (was 220)
  • 风暴守卫的伤害从4~6降至3~5;价格从220降至200;
  • Sage’s hp lowered to 14 (was 15) and cost raised to 340 (was 320)
  • 智者的生命值从15降至14;价格从320提至340;
  • The cost to evolve dragons into Elder Dragons lowered to 900 gold and 3 ancient amber (was 600 gold and 5 ancient amber)
  • 巨龙升级至巨龙长老的价格从原来的600金5远古琥珀变为900金3远古琥珀;
  • The cost of Bandit was raised to 360 gold (was 350 gold)
  • 土匪的招募价从350增至360;
  • 城镇建筑改动
  • Shaman Tents upgrade changed to 5 stone, 5 Ancient Amber and 5 Glimmerweave (Was 4 stone, 3 Ancient Amber and 3 Glimmerweave.)
  • 萨满小屋升级从4石3琥珀3月丝变为5石5琥珀5月丝;
  • Chelun Sanctuary’s upgrade changed to 5 stone, 3 Ancient Amber and 3 Celestial Ore (Was 5 stone, 3 Ancient Amber and 2 Celestial Ore)
  • 切伦圣所升级从5石3琥珀2星石变为5石3琥珀3星石;
  • Smoldering Cave’s final upgrade change to 30 Ancient Amber and 20 Glimmerweave (Was 30 Ancient Amber, 20 Celestial Ore and 20 Glimmerweave)
  • 三级燃烧洞穴升级从30琥珀20星石20月丝变为30琥珀20月丝;
  • Fix Shrine of Aurelia, this effect no longer stacks and now adds 5 initiative instead of 10
  • 奥雷莉亚神殿的效果不再能叠加,并且从+10主动性降至+5主动性;
  • Fix being able to end up with having both a two-handed artifact and an off-hand artifact equipped at once by replacing a two-handed artifact in the backpack with an equipped main-hand artifact
  • 修复一个双手宝物加副手宝物一同装备的问题;
  • Fix sometimes not being able to remove artifact increasing the Command stat even though the wielder has enough Command without it
  • 修复一个有时候即使兵种格子足够也无法取下增加领导力的宝物的问题;
  • Fix issue where you could only donate one less troop than max size allowed, even if you had enough troops on the giving wielder
  • 修复一个行使者交易兵力时无法给足一队的问题;
  • Fix artificers mines using wielder level as multiplier instead of stack size
  • 修复一个能工巧匠的放置地雷的计算参数是行使者等级而不是兵种数量的问题;
  • Q can be used to fast walk
  • 现在可以用Q快速移动;
  • Fix the mass move button not handling stack size research correctly
  • 修复一个兵种数量升级按钮不正确的问题;
  • Remove Coral as a recruitable undead wielder from Song of Stoutheart mission 3
  • 斯托瑟尔特之歌战役第3关将不再能招募光明使者科洛尔;


  • Prevent research from erroneously being shown as having been bought when quickly switching between tabs in the research menu
  • 修正在两种建筑的研究面板之间快速切换时,有时候会错误的显示科技已研究的状态的问题;
  • Show town/settlement names in troop overview menu
  • 在兵种总览界面显示城镇/聚居点的名字;
  • When clicking town/settlement names in building/troop overview menus the camera will move to that town/settlement
  • 在建筑/兵种总览界面点击城镇/聚居点名字时,大地图会自动聚焦至该城镇;
  • Spells: Added Tier label at top of each Essence type column to clarify tier and related skill
  • 魔法:在每种魔法分列上添加等级标签,显示等级和关联技能;
  • Spells (Adventure specific): Only shows spell as active if Wielder has Essence of that type
  • 魔法:冒险地图上,仅可用显示行使者拥有该种类精华的魔法;
  • Spells (Battle specific): Spells in Quickbar is not sorted first by Tier and then by Cost – when using auto-populate
  • 魔法:战场快速施法条,在自动排序情况下,先按等级排序,再按消耗排序;
  • Spells: Overall face-lift on tier-based spell frames
  • 魔法:魔法(不知道是界面还是动画)基于魔法等级整体翻新制作;
  • Add check to see that input is valid online game code to “Join With Game Code” popup
  • 添加一个输入的加入游戏代码是否有效的验证;
  • Stop the “town chooser” menu on the Rally Point screen from listing the town that the Rally Point is constructed in, as well as any towns (or settlements) that are being occupied, razed or converted
  • 集结点的城镇选择界面的城镇列表将不会显示集结点建于被攻占摧毁转换的城镇;
  • Fix issue in pre-battle menu where it was possible to end up with multiple troops on the same hex when moving them around
  • 修正一个在战前布阵时会导致多支部队布置于同一格子的问题;
  • Prevent the UI from being toggled on and off while writing in chat or bug reporting window
  • 在聊天窗口输入内容或者打开BUG报告窗口时,原UI不再被关闭;
  • Show a troop’s Attacks stat in tooltip when it is more (or less) than 1
  • 显示部队的攻击次数,当攻击次数多于或者少于1时;
  • Fix bug that could erroneously show a troop ability as being activated when the troop was just making multiple attacks
  • 修正一个兵种进行连续多次攻击后,兵种的主动技能显示为激活的问题;
  • Better wait screen when entering battle in multiplayer mode
  • 多人模式进入战场的界面优化;
  • Show active troop while targeting spells
  • 显著的显示魔法指向的兵种;
  • Add tooltip with hotkey to battle spellbook button
  • 战斗界面的魔法书按钮添加快捷键提示;
  • Fix bug where random event menu showed up on top of “minimenu”
  • 修正一个随机事件显示错误的问题;
  • Fix issue when calculating scouting level for tooltip on entity that had zero blocking points
  • 修正一个当大地图建筑有零阻塞点时计算视野范围的问题;
  • Fix issue where pressing ALT with the “enemy joining” menu open could cause error
  • 修正一个当野兵加入时按alt会出错的问题;
  • Redesign of the “Hostiles want to join” menu to prevent confusion and misscliks
  • 重新设置野兵愿意加入菜单,避免疑惑和点错;
  • Updated some grid/path colors in Battle to increase readability for players with deuteranopia color blindness
  • 更新一些战场格子/路线的颜色,使一些色弱和色盲玩家也能看清;
  • Small improvements to the log in Battle
  • 战斗记录小改进;


  • Fix bug in analyzing regions with wielders stored in towns/settlements (could lead to never-ending AI turn)
  • 修正一个行使者在城镇/聚居点时的分析范围的问题,该问题会导致AI回合无法结束;
  • Fix nullpointer issue when looking at claimable towns/settlements
  • 修正一个寻找可以占领的城镇/聚居点时的空指针问题;
  • Fix endless AI loop that could happen when an AI wielder was trying to repair a pillaged building that was inside an enemy wielder’s zone of control
  • 修正一个会导致AI无限循环的问题,当AI行使者试图修复一个被掠夺的建筑正好在敌方行使者控制范围内;
  • Fix AI wielders moving towards map entities to interact with them even though they are inside enemy wielder’s zone of control
  • 修正一个行使者试图访问地图目标但是该目标入口在敌方行使者控制范围内的问题;

杂项 — Misc

  • Fixed crash/freeze when a team was defeated (e.g. defeating 2 out of 3 players on four corners)
  • 修正一个当一个玩家被消灭导致崩溃/卡死的问题,比如四方会战地图消灭了3个敌人中2个时;
  • Made it clearer when you lost against the enemy on a beacon map what actually happened
  • 能量灯塔胜利的地图,当敌方胜利时提示会更明晰;
  • Renamed skills related to magic and essence; added suffix “Magic” e.g “Order Magic, “Chaos Magic”, etc (only in English right now, translations will be added)
  • 重命名魔法和精华相关技能,比如Order变为Order Magic,暂时仅限英文,其它翻译稍后;
  • Renamed modifiers that are related to essence; added suffix “essence”. e.g “Order essence”, “Chaos essence”, etc (only in English right now, translations will be added)
  • 重命名精华相关变量,比如原来Order变为Order essence,同上暂时仅限英文;
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King`s Bounty 2! 国王的恩赐2公布
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